How to Unblock Websites Blocked By Your ISP

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We often see many websites getting blocked by organization, and people often search for how to unblock websites blocked by IPS or organization. Recently, India’s prominent ISP providers created a huge mess when they blocked entire website instead of blocking the page. The anonymous group jumped into Indian censorship fray, taking down many government websites, along with exposing RIMs data. It also brought the dark side of ISPs to the limelight . An outrageously unorganized censorship is a big concern, and we’re here to decimate such oppressive censorship. No matter, whether the sites are blocked by ISPs or your organization, following options will help you to unblock websites giving you a hassle free access.


How To Free Up Space on iPhone: PhoneClean iPhone Cleanup Utility

phonecleanWith great power comes great responsibility”. Do you remember who uttered that dialogue? The same could be applied to latest gadgets as well. Should your iPhone lag or constantly show low disk space warning, try out the all new PhoneClean utility to free up space on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In a mission to fight against useless memory hogger, the biggest impediment are temporary files clogged up on iOS device. Even, long-term caches, junk files accumulated over the period of time could also lead to iTunes sync fail error. If you have been thinking that such problem (memory issues and lags) persists on desktop only, then think twice. Apple iDevices are also equally inapt.

Some apps  nefariously and notoriously generates cache to serve the purpose, which might not have been removed from the iPhone disk. It is hence of utmost importance to free up space on iPhone manually or with some kind of application. The new kid in the market PhoneClean comes to rescue and aids in cleaning up space on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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How to Add Signature in Email

add email signature in

The recent revelation of Outlook webmail service has opened up a new can of endless possibilities. It has also sparked up the debate of who is the best web based email service? Yes, this time Microsoft has learned a lesson and provided a near to perfect webmail service at Previously, we had covered some of the interesting features of; importing Gmail account contacts to Outlook and keyboard shortcuts for new Outlook webmail service.

Microsoft Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts to Improve Overall Email Experience shortcut keys

Microsoft’s recent endeavour took everyone by surprise. MS has given a preview access to revolutionary Outlook webmail service, which might change the perception of the people about Hotmail and other web based mail offerings from the software giant. The Redmond based company has unveiled its intention to take on the unassailable Gmail service. At a first glance, you might get surprised with the familiar metro look. MS would have thought retiring incondite Hotmail features and interface and hence the all new Outlook service. In our previous post, we advised users to hurry and grab their desired email ID before someone else does it.

How to Import Gmail Contacts to

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Today, Microsoft pushed out the biggest ever change in its email service. With an aim to dethrone Google’s Gmail service from number 1 position, Microsoft has given a sneak peek of its latest lab rat. Highly inspired from the aesthetic look of Metro UI, Microsoft has completely revolutionized its Hotmail service, which sooner will be served as Google has been ruling web based email service since its arrival back in 2004 and people refused to migrate from Gmail to other lucrative services like Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL etc, due to the sheer amount of features Gmail has to offer. This also includes a number of security features like 2-step verification system which made email hacking almost hacking proof. However, Microsoft is pushing out the new update to change that perception.

How to Install Android Jelly Bean on Windows 7

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The newest buttery smooth OS has been in news of lately. Even though, Android users are yet to enjoy JellyBean OS on their handset, you, my friend, can enjoy it on your Windows 7 PC. Yes, you heard it right. Now, you can install Android jelly bean on Windows 7 PC, albeit as a transformation pack. It will turn your Windows 7 UI into Jelly Bean ones and give you a glimpse of the bright future that awaits you.

Of course, the Jelly Bean OS has already been out, though in another form. In fact, developers on the XDA developers forum have managed to churn out some of the custom ROMs to reincarnate the old generation OS, which often criticized for not being fully optimized to give better end-user experience on powerful processors.

PES 2017 APK

Download Chinese Music Legally For Free

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Just a couple of days back, we received a request to provide websites that allow users to download Chinese music for free. The traditional music of China is very famous and is still being played in many movies. Who can ever forget the famous dragon dance played along with China’s traditional music? Chinese music is known for its soothing effect and harmony. China has a rich tradition and is one of the oldest country that helped with music to the mass. On the contrary, China has a high rate of music piracy which costs them dearly. According to Wikipedia, the music market in China is 22nd largest in the world and is worth US$82. 8 million.

How to Download Free eBooks for Kindle Fire Legally

Getting a free eBook for your newly purchased Kindle Fire is not a big errand, but to get it from legitimate source is a big ask. The internet is a huge repository of information available in several different formats. Later, gadgets came in various sizes and equipped with various functionalities to read the content in different formats spread all over the internet. The latest addition to this arsenal is a Kindle Fire eBook reader, which aids in reading different eBooks available on the internet. However, the basic question to download free eBooks for Kindle Fire remained still there. Well, let’s try to solve the ambiguous puzzle in this post.


download free ebooks for kindle fire

Download Free Facebook Timeline Covers

A couple of days back, we covered Facebook timeline covers dimensions and other vital aspects to get your business booming on FB. Ravishing timeline covers will over-nightly make you a Facebook superstar and hence it is extremely imperative to choose your design shrewdly. During the process we cited that you need to follow some unusual dimensions like 851 px x 315 px for cover photo and 114 x 72 px for thumbnails. Designers amongst you inherit innate ability to create great designs, but what about others who are destined for other skills?

download facebook timeline cover

We belong to the latter category and hence need to find out other medium to get/ download Facebook timeline covers. The other option would be to hire some graphic designer to do the job, however, it could cost you dearly. Espial investigation of web requires time and efforts, thus we have decided to compile the list of resources (sites) from where you can download free Facebook timeline covers. The main idea behind such compilation is to lessen up the burden on your pocket circumvented in hiring a designer. Secondly, it helps in utilizing free resources in a more productive manner.

All You Need To Know About Facebook Timeline Cover & Its Dimensions

Facebook timeline has changed the way how the businessmen perceived Facebook as a part of their business strategy. So far the businessmen were whatchamacallit to potential lies beneath the blue color that changed the user’s perspective of social networking sites. Facebook timeline cover is a great arsenal handed over by Facebook to the businessmen and normal users alike. But the million dollar questions are,

  1. How do you create a FB timeline cover, after all?
  2. What Facebook timeline cover dimensions are?
  3. What are the best practices to create a great timeline cover?

All such haunting questions have been answered along with some of the most amazing timeline covers for you to devour.

Update: We have provided resources to download Facebook timline covers here

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