How to Download All Images From Website Efficiently

Have you ever wanted to download all images from your favorite website but couldn’t do it because of too much work involved in it? As a web developer even I often find it tiresome to grab icons or background images from the theme file. Using ‘Inspect element’ option from right click menu in Google Chrome and grabbing images from Resources tab is also a good option but often requires you to download images one by one. That’s too time consuming!!!

download images

Of course,one of the very simple way to download images from a website would be clicking right mouse button and select ‘Save Image As’ option, but yet again this is not a practical or at least genius approach to the problem. Moreover, it is a time consuming errand. To give you respite, we’ve covered some useful tools to download multiple images from website more efficiently without wasting much time.

How to Watch Blocked or Banned YouTube Videos Easily

blocked youtube videos

Have you ever encountered, ‘YouTube Video Not Available in Your Country’ error while casually surfing videos on the internet. Well, that YouTube video is blocked or restricted  by uploader from viewing. Such annoying experience may lead to craving more to watch such videos. No doubt that YouTube is the best and free video sharing site that serves gazillion of users from all over the world. Many of our users might be aware of Hulu site which is restricted to USA users only. Same is the case with certain videos, where video owners implement country or geographical restriction to the video. Unless you’re surfing the web behind proxies, YouTube can easily detect your IP address and thus the geographic location of your PC.

Either due to strict copyright issues in your country or owners disinterest in targeting users from specific country enforces such restriction on the web. It is a perfect example of web is no longer unrestricted. However, this should not be, in any way, categorized under classic example of censorship. For example, Neo Sports in India was streaming French Open 2012 live in Indian continent only.

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How to Backup/ Restore Samsung Galaxy S3 Automatically: Galaxy S3 Toolkit

backup Samsung galaxy s3

Last couple of weeks have been pretty conducive for Galaxy S3 users and Samsung as a whole. Even community users had a chance to get hands on some of the exclusive apps that otherwise would have been enjoyed by Galaxy SIII users only. Firstly, Flipboard APK and then propitious S-Voice got leaked in the wild. However, it only made Galaxy SIII case strong as it had always been accused of being accomplice in unethical practice to imitate iOS functionality. As a number one smartphone manufacturer of the world — the title which Samsung grappled rightfully from Nokia couple of months back, such accusation has been haunting Samsung ever since it developed Galaxy series handsets.

New SGS3 users have no longer need to worry about such accusation as there are plenty of third-party tools have been designed which will let you take complete control over your device. In fact, Samsung has been lucky since day one to get affection and support from developers. Samsung Galaxy S3 Toolkit is yet another utility designed for Samsung device which makes user’s life easy is a cinch. Galaxy S3 Toolkit can perform almost any complex task starting from backing up device to install CWM (ClockWorkMod). It does not only take simple backup and restore of Galaxy S3 handset but can also perform FULL NANDROID backup via ADB.

How to Backup Gmail Account

backup restore gmail account

Google influences our online presence so hard that we can not even an online world without Google service; be it Google search, Gmail or Google apps for business. The topic revolves around one such service called Gmail, we will learn how to backup gmail account and restore it consequently from that backup. Google has to offer tons of promising features that ensures that Google is not going away until and unless Internet has stopped working. The flurry of services for casual users as well as blogger like us makes it an inevitable option without which we can not even think of an online life. Such is the offering of Google that we can not even think of any other alternatives.

Google has revolutionized email service with its Gmail service. With free storage above 10GB and myriad of useful features, Gmail has become an integral part of everyone’s routine life. Moreover, Google offers options for filters, labels, priority inbox and plenty other through labs which makes using email service a child’s play. Our chat conversion, business contacts, calendars, Google drive, Google analytics, AdSense and many other are tightly amalgamated that we can not even realize how much Google dependent are we. It is a worst ever nightmare to even think of losing our emails and Gmail account in particular. Even a slightest thought of losing shivers my whole body thinking of situation that makes me vulnerable to all sort of situations. In such situation, it is always good to have some sort of provision to backup Gmail account seamlessly.

Run Multiple Skype Accounts Instances Simultaneously on PC

multiple skype accounts

Often people tend to use multiple Skype accounts due to various reasons one of them is they want to have segregated accounts for personal and professional use. For example, bloggers like me often use one instance to manage list of friends, family members and important people in their life, while second instance is being used to manage important business contact and prospective. Such segregation helps in maintaining personal and professional relationship more conscientiously. Let’s not delve too much into the reasons why would someone have multiple accounts  on Skype or other services.

