[Review] ZbigZ- Easily Download Torrent Files Without Any Dedicated Torrent Client

Despite the fact that, there are an astronomical number of torrent clients available in the market for most popular OS, there’s an entire community which prefers no dedicated torrent clients. Ingenious developers planned to bequeath users with relatively more simpler options. This gave birth to Torrent2exe and many other clients which no longer relies on dedicated torrent clients. However, something was still lacking. ZbigZ, a cloud based service, changed a perception about such third-party alternatives. ZbigZ brings unique unparalleled power of cloud service and torrents together to bring you the fastest ever possible download speed.

First of all, users can download torrent files from zbigz as a .zip content. The biggest advantage of such facility is that you would be able to download those .zip files offered by ZbigZ through third-party download manager which will further improve your experience. Download manager applications like IDM (Internet download manager) and FDM (Free Download Manager) integrates themselves with the browser. Linux users may want to check out our previous collection of download manager for them. Secondly, there might be instances where your ISP has blocked some torrents, and you have a withering hope to get your favorite movie, software, book from it. In such case, pragmatic cloud based Zbigz comes in handy by empowering you. No longer do you need to depend on them. Just grab the torrent or magnet link and place it in “Upload .torrent file” and wait for the magic to happen.

Protracted Collection of Best ePub Reader

best epub readerePub has become a known standard among ebook lovers. This format is used in abundance to publish ebooks, online magazine, newspaper, research paper and whatnot. There are many popular ebook readers along with iPad, which supports the format. Even, you can read them on your iOS, Android, Windows and Mac supported devices as well. The ax to grind behind this post is to provide a protracted collection of best ePub reader for Windows and Mac user.

Every now and then, we find many benevolent sellers giving away their eBooks for free on various platforms like Kindle or some other. In the past, we shared a trick to find out free eBooks from Amazon, which we often follow because we stumbled many great books that interests us. Nook, Kindle and iPad are some of the popular devices on which people often download ebooks and read at leisure. Such ebooks often come with ePub (electronic publication) extension. However, the problem emerges when the books are downloaded to the PC. A hunt for the best ePub reader begins after the successful download. There is a clever solution to convert PDF to Kindle format with tools like K2PDFOPT.

How To Convert PDF to Kindle Format With K2PDFOPT Converter

Unlike the predictions and expectations, eBook reader managed to filch small market share. Kindle, and its all iterations, however, managed to grab some eyeballs. The reason for offering such dedicated device is to offer ease of access and use. The traditional PDF format is the most preferred format to publish the ebooks. However, the initial version of Kindle didn’t offer the comfort of reading PDF files on the go, which gave a birth to PDF to Kindle converter. They can easily convert PDF to Kindle format so you can read your favorite eBooks at leisure. Moreover, there is a surfeit of a good ebooks available at Amazon store, which you can enjoy on your device. Some of them are offered for free. We’ve covered some ways to grab free Kindle books in the past.

  1. What happens if you already have your favorite books in PDF format?
  2. How would you read them on your device?
  3. What will you do if your favorite title is not available at Amazon?

Famous Middle Finger, Gangnam Style and Poop Emoticons for Facebook

gangnam style facebookSmileys and/or emoticons have a special place in the online world. When things cannot be explained by words, people prefer to use signs. This same real world concept also exists in the online world. The root of smileys goes as deep as the Internet. However, Yahoo! Messenger should be given the credit to use them extensively on their platform. They made them one of the most demanding feature for chatterers. Facebook, as a prominent social networking website, also gives users a liberty to express themselves through different emoticons. There are several emoticons or smileys available to express your mood. It not only adds an elegance but also comes in handy when you do not prefer to write a long paragraph just to express yourself. Perhaps, this is why they say, an image is worth a thousand words.


