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Unable to Authenticate Pokemon Go in Bluestacks & Nox? Here’s the Fix!

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Pokemon Go is a very popular game for those into AR and knees deep into the mystical world of Pokemon. If you’re facing issues with “Bluestacks Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate” or “Pokemon Go unable to authenticate on Nox,” here are some solutions you should carry out.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best virtual reality game is Pokemon Go. Although it was everyone’s fantasy to capture Pokemon, this brings it closer to life. Though its rules are pretty simple and concise, players face a problem or two when they try to log in to their Pokemon GO Accounts on PC.

Why Do You Get Unable to Authenticate Pokemon Go on Bluestacks or Nox?

Authentication error in Pokémon GO occurs because the SafetyNet tests on the custom ROM used in all Android emulators, including Bluestacks, result in a FAILED status due to operating system instability.

To bring it to life on a bigger screen, players worldwide have taken it upon themselves to use Pokemon Go Bluestacks

and Nox to get closer to their dreams of catching Pokemon. In trying to do so, they have often faced such authentication errors.

How to Fix Nox or Bluestacks Pokemon Go Unable to Authenticate Error?

There are various methods by which you can fix the issue. So here are six easy ways to fix the Pokemon Go Bluestacks unable to authenticate.

1. Install the Older Version of Bluestacks

Many people often tend to install the latest version of Bluestacks directly from the website of Bluestacks for playing Pokemon Go. This is a mistake, as Pokemon Go does not support the newest version of Bluestacks. This is one of the primary reasons you will get Bluestacks pokemon go unable to authenticate.

You can’t use both versions of Bluestacks above to play PoGo. This is because Android 7 or Android Nougat is included in the above edition of Bluestacks. Please uninstall it first if you have installed the new edition of Bluestacks.

Installing wrong version of Bluestacks

Pokemon GO does not run Android Emulator applications that use Android 7 as their operating system (PGSharp). To fix this issue, install an older version of Bluestacks, maybe Bluestacks 3, and set up the game again on your PC or computer.

2. Install the Old Version of NoxPlayer

As mentioned above, this inability to authenticate error can occur when you have the wrong version of the Nox player. Pokemon Go is only supported in only a few versions of Nox Player. If you try to run the latest version downloaded from the official website, you’re bound to face an error saying Pokemon Go is unable to authenticate Nox Player. 

Install Older Version of Nox Player

Ensure you check compatibility and never download the latest version of NoxPlayer for playing such games, as it will have more verifications, and the gaming modes will not have those. So we suggest you check beforehand what version of Nox Player you are using to play Pokemon Go. It’s recommended to install the older version of NoxPlayer.

3. Restart the Device and Game

You often face the issue of authenticating Pokemon Go in Bluestacks & Nox. This is a pretty simple spell, but more often than not, all that is required is a quick reset. But go ahead, close the game, and attempt to restart it. Be sure also to detach the game from the processes in the background.

Restart the Game and System

Go to the Latest Applications section, and swipe to shut it. Restart the game now to see whether or not the Unable To Authenticate Pokemon Go bug has been repaired. Reboot your computer and run the game.

4. Install the Pokemon Go App from PGSharp

If you have downloaded the official Pokemon Go app or an APK file of an older version, that is where your problem must have started.

Installing Official Pokemon Go Game is a big mistake

No emulator allows the official app to be played, whether Bluestacks, Nox App Player, MeMu App Player, LD Player, or SmartGaga. PGSharp is the only way to play this game with the official version installed.

5. Verify the Google Account

Some users can also correct the Unable To Authenticate Pokemon Go error using their Google-linked account to log into the game. For starters, a Reddit user noticed that the error no longer existed using the Google account connected to the game.

Verify the Google Account

After that, try to opt out of the in-game menu and log in using your Pokemon Trainers Club account. This is an easy fix to your issue without having to do much about it. So we recommend it if you have the constant error of being unable to authenticate Pokemon Go Bluestacks or Nox.

6. Log in to the Game

Logging into your account again can solve your issue if that is in your way. There are two ways in which you can do this.

  • Use your Pokemon Trainers Club account credentials to pick the Pokemon Trainer Club and log in. This is the same credential you use when logging onto the Pokemon Go website. If you had a Trainers Club Account previously and signed in to it, then open the game and head over to the alternative for the returning player.

Login to Pokemon Go Trainers Club

  • If you haven’t logged in but have a trainer account, start the game and tap the New Player option. Next, use your Pokemon Trainers Club account credentials to pick the Pokemon Trainer Club and sign in. Try to play the game now. The error should be resolved. See whether or not the Unable To Authenticate Pokemon Go error is resolved.

If none of the above-given methods don’t work, have a quick look at this YouTube video, and you can solve it for sure!

Did These Fixes Solve the Authentication Error?

Pokemon Go is indeed a fascinating game that keeps the players intact and interested in it. Though if such authentication errors occur, it becomes a buzzkill. So we recommend you try and go through the fix mentioned above for this issue and let us know in the comment section below which did the trick for you. 

Keep trying one method after another till your job is not done. If you need assistance, comment below, and we will guide you to the best possible solution.

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