How to Prevent Ransomware in your system

How to Prevent & Remove Ransomware from Your System?

Have you ever been victimized by a ransomware attack? A ransomware is the modern form of thievery. It is a computer program that encrypts specific types of files and demands money to bring them back to the initial state.

The developers of ransomware are so smart that they leave you no choice other than going for the backup. Are you afraid of ransomware? Do you want to know how to prevent or remove them in case your system gets infected?

Don’t worry! That’s exactly what we are going to deal with here. Here I will talk more about prevention and cure rather than the working of ransomware.

So, without further ado let’s move on to the core of the post. First, you will read how to prevent ransomware, then the steps of how to remove ransomware if in case your PC gets infected.

How to Prevent Ransomware Getting Into Your System?

We all know that prevention is better than cure. A little extra care about what you do on your computer helps you stay out of the league of this messy ransomware stuff. So here are the 6 best ways to prevent ransomware to get into your system.

How to Prevent Ransomware in your system

#1. Backup Your Data

Yeah, you have to take regular backups. Even the most secure antivirus on your computer doesn’t guarantee full protection from the threats.

So, you must take a backup of your data in regular intervals. You can use cloud storage services as well. But I recommend you stay away from Google Drive because there are some ransomware that has the capability to affect even the files there.

You can use tools like COMODO Backup for this purpose.

#2. Do Not Open Attachments from Unknown Email Addresses

The most commonly used way to spread ransomware is emails. Hackers integrate ransomware cleverly into normal files like PDF documents. Even a person who knows about computers, think that threats come with EXE files only.

For the same reason, they proceed to opening other attachments no matter where they come from. Don’t do that!

You must check the credibility of the sender. If you have no idea about the sender or the subject stated in the mail, you must stay away from the attachment.

#3. Keep Your Software Updated

The sneakers are busy finding the loopholes in software we use every day. Once they find about it, it won’t take too long for the exploitation. As they target the same loophole multiple times, users report the same to the company. That’s how security updates and patches come out.

If you are a person who overlooks patches and updates of software, it’s time to change your mind. Make sure all your software and OS are updated. In case they aren’t, go on and update.

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#4. Download and Use Cryptolocker Prevention Kit

Third Tier has developed a Cryptolocker Prevention Kit. It doesn’t allow your computer to execute files from App Data and Local App Data folders. Most of the malicious files target those two folders.

In case you have any legitimate software that needs the facility of running files from Data folders, I don’t recommend you do this step. Cryptolocker Prevention Kit gets updated regularly as new threats come out.

#5. Use a Reputable Security Suite

I hope I don’t have to tell you this. You have a good antivirus tool on your computer, don’t you?

In case you don’t, stop hesitating to do that. There are a lot of free and paid antivirus tools available on the web. In free department, my suggestion is Avast and when it comes to free, Bitdefender is good.

#6. Cut the Internet Connection

What should you do if you open a suspicious file that may be a ransomware?

If you don’t see anything in 2-3 seconds, cut the internet connection; LAN, Wi-Fi or anything. It helps us stop the communication between the parent server and the ransomware.

That was all about how to prevent ransomware getting into your system. But if the ransomware still gets succeeded to penetrate through the security of your system, then you are in deep trouble. Either you need to pay a ransom amount, or you need to use decryptor tools and follow the below given tools to remove ransomware without any hassles!

How to Remove Ransomware?

What if your computer gets affected by a ransomware? How to remove ransomware? Use the following tools to remove it without any hassles.

How to Remove Ransomware

#1. System Restore

You don’t have to download any specific tool for this.

In Windows:-

Step 1: Restart your computer and press F8 while it boots up.

Step 2: You have to select safe mode with command prompt from the following screen.

Step 3: As the CMD window occurs, you have to enter cd restore and rstrui.exe one by one into it.

Step 4: You will get system restore wizard. Just go with the on-screen instructions. The rest of the process is easy.

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In Mac:-

Step 1: Restart your Mac machine and while this happens, press Command+ R. You can release them when the Apple logo becomes visible.

Step 2: Click on Disk Utility and hit Continue. You will get the disk utility.

Step 3: Click the first disk button from the right sidebar. Then, go with Repair Disk.

Step 4: In case your disk has any errors, it will be corrected. After that, select Quit Disk Utility.

Step 5: Can you see a Reinstall OSX option? Go with it.

Step 6: Follow on screen instructions and provide your Apple ID credentials. There you go! Your computer will have a fresh copy of OSX without the loss of your existing data.

#2. Cybereason’s Ransomfree

Ransomfree is a free anti-ransomware developed by Cybereason. You can download it from here.

Install the software as usual. Then, it will run in the background as a fully functional antivirus. Whenever you try to open a file with attached ransomware, it will alert you about the same. You can choose to remove the threat right away.

Of course, it saves you from recurring threats as well.

#3. Ransomwhere

The tool I have mentioned above is for Windows. You can download Ransomwhere for Mac.

Unlike the above given one, Ransomwhere focuses more on the decryption part rather than the prevention. It uses a mathematical algorithm to scan and find infected files.

Conclusion of Ransomware Prevention & Removal!

So, that’s it!

I hope you know how to prevent and remove Ransomware now. There are a lot of prevention tools available on the web that you can use apart from the ones I have mentioned here. Don’t forget to leave a comment below if you have any doubts and stay updated with all Ransomware news on our blog.

manybooks ebook torrent sites

Top 10 Ebook Torrent Sites & Resources to Download eBooks for Free [Legal]

Torrent and piracy are the two sides of a coin that always go together but never coexists. Our intention is to provide ebook torrent sites and other resources from where you can download your favorite ebooks free. Books offer you a wealth of knowledge and experience. In a digital era, it is pretty easy to find a digital version of the book, also known as an ebook. In addition to that, ebooks are environment-friendly and save tons of upfront cost you invest in the paper version of the book.

