What is DISM Host Servicing Process? Fix DismHost.exe Issues

Windows is one of the most advanced and highly used OS. As a user, you have often come across situations like Blue Screen of death or BSOD and Black Screen with Cursor after an Update. These issues usually occur at unexpected times and for a user with not much computer system knowledge you are bound to think that it is due to a virus of your computer crashing due to any malware infections. It is not true as one of the major issues with your laptop is caused by  DISM Host Servicing Process

DISM stands for Deployment Image Servicing and Management. It is a command-line tool that assists with Windows images or PE planning (Preinstallation Environment). It is one of the most useful features, or within Windows computers, we may claim resources. This DISM Host Servicing Process will, however, begin to consume lots of your computer resources on various occasions and make it incredibly slow. The slowdown can occur at any time and you will have at most of the moment.

Here we will explore all the issues you have faced with the DISM Host Servicing Process or the DISM.exe. Most of you don’t even know what is DISM Host Servicing Process and how it is affecting your computer system. So with this article, we will help you find a fix for those issues and try to understand more about DISM Host Servicing Process.

What is the DISM Host Servicing Process?

Deployment image servicing and management popularly known as DISM is a command-line tool. The service is used to create a Windows Preinstallation Environment a.k.a. Windows PE in the background. DismHost is a Windows function used in different processes, as we discussed earlier. But because it operates in the background, this name may not be identified to most Windows users. However the main aim of this tool, or we may claim the software, is to read the Windows picture preinstallation environment for Windows.

In adding/removing drivers, enumerating packages, or enabling/disabling such windows functions, DISM often finds its use. The troubling thing about DismHost.exe is that in temp files, it makes multiple copies of itself. This is how heavy disc consumption is caused by this DISM Host Servicing Process.

Many Windows users reported having found thousands of DISM host servicing process files in C:\Windows\Temp and/or \Users\<UserName>\appdata\local\temp folders.

Also, DismHost.exe does not open in any window and neither does its icon appear on the taskbar. It can only be found in folder C, Program files, User folder or temp folder. According to the software experts

  • It is 34% dangerous if found in C:\Windows
  • It is 19% dangerous if found in C:\Program Files, and
  • 28% dangerous if found in User’s previous folder

The common errors you get because of DismHost.exe are:

  1. “dismhost.exe high disk usage”
  1. “Service Host Local Service Network Restricted”
  1. “dismhost.exe Application Error.”
  1. “dismhost.exe failed.”
  1. “dismhost.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”
  1. “dismhost.exe is not a valid Win32 application.”
  1. “dismhost.exe is not running.”
  1. “dismhost.exe not found.”
  1. “Cannot find dismhost.exe.”
  1. “Error starting program: dismhost.exe.”
  1. “Faulting Application Path: dismhost.exe.”

These were some common error messages that might pop up indicating there is a DISM.exe issue. Alongside these, there are some system-related issues too that you will face that will indicate to you that your computer has been affected and is having performance issues.

Different Types of issues caused by DismHost.exe

This error basically hampers the performance of your beloved computer. The error makes fault moves and reduces the performance rate of your computer. Due to the rapid multiplication, this error is bound to reduce the speed of functioning, and more than not your computer will crash dump or show nothing on the screen.

The Blue Screen of Death is also the major outcome of the DismHost.exe. The BSOD is the point where you can see nothing but just a plain blue screen on your monitor and no kinds of functions apply to your computer. The only way out of that situation then is to restart your computer.

Other issues that are created by dismhost.exe are –

  • exe slows down your system.
  • As it is malware, you are often faced with security issues.
  • It automatically generates multiple files in your computer. It is estimated to have more than 90K files from untrusted sources.
  • Does not stop functioning and keeps running in the background even after closing it from the taskbar
  • You can see some strange software downloaded in your system that you have never given permission for or installed in your system
  • Since it acts like malware, it creates different types of errors in your system apart from those which have been mentioned.
  • It creates errors like high disk usage.

