Remove Background from Image Online Easily with Clipping Magic

In the past, we covered many of the photo editing applications for Windows, Android and iOS users. Even, the Google chrome extension can come to your rescue. However, most of the previously discussed image editing applications were good enough to apply filters, frames, effects, stickers and few other basic stuffs. How about removing background from an image? Is there any way other than Photoshop? Such question could be very simple for Photoshop geek, but for a normal users like us, with little or no knowledge of photo editing, it seems to be a daunting task. This is where an online application like Clipping magic comes into the play. Clipping magic can easily remove background from image online with few simple steps. You’d require next to no skill to perform this operation. Sound to good to be true, right? 

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5 Best Google Chrome Photo Editor Extension

While venturing in CPA marketing field, I quickly realized that photo editors are the best friend of any CPA marketer. The market is already flooded with some of the top quality photo editing software. However, as a Google Chrome fanboy extensions available at Chrome webstore has always piqued my interest. Ever since the invention of camera, photos has become the interwoven part of one’s life. Instagram started a new era of photo editing on the smartphone by bringing tons of filters, frames and small enhancements at user’s fingertips (instagram clients for all). Rest is history. In fact, we covered many android as well as iPhone apps serving the same purpose.

10 Best Free Educational Websites and Softwares for Kids

When I was talking about parental control for Android based tablets, smartphones to my neighbor today, he asked me, are there any useful educational websites and softwares for kids. The world is following smart technology and the technology has empowered people to do more of a comfort of their home. There are many projects running that provides free educational software to kids. Even, Microsoft word, excel, paint could come under such category. However, not all of them are free. In the past, we covered some useful games like Chess for iPhone, which can help developing kids mind. Moreover, there are many free notepad alternatives available which can be used to take quick notes and do much more. Here am compiling lists of useful educational softwares and websites for kids. This includes educational games online, e learning materials, math applications that can help kids to learn math easily and overall it has to be best summer activities for kids.

Best IFTTT Recipes: Productivity Meets Automation

IFTTT  is a web automation application that connects several services through the simple yet powerful web application. In a layman’s term, IFTTT (If this then that) is a set of commands/triggers given to automate different given channels. For an example, you can tweet automatically when you publish an article on your blog. In this case, you’d be required to fetch trigger from the RSS feed, if RSS updated then update that (your twitter account), and update related account. Sounds too much geeky? Well, don’t worry if you are bewildered with the above example. There are already ready-made recipes available which you can implement without any prior technical knowledge.

Easily Screen Capture Scrolling Window on Chrome and Apply Filters to Captures

While creating a portfolio page on our local business website, there arises a need of capturing a client’s website screenshot. However, the traditional inbuilt snipping tool that comes with Windows 7/8 system failed to perform the operation. Even, my all time favorite tool screenpresso couldn’t help me either. As a long time Google chrome browser user and admirer, I turned my attention to Chrome web store to look for an extension that can easily capture screen of scrolling Window. To my surprise, there are tons of screen capturing tools available on the Chrome web store that performs the similar operation, however, only Clipular drove my attention.

Google Keep Desktop Client Through Google Chrome Extension

Google Keep is an Evernote rival from the house of the search engine giant. Essentially, it is a note-taking app on the cloud designed for Android users at the moment. It will let you take notes quickly from the web version as well. The bare minimum interface will give you no respite and no options to tinker with. Google is yet to announce or release a desktop client for Google keep, however canny Chrome developers have already fathered a Chrome extension which will serve you as a dedicated Keep client, albeit unofficial one.

Get Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit Notification On Your Windows System

chime chrome extensionThe apps like TweetDeck, Pokki, Seesmic and many more helps in managing multiple social media accounts with ease from a single interface. Pretty much each of the aforementioned applications provide custom notification on your system upon the arrival of new message, PM/DM etc. Unfortunately, they lack integration with many other popular services, for example TweetDeck works with Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn profiles at the moment. How about an app that supports Gmail, Facebook, Reddit and a plethora of other services notification from a single interface? Instead of ending up installing bunch of apps or extensions, wouldn’t it be good to manage them from a single interface. A new Google chrome extension called Chime (not from the prominent social network has integrated many other services to bring in the comfort to Google chrome users.

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Blazing Fast Linux Download Manager: An Impressive List [Updated]

download manager for linuxThe concept of Linux download manager was derived from phrase ‘ease of access’. The amount of ease they provide to the users is incredible and was not possible with a browser. Basically, a download manager splits the files and download them simultaneously or parallely to fasten the entire download process.  The resultant is faster download speed and the ability to resume the download from where it left off, with few strings attached to the latter part. The core objective is to fasten the download process and save the time of user which otherwise would have been a big headache for them. Waiting for your download to get over is a time consuming process, but such applications help users to schedule the thing and if necessary shut down the system when the process it finished. Many advanced options give users a freedom to control download speed, number of simultaneous connections and upload speed. In essence, it gives you an ability to download files — be it a music, video, document or any kind of file, on your Linux system with usually option to manage them efficiently.

Hola Blocker- Watch Hulu Outside US While it Lasts is among one of the top subscribed streaming service in USA and Japan. There is a barrage of videos, serial episodes, behind-the-scene clips, movies and more catered to the users everyday. Unfortunately, the service is fettered to a limited group of people (in this case country or geographical limitation is applied). There is more to it– Hulu also restricts access from proxy and other software that tries to imitate or pretend to be user from the allowed countries.

The amaranthine cat-and-mouse game between Hulu and wannabe developers will never cease. The latest entrant in this field is Hola Blocker, which unlocks the restricted content for other users. In simple terms, where ever you be, you can watch Hulu outside US. There’s no country restriction as long as it lasts. Oh!!! Yes, we do not expect the service to last very long. Hulu has a track record of hunting down such service and close all the loopholes so developers can not again provide such service. Well, it sounds more like a supremacy war between Apple and Jailbreak developer. The roots of this ego clash are much deeper than our little minds can think of.

Unity Launcher Is An Awesome Ubuntu Style Launcher for Android

Canonical unveiled their 2013 roadmap with Ubuntu Phone. The all-embracing device will be launched in 2014. However, Android users can get a flair of Ubuntu OS on their device starting today. The OS has been launched for Nexus and few more devices, but if you’re one of the who are itching their palms to get the hands on ambitious Ubuntu OS, then here is the right chance for you. Unity Launcher, an app launcher, brings an Ubuntu Style launcher on an Android device. The launcher resembles the looks and functionality of Ubuntu’s vertical app switcher. Unlike any other OS in the market, Ubuntu for phone has a different way to operate and interact with the applications. Swipe from right-to-left to bring forth the app switcher which will present most often used apps collection.