The web is going digital and so is content. Print books cost a lot and are expensive to maintain on the other hand digital ebook are easy to manage and maintain. Even, you can sync those ebooks across multiple platforms to use it on your favorite device. Of course, we are not here to teach you how to use those ebooks on all your devices. There are ebook torrent sites, ebook download websites and more offering a free version of the ebook. You can later sync them on Google drive or your favorite file sharing service to read from anywhere.

Unfortunately, finding an ebook online is not as easy as it sounds. Oftentimes, you hit a malicious site that is more interested in installing an adware on your PC, then giving you a download link. An annoying pop-up advertisement is another resource hogger that could put you in jeopardy. Savvy internet users prefer to download such ebooks from torrent sites or forums where they can get even paid ebooks for free. However, such users encourage piracy which is a heinous crime in almost all country. In order to avoid such legal issues, we have gone ahead and found out some of the best ebook download sites like torrents, forums, and online library.  There are several websites that provide free ebook download, however, people often rely on ebook torrent sites due to lack of knowledge.

Note: Downloading torrents in itself isn’t illegal if you are downloading copyright free material or creative commons license product. We advise you to understand the license before downloading anything from torrent.

Nefarious torrent sites are well known to distribute the virus, malware and what not. Make sure you download from a trusted seed. We highly recommend NOT getting an ebook from torrent sites. Instead of that use the other resources available on this page.

eBook Torrent Sites & Legal Websites

They say that books are one’s best friend. Let’s get to know our best friend closely. Here are some sources to get excellent eBooks legitimately and easily–without making a big dent in your pockets. Following are some of the best ebook torrent sites that can be used to download ebooks legally.

1. Archive Torrents

Archive has a separate torrent section with a humongous library of ebook, audiobooks, video, live music, movies and more. As of writing this, they have 16,187,838 ebooks in their library. Archive torrent is rapidly becoming popular due to the insane amount of content it offers. The ebooks can be viewed by date published, title and author. There are different Canadian, American and European library items available. You can also sort out the books according to year and language. These ebooks are available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and many other languages. A perfect place for those who are looking to download ebooks for free in their regional language. It is also possible to borrow the books from other users of

archive ebook torrent site

You can access it from here:

2. Manybooks

Manybooks has little over 50,000+ free ebooks for download. In addition, there are many paid ebooks and free kindle books available. All the free ebooks are legal and you can download without any legal issues. Books are properly categorized which you can easily browse as per your interest. You can even navigate ebooks based on year, language, author, popularity, genre and more. It also features free ebooks available on Amazon. The books can be easily moved to Kindle, Nook, iPad and other ebook readers. In case, if you do not own any of those devices, then you can use some epub readers to read these ebook on your Windows and Mac. Authors of the books can leverage this platform to promote their book to thousands of subscribers.

manybooks ebook torrent sitesYou can access it from here:

3. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg came into existence keeping avid ebook readers in the mind. There are over 56,000+ free ebooks available in different formats like epub, kindle and more. The library is growing every month and you can expect more ebooks to be available when you hit this source next time. It is a project by volunteers like avid readers like you. Browse over 56,000+ books by name, author name, year of publishing, genre, and categories. The best part about the project is that it is free and there is no registration required to browse the library. Gutenberg has all copyright free ebooks or the ebooks with expired copyright. There is an audiobooks section as well from where you can download audiobook too.

project gutenberg free ebook torrent siteYou can access project Gutenberg from here:

4. Free Kindle Books

Amazon Kindle has revolutionized ebook segment. There are literally over millions of ebooks available in the Kindle section. Oftentimes, publishers run a free promotion in order to get more exposure. The free kindle section features the offers run by these offers. Usually, you will find some free kindle books and some with a limited period offer. Amazon books are easily accessible on kindle. You can also download the Kindle app on your Android, iOs, Windows and Mac device if you do not have the kindle with you. The books are organized by category and rating. It is highly recommended that you read based on the rating as there are so many free ebooks available to read.

amazon ebook download kindle

You can access free kindle books from here:

5. Tech Book for Free

As the name suggests, this website provides tech books for free. If you are a program and a tech freak (like us), then this is a blessing in a disguise. It has several hundred books on Java, Linux, C and C++, Python, Networking, Security, Php, Database and more. Horn your technical skills with a free ebook from this site. It also has several other programming and organization development books.

techbooksforfreeYou can access tech book for free from here:

6. Google Play Free Books

What can be a great source, then Google itself? Google play store is just not a source of apps, games but it has a repository of free books. Major of Android users are not aware of this section. From, Google Play book section, you can download top rated free books on your Android device. All the books are stored in “My books” section which can be browsed anytime later. Indian users can download books in different languages like Hindi, Tamil and more. Regional books available based on your location. It has hundreds of thousands of books in classic, romantic, contemporary, fiction, non-fiction, horror and more.

google play booksAccess Google play free books from here:

7. Kobo

Rakuten Kobo has over 5 million of the world’s best eBooks, audiobooks, apps, and e-readers. Every day, the section is updated with a new free ebook. Editor’s pick also provides a recently reviewed book by an editor. You can find books on romance, mystery, thriller, science fiction, fantasy, horror, adult, nonfiction, classic and many other genre books. There is also an audiobooks section if you wish to listen to the audio only. Overall, this is probably the best resource for you

rakuten kobo ebook site

Access Kobo from here:

8. Bookboon

Bookboon has a plethora of ebooks on its website. Starting from educational books to business books, they have got it all! Economics, finance, travel, engineering, management, law, mathematics, science and many other ebooks are available for free. All you need to do is to go to their website and navigate to the proper section. It seems bookboon has a very active community and they keep adding new resources every now and then. Even, as an author, you can join them and publish your books for free to feed to knowledge-hungry readers. It is a great platform for aspiring writers as well. Bookboon also has a premium section available for premium business ebook. There is a 30 days trial account available to explore them.

bookboon free ebook website


Access Bookboon from here:

9. Wikibooks

Wikibooks is a well-known library on an ebook. Get your favorite ebook in multiple languages from a simple search engine called Wikibooks. As you might have guessed from the name, this is a project by Wikimedia. Unfortunately, it has a very limited database, so chances are high that you may not find your desired ebook. However, there is nothing wrong in searching for your books from here. It is an open content textbook collection that anyone can edit. The books are organized according to their category. Accuracy and data redundancy could be an issue as this is not as much active as Wikipedia. Nonetheless, this is a source worth mentioning for knowledge hunters.

