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How to Find Birthdays on Facebook

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Facebook since its rise has become a platform where you will find your grandfather and your youngest brother at the same time. There are a variety of age groups that you find on Facebook and that is precisely why you will get a lot of help from Facebook because you will find all your friends and family on Facebook very easily.

One of the major reasons we use Facebook is because it keeps us updated on people’s birthdays. But what if you don’t know how to find birthdays on Facebook? Well, that is where we are here to help you. Facebook is a world-renowned social media app and hence every platform has it. So in this article, we will try and explain to you how to find birthdays on Facebook on different platforms.

Why I Can’t Find My Friend’s Birthday Information?

Initially, you could find your friend’s birthday on the top right of your screen when you choose to. Facebook with its recent update has deleted this feature and now you can no more find it there. Instead of that, Facebook has made a point to leave you a notification each morning about who all have their birthdays today, Through that notification, you can find out whom all you have to wish for today. At times Facebook privacy settings make it possible to keep birthday information hidden. Once this happens, there is not much to do about it and you have to either work it out with that friend or find another way to find out about his/her birthday.

How to Find Birthdays on Facebook (On Desktop)

Each Facebook interface is different and hence the buttons on it. So you will have to bear with us as we go one after another on the various ways you use Facebook on different OS. Here is a step-by-step guide for how to find birthdays on Facebook on a desktop.

Step – 1: Go to Facebook.com and navigate to the home tab.

Step – 2: Find the “Events” from the left sidebar and click it.


Step – 3: Select the “Birthdays” option.

Step – 4: View the upcoming birthdays of your friends.

Find Birthdays on Facebook

So this is an easy way in which you can check up on the birthdays of your Facebook friends when you are opening Facebook on your laptop or PC.

How to Find Birthdays on Facebook iPhone App

Unlike desktop, there is a different way to find birthdays on Facebook in your iPhone app. This is a simple and straightforward process and doesn’t need much time or effort. You just have to follow some steps and voila. So if you are an Apple iPhone user, here is a step-by-step guide for you to find birthdays on Facebook.

Step – 1: Open the Facebook app on your iPhone.

Step – 2: Search for “Upcoming Birthdays” in the search bar.

Upcoming Birthdays

Step 3: Click on Upcoming Birthdays and see all upcoming birthday lists.

This is a good way in which you as an iPhone user can learn how to find birthdays on Facebook.

How to Find Birthdays on Facebook Android App

Android applications are easier to use and their user interfaces have been upgraded too. The method to find birthdays is different in android phones. So below we are going to mention a thorough guide on how to find birthdays on Facebook in a stepwise manner.

Step – 1: Log in to your Facebook account.

Step – 2: Open the left drawbar and then click on Event.

Click on Events on facebook

Step – 3: Now check if you are able to view your friend’s birthday as it should appear on your screen.

This is a quick method for how you can check for your friend’s birthdays on Facebook.

How to Change Facebook Birthday Settings on Laptop or Computer

If you have ever thought that you will need to change your birthday on Facebook because of innumerable reasons. In this way, you will be able to change your birthday on Facebook with this method. There are times when you lied and put the birth year totally wrong because you were underage. This method will help you change those birthday settings on your laptop and PC. So here is a step-by-step guide for you to do this.

Step – 1: Go to facebook.com and sign in to your account.

Step – 2: Then go to your profile on the site.

Step – 3: Click the “About” section there.

Step – 4: Navigate to overview, then go to “your birthday”.

Step – 5: Scroll down to “Basic Information”.

Step – 6: Put the cursor over your birthdate and click on” edit”.

Click on Edit in About Section

Step – 7: You can change your birthdate and then save the changes

  • If you want to change who can see your birthdate,

Step – 7: Click the box on the right-hand side with outlines of people on it or the box with a lock-in it. Now select the settings you want for who can see your birthday.

select Audience

Step – 9: Once all this is done, click on “Save changes”.

This is an easy way in which you can get the job done.

How to Change Facebook Birthday Settings App

Changing the birthday setting on your app is not the same as doing it on the computer on your site. Having the app of your favorite social network is a must-do thing in recent times. A lot of us choose to have the app and stay logged in rather than putting in the effort of logging in on the site every time. So here is a step-by-step guide for you when you want to change Facebook birthday settings on the app.

Step – 1: Click the hamburger (horizontal lines) on the bottom corner of the screen.

Step – 2: Click on your name which opens your profile.

Step – 3: Now click on the three dots that say “See Your About Info”.

Click on Empty space in Profile detail

Step – 4: Navigate to the “Basic Info” section and click “Edit”.

check birthday in basic info

Step – 5: There under the “Birthday” option you can edit the date or change who can see your birthday.

change Date

This is the only way with which you can change these settings about the birthday in the Facebook application on your computer or laptop.

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Birthdays marked on Facebook are indeed a lifesaver as we tend to forget a lot of them and if not for these notifications we would be in some serious trouble. So it is important to know how it works and what is going on with your social media. In the article, you will find the solution to all your birthday settings-related issues on Facebook. If you get stuck somewhere or are having trouble with a step, let us know in the comments and we will guide you accordingly. Stay tuned as we keep bringing in new tricks and information to solve your problems.

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