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Windows 11 Release Date

Windows 11 Release Date, Features, System Requirements Explained!

Ever since Microsoft has announced the Windows 11 release date, everyone is eagerly waiting to upgrade their existing Windows version with it. Windows 10 users will be eligible for a free upgrade starting 2022. With the commitment of providing attractive features, business-specific apps, and allowing the Android apps, Windows 11 has gained immense popularity. Hence the announcement of this extraordinary operating system of Microsoft, Windows 11, has become the talk of the town. Let’s take a look at the detailed information about Windows 11 starting with the…

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Florida Man Half Head Arrested for Murder

Best Florida Man Headlines: Know What Happened on This Day

For the past couple of days, the latest social media trend is the Florida Man! All of a sudden the “Florida Man Headlines” have appeared from nowhere. Now this has made an interesting searches on Google such as Florida Man January 1, Florida Man March 11, Florida Man March 17 or Florida Man December 25 and lots more. There’s still no clarity why people are searching for their birthdays and relating them to best Florida Man Headlines. Well, does it even matter? It’s all about fun. Just…

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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials Is More than Just a Certification – Here’s Why!

There is more to getting the Cyber Essentials accreditation than just having the bragging rights to getting certified. The benefits of the program is incredibly far-reaching, bringing enterprises who obtained the certification short and long-term results. It helps with motivating companies to pursue cybersecurity, what’s more, the Cyber Essentials program helps companies avoid needless (let alone, costly) fire-fighting that comes with getting their network hacked by cyber-criminals. In this post, we will look into the Cyber Essentials program and its benefits, and see why the program is…

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Netflix Error 5003

Netflix Goes Down Worldwide with Error 5003: Here’s the Fix!

Right after Disney Plus went down several times due to error 83, it’s now Netflix that is down worldwide. The news went viral when various users started reporting error 3-5003 on all the devices. What is Netflix Error 5003? Netflix users are reportedly getting error 3-5003 or MSL 5003 due to outage of the streaming service. Some users also reported that they are getting error UI 800 3 as well. The error started at 13:56 GMT and it’s not just the UK but US users are also…

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AirVistara on Twitter

Exclusive: Twitter is Testing a New Feature to Send Direct Messages from its Feed (Conversation Threads)?

I have closely observed the changes made by Twitter in 2018 and I am quite sure they are changing the way we all use Twitter. With the changes made in the past years, the Twitter user base is only growing strong and why not! It has evolved as a best social media platform for everyone to express their views in a limited number of characters with some extraordinary features. Send Direct Messages from Twitter’s Feed? Well, I have observed one strange feature which I think most of…

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Breaking: Twitter is Testing Quality Filter for Better Search Results!

Twitter, these days, is on a roll to improve its platform. As per the latest findings from Jane Manchun Wong, it’s quite clear that Twitter is testing a lot of features all together to create a better user experience. Quality Filter in Testing? Jane Manchun Wong says Twitter is testing “Quality Filter” for search results. This is not the first time she has spotted something which is being changed from Twitter. In fact, a couple of days back she has reported that Twitter is also testing End-to-End encrypted…

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Despacito VEVO Channel Hacked!

Various Vevo YouTube Channel Gets Hacked by Prosox & Kuroi’SH!

Vevo, the most popular video hosting service is hacked on YouTube. Apparently, there is no other information available as of now. Various channels including Luis Fonsi, Shakira, Chris Brown, Post Malone and many more are being hacked within no time. It’s still not clear that why the hack is being done! But one thing is for sure, Vevo now have to tighten their security to stop such hacks! Vevo YouTube Channels Hacked! In case, if you are not aware, Vevo is one of the very famous entertainment channels…

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Jio Pokemon Go

Niantic Partners with Reliance Jio to Launch Pokemon Go in India!

Reliance Jio Pokemon Go Launched in India Reliance Jio Pokemon Go: Pokemon Go has unarguably been the most trending video game of 2016 that has been launched across the world. However, the game even after being available in India for the first few days has again restricted the usage in few countries and India is one of them. The craze that started in July is finally to arrive in our country after hours of waiting. Even though the frenzy is a bit low now, the Niantic Inc,…

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Exciting Tablets with Best Camera Quality

Last time around, we shared some of the best laptops in 2015. This tm around, we ar covering some of the top Tablets with the best camera. When you are looking at some of the best tablets in the market, you will find that most of them may have a good processor, but their cameras may not be very good. There are several good tablets available in the market. We are providing some of the best tablets with best camera quality. Deviating from this conventional trend is…

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Top 5 Smartphone in India [October and November 2013]

The world is going crazy about smartphone. For smartphone manufacturer India and China has become a prime target due to large consumption of smartphone. In this post, we are including some of the latest mobiles in India that are either launched or are about to be launched. This year IFA tech show was centre of attraction in all techies. Mainly the giant of south Korea Samsung launched its most awaited and loud phone – Galaxy Note 3. With Samsung and Sony many small mobile manufacturers revealed the…

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