Wikibooks ebook torrent

Acces Wikibooks from here:

10. Issuu

This is a free digital publishing platform for publishers and authors. Over 15,000+ publications are updated daily making it one of the most active community. Even, you as an author can write a small book and publish it. There are many popular writers, a magazine company, and authors available on this platform looking for a loyal reader like you. Chances are less that you will find your book, but it is definitely possible that you can a relevant content you are looking for. So instead of actively seeking for an ebook, you can search for your desired content. Issuu has a big collection of the magazine in case if you are looking for some good magazine.


Access Issuu from here:

Have you enjoyed the collection of ebook torrent sites and resources shared here? Torrent has always been a questionable resource for books, software, movies, and music. Due to the piracy issues, we have not shared any illegal or questionable source. However, if you are keen, you can always use any normal torrent website to do an ebook search. Chances are high that you will find your favorite ebook for free. It is always good to support the author by paying for the book instead of getting a pirated copy. That doesn’t mean everything is illegal on torrent websites.

Additional ebook websites

Following ebook torrent and normal websites are also helpful for your quench for free ebooks.


There are several other resources as well. Have you come across any good ebook torrent website? Why don’t help the community with your suggestion. We would love to include your suggestion on this page.

How to Copy and Paste Message on Snapchat chat

How do you Copy and Paste on Snapchat? Here’s the Answer!

Trash all those reports, rumors and news that say Snapchat is shutting down. And also the users who complain that they cannot copy and paste on Snapchat! If you’ve heard these rumors, you’re all set to go into a wrong path! To copy paste in Snapchat chat is pretty simple.

Snapchat app has around 190 million users as of 2019 Q1 and it’s growing crazy in the Q2 as well as per the reports. As Snapchat is used by millions, there are millions of users exchanging messages and stickers every day. But how often did you feel that there’s a need to copy a message on Snapchat and send it to your friends by pasting it?

How to Copy and Paste Message on Snapchat chat

How to Copy and Paste on Snapchat

There’s nothing different to do in Snapchat to copy and paste text messages. It’s a simple process as you do it normally on your Android devices. So let’s dive into the process and see how it works. I have categorized into two sections so that you can easily understand it. Here’s how you can copy and paste on Snapchat chat.

How to Copy a Message on Snapchat App

Here’s a step by step guide to copy a message on Snapchat app.

#1. To start with, open the chat box. 

#2. Now tap and hold on the message.

#3. You’ll now find an option to copy or paste. 

#4. Select the Copy option.

#5. You’ve now copied the text from the Snapchat message box.

So this is how you can copy a message on Snapchat app. By now, you’ve got a clear idea about how to copy text on Snapchat. Now let’s move on to the other thing!

How to Paste a Text on Snapchat Chat

This is simple. It’s so easy to paste a message on Snapchat app as well. Here’s how you can do it.

#1. Open the chat box and tap on it.

#2. Once the keyboard comes up, tap and hold in the chat box. 

#3. When you tap and hold, you must find an option paste.

#4. Tap on paste once you find it.

#5. That’s it!

You’ve now pasted a chat message on Snapchat from a clipboard that you’ve copied earlier.

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Wrapping Up!

It’s this easy to copy and paste message in Snapchat. I wonder why users are unable to do it. Stay tuned to our tutorials section to get more such technical stuff.

FaceApp Something Went Wrong Error

FaceApp Not Working? Something Went Wrong Error? Here’s the Fix!

FaceApp Not Working?

FaceApp has went viral again after it’s launch in 2017 and this time it’s huge! The app servers aren’t responding to huge traffic generated by users all around the world in the app! Be it an FaceApp Android App or iOS App, a lots of users are facing difficulties in operating FaceApp. Many are complaining that FaceApp Not Working, Why my FaceApp is not working and a lots more! You won’t face such issues when you download FaceApp Pro APK Free

This issue is all because the high load on the app servers and that too all at a time! Just imagine a football stadium with a capacity of 50,000 and over 10 lakh fans wants to enter the stadium at the same time. Such is the situation faced by FaceApp developers at the moment. Here’s what you see when you try to access FaceApp. It says “Something Went Wrong, Please Try Again.”FaceApp Not Working Something Went Wrong Please Try Again Fixed

Now with this thing going viral, many users are now searching for different ways to fix FaceApp not working error. Especially a lot of Android users are complaining about the same by saying “FaceApp not working on Android.” Taking this scenario into consideration, I have found a way to make your FaceApp working within fraction of seconds! Here’s how you can!

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Fix FaceApp Something Went Wrong Error on Android

There is a simple tweak to fix FaceApp something went wrong please try again error. Here you go!

#1. Head over to Google Play Store and search for Turbo VPN app or simply download it from here. Android users can download from here.

#2. Close your FaceApp on your device and open the VPN app which you downloaded just now.

#3. Accept the terms and conditions and tap on connect once it asks you to! It will connect to a random country location.

#4. Now open the FaceApp and it will work like a charm as it was earlier!

This is how simple it is to fix something went wrong FaceApp error on Android devices. Now let’s see how you can easily solve the same issue on your iPhone/iPad. It’s almost similar to this Android method. Have a glimpse at it now!

FaceApp Something Went Wrong Error

Fix Something Went Wrong Please Try Again FaceApp Error on iOS

There is a simple tweak to fix FaceApp something went wrong please try again error. Here you go!

