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15 Secret Codes on iPhone You Never Tried Before!

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A lot of us have stayed unknown to the fact that secret codes on iPhone even exist. There are a lot of us who don’t even know how these codes work, what they are or most importantly, what they do. These are something which the companies themselves have installed and it is to use but more often than not these iPhone secret codes are not even released for public knowledge. 

There are  times when the companies try to hide them and these codes are something that vary from manufacturer to another. It means that Android users will have different codes than iOS but even in Android there might be differences in codes for each smartphone brand. So in this article, we aim to share the coolest and the most needed secret codes on iPhone for those of us who have never turned on the dark side or tried to dig deep. Make sure you read through them as each one is essential to explore iPhone secret menu and who knows where you might need them.

What are Secret Codes in iPhone?

First things first, why are these iPhone secret codes important? Well these hidden codes on iPhone allows you to enable the integral part of your phones which sometimes are not even shown in settings. 

These are USSD codes, each one specifically assigned to some function of information which will pop up or be activated when you type the code. So with each code you will type in, a pop up or a message will appear on your screen which shows you some data or statistical analysis related to your iPhone.

iPhone Secret Codes

It will also display how to activate or deactivate some function (for developers especially) and hence cannot be done directly from the settings menu. Well, that’s how simple it is to get access to secret menu on iPhone. Let’s get on the details now!

15 iPhone Secret Codes List 

Here is a list of 15 Secret codes that you can use in your iPhone to make it work better and faster!

1. Hide Your Caller ID

Code: *31#mobile number

You can use this secret code to present your caller ID as “Unknown” or “No Caller ID” whether you have an activated iPhone carrier or a carrier that supports hiding your caller ID. Use the code that functions in your country and connect the phone number that you want to call anonymously and click the dial button to do what you need to do.

So to ensure that you have this, you need to check in your phone if you have the option toggled on for hiding your caller ID. Once you follow the instructions correctly, you will see that the phone number you have called upon shows your call as “Unknown” or shows “No Caller ID”. For a good prank to make some mysterious call, this is a certain way where you will have higher chances of the other person picking your call up and not recognizing you.

2. Enabling Field Test Mode

Code: *3001#12345#*

The Field Test Mode is activated by this secret code on the device, which gives you a lot of technical information across your network. However, that’s not it, since you can still use this code on your iPhone to provide a more granular view of the signal intensity of your network. Bars are a good way to view signal strength, so you can use this code to show signal strength in decibels if you want to know the exact strength. So, here’s how it should be done:

For iOS 10 and Earlier

You will be taken to the Field Test page when you enter the code in your iPhone’s dialer and press the call button, where you will find different network information. Then, until you get the “Slide to turn off” option, simply push the Power/Lock button. Also press and hold the home button until you are on the power off-screen, and you can see the bars replaced in decibels with the network strength.

When done, wait for the network to calm down for 20-30 seconds. Then, if the number is over -80 (-70,-60..), the signal intensity is similar to maximum, and if it is below -110 (-120,130..), there is a pretty bad signal on the network. It’s important to remember that, based on whether you are wired to a 3G or 4G network, the signal quality can vary.

You can open the Field Test page again with the secret code to uninstall the decibels and bring back the normal network bars on your iPhone, and tap on the top-left side, which says “Phone,” or you can simply hit the home button once.

For iOS 11 and Above

Apple changed the “Field Test Mode” feature marginally with the launch of iOS 11. It no longer displays the numerical dBM (decibel milliwatts) cell signal tracker in the iPhone’s status bar for a shift. But don’t panic, in iOS 14 iOS 13, iOS 12, and iOS 11, there is always a way to try out the real cellular signal as iPhone numbers with the Field Test Feature. Make sure your iPhone has an active cellular link to get off so that it can reach and use Field Test Mode to determine the signal power. Type the following number and dial it by merely opening the phone app.

Now, on your iPhone, the hidden Field Test Mode will unlock. “After that, find the rsrp0 and the corresponding number that will be the numerical measurement of the iPhone cellular signal strength in dBm. Tap LTE and then select “Serving Cell Meas. For those unfamiliar, the variance of the RSSI calculation is known to be RSRP (Reference Signal Received Power). As for the RSRQ, Reference Signal Obtained Quality stands for that.

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3. Check the SMS Center

Code: *#5005*7672#

Each text message you send from your phone first goes to the central number of a server or SMS, which then transfers it to the number you send it to. If you have been facing a few problems with SMS, it’s better to search the SMS centre number and you can use this hidden code to do just that. “In the iPhone dialer, you can just enter the code and press “call.

