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How to Secure Dropbox Account with Two Step Verification

How to Secure Dropbox Account with Two Step Verification

Dropbox just stepped up its game by offering a new two-step verification method to secure Dropbox account on the go. Following several stagnant security issues, Dropbox has rolled out a new two-step verification system to offer respite to end-users. Many of Google account users are already using a similar verification system to make Google accounts hack proof. Dropbox especially faced critical spamming issues through various account due unsolicited access to them. Despite of facing several security issues, Dropbox failed to implement any solid security, until now.
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Disney Plus Help Center

Disney Plus Help Center for Error Code 83, 73, 43, 39 & More!

Right from the launch of Disney+, people have tried reaching out Disney Plus help center numerous times. And the reasons were obvious – the huge response by the Disney lovers to the online streaming program. Eventually, the servers were unable to handle the requests and it resulted in a lots of errors. Looking at the number of errors, there are many Disney+ users who are looking to reach out help center or customer support center. And most of them are searching for Disney Plus help center error…
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How to Update Sky Q Box Software

How to Update Sky Q or Sky Q Mini Box’s Software?

Given the release of Disney Plus in the UK, and the lock-down due to Covid-19, people badly need some entertainment at home. And the fact that Disney+ has got a lot of new movies and shows (exclusive), it makes it even interesting to watch it on Sky Q. But for that, you need to update software of your Sky Q box right away! It’s pretty simple to update Sky Q or Sky Q mini box. In fact, it automatically updates in the background if it has been…
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Beware: Note-Taking Apps are Dangerous for Your Privacy!

For thousands of years, little has changed in the world of note-taking. There was always some form of pen and paper to jot down information. With the advent of digital technologies in the last twenty years, note-taking has entered the modern age. Leading apps like Evernote now have over 200 million users. People use it to store notes and other vital data like credit card details, account information, security, and PIN codes. These apps may offer convenience, but there are significant trade-offs in security. What are the…
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How to Watch Blocked and Banned YouTube Videos

How to Watch Blocked or Banned YouTube Videos Easily

Have you ever encountered, ‘YouTube Video Not Available in Your Country’ error while casually surfing videos on the internet. Well, that YouTube video is blocked or restricted  by uploader from viewing. Such annoying experience may lead to craving more to watch such videos. No doubt that YouTube is the best and free video sharing site that serves gazillion of users from all over the world. Many of our users might be aware of Hulu site which is restricted to USA users only. Same is the case with…
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Secure Personal Data on your Android Phone

5 Proven Ways to Secure Personal Data on Your Android Phone!

Android phones have become by far the most important gadget for the average person. Apart from the basic functions of calling and SMS, we use Android phones for storing contacts, social media, shopping, file sharing from PC, banking, taxi-hailing, saving sensitive documents as well as capturing intimate moments via photos and videos. The amount of personal data contained in a smartphone is therefore enormous. If it falls into the wrong hands while unprotected, a criminal could develop a fairly comprehensive picture of multiple facets of your life.…
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How To Uninstall Android Apps in Bulk

How To Uninstall Android Apps in Bulk!

Google is not holding back by integrating most of the useful features in its Android OS. Tech pundits firmly say that Google’s Android platform is one of the most flexible OS. The open source nature of the OS lets you tweak the system in whatever way you want, and gives you a full control over the system. But are you in the real control? The same question pique one of our reader’s mind, who just started using the Android system after giving some thought. After trying out…
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NeuralCam App

How to Add Night Mode to iPhone 11 Pro Ultra-Wide Camera Lens using NeuralCam App!

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro users have gone crazy about the ultra-wide camera lens and most of them are loving the latest camera feature from Apple’s latest iPhone. But a lot of users are complaining about the night mode which isn’t available in the ultra wide camera lens on iPhone 11 Pro. Well, NeuralCam App has come to your rescue which adds night mode to ultra-wide camera lens on your iPhone 11 Pro. A lot of users have already tried NeuralCam app and believe me, the…
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Disney Plus Linux Ubuntu

Here’s How to Use Disney Plus on Linux Systems!

Right from the word go, Disney+ subscribers were facing difficulties to access their accounts on Linux devices. Be it a laptop or computer, Disney Plus didn’t work on Linux systems. Most of the users have seen error code 83 on their Disney Plus accounts when they try to access the profile through Linux operating systems. So, it’s obvious that you’re looking for a solution to make your Disney Plus Linux accounts working, isn’t it?! Well, we have got a possible solution so that you enjoy your favorite…
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Netflix Error 5003

Netflix Goes Down Worldwide with Error 5003: Here’s the Fix!

Right after Disney Plus went down several times due to error 83, it’s now Netflix that is down worldwide. The news went viral when various users started reporting error 3-5003 on all the devices. What is Netflix Error 5003? Netflix users are reportedly getting error 3-5003 or MSL 5003 due to outage of the streaming service. Some users also reported that they are getting error UI 800 3 as well. The error started at 13:56 GMT and it’s not just the UK but US users are also…
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