#1. Head over to iTunes Apple Store and search for Turbo VPN app or simply download it from here. Download VPN from here.

#2. Next step is to close your FaceApp on iPhone/iPad. Now open the VPN app which you downloaded just before.

#3. Tap on accept terms and conditions once you open the app. Next step is to tap on connect once it asks you to! It will connect to a random country location.

#4. Once done, open FaceApp and you’ll now see that the Something Went Wrong Please Try Again FaceApp error is gone!

That’s it folks! You will now not face any errors such as something went wrong, please try again kind of stuff!

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Why FaceApp is Not Working Conclusion

I hope you got the answer to your queries regarding why FaceApp is not working on your Android and iOS devices. Make sure you check all the tips at GeniusGeeks in future so that you never stop using anyone of your favorite apps.

Instagram Question Sticker

How to Do Ask Me Anything on Instagram using Questions Sticker Feature!

Instagram is on the roll with the latest updates this month. Over the times, the features of Instagram stories are getting impressive. Right from the recent launch of IGTV to showcase stories to the Emojo slider, the app has got everything for the users. And it’s now time to introduce you the recent addition, “Questions Sticker.”

What is Questions Sticker on Instagram?

Questions Sticker on Instagram allows you to post questions on your stories to which your followers can reply to. It’s a kind of AMA in short. Say, for example, if you post a story adding any of the Questions Sticker on your Instagram Story, the users can reply to the particular question. And as a questioner, you can post those answers in the same story itself.

Now as many of the Instagram users are not habituated to this new feature, many are eager to know how to do ask me anything on Instagram with this new Questions Sticker feature. So here’s the detailed guide on how you can actually do it.

Instagram Question StickerHow to Do Ask me Anything on Instagram?

To use this feature, you first need to get the latest version of the app which is Instagram 52. This update is available for both Android & iOS users both. Once you update the app, here’s the step by step procedure to do ask me anything on Instagram with Questions Sticker feature.

#1. Add Question Sticker

Once you post the story by uploading a video or photo, you can swipe up and add a question sticker if you have updated the app. There are many questions sticker available in the latest version of the Instagram app which you can select. Select one of them and add it to your story anywhere on the screen, be it on the bottom or at the top.

#2. Got a Reply?

Once you post the question sticker on your Instagram story, your followers who want to reply can reply to your questions. Now, where can you find those replies? The replies can be seen in the viewers’ list option, which is available on the lefthand corner at the bottom. Have a look at the below-given image to understand what I said here.

How to do Ask me Anything on Instagram with Questions Sticker#3. Add Replies to Your Story

Once you get the replies from your followers, you can select the one you like and it can be displayed in the story as well. Although the followers can reply as many times they want to your question, but you have the right to include or exclude those replies on your story.

Final Words on Questions Sticker in Instagram

Instagram announced this feature on Tuesday (11/7/2018) and the intentions are pretty clear here, to get more interaction with users. In fact, if you are an influencer who wants to know more about your followers, you can directly post AMA (Ask Me Anything) kind of stories so that you know what they need from you.

With this, the time spent on the app would be increased giving more opportunities to Instagram in becoming popular. Apart from that, user engagement is the main focus here if we analyze Questions Sticker feature technically.

So this is all about the latest feature of Instagram ‘Questions Sticker.’ Do let me know if you have any doubts with regards to how to do ask me anything on Instagram. Stay tuned to our blog for more tutorials on Apps, Games and Operating Systems.

Android P Developer Preview System Images for Pixel Pixel XL Pixel 2 Pixel 2XL

Here’s How to Install Android P Developer Preview on Pixel Devices!

Android P is one of the recent Android versions available after the Android Oreo. With the development going at a rapid pace, another Android Developer preview has been launched with more details and features about what the OS upgrade has to offer. The first few versions of Android P (just like any other upgrade) won’t have much because these previews are usually designed for the developers who would want to know how the upgrade is working and further, make changes accordingly. However, even with you not being a developer, it is easy to get the latest Android P on your Pixel phone easily.

Getting Android P on your Pixel device is just the same as flashing an Android factory image and therefore, you only have to know a little more than the knowledge of tapping a button. Before we actually go through the detailed process of sideloading the updates, it is recommended that you know how to work with Android SDK and the Command Prompt/Terminal in order to avoid any potential harm during the process. In case if the Android Software Development Kit is not available on your PC, you can download it from the official website of Android Development and install it following the instructions. You can do the same with Terminal if you have a Mac.

Android P Developer PreviewWhat’s New in Android P Developer Preview 1?

  1. New Color Palette: Google is now using softer colors in the Android P with rounded edges. By Swiping down, you can view the quick settings and notification tray giving you a fair idea of the aesthetic functions of your device.
  2. Better notifications: Android has been leading the smartphone market because of its efficiency in handling the notifications when compared to other Operating systems. With Android P, it is widening the gap especially with the incorporation of smart replies, included in the messaging apps that show information about each notification, separately.
  3. Media Output: Google now added media output controls which operate better instead of the Bluetooth settings and the Cash button in the music app. For example, when you press the volume rocker, you can actually see a set of new controls that will allow you to view the connected devices.
  4. Screenshot Tools: Android is lacking the screenshot tools but the wait is no longer there, now. Starting with the Android P, one can directly edit a screenshot right from the notification instead of diving into the gallery and select the Markup tool to draw, write and crop on the screenshot and share it.
  5. Enhanced Security: Google is trying hard to elevate the security of the system in Android P and most of it is done in the background. There is a feature which can lock the device down just with a button. When enabled, it lets you disable the sensor just by pressing the power button and by tapping the ‘Lockdown’ option.

Install Android P Developer Preview 1 on Pixel Devices!

As mentioned earlier, to get the Android P Developer Preview, one has to manually flash the software image. By flashing the device, you’re acquiring control over the test environment or will be asked to reinstall the device. In cases where you’re considering the dabbling in ROMs which are bouncing around from one to the other, you can even try this. However, installing an image on the phone gets rid of all the data and therefore before proceeding, back up the data carefully.

