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How to Protect iPhone 13 Camera

How to Protect iPhone 13 Camera from Scratches, Dust, and Accidental Drops!

“It’s better to be safe than sorry,” they say and the same goes with your brand new iPhone 13’s camera! To protect your iPhone 13 camera, it’s essential you understand what you should protect it from! It could be dust, scratches, water, sweat, oil residue, sudden shocks, uneven surfaces, or even accidental drops. You have to be 100% sure about your iPhone’s camera safety if you love to capture memories and are crazy about shooting videos. How to Protect Camera of iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 13 Pro…

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Screenshot Samsung Galaxy A52s

How to Take a Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G has been considered a masterpiece among the entire Samsung Galaxy A Series smartphones. If you’re not sure about how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A52s, well, it is not rocket science. Here, we’ve explained multiple easy step-by-step methods are described to take screenshots in Samsung A52s. How To Take a Screenshot on Galaxy A52s Using Key Combinations This method is the most common method used in every Android smartphone. #1. Firstly, open the screen or page you want to take screenshots…

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How to Rotate Screen on iPhone 13

How to Rotate Screen on iPhone 13 (Lock and Unlock)

iPhone 13 has come with numerous jaw-dropping features of iOS15, which attracted millions of people to have it. If you also possess this luxury, you are really fortunate. Well, it is legitimate that users face certain issues while operating the latest device may be due to alterations made by the brand in the features so they cannot understand that thoroughly, or they are not aware of the ideal procedure to deal with. Well, struggling with screen rotation (portrait or landscape mode) is also one of these kinds…

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Download Safari for Windows 11

How to Download Safari for Windows 11 – A Complete Guide!

Safari is one of the best browsers apart from Google Chrome and Firefox. Almost every Apple user uses Safari as their default web browser on their Macbook as it is one of the most secure browsers. Now if you just switched from Mac to Windows OS then this article can help you to get Safari for Windows 11 Earlier, Safari wasn’t available for Windows but now you can use Safari on Windows 11. Wondering how you can do that? In this article, we will share a working…

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Windows 11 Settings

Windows 11 Settings: 12 Ways to Open Windows Settings App!

The Windows 11 Settings app allows you to customize the look and feel of your Windows OS besides helping you to fix a lot of Windows 11 errors and issues. Be it uninstalling Teams from Windows 11, changing the account name, speeding up Windows 11, disabling startup programs, or deleting temp files, every single problem can be solved by accessing Windows Settings app. The Settings app in Windows 11 is substantially rebuilt from Windows 10. Once you start exploring, you can find many new settings on your…

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How to Speed Up Windows 11

How to Speed Up Windows 11 PC- 20 Easy Ways Explained!

Recently launched Windows 11 has made everyone spellbound by its exciting features and significant changes like better memory management, true processing power, orchestration engine, and performance optimization, making it a faster interface. However, nothing is crackerjack, as some users frequently ask how to speed up Windows 11 operating system? Why Windows 11 is Slow?  Whenever the questions asked such as ‘why is my laptop so slow with Windows 11?’ is raised, insufficient storage, issue in system performance, interference of temporary files, running multiple startup programs, or unnecessary background apps are…

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How to Turn Off or Disable Android Auto

Android Auto is a customized version of Android OS that is specifically designed for cars. It connects your phone to Android Auto in the car and lets you access all supported apps like Music, Messages, Map, and Navigations. One can also use Google Assistant to control car features. Whilst Android Auto is an arsenal for car lovers, a lot of users are facing issues with Android Auto autostarting when the phone is plugged in or charged using a USB cable in the car. They instantly want to…

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How to Disable Startup Programs Windows 11

How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 11 – 3 Methods Explained!

You must have observed that, while opening Windows 11, some programs launch themselves without your consent. It has been noticed as the most annoying aspect and it also creates temporary files after launching a program on your Windows 11 PC. Though some programs are essential to be launched at the initial stage, others are not required as they have some repercussions. Owing to this, people have been seeking the solution to their question, “how to disable startup programs Windows 11?” and hence, we come up with the…

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How to Delete Temp Files in Windows 11

How to Delete Temporary Files in Windows 11

Windows 11 stores plenty of temporary files, which aren’t necessary to keep. They can slow down your PC or laptop up to some extent. However, many users are aware of these temporary files (also called junk files) and their negative consequences, but they are not aware of the methods of how to delete temporary files in Windows 11. Hence, we have found easy and convenient ways to clear and remove temporary files in Windows 11. What are Temp Files in Windows 11? Temporary files are generated by…

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Halo Infinite Campaign Not Working on PC

How to Fix Halo Infinite Campaign Not Working on PC

Halo Infinite – the much-awaited first-person shooting game is now available for PC users. The excitement to play the game was at its peak only when a lot of users started noticing that Halo Infinite Campaign is not working on PC (both Windows 11 and Windows 10 users). While there could be many reasons why Halo Infinite is not launching on PC Xbox App, we’ve found workable ways that can fix this bug or issue. Apart from Halo Infinite not launching on PC, a lot of users…

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