4. Call Barring

Code: *#33# (Check status) 

*33*pin# (Enable Call Barring)

#33*pin# (Call Barring)

Call Barring allows you to block all incoming or outgoing calls on your phone, and you can use this code if you want to check its status or activate/deactivate it on your iPhone. The SIM Pin, which is the lock on your SIM card, is the ‘pin’ here. You should follow the given steps – 

iPhone Settings -> Phone -> SIM PIN

5. Call Waiting

Code: *#43# (Check Status) 

*43# (Enable Call Waiting)

#43# (Disable Call Waiting)

As the name suggests, this secret code for the iPhone lets you enable and disable call waiting and check statuses for it. In the order from top to bottom, the codes allow you to check status, enable call waiting and disable call waiting. Call waiting is a service whereby someone making a phone call is notified of an incoming call on the line that they are already using, and is able to place the first call on hold while the second is answered.

This handy secret code can be very helpful when you can’t find the option in your iPhone settings. Just dial the code and check if your task is performed.

6. Call Forwarding

Code: *#21# (Check Status)

*21# (Enable or Disable Call Forwarding)

*21mobilenumber# (Divert Calls to this Number)

Wouldn’t you want to be disturbed by a phone call while watching your favorite sports team battle it out? Well, Call Forwarding is a feature that helps you to divert incoming calls to your other number or even a voicemail for people who are unaware, and you can use this iPhone secret code to verify your phone status or trigger it and divert calls to another number. 

7. For Calling Line Presentation

Code: *#30#

Calling Line Presentation is the module with which the person whom you are calling can see the number with which you are calling them. There could be an issue with the Calling Line Presentation of your number if the receiver of your calls does not see your telephone number. You may use this code in that case to verify whether Call Line Presentation is allowed or has been disabled somehow on your number.

8. Show Your Number on Caller ID

Code: *82 “followed by the number you are calling”

For those who make all of their outgoing calls anonymously, this code is set. Ok, if you’re one of them, then you can display your number on the caller ID using this code. Notably, in a case where you want everyone to know it is you who is calling, it can even come in handy. Although *82 functions for most carriers, T-Mobile has a special code (*31#) for this reason.

9. Know IMEI

Code: *#06#

Chances are, you heard about this code before, didn’t you? All phones come with a special identification number for people who are ignorant, and you can use this USSD code to search it on almost any handset. You should check out our comprehensive report on IMEI for more information on IMEI and its use.

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10. View Your Cellular Data Usage

AT&T: *3282#

T-Mobile: #932# 

Verizon: #3282

You might often realize that your cellular data ran out pretty fast and you weren’t even doing anything as such. These secret codes on iPhone will let you keep tabs upon your usage. Each mobile data provider is different and hence the codes for them are different too. Use this code to find your data usage and try and plan it according to your need and how much time you have on the plan. So this code is very handy and you get it by simply dialing the given code and then press the call button.  

11. Get Local Traffic Information

Code: 511

We know that now in this era you have easy access to the Google Maps or Apple Maps and hence your direction and traffic in the same direction. So then what is the use of this code? This is an old code which was there when traffic was something these maps didn’t show.  As old as it may be, this is still useful for those times when you do not get an internet connection. At those times this code comes in very handy and you can easily know the traffic situation so you can rush and reach a place without having to be stuck in a traffic jam.

12. Call Directory Assistant

Code: 411

To help you out with different reasons, all providers have their own directory assistance service with a live operator. Only dial 411 from your iPhone and get updated by the live operator on someone’s phone number, address, what business they’re doing (receive directory listing via text message). This is chargeable but it is very useful when you badly want information and there is no limit to what you can ask. You can know about a movie timing, to someone’s address, driving directions and the commodity near you with much more. For those times when you are in a real need to get some useful information, this is the code for you.

13. Call Customer Service

Code: 611

By simply dialing 611, you can reach the customer service of your service provider and it will cost you about a penny as this service is chargeable.

14. Give Yourself A Unique Name 

Code: **me, or **63

Instead of your phone, the service will give you a unique name. Only dial **me, or **63 from your iPhone, and subscribe to the plan. Go ahead, instead of an actual phone number, choose a special nickname for yourself which will be visible to your call receivers.

15. Enable Test Emergency Alerts

Code: *5005*25371#

These alerts help you to prepare for any future real emergency strikes. You can hear a noisy warning by dialing your phone’s “secret hidden code *5005*25371#” and pressing the call button. It’s just an exam, so don’t get lost. You will get the same message if there is any actual government emergency attack.

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These codes are very useful and really handy when you are in a hurry and have to get things done. Sometimes these codes help you restore your iPhone back and give your special services which you would normally not get. Similar to secret codes on iPhone, there are few gestures or ways to manage your AirPods as well. But if they are not working properly or having sound issues, you may like to check this guide where it explains how to get rid of muffled AirPods

Let us know which of these were useful to you through the comment section below. If there are any codes you find are useful and are not mentioned in the above list, then write them in the comments section and we will take them into consideration. Stay tuned with us to know such handy tricks in iOS and easier ways to make your iPhone work better. 

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