Available System Images

  1. Pixel (Sailfish)
  2. Pixel XL (Marlin)
  3. Pixel 2 (Walleye)
  4. Pixel XL 2 (Taimen)

Android P Developer Preview System Images for Pixel Pixel XL Pixel 2 Pixel 2XL

How to Get the Flash Image of Android P?          

  • The factory image usually contains a script which flashes the device in the format of and if you’re using the Windows, it will be in the form of flash-all.bat.
  • In order to flash the device, you will be needing a fastboot tool and you can get it from one of three sources below:
    1. From the Tools Package of Android SDK kit which can be downloaded either from here or from the SDK manager.
    2. From the compiled Android Open Source Project version.
  • Once you have the tool, add it to the PATH environment variable after setting the USB access for your Pixel device.

Enable Developer Settings and USB Debugging

  1. In order to manually download the flash image, you need to be a developer first. Go to the system settings> scroll to the option that says, ‘About Phone/Tablet’. Tap on the number around seven times till the dialog box there says that you’re a developer.
  2. Now go back to the settings and find a new option, saying ‘Developer options’. Tap on it and make sure that the options are turned on and the USB debugging is enabled.
  3. Now, plug your Pixel device into the computer and tap ‘OK” allowing the USB debugging while you stay connected to the computer. If this is done correctly, your downloading will get done easily.

Android P Developer Preview Developer Settings Change

Unlocking the Device Bootloader!

The Pixel phones are manufactured from the Google directly and therefore, will have a bootloader that you can unlock.  Therefore, in order to manually flash the software, you have to unlock the bootloader.

To do this, you have to get into the bootloader, first. You can either turn your phone manually off and then hold the power and volume down button together to enter the Bootloader menu or you can enter the commands in the command prompt.

Connect the device to the computer and then run below command only to see it return a string of characters after which you will be set to update the device.

./adb devices

Now go to the menu and then run the below command.

./adb reboot bootloader

There will be many things listed at the bottom including the lock of the device. It usually says locked so that you have to unlock it. In case if it is not, it means that you have already unlocked your bootloader in the past and did not lock it again.

Flashing the Image

The bootloader on your device is unlocked and it is time for you to flash the new firmware image. Initially, be sure that you’re in the bootloader menu and check that your bootloader is unlocked. Check whether your computer is communicating correctly with your device and that your serial number comes as the connected device. Enter the command:

./fastboot devices

Now, flash the updated bootloader.

./fastboot flash bootloader [bootloader file].img

On doing this, you will have a blank screen but there will be a dialog on your command prompt. When the flashing of the bootloader is done, reboot the backloaded making sure that things are working.

./fastboot reboot-bootloader

Here, you have updated the bootloader and now you have to flash the radios with cellular inbuilt radios in it. To do it, go to:

./fastboot flash radio [radio file].img

./fastboot reboot-bootloader

After being done with these processes, you can now flash the system image to your device.

To unlock the bootloader which is needed for flashing a stock image, you should enter a set of commands. Unlocking the bootloader will factory reset your device and therefore, all the data will be lost. Make sure that you have backed the data before in order to prevent any loss and then enter the command:

./fastboot flashing unlock

By doing this, a new dialog box will appear asking you if you want to unlock. The device will be factory reset again and in the case where you want to back out, you can go with ‘No’ and if you want to unlock the bootloader, press the power button and the volume up button together or enter the command:

./fastboot reboot-bootloader

Reboot the bootloader in order to be sure that things are going in the right way before you flash the firmware image.

The following code will erase the data on the device and therefore, you can delete ‘-w’ from the line, but then if you have a beta version Android, it is recommended to enter it as it is:

./fastboot -w update [image file].zip

With this, your phone will restart normally. All the device data will vanish and it will take a certain time before you can actually use the phone. You will be greeted just like at the start and will be taken through the device setup as if you have installed a new OS on your phone.

Why Use Flash Script for Flashing the Firmware Image?

In cases where you do not want to manually enter the commands, you can avail the scripts that are available with the downloaded system image in compressed folders. These script files are automated and therefore, can flash the bootloader, radios and the system image on its own. The only issue is that you should unlock the bootloader before you flash the script or else it will not run.

How to Downgrade to Oreo if you Didn’t Like Android P?

After having the maximum fun with the Android P Developer Preview, you might want to get back to the Android Oreo knowing that it is not stable as a daily driver. The process for it is indeed simpler and you have already learned to do it. There are only two changes in the above procedure, where you have to download the Oreo factory image and then flash it. Once you’re done flashing, you can lock the bootloader for increased security. It is easy to switch between both the upgrades, but doing this frequently might cause hassles to your device.

Concluding, Android P Developer Preview is exotic and it will take some time to get the best version available in the market. It might sound a bit worse, but it is not entirely difficult to get the preview on trying it for the first time. In case if you haven’t, it is still okay as all of us are not actually equipped with the knowledge of using the commands. Therefore, take time in reading through the guide and try till you’re successful but only be careful about the data.

Stay tuned to our blog for more details on Android P release date. Until then, you can keep an eye on our Android Games and Apps section to know the latest releases on Google Play Store.

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Akamai Netsession Interface

What is Akamai NetSession Interface? Should You Remove It?

What is Akamai NetSession?

Akamai NetSession Interface is basically a tool which allows you to have faster and reliable download/streaming from different types of sources. The downloads can be of any data format, be it media files or documents. Especially, when you download the software like AutoCAD, Revit from the Autodesk or Photoshop/Illustrator from Adobe that offers the media streaming, documents and PDF files; it is good to have these downloads powered by the Akamai NetSession Interface.

The best thing about this program is that it can be installed/removed on your computer anytime, you want. It only streams the content after you request it from the publisher/software and in cases where you want to play the background content, the content providers will allow you to sign-in.

