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How to Fix “Lenovo Touchpad Not Working” Issue?

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In today’s fast world a laptop has become a necessity for many. It has often been seen as a portable computer in the form of a laptop that has been put to such use which is unparalleled by others. The laptop is the perfect easy to handle personal computer which gives you access to all your required formats on your hand. A smartphone might just come close to a laptop’s work ethic but that too cannot give the endless work hours with the perfect large screen workstations that get the job done. As time passed, the need for more functions in a smaller device kept increasing and hence the keys started getting multifunctional which enables the user to perform a lot of tasks using a single key.

The touchpad has become the most noticeable feature for the laptop generation as it has completely eliminated the whole mouse bulk and has all the features a mouse can have and more, we are not referring to a gaming mouse here. The touchpad is super smooth and fun to use and the exceptionally good features that it brings alongside it are amazing too. It is all fun and games till the day your laptop suddenly goes “Touchpad not Working”.

Lenovo is one of the top brands in the laptop industry and the products that the company launches are durable and sturdy. Their remarkable AccuType keyboard has helped set the bar for what a laptop keyboard experience should be, and recent 2-in-1 laptop releases show that Lenovo’s ability to innovate is beyond limits. Even with such a top-notch company the issue always stands how to fix the “Lenovo Touchpad Not Working” issue?

Why Does Lenovo Touchpad Doesn’t Work?

This usually happens when you are using an old laptop or when you have had some issues with the laptop and the device has faced some issues. Though there is no particular reason as to why this issue will pop on your screen, we have found that most of the users somehow by mistake themselves disable the touchpad and then start panicking as to why it is not working anymore. To disable the Touchpad like Fn+F8, Fn+F4, etc. when they are pressed accidentally, the touchpad is disabled. Other common reasons why you would face such an issue are outdated drivers, some physical damage, virus, problematic software.

Most of the issues can be solved pretty easily as they are to be done with some simple methods which we will tell. We are going to show some easy tricks from you to get out of this messy issue and just to be sure, none of them are for physical damage. The fixes that we are about to tell you are easy even for a novice to do and just need to be followed to the last letter. Let’s have a look at them.

3 Ways to Fix the “Lenovo Touchpad Not Working” Problem

Here are about to highlight 3 of the ways we found to be effective at solving the issue at hand. It is silly but we would advise that first and foremost when you face this issue, just restart your laptop. It does sound very easy but be assured a lot of issues have been solved by this method and there have been many positive outcomes to it.

Though even after restarting your problem still bugs you, we have listened down the ways you can get that eliminated. The steps are easy to understand and need your attention so that you follow the step-wise guide perfectly. So to get your Lenovo touchpad working, try these out –

Fix – 1: Enable the Touchpad

As we mentioned above, a lot of users tend to disable the touchpad by mistake by simultaneously pressing the Fn+F8, Fn+F4, and other combinations of keys. The users themselves do not know that they have done this and hence trying to get the touchpad enabled should be the first thing you should try after restarting your laptop due to this error. If you have no idea, you have to enable the touchpad again, here is how to do it!

Step – 1: Press the “Windows” key and “R” key simultaneously. Now in the “Run” dialogue box type “Control” and press enter.


Step – 2: In the “Control Panel” navigate to “Mouse” and click on it.

click on Mouse

Step – 3: In the “Mouse Properties” window go ahead and switch to the last tab.

Step – 4: In there locate the button saying “Enable” and that will get it working.

Enable the Touchpad in lenovo

This is the easiest way to enable the disabled touchpad. Though if your issue is not a disabled touchpad, we have the below-mentioned methods for you.

Fix – 2: Update and Fix the laptop’s Drivers

If the issue has not yet been solved, there are good enough chances that the issue is now with your drivers. Outdated or corrupt drivers can cause many such issues in the laptop one of them being the issue where your touchpad stops responding. That is when you need to understand to update your driver and get the job done yourself. There are a couple of ways in which you can successfully update your laptop’s drivers, either by doing it yourself through the Device Manager or by taking the supporting hand of Third Party applications like Driver Talent or Driver Easy. We will explain both the steps one after another step by step.

Method – 1: Using Device Manager

As we mentioned above, a device manager is one of the manual ways in which you can get the job done. It will need your attention and time so follow the steps sincerely.

Step – 1: Open “Device Manager” by searching it on your laptop.

Open Device Manager using Control Options

Step – 2: Navigate to “Mice and other pointing devices”

Mice and other pointing devices

Step – 3: Locate your Lenovo touchpad device and right-click on the given option. Follow the steps by selecting “Update driver software.”

Lenovo touchpad device update driver

Step – 4: Then go to “Browse my computer for driver software.”

Browse my computer for driver software

Step – 5: Click on “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer” and then on the “Have Disk” button.

Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer

Step – 6: At the end, select the appropriate “touchpad driver version” and install it.

Method – 2: Using Third-Party Apps

Third-party applications are often useful to get such software-related issues solved. We suggest you read through the steps and see for yourself if you want to try this method out. There is no need to worry as we assure you these applications do not harm the working of your laptop and once you have got your issue fixed you can go ahead and uninstall these applications.

Step – 1: Download and install adequate driver fixing software. Some good ones that you could try are “Driver Talent” and” Driver Easy”.

Step – 2: If you are using “Driver Talent”, run the application and hit on “Scan” to locate the broken, outdated, or corrupted touchpad driver in a matter of seconds. Once that is completed, single-click upon “Update” under the “Stable drivers” tab to download and install the touchpad driver that suits your Windows 10 laptop in a few minutes.

Driver Talent scan

Step – 2: If you rather choose to go with “Driver Easy” then you would want to run the application for that and click on the “Scan Now” button which will initiate the scanning of any fault drivers in your laptop. Follow the completion of the scan by clicking on the “Update” button and make sure you download the latest driver settings.

Step – 3: Check for the driver to be completely downloaded and installed and then go ahead to restart your computer for the new drivers to be installed and finish the setup on your laptop.

Fix – 3: Lenovo Customer Support

There are good chances that your issue should have been solved by any one of the above methods but if it hasn’t been, there is this sure way in which you can settle this issue once and for all. It makes sound pretty dumb to have to want to go to customer support but Lenovo is said to have a very amazing response to customer support. It may seem tempting to go to some local dealer and get the job done but we advise you to go to the Lenovo support team as they are authorized and if there will be some certain issue caused due to their laptop they will be the only one who can give you the perfect treatment.

The technicians are pretty helpful and if you are not satisfied with the online or telephonic conversation, you can also request the support staff to come to your house and get the problem fixed. Here is the toll-free number of Lenovo’s customer care: 1800 3000 9990.

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The issue with the touchpad not working has become one of the most commonly reported bugs these days. The methods mentioned above are tried and tested and have no harmful effect on your laptop, i.e they are safe to use and do not need much computer tech assistance with the obvious exclusion of the last one. This pesky issue tends to be eradicated in these ways itself only if you ensure that the steps are followed vigorously. We suggest you try each method one after the other if the one you used prior did not work on your laptop.

If you still face difficulties and the problem still persists then let us know in the comment section below so we will assist you with the adequate steps. Let us know which method you used and which one worked for you through the comment section below. Stay tuned with us as we keep bringing to you the latest happenings and new hacks to solve your issues.

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