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How to Play iPhone Games on Mac

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The new-gen iPhones allow you to play games with extraordinary graphics and good control through its Super Retina XDR display. A lot of gamers have started playing games on their iPhones and iPads as Apple gives you so much depth in perception for your gaming experience that nothing else seems better. The gaming experience is unparalleled and hence for a lot of us, there is a singular question raised about how to play iPhone games on Mac.

It definitely draws more interest when it comes to playing games on a large screen than playing on an iPhone or iPad. And, happily, we have a solution to that, too. You can play iPhone and iPad games on your Mac using the QuickTime player. More specifically, since QuickTime Player is an in-built program, this is the right approach.

How Can I Play iOS Games on Mac?

As we mentioned above, a Quicktime player is one of the simplest and easiest ways for you to play iPhone games on your Mac. There are other ways like using emulators and other applications that support iOS. These are one of the few ways in which you can make your dream come true and play on a bigger screen.

The ways aren’t hard and easy to get done with, so for your convenience, we have listened to the ways in which a structured step-by-step guide can help you achieve your dream of playing iPhone games on your Mac.

Method -1:- Use QuickTime Player to Play iPhone & iPad games on Mac

QuickTime player is a built-in application on your Mac so the added benefit this method has over any other is that you do not have to download and install any kind of third-party apps to get your job done. QuickTime Player will also show the exact game on your Mac with the same interface. Here is a step by step guide of how to use the QuickTime player to play games –

Step – 1:

First, connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac by using a lightning cable.

Step – 2:

Launch QuickTime Player on your Mac.

Step – 3:

Now go to the “Menu” on top and click on “Files”.

Step – 4:

In there select “New movie recording”.

Step – 5:

The default setting will be to select the Facetime camera. Change that setting to iPhone which is connected to your Mac.

Your iPhone screen can now be streamed to your Mac by the QuickTime player, serving as the primary controller for the applications that you use on your Mac. This removes the need for a keyboard that functions as a joystick on your iPhone. Hence this is the easiest way for you to play your games on Mac.

Method -2:- Get iPadian Simulator on Mac

iPadian is a very valuable simulator on Mac. This software is going to help you with your goal to set up your iPhone games on your Mac. With time this simulator has become very famous with Windows users but this is also a very essential way in which a Mac user can get his/her dream game on their device. The iPadian is a good software in which your iPhone’s interface is reflected directly upon your Mac and that is why you can get the perfect gaming experience on a larger screen.

You can easily download and install this application on your Mac and it is completely supported by your OS. Here is a step by step guide of how to make this work –

Step – 1:

Download and install iPadian from their official website.

Step – 2:

Then launch iPadian on your Mac.

Step – 3:

Once the app opens, you will see that some of the games are preinstalled.

Step – 4:

Navigate to its app store to install some iPhone games and apps you like, and then use these apps just as you would operate on your iPhone.

This is an easy way in which you can simulate your favorite games on the Mac and get the perfect big-screen experience without having to spend loads of money elsewhere.

Method -3:- Use an Android Emulator

Aside from the above-mentioned method, there are various Android Emulators you can use to play various games from your iPhones in your Mac. When you install the Android emulator, you will be prompted to sign in to access the applications and games available in the Play Store using your Google account. Wondering if the iOS games in the Play Store will be available? Naturally, most applications and games are available on both Android and iOS devices these days. So this isn’t something you need to care about.

Once you are signed in, you can access the whole store which is bound to have your favorite game and you play iOS games on Mac. There are a plethora of options to choose from for which emulator you should get on your Mac, but choose the famous ones and you are bound to get optima to output for them. Android Emulators are third-party applications and hence we would always suggest you have safety before downloading and using those. Make sure you give the important and needed permissions only and then you can have unlimited fun playing iPhone games on Mac.

Which Method Works the Best?

We would suggest you go with the iPadian Simulator but the only downside to using this simulator is that, when iPadian provides its games, you can not have all the available App Store games and applications on your Mac. But if you discover your favorite games in the iPadian app store, we highly recommend that you use the iPadian to play iPhone games on your Mac. The explanation for this is that it is built in such a manner that you can never know that you are using a simulator.

With that said, we would suggest that you go with QuickTime player. The reason is that it is an inbuilt application that will not need any external permissions and you will not have to rely on any kind of third-party applications to get playing on a bigger screen. As it is an app that Apple themselves provides you, there will be no security breach and no reason for you to worry about anything and can enjoy your iPhone games in the same interface with all details intact. So for this very big reason, we suggest that you go with QuickTime player.


We all know how important it is to play games and nothing is better than getting to play your favorite games on a bigger screen of your Mac. These methods are tried and tested so you do not have to worry about any of them not working out for you. Just choose the one you want to go with and hit the road running. Let us know through the comment section below about which method you choose to go with and if you are stuck somewhere so we can guide you adequately. Stay tuned for more hacks and tricks to get your dreams to come true.

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