Whenever you download/stream, the Akamai NetSession Interface communicates with the streaming source to get the data and after downloading/streaming, it will let your source know that the data has been received successfully. A shared network used by multiple applications, it is a library needed for quicker download and streaming.

About Akamai NetSession Interface!

If the software publisher uses the Akamai NetSession Interface and if you have it enabled on the device, NetSession uses a relatively smaller amount of bandwidth to allow the users to download pieces of the content from your device. The NetSession Interface usually runs in the background and therefore, you don’t have to worry about it consuming the number of resources if you are not downloading the media content.

Akamai Netsession Interface

Upon installing, it defines an entry of autostart registry that allows the program to run on every boot of your device that has been installed. This software connects itself to the Internet and adds a Windows Firewall without any interference. The main executable program is netsession_win.exe, as it includes around 21 files that constitute to 35.34 MB, altogether.

What Akamai NetSession Client Contains

  1. A service that helps you in delivering the faster and reliable streaming/downloads on demand.
  2. An extension of the global server network, this NetSession Interface allows the companies and the customers finish their downloads with ease.
  3. Provides security and support for the HTTPS/SSL services.

Is Akamai NetSession Interface Safe?

  1. It is not a malware, spyware or any other kind of intrusive software as well.
  2. It is not a threat and doesn’t share/view any data on your device.
  3. It is not permanently installed on the device and have the option to uninstall it, anytime.

If you are still worrying whether it’s safe or not, you can read more about it here in Adobe forum discussion.

Where Does it Reside?

If you have the Akamai NetSession Interface installed on your device, you have to view the device by accessing the Windows Control Panel or the preferences panel on the Mac OS X software. On the Windows, you need to open the Windows Control Panel, click on the icon saying, ‘Akamai NetSession Interface’ on the Control Panel. If you’re using the Mac OSX, find the icon on the Akamai preferences Panel and then find the location accordingly.

Akamai Netsession ClientHow to Remove Akamai NetSession from PC?

Akamai NetSession Interface can be removed easily and can also be installed easily. In case if you have accidentally deleted the interface, click on the ‘Akamai NetSession Interface’ file below and get it on your computer. In case if you want to install the Akamai NetSession Interface, you can do it by using the feature, ‘Add/Remove Program’ available on the Windows Control Panel.

Go to the Start menu, click on the Control Panel and under the programs listed:

  1. Windows Vista/7/8: Uninstall a Program.
  2. Windows XP: Add or Remove Programs.

Click on the Uninstall option on Vista/7/8 and Click ‘Remove’ option on Windows XP.

Final Words on Akamai Netsession Client!

By following these prompts, you will soon uninstall the device and a progress bar will show you the notification soon after it is done. It is highly recommended to keep the Akamai NetSession Interface on your device because of the security it usually offers as it does no harm to your device. Stay tuned for more such tutorials on our tech blog.

Nox App Player Not Working

Nox Stuck at 99% & Getting Virtual Machine Error? Here’s the Fix!

Nox App Player Errors & Fixes

In today’s world, smartphones have become an integral part of everyone’s life. Under such circumstances, the smartphone, although being a tough multitasking device and a robust machine, it cannot handle the programs that it needs to run simultaneously. The user may want to delete some of the applications on the phone to make way for newer applications and also to boost the speed and working capability. Some of the important applications cannot be uninstalled which slows down the working of the cell phone.

Here comes the use of Android App Emulators which basically create a platform between a personal computer and an Android-based cell phone. There are many such emulators but Nox App Player is one of the most advanced applications used for running the smartphone applications on the personal computer. In many of the smartphones, the games tend to take up more space and also drain out the battery quickly. To avoid this, many users switch to Nox App Player that forms a seamless transition of the applications on to the PCs.

Nox App Player Not Working

Nox App Player Not Working

Due to certain glitches in the software, the Nox App Player application may not work. There are many reasons for the software to fail. One of the main reasons is the automatic download of certain files that have malicious contents. More often than not, these malware piggyback on the authentic software and get downloaded.

This results in severe security concerns to the main software as well as the PC itself. The Nox App Player being popular, miscreants often attach one or more malware to the base of the software. This is one of the main reasons due to which the Nox application doesn’t work and crashes the instant it is downloaded.

This results in severe security concerns to the main software as well as the PC itself. The Nox App Player being popular, miscreants often attach one or more malware to the base of the software. This is one of the main reasons due to which the Nox application doesn’t work and crashes the instant it is downloaded.

Nox Stuck at 99%

The progress bar that appears after the installation starts doesn’t actually tell about the actual progress. That bar automatically appears when an event is initialized and the computer starts to perform the sequential tasks. There are many reasons for software to stop at 99%. When the computer detects a security threat or a problem during the last stages of the installation, it halts the download and gets stuck at the 99%.

Nox App PLayer Stuck at 99 Mac

Also, due to the background processes which run, the operating system doesn’t send the status of the progress bar at regular intervals of time. Another main reason for this problem to occur is the different computers that are being used. The developers may have run the codes on their computers and the software would have run perfectly without any glitches. But when downloaded on a user’s PC, it may create some problems due to different hardware and OS.

Nox Virtual Machine Error

All the Android emulators work on the basic principle of a virtual machine. It is basically an operating system which can be run on multiple personal computers via a server. The errors related to this can be due to the malfunction of the server itself or the individual node in the virtual machine.

How to Fix All Problems

To fix the first problem, first, it must be checked on which system the software is downloaded on. If the system is 64 Bit Windows, a file named Bignox must be opened which is usually present under C:\Program Files (X86). By double clicking on ‘uninst’, the application starts to perform as expected. The same solution holds good for 32 Bit Windows 7.  If the PC on which the software is downloaded is of earlier versions, then the Firewall settings must be checked and the access to all the programs must be enabled.

