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How to Fix Sleep Wake Failure on Mac!

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Everyone expects significant changes and even bigger updates with the new macOS update of High Sierra or Mojave. Amidst all the new things, the biggest flaw brought to light is the sleep-wake failure on Mac. The sleep-wake failure on Mac is when your Mac does not wake back up from sleep or just restarts without prior notice.

We all have been through this and have been looking into why this happens and how to fix sleep wake failure on Mac. This issue causes loss of work and more issues, especially when you are on the go. The sleep-wake failure error can also be shown as failure code:: 0xffffffff 0x0000001f. This recurring issue needs to be addressed once and for all, and we are on it.

7 Ways to Fix Sleep Wake Failure

We will list down 7 ways you can fix sleep wake failure on Mac. Our team has tried and tested these methods and has worked magnificently. Let’s check out ways to fix sleep wake failure on Mac.

1. Switch your Mac off and back on again

Yes, we know this is a simple trick, but more often than not, it is effective and works wonders. There are excellent chances that this works for you too and forcefully switching your Mac off and on again can give you access back to your Mac.

Here we will show you how to forcefully turn your Mac off and back on again to fix sleep wake failure on Mac.

Step – 1: Press and hold the power button until your Mac does not shut off.

Step – 2:- Once the Mac is off, wait 10-15 seconds and turn it back on again.

Now check if your problem persists.

2. Check for Brightness and Power

You need to check the most obvious options before you do something. Is the brightness of your screen set to a minimum? Check if your Mac is powered on. Is it turned on while you are using an external display? Is your Mac plugged into a source of power? If you have a MacBook, is there a drain on the battery?

Sometimes, you do not have your Mac in sleep mode. Likely, the brightness of the screen may only be changed lower down. It is also possible that you have just switched off your MacBook. It will quickly fix your sleep-wake loss dreams by changing the brightness or switching on your Mac.

3. Reinstall macOS

You may need to reinstall your macOS if you have already changed the brightness of your monitor, tested your link, and reset while your Mac constantly wakes up to a black screen. Without needing to format your Mac completely, reinstall your macOS. However, the general rule is to provide a backup before your OS is reset. When you witness data loss, you’ll understand the value of a backup.

4. SMC and NVRAM Reset

A typical troubleshooting strategy to repair display and power problems is to perform an SMC and NVRAM reset. You should consider resetting the SMC and NVRAM if your Mac gets stuck on a blank screen constantly every time you wake it up from sleep. Here is a step-by-step guide for the reset.

Step – 1:-  Turn your Mac off

Step – 2:- Disconnect the Power cord.

Step – 3:- Press and hold the Shift, Control, Option, and Power buttons for 10 seconds.

Press and hold the Shift, Control, Option

Step – 4:- Once done, release all the keys together.

Step – 5:- Now connect your power cord and turn on the Mac again.

Step – 6:- Reboot your Mac again, but this time, for 20 seconds, hold down the Option, Order, P, and R keys.

hold down the Option, Order, P and R keys

5. Reset Mac’s FileVault

A glitch can prevent your device from retrieving all the required content and files on your hard drive that are needed to wake up your Mac from sleep. Consequently, when it wakes up, friction occurs between your full-disk security protocols such as FileVault, and your system crashes.

Try disabling your full-disk protocols for encryption to fix this issue. Next, decrypt the hard drive using software from third parties. Re-enable the protocols for full-disk encryption after that. See how the dilemma is answered with this.

6, Disable System Hibernation

Your Mac also has a hibernation mode, aside from sleep mode, which is also an available option. The hibernation mode is a beneficial, defensive function that helps you retain details in the event of no electricity. However, you can still continue with your everyday activities, even without this mode.

Consider removing hibernate mode if you don’t need to hibernate your Mac because you always have trouble waking your computer from sleep. Conduct these instructions in your OS X Terminal to do this.

  • sudo pmset autopoweroff 0
  • sudo pmset standby 0

These commands will disable the hardware configuration responsible for the hibernation mode activation. Simply run the commands in your OS X Terminal if you ever wish to enable this configuration again, except this time, change the value from 0 to 1.

7. Clean the System Junk

System junk can have built up in your system over time, including cache archives, failed updates, diagnostic reports, and unused file logs. They will take up precious space on your drive if not disabled and, worse, compete with the operations of your machine.

You need to download and install a third-party application to eliminate system junk. Use it on your Mac to run a fast search, clear your garbage bin, and remove any unused files from all standard locations.

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Did You Fix the Sleep-Wake Failure Issue on Your MacBook?

This pesky failure code:: 0xffffffff 0x0000001f error, also known as the sleep-wake failure on Mac, is one big headache. So here we have listed down the easiest ways for you to beat it and get on without having to worry about losing your work while you put your Mac to sleep.

Try one method after another till the issue is solved. Stay tuned for more updates, hacks, and tricks to make your job easier and find solutions to your Mac problems.

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