About Us – Behind the Scenes!

There is much too much poor advice on the internet. There’s no denying it. So, we decided to devote our time to giving excellent advice, recommendations, and evaluations that people can rely on. Amazing!

GeniusGeeks was started back in 2009 by Ricky Shah as a dedicated Windows guide blog. His passion for tech-blogging turned GeniusGeeks into one of the most popular tech blogs back then!

Our Mission

“To provide easy to understand, technical jargon-free articles to millions of non-techies around the world.”

To achieve it, our team of tech geeks develops simple tutorials (without complex industry jargon), troubleshooting tips (with tried-and-true methods), researched editorials, well-tested applications, and unbiased product lists aimed at improving your digital experience across many platforms.

Our greatest achievement is that we got featured on some of the best websites like TechCrunch, MSN (recently added), Wikipedia, SheFinds, KasperskypCloud, FlipBelt, and many more!

Our Vision

“To transform GeniusGeeks into a one-stop destination for all things TECH!”

Our goal is to turn GeniusGeeks into a tech media company, with the entrepreneurial skills of our founders and team’s hard work.

Our Team

“Together Everyone Achieves More,” Go TEAM!

A vision can only be realized with the help of a group. The GeniusGeeks team of editors, content writers, and marketing specialists, is continuously on the lookout for new methods to provide well-researched, information-driven content to its audience. Learn more about them.

Ricky Shah (Founder)

Ricky, the founder of GeniusGeeks, is a tech-enthusiastic, who loves to explore life-changing apps and accessories. His unwavering passion for gadgets and writing technical content in the past is key behind the success of GeniusGeeks.

He started GeniusGeeks during his college days publishing hundreds of contents, including editorials, reviews, how-to’s, product recommendations and he now serves as editor-in-chief.


He mentors the team and ensures that every content solves the difficulties that readers face meanwhile maintaining the quality standards. His attention to every detail and ability to change direction as needed have been fantastic. He is a true professional and is very passionate about the vision and mission of GeniusGeeks. When he isn’t busy working, you can spot him exploring productivity tools (most favorite), attending tech events, and networking with fellow bloggers! Connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter!

Harshil Patel (Co-founder & Content Strategist)

Harshil is a curious, passionate, and nosy techie whose enthusiasm & passion for learning and sharing new things are his assets. While his writing profession began around a demi-decade ago.

He has been troubleshooting problems, exploring new, innovative apps, and experimenting with technology since his early college days. If not this, you can find him reading playing volleyball, and hanging out with friends! Connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter

Dhruv Shah (SEO Ninja)

Dhruv is a graduate with a degree in Computer Engineering. He has experience working with local businesses in various markets and has helped them enhance their online presence by driving more customers to their respective businesses.

His vast knowledge has made him proficient in leading the SEO ninjas at GeniusGeeks. While not tweaking into SEO strategies, you will find him spending time with his Niece (he loves her the most) and family! Connect with him on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter!

Rahul Patel (Windows OS Nerd and Author)

Rahul Patel

Rahul is a blogger, developer, and tech geek. Driven by his innate interest in blogging, he adapted blogging as a full-time profession back in 2016!

While he’s not writing easy-to-understand guides related to Windows 11/10 on GeniusGeeks, you can always find him nurturing his entrepreneurial skills by helping his clients with various services through his website! If you like to connect with him, you can always find him active on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter!

Should you’ve any queries, tips, or want to be a part of our ever-growing team, reach out to us at [email protected] and you’ll not be disappointed!