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How to Download APK File of Google Play on PC

Download APK from Google Play The Easiest Way

Android marketplace (now Google Play) offers zillions of apps to Android smartphone and tablet users. But it is tiresome and not feasible approach to always download APK files from marketplace though your device. How about a scenario when you find latest game which is not compatible to your handset? Instead of waiting for new powerful Android device to arrive and remember the name of the game for months just to download them is cumbersome process, at least for people like me. One of the classic example when…

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manybooks ebook torrent sites

Top 10 Ebook Torrent Sites & Resources to Download eBooks for Free [Legal]

Torrent and piracy are the two sides of a coin that always go together but never coexists. Our intention is to provide ebook torrent sites and other resources from where you can download your favorite ebooks free. Books offer you a wealth of knowledge and experience. In a digital era, it is pretty easy to find a digital version of the book, also known as an ebook. In addition to that, ebooks are environment-friendly and save tons of upfront cost you invest in the paper version of…

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Disney Plus Error Code 43

What is Disney Plus Error Code 43 & How to Deal With It!

Disney Plus users are having a hard time in dealing with various errors on their devices. And I know you’re one of them getting error code 43 since a long time and looking for a possible fix! If you’re getting any other errors on Disney+ accounts other than error 43 and want to fix them, here’s a working method to fix Disney Plus not loading issue on your devices. Before you fix Disney Plus error code 43, let’s first see the why does this error appear and what…

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Disney Plus Error Code List

Disney+ Error Code Complete List with Possible Fixes!

Disney Plus has failed to find solutions to the error codes that users are seeing on their iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, Xbox One, PS4, Roku, Samsung TV, LG TV and other devices, at least for now. Maybe after few days or weeks, we can expect all these errors to be fixed by Disney+. You can always contact Disney Plus help center or support team to get these issues fixed. But looking at the long hold calls and no response to DMs on Twitter, I can understand the…

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How to Play Brawl Stars If You Are not from Canada

[Fixed] How to Play Brawl Stars if You Are Not from Canada!

Play Brawl Stars on iOS Believe me or not, Brawl Stars is already hitting the top charts in free games category in iTunes Store in Canada. SuperCell is up again with an action packed game after a long time, almost after 2 years of Clash Royale release. As usual, Brawl Stars, a SupeCell developed game has been soft launched in Canada. So if you are from Canada, you are the luckiest to get the hands on Brawl Stars in beta version itself. But what if you are…

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What is Browser Fingerprinting

What is Browser Fingerprinting? Is It Worse Than Cookies?

In the current times, topics like privacy and data protection are at the forefront of everyone’s attention. People are now more motivated than ever to protect their personal data. While many have heard about cookies, fewer people discuss browser fingerprinting in comparison. After all, it’s a fresher concept. So today, this article is going to: Compare the two Go through their similarities and differences Provide a few helpful tips on how you can protect yourself against unwarranted attempts on your privacy. So let’s get started! What is…

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How to Copy and Paste Message on Snapchat chat

How Do You Copy and Paste on Snapchat? Here’s the Answer!

Firstly, trash all those reports, rumors and news that say Snapchat is shutting down. And also the users who complain that they cannot copy and paste on Snapchat! If you’ve heard these rumors, you’re already on a wrong path! To copy and paste a message in Snapchat chat is pretty simple. Snapchat app has around 360 million active users per month as of January 2020 and it’s growing crazy in the Q2 because of Covid-19 lockdown all around the word. As Snapchat is used by millions of…

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How to Secure Dropbox Account with Two Step Verification

How to Secure Dropbox Account with Two Step Verification

Dropbox just stepped up its game by offering a new two-step verification method to secure Dropbox account on the go. Following several stagnant security issues, Dropbox has rolled out a new two-step verification system to offer respite to end-users. Many of Google account users are already using a similar verification system to make Google accounts hack proof. Dropbox especially faced critical spamming issues through various account due unsolicited access to them. Despite of facing several security issues, Dropbox failed to implement any solid security, until now.

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Disney Plus Help Center

Disney Plus Help Center for Error Code 83, 73, 43, 39 & More!

Right from the launch of Disney+, people have tried reaching out Disney Plus help center numerous times. And the reasons were obvious – the huge response by the Disney lovers to the online streaming program. Eventually, the servers were unable to handle the requests and it resulted in a lots of errors. Looking at the number of errors, there are many Disney+ users who are looking to reach out help center or customer support center. And most of them are searching for Disney Plus help center error…

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How to Update Sky Q Box Software

How to Update Sky Q or Sky Q Mini Box’s Software?

Given the release of Disney Plus in the UK, and the lock-down due to Covid-19, people badly need some entertainment at home. And the fact that Disney+ has got a lot of new movies and shows (exclusive), it makes it even interesting to watch it on Sky Q. But for that, you need to update software of your Sky Q box right away! It’s pretty simple to update Sky Q or Sky Q mini box. In fact, it automatically updates in the background if it has been…

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