The above mentioned are some of the most commonly seen issues which the user faces when they are encountered with DISM host servicing process’s high disk usage.

How to Fix DismHost.exe High Disk Usage Issue

Here we will tell you about some of the methods that we have tried and tested to remove this error and get our computers back to their working state. These methods are not harmful and easy to perform so we suggest that you first read the whole method before starting it right away. Let’s go and see the way to fix DismHost.exe High Disk Usage Issue –

1. Update your Windows System

Before trying anything you should try checking if you have an available Windows update and if you are left behind on updating your OS. This is a viable option because often Microsoft updates the internal softwares while dropping a Windows update and hence there can be chances that the DISM Host Servicing could have received an update that will only work with the latest version of Windows. Also a Windows update will refresh and reload the system files while also updating the files and applications to their latest available version.

Not only this bug, but Windows Update will also help you fix various other driver-related problems and things. When the Windows upgrade is completed, the new configurations and Windows components will be ready to operate the device effectively. Here’s how to check for and update the Windows –

Step – 1: Press the “Windows” and “X” keys simultaneously.

Step – 2: Then click on the “Setting” option. Or press Windows + I to open Windows Settings.

Step – 3: Follow it by navigating to the “Update and Security” option and clicking on it.


Step – 4: Now, go to “Windows Update” and then click on “Check for Updates.”

Check for Updates

Step – 5: The computer will then check if there are any updates available and update the Windows.

Step – 6: Wait for it to get over and then restart your computer.

Once the computer has restarted check if the pesky error is still troubling you. It is advised to have a good and stable internet connection while the update takes place and don’t do any functions on your computer in the meantime.  The error should be eradicated by now but if that does not happen, go on to the next method.

2. Check DismHost.exe for Malware Infections

Often DismHost.exe can pose a threat to your computers like malware or virus. This is pretty easy to identify as the error caused by this issue will directly be viewed as a virus when you perform a full computer scan either through Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool i.e MSRT or by an Anti-virus. Scanning and fixing the DISM host servicing process high cpu issue with this method is very easy. The following are the symptoms to Check DismHost.exe for Malware Infections –

  1. It’s recreating itself every few minutes in C:\Windows\Temp
  2. Multiple of copies of DismHost.exe are running
  3. 100,000 of unknown files are being created in \Users\myname\appdata\local\temp
  4. Utilizes 95-100% of your disk space.
  5. You lose control of your computer. For example, programs are running automatically
  6. Slows down computer performance significantly.

If you have the above-mentioned problems, this means that any malware on your machine is camouflaging itself as the DISM host service process. Before your system is corrupted on a large scale, this demands your immediate attention. Scan and fix this issue with the above-mentioned options and this should do the trick for you if your issue was that the DismHost.exe has Malware Infections.

3. Disable the Background Intelligence Transfer (BIT) Service

BIT (Background Intelligence Transfer) is the service that is used to handle all the apps and tasks working in the background of your computer. Most notably, dismhost.exe uses this service to send some files for other purposes on the internet. Your internet capital will even end up being eaten. This service may also prompt the mistake you see.

The way to fix this is just to disable the service. This way there are no chances for it to interfere with your work and give a chance for the dismhost.exe to replicate. The users have benefited from knowing this method as it does help you eradicate the issue from the root. It is anyways good to know this trick and have it up your sleeves. Here is how to do it –

Step – 1: Press Windows and “R” simultaneously to launch the search window.

Step – 2: Then type “services.msc” and press the “Enter” key.


Step – 3: The search will open the “Services” window. Search for Background Intelligence Transfer Service” or “BIT service” follow it by right-clicking on it and open its “Properties.”

Background Intelligence Transfer Service

Step – 4: Click on “Stop” in the bottom half of the popped-up window.