The same solution holds good for 32 Bit Windows 7.  If the PC on which the software is downloaded is of earlier versions, then the Firewall settings must be checked and the access to all the programs must be enabled. Besides all these, the best way to fix this error is to download latest version of Nox right now!

Fix Nox App Player Stuck at 99% Mac/PC

One of the best solutions to tackle the 99% problem is to enable the Virtualization Technology, also known as VT. First of all, the BIOS type must be checked and further, the VT can be enabled accordingly by searching the internet for the specific steps. Also, by changing the file name from FAT32 to NTFS will enable the uninterrupted download of the application. The FAT32 has a size limit of a single file and hence it restricts the download. The problem may also arise due to the graphics card that is present in the system. If it is less than 2.0, then it must be changed.

Nox Virtual Machine Error

Fix Virtual Machine Error Nox

There are several methods to overcome the problem of the virtual machine errors. One of them is to follow the path C:\Program Files\Bignox\BigNoxVM\RT\drivers\XQHDrv folder and right click on XQHDrv.inf. On the pop-up menu, choose to install and restart the Nox App Player. Another method to tackle the problem would be to close all the other Android Emulators that are present on the system. This software hinder the installation and download of the Nox App Player.

Final Words on Nox Errors

The major problems related to the malfunctioning of the Nox App Player is discussed and cleared in the above section. Apart from these, there should not be any major malfunctions. But if there are any queries related to this, the readers can leave their respective problems in the comment section below.

Locky Ransomware Removal Tool & Decrypter

Locky Decrypter: How to Remove Locky Ransomware?

Locky Decrypter

Ransomware are known for corrupting data and creating havoc to your personal computer or the distributed network. When a Ransomware attacks your computer, it collects the data from your device in all formats and then change them into encrypted files with added extensions by following specific encryption methods for example AES encryption etc.

Once after the encryption method is done, it displays a message on your monitor demanding a ransom amount by blocking all your files from further accessing. With the email provided, one has to contact the ransomware developer for the decryption key of your data after paying the demanded ransom amount in order to get the files back without any loss.

In the last year, the variants of ransomware have been constantly increasing with various names and the developers started victimizing people with a twofold capacity. That being said, ransomware are different from one and another and each ransomware needs a different decryption tool in order to recover the data. One of such prominent ransomware is Locky which prevailed in the past few months.

Locky Ransomware Removal Tool & Decrypter

What is Locky Ransomware?

As I have mentioned earlier there are literally hundreds of ransomware infections being invented on daily basis for example, Cryptowall, CryptoShield, UmbreCrypt, CryptoLocker etc and all of them show almost identical behavior. They follow the same pattern of encrypting the files through different algorithms and demanding a ransom. The only difference between one malware to the other is that the type of algorithm used varies and so is the ransom amount.

Few decryption keys doesn’t work even after paying the ransom. Locky is mainly spread to the devices using P2P networks, Trojans and mainly through malicious spam emails. To avoid doing this, one has to keep their computers updated, double check the downloading file (especially the .doc files) and also not open the spam mails without any precautions.

How did Locky get into your Computer?

Distributed as malicious Locky virus hidden in .doc files mainly attached in spam mails, the Locky ransomware spreads in your computer in the form of scrambled text appearing to be macros. When the user opens the doc file in Word and enables the macro settings, an executable ransomware is downloaded on your computer which then encrypts all the files on the computer and changes them into encrypted files with a digital combination of 16 letters attached as file extensions for example, .shit, .locky, .thor, .odin, .zepto and .aesir.

Therefore, it is not nearly impossible for us to demarcate the original and not so original files and all the more because of the encryption algorithm used which not only contains AES-1024 but also RSA-20148. Therefore, you need to have a private decryption key provided by the server controlling criminals in order to get the data that you have lost.

Locky Removal Tool

Once the files of your device are encrypted, Locky creates a .txt file and HELP_instructions.html (or _WHAT_is.html) in the folders containing these encrypted files. The ransomware then makes changes to your computer by changing the desktop wallpaper and then sending a message on the desktop containing information about the encryption.

It demands a ransom of around .5 bitcoin for the decryption which is equivalent to $207.63 and that the victim should install Tor and follow the links in order to pay the amount and get the decryption key or else the locky uses the shadow volume idea in order to delete the files and double them. Currently, there are no decryption tools available in the market but we are waiting for developers like Avast to come up with some soon.

How to Remove Locky Ransomware?

There are few ways to remove the Locky virus from your computer, but before that make sure that you find a way to decrypt the data that has been encrypted. Though it is not encouraged to pay the ransom to the criminals, initially start with searching for the free decryption tools that can deal with the AES-1024 and RSA-2048 encryption algorithm to get the data back. Apart from that, here are few methods that you can try in order to remove Locky Ransomware from your device.

Restore your system

The first and safest option of removing the Locky Ransomware from your device is by restoring the system. To do that, shut down your computer and restart it. While starting, keep pressing F8 for a couple of times until you see the ‘Windows Advanced Options.’ In the menu, select the ‘Safe Mode’ option and start the ‘Command Prompt’ by clicking enter.

The device will load the ‘Command Prompt’ for you after booting. Once the window is open, Enter ‘:cd restore: and press enter. Now in the next line, enter ‘rstrui.exe’ and click enter. The windows will ask you to proceed. Click on ‘Next’. Now, you can witness few restoration points with early dates and time.

System restore for removal of Locky Ransomware

Make sure that you select a restoration point where your device was safe without any invasion of Locky ransomware and run the restoration of the system and wait for some time. This will remove the ransomware from your device and soon after the computer is started, download an anti-malware tool and scan the device to delete all the remaining files or ransomware.

Now, restore the encrypted files by Locky, using the ‘Windows Previous Version’ option. This is the most reliable option available given that your computer supports the above options and therefore, make sure that there are no shadow volume copies or else your restoration won’t work. You can also work with a specific file by accessing the ‘Properties’ and clicking ‘Restore’ to a previous version.