How To Use Google Chrome Task Manager To Kill Problematic Tabs

google chrome When Google integrated task manager in the Chrome browser, many didn’t realize how useful it could be in a day-to-day work. The default or inbuilt Windows task manager is also useful to keep a tab on the running processes, which includes processes running under chrome browser as well. The principal idea for giving this facility was to give users a limited access to the processes. Based on their judgment and experience, users can manually kill the unresponsive or troublesome process (process tree). However, the Windows task manager gives broad overview of the entire system, which often fails to deliver a granular detail. Whereas Google chrome task manger gives details at a granular level details albeit about chrome browser only.

How To Uninstall Android Apps in Bulk

Google is not holding back by integrating most of the useful features in its Android OS. Tech pundits firmly say that Google’s Android platform is one of the most flexible OS. The open source nature of the OS lets you tweak the system in whatever way you want, and gives you a full control over the system. But are you in the real control? The same question pique one of our reader’s mind, who just started using the Android system after giving some thought. After trying out some of the must have android apps, he was looking to uninstall Android apps in bulk.  There is no way to uninstall apps in bulk through the settings or other system options. Therefore, we would like to lead him to the following application which does the job perfectly.

easy uninstaller

UC Browser- The Best Browser for BlackBerry Users

uc browser all platform

With an aim to become the best browser for Blackberry users, the canny UCWeb developers have released UC Browser v 7.8 in the BlackBerry app world. The harrowing rival Opera mini has already lured enough users to become the darling of the BB users. However, it would be unwise to completely write off UC Browser and its capability to take BB users by surprise. It is already the #1 mobile browser in China, especially on those of Symbian and Java based featured phones. The development in Android and iOS community might not be something to take elation of, but that doesn’t mean it  is a bad browser either. It is just that both the communities have so many options to choose from that browsers like UC Browser didn’t receive attention it deserves.

How To Restore Deleted Files on SkyDrive

restore deleted files from skydrive

Whether you like it or not, people often delete important files fortuitously. The post covers one such aspect to restore deleted files from SkyDrive account. SkyDrive is one among several popular online cloud services that entices the users a lot. Initially, they offered 25GB and 7GB of free space to old and new users respectively, which is by far the highest free cloud space offered by any provider. However, Google Drive impressed many due to the sheer amount of features it has to offer. Not to forget, the backing up by peremptory web store apps. You might want to check out our Google drive starter guide to help you to explore Google drive service.

What is Cloud Gaming? All You Need to Know About Cloud Games

what is cloud gaming

The next revolutionary technology is all set to take gaming industry by surprise. Also known as Cloud Gaming, the new cloud service aims to add elegance and comfort to the gaming industry. The cloud service vanguard first changed the definition of how we used file sharing, document sharing service, and now the same propitious threat is posed to the gaming industry as well. On a serious note, it could save your pocket from big in purchasing a gaming console and dedicated gaming PC, graphics card, cooling fans, game CD etc. This also saves you time which otherwise was spent in buying a game disc from the vendor. The flip side of the coin is that it not only saves you some money and time, but also saves the environment from bio-hazards created from CD dumps.

Turn Your Android into iPhone with Espier Launcher for Android

turn android into iphoneIs there any app that could turn Android into iPhone and vice versa? Is it too much to ask to enjoy both Android and iOS simultaneously? As a hardcore technology enthusiast, I would always like to toy with different technology and iOS, android are no exceptions. I have to admit that, Android has got my utmost affection and attention from the past few months, due to the sheer amount of tweaks, OS customization, custom ROMs, launcher, widgets and whatnot it has got. But that doesn’t mean iOS is any less enticing. The exponential growth of android and arrays of features poured and distributed in every update amazes me. The Android OS comes with tons of customization options and system tweaks, and on the other hand, iOS comes with an abundance of apps and Cydia tweaks that makes iOS a worthwhile contender. Despite such phenomenal growth of android, iOS is still by far the best OS (a hot debatable topic) due to the fact that it has smooth interface and offers many great apps and games.