Stop Background Intelligence Transfer Service

Step – 5: Then go ahead and select “Disabled” from the “Startup type” menu and follow it by clicking on the “Apply” button to get the changes done.

Startup type disabled for Background Intelligence Transfer

Step – 6: After doing this, your changes will be saved, so restart your computer and see if your issue with the dismhost still persists.

If this method does not get the job done for you, don’t worry, we have another way to help you solve it.

4. Disable the Superfetch service

Just like Disable the Background Intelligence Transfer (BIT) Service, this service in Windows OS utilizes high CPU usage while controlling the running of background apps and files. The purpose of this tool is to reduce the opening time of your system apps and whenever you launch them. It would effectively allow you to open files that you need frequently almost immediately. In this scenario, though the Superfetch approach could trigger the dismhost.exe app to open over and over again and also cause your machine to have different problems.

The best way to get rid of your issue if this is the reason is to disable the Superfetch service. This is a better option as disabling will allow you to enable it again if you ever need it. The way to disable the Superfetch service to fix dismhost.exe is simple. Here is how to do it –

Step – 1: Press Windows and “R” simultaneously to launch the search window.

Step – 2: Then type “services.msc” and press the “Enter” key.


Step – 3: This search will then open the “Services” window, and follow it by searching for the “Superfetch” service.

Step – 4: Then right-click on the “Superfetch” option and click on “Properties” next. This will make the properties window of Superfetch pop on your screen.’

superfetch service properties

Step – 5: Now click on the “Stop” button on the bottom half of the screen.

Stop superfetch service

Step – 6: Follow it by selecting “Disabled” from the “Startup type” menu and then click on the “Apply” button to save the changes you made.

set Startup type to disable for superfetch

Step – 7: You will be able to see the difference in your computer significantly. Restart your computer then and check if the issue is still troubling you.

If this method does seem to be working, then there is another way that could be helpful for you. Check it out below.

5. Uninstall DismHost.exe

If none of those methods work for you and you are still facing the issue affecting your progress and hence your computer processing, the only way you are left to solve it is by uninstalling the dismhost.exe. With any other applications, you will certainly not find this malware directly on your PC, but it is likely that you have installed some third-party or malicious software that triggers this problem. So now you’re going to have to delete all the programs that you feel are unwelcoming. You can follow the procedure given below for that –

Step – 1: Navigate to “Control Panel” and open it. Then click on the option “Uninstall a program”.

Uninstall a Programm in control panel

Step – 2: Search for the unwanted program(s) and right-click on them followed by selecting “Uninstall.” This will uninstall the program and disk/CPU usage should be restored to normal.

Step – 3: Then open “C:/Program Files”. There look for the folder named “DISM host servicing process.” If it does not exist, that means DismHost.exe has been removed successfully.

Step – 4: To be sure, check the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to see if the DISM Host Servicing Process is present under the “SOFTWARE” category. If it is still there, you need to remove it again. To open the registry, find “Regedit” in the windows search bar.

DISM host servicing process registry

This way you are assured to get safe riddance from the DISM Host Servicing Process. There are ways to get it back and restore it if you ever need it again even though it is highly unlikely for that to happen. Hence use this as a last resort to solve your issue.

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This post will help you bid goodbye to the dismhost.exe causing you issues with the computer’s functioning. The Blue Screen Of Death and the Black Screen with Cursor after an Update are major issues that you face because of it. By now if you followed the above-given methods step by step then you would have surely found a cure for the computer’s sickness. We would suggest you try all the methods one after another if the previous one does not work. This way you have a good chance and none of them are permanent or harmful so you can always reverse your action if you feel the need to do so. Even after all those fixes, if you still have not been able to beat the dismhost.exe then we suggest you go to the experts with your device.

Let us know which of the methods you use in the comment section below. If you are stuck at some point, let us know so we can guide you with an adequate solution in the comment section below. Stay tuned with us as we will keep solving your problems and find various ways around them to get new hacks and tricks. 

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