Safe Mode

The second way to remove the Locky virus from the device is by restarting your computer in safe mode. While the computer is being turned on, press F8 a couple of times and go to the ‘Windows Advanced’ menu and select ‘Safe Mode’ from ‘Networking.’ If you’re using devices with Windows 8/8.1/10; open them in safe mode by pressing the F5 key repetitively.

Anti-spyware/ Anti-malware tools

Once you have opened the computer in the safe mode, make a user account login which contains the Locky ransomware and open a particular internet browser. Download a legitimate anti-malware tool and perform a full scan to know about the potential threats. Remove the entries using the malware. It is recommended to use premium malware as they act efficiently than the free ones, but few malware tools by Avast are the best.

Shadow Explorer

Locky ransomware works with the shadow volume of files, and therefore, it is not sure that the restoration option works well with this on all devices. Therefore, it is better to boot the computer with a backup disc using another computer and shadow Explorer on that computer to recover the files and then completely format your computer and start off new with the recovered data altogether.

Conclusion of Locky Ransomware

Having said that, Locky ransomware is new on the dark web, and it might require some time for the popular developers to come up with Locky decryption tools that can fight against this kind of encryption. Therefore, it is best to recommend to use one of these above methods and then pay the ransom if none of them worked. If your computer is vulnerable to these kind of threats, make sure that you have downloaded the anti-spyware tools in the least to enhance the security.

Nova Skin

Nova Skin Editor, Wallpaper & Gallery: Steal Your Favorite Skin

Nova Skin

Minecraft has been one of the prominent video games, played by the gaming world for a while now. Created as a Sandbox Game, it is developed by the Swedish game designer named, Markus Persson who was later developed and published by Mojang. Moreover, Nova Skin editor is something interesting. Gamers can get find more game skins from dedicated section.

Why did Minecraft get so popular, if you ask? It’s because of the building aspects embedded that enable the players to build textured constructions out of 3D cubes. Apart from that, there are many other activities like gathering the resources, combat with friends, crafting and exploration. Nova skin can give a new look to your game.

Nova Skin

Several gaming modes are available along with the survival mode where players can use various resources to gain health and run the world. The other mode, however that gained the user’s attention is the creative mode where you can use many resources like flying, playing with customized maps, etc.

However, with so many apps; is there a possibility to customize Minecraft personally like changing the skin of a player? Yes! To make things possible, Nova Skin Editor Minecraft has been developed to enhance the Minecraft gaming experience more.

What is Nova Skin Editor?

Nova Skin Editor is a web-based Skin Editor that can be used with an active internet connection. Using it, you can customize the skins of the players easily without any issues. You can directly draw the skin on the 3D model and can witness the changes being immediately implemented on your player instead of the flat skin.

The entire process is done using a basic image editor through which you can create various skins for the player and using the advanced editor, you can even create skins for the items and mobs.

Features of Nova Skin Editor

Minecraft is a game where you can come across multi players as it is played through player hosted servers and business hosted servers. Therefore, the players can communicate with each other with a single word by running their servers or by using a hosting provider.

The single player worlds usually gain support from the local area network to join worlds of the computers that are interconnected using the same network.

Therefore, different players can be a part of your game, and instead of having the same flat image of each player, one can draw their skin using the Nova Skin Editor and customize their avatar to represent themselves or someone they like or imagined. The top navigation bar of the homepage contains four different segments titled as

  1. Nova Skin Gallery
  2. Nova Skin Resource Packs
  3. Nova Skin Wall Papers
  4. Nova Skin Banners.

Minecrat Nova Skin Wallpaper, Gallery, Editor

#1. The Nova Skin Gallery contains the images, skins of different characters that have been created till now by people across the world.

#2. Under the Nova Skin Wallpapers, you can find a list of artists and their works where you can see different skins for scenarios, backgrounds, items and mobs along with characters.

#3. The Nova Skin Resource Packs is more like a search engine with a database of the Resource Packs uploaded by the artists. You can either search for specific Resource Pack using a keyword or upload your own for the users to get access to it.

#4. The Nova Skin Banners contains abstract banners and art forms where they are categorized into random, collection, etc.

How to Edit Minecraft Nova Skin?

  1. Before moving to anything, you should know that skin is used in Minecraft to describe the avatar of the player. It is usually created when a 2D image is wrapped around the 3D body of the player.
  2. All the players in Minecraft share the same skin, and therefore, players often want to have their unique stamp on the skin to claim the customization.
  3. The default skin, Steve is applied to every player in the beginning. To change the skin, you can use an image editor where you can cut the image and then wrap the 2D image around the 3D body.
  4. The customization of the skin can be done on all the consoles that Minecraft is compatible with. First, download the image of the existing skin after logging in to the Minecraft account.
  5. Go to the Profile>Download the Reference Skin.
  6. Click on that save the char.png file on your computer. Now, open the Image Editor and change the colors of the skin using Paint, Photoshop or by drawing colors to get a new appearance.
  7. Once you are done, save it with a different file name (in the format of .png file). Now, browse the new file and upload the skin.

How to Use Minecraft Nova Skin Editor?

#1. However, using an image editor to draw a new character is not so easy. Therefore, another simple way of doing it is using the online editor like Nova Skin editor. By opening the official page of Nova Skin Editor Minecraft, you can find the home page with the Steve Skin.

#2. The left sidebar contains eight different characters on the top and few avatars down the scrolling bar from which you can choose any of them.

#3. Another way of doing it is by using the tools listed in the toolbar towards the bottom of the page. After drawing the skin, click “Apply” or “Save”.

#4. You can directly apply the skin to the Minecraft by signing in on the above website or you can simply save the file in the format of PNG file and then upload it to the official website of Minecraft like above.

Having said that, you can get the shape, color, size and different layers on the skin as you like using the Nova Skin Editor. If you face any issues regarding the creation and application of Minecraft Nova skin, approach us for proper guidance so that we can help you with appropriate solutions or skins.