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How to Root Samsung Galaxy SIII GT I9300

root samsung galaxy s3

The new beast by smartphone mammoth Samsung, Samsung Galaxy SIII, has just been rooted before masses gets it into their hand. Rooting opens up a door to tons of possibilities and tweaks. Similar to previous Galaxy flagship products like Galaxy SII and few others, the device got rooted within few days of its initial announcement. Rooting has its own advantages and disadvantages but pros outweighs cons, so it would be always preferable to root your device. It should be done with extreme caution as rooting may void your warranty and there is peewee possibility that you might brick your device during the process but that shouldn’t stop brave hearts.

Samsung is having a tough time keeping its device and apps close to their chest as earlier their exclusive apps like S-Voice and Flipboard APK got leaked. The interesting tidbit from mouth of few expert is that Samsung has shipped the device with unlocked bootloader making it a cake walk to root Samsung Galaxy SIII device. Chainfire team has provided necessary kernel and OneClick root  files necessary in this process.

Transfer Files from Dropbox to Google Drive/ SkyDrive and vice versa

transfer google drive files to skydrive

The rise of cloud storage service has given a birth to multiple service providers offering wide  range of solutions to all kind of users. In fact, 2012 has witnessed the rise of such service providers by manifold. With giants like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Dropbox already serving users from diverse community, it became somewhat difficult to manage all of them. In the past, we’ve provided a detailed guide to manage multiple cloud service on android (guide for PC users is here). Such services solves our basic problem of maintaining account and knowing what files are stored on different services. By now, it would be safe to presume that most of us have accounts on multiple sites.

Having solved the first problem of managing multiple cloud service, there arises another problem of transferring essential files between them. How do we transfer files from one service like dropbox to Google Drive and vice versa? Even a small child will be able to answer the question, that is to download file from dropbox to PC and then to upload it back to Google Drive or SkyDrive. Although, the solution seems to be feasible, but as a geek we always want trim down the extra effort we’ve to put into. Moreover, following such lengthy process is impractical and is often cumbersome.

There is a geeky solution of our problem to transfer file from Google Drive to Dropbox service or vice versa. For the sake of simplicity, we will mention Google Drive and Dropbox/ SkyDrive services only. Same steps could be applied to other services as well.


Best Collection of Microsoft Word Shortcut Keys for Bloggers

microsoft word shortcut keysMicrosoft Word is an extremely useful program to manage your notes, project reports and for billions of other daily routine work. Even as a blogger, people like me always use Microsoft word to handle routine errands including checking up for asinine grammatical errors that we often tend to make while writing a post. Microsoft Word is a handy tool to fine tune your post or fixing such silly errors, but it’s a cumbersome job and often requires lots of effort on our side.

Then there is a time limitation which often force us to perform such routine job efficiently and subtly. In such case, manually performing the different formatting and fine tuning related task can be time consuming. However, smart use of already available Microsoft word shortcut keys can not only save your time but also results in better output. Have you noticed the previous word ‘Microsoft Word shortcut keys’  phrase in bold? It was achieved using shortcut keys called Ctrl+B. Our smart readers must be aware of such basic keyboard shortcuts, hence we will try to cover only few important less known shortcut keys in details.

Download Google Drive Offline Installer For Those In Need

google drive offline installer

Google recently unveiled its venture in cloud service. With Google Drive service Google has joined the league of rivals like Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Dropbox and many more. However, people will be more inclined to go for services like Google Drive, SkyDrive and Dropbox since it is backed up by big guns. Early adopters of SkyDrive would have cashed in 25GB of free storage by now. Despite offering less space compared to SkyDrive (7GB for new sign ups), Google’s Drive venture is big yes-yes for people like us due to the fact that this service is backed up by various Google services like web store apps, Android app and Google Docs and more.

Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Services Efficiently With These Tools

manage multiple cloud services

The deluge of cloud storage services have put users in dilemma as which service to opt for in first place. However, it also resolves fundamental problem of dearth of hard disk space. Today’s advanced users yearn for more and more space has led us to innumerable cloud service providers with free goodies offer for all. SkyDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive (GDrive Guide and Installation instructions), Box are some of the popular services that people often use to save their important data. The aggrandizement of cloud service is due to the fact that it makes it tad simple to access your content without need of computer. However, using multitude of cloud services takes significant chunk of your disk space and requires you to use either web version or dedicated separate app to manage them. The problem doesn’t lies beneath the cloud services but their efficient management.

I’m sure there are thousands of people using multiple cloud storage service to satisfy their ever evolving need of free space. Hence it becomes essential to manage multiple cloud services with some sort of tool(s) that will save our precious time and efforts.