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How to Fix Volume Automatically Goes Down on Android

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Nowadays, Android smartphones are omnipresent, as from rags to riches, everyone is associated with them. However, one issue has been increasingly noticed: volume automatically goes down in Android, especially on Samsung devices like Samsung S21, S22, S10, S9 and a few more Galaxy models.

Even the flagship devices like OnePlus too faces such issues at times. Well, there are numerous factors that are associated with it, which are discussed further along with the solutions to fix the same.

Why does my phone volume keep turning itself down or up?

There are various reasons why volume changes by itself in Android. This happens because of malfunctioning buttons to software glitches.

  • The volume buttons are intended to regulate your phone’s volume, but they may cause problems if it fails.
  • Some Android devices include a function that automatically adjusts the volume to protect your hearing by lowering it.
  • Your phone’s volume may be influenced by external applications that you have just installed because some of those applications may automatically regulate the volume.
  • Sometimes external accessories such as a phone cover, holder, or bag make a certain impact on the volume button. Due to this, Android media volume turns itself down or up.

6 Ways to Fix Android Volume Keeps Turning Down

Finally, the time is arrived to stop complaining that “my phone volume keeps going down by itself in Android.” We’ve found 6 ways to fix if volume automatically goes down in your Android. Just follow the below-mentioned methods.

1. Fix Malfunctioning Volume Buttons

Most of the time, it’s faulty volume buttons that cause your phone’s volume to drop unexpectedly. The volume buttons are meant to let you control your phone’s volume; they might cause issues if one of them fails.

And if your phone’s volume continues moving down on its own, it’s most likely due to a problem with the volume down button. Hence, one should fix the volume button, take help from the official repair center to repair this, or ask your queries on popular forums like iFixit to fix the volume buttons on your own.

2. Run Your Phone into Safe Mode

Running smartphones in safe mode can help to solve the majority of issues to a large extent. Follow the given step-by-step procedure to perform this.

#1. Press and hold the Power and Volume down button. Here, the Power menu has three options: Power offRestart, and Emergency Mode.

Open power menu by key combination

#2. Keep pressing the Power off button until the Safe Mode button does not pop out.

Select Safe mode by pressing power off menu

#3. Then, top on the Safe mode button and press, Ok.

You can identify any problem on your phone after it enters safe mode. Restart your Android phone to leave safe mode. If you want to know alternative processes to turn your phone without using this power menu, then you can take the example of how to turn off the Samsung Galaxy S21 phone and implement it on your Android device.

3. Restart Your Android Phone

Restarting your Android smartphone can also resolve minor fixes, including volume variations.

  • Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds and select the Restart option.

You may also perform a hard reset on your phone. Check out the hard reset process in this article for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and perform the same on your device.

4. Perform Factory Reset on Your Phone

You can reset your phone to clear specific problems from your phone. Thus it can also help to turn off automatic volume control in Android. Malware or viruses on the device might cause the phone to malfunction, erased by factory reset. Perform the following steps to Factory reset your phone.

 #1. Go to Settings and scroll down to General Management.

Open General Manager From Settings

#2. Here, click on Reset to proceed further.

Click on reset in general manager

#3. In reset, many tap on Factory Data Reset.

Select Factory data reset in Reset menu Option

#4. Scroll down to the bottom & click on Reset.

Click on Reset button to complete the process

#5.  Now, the phone will request your final confirmation. So, enter your PIN, Password, or Pattern to proceed.

#6. Click Erase Everything to proceed further to factory reset your phone.

It’s worth noting that various Android smartphones may have different methods for resetting the device. To discover the option, go to your phone’s settings menu and look for it.

Note: Factory resetting your phone will remove all data onboard. Hence, keep a backup of your data before initiating this process.

5. Change Your Headphones

Your headphones/earphones may also cause the device to decrease the level without your permission in some rare circumstances. There’s no need to waste time; try another set of headphones to see whether the problem remains.

If your phone volume stays constant while using different earphones/headphones, you’ve already discovered a solution: invest in a new set of high-quality headphones.

6. Contact Support and Take Help from the Professionals

Let’s say you’ve done everything to repair your Volume keeps going down the problem but hasn’t had any luck. Now is the time to contact the manufacturer of your mobile device for assistance.

You may also visit your local repair shop and inquire about the problem. They’ll fix your phone, and you’ll never have this problem.

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Did This Fix Volume Keep Going Down Problem on your Android?

We hope that any of the aforementioned methods would assist you in mitigating this “Android media volume turns itself down or up” issue. Please go through our Tips section to solve similar problems on your devices. Till then, stay connected to us on Twitter and Facebook.

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