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How to Update Apps in Windows 11

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Now users are allowed to enjoy various Android apps in Windows 11 using the Microsoft store. However, many users are struggling with updating these Apps in Windows 11. So, to mitigate your dilemmas we have here sorted a few working methods to update apps in Windows 11.

Why is it Required to Update Apps on Windows 11?

Microsoft store has become a boon in the latest Windows 11 by giving users easy access to Android apps like MS Teams, Skype, Adobe XD, and many more, which they used to use in their smartphones. Well, updating such apps can help users in multiple ways. Firstly they can avail new features and alterations which are made in the apps. Moreover, updates surge the security, software bugs, and performance of the apps.

Ways to Update Apps in Windows 11

Let’s discuss the ways to update apps in Windows 11 with the easiest ways. There are two ways to update apps in Windows 11. Either you can go with an automatic update or update manually. Just follow our step-by-step guide to know the ways to enable each mode.

1. How to Enable Auto Update Mode for Apps in Windows 11?

Before, describing the method of enabling auto-update in Windows 11, let’s know something about the auto-update.

We do not want to bother to check about the latest updates of the number of apps individually as we seek to use every app updated on the second minute of the release of the update. If you are also one of these people then this option is for you. Once you enable the auto-update mode, the system will update your every app when it detects any updates. Generally, this option is turned on by default in Windows 11, but if it is not in yours then follow the below-mentioned steps.

#1. Open the Start menu from the Taskbar by clicking on the Windows icon.

#2. Here, open the Microsoft Store from the pinned section.

Open Microsoft Store

You can also open the Microsoft Store by searching it on the start menu.

#3. Now, you will get to see the Microsoft store window, where on the top right corner click on the Profile icon.

Click on the profile icon

#4. From the pop-up menu select the “App settings” option.

#5. Now on the App settings screen, you will see the App updates option with the toggle. Click on that toggle to enable the “Update apps automatically” option.

2. Turn on Manual App Updates in Microsoft Store

Under certain conditions, like when you do not have sufficient internet data or you are not using every available app on your pc, then you can turn off the auto-update feature and start updating apps manually, you want to update.

#1. Open the Microsoft Store from the Start menu.

#2. Now, in the Microsoft Store window open the Library option from the left bottom side.

open the Library option

#3. Here, you will get the list of the all apps which are installed in your Microsoft Store.

#4. On the right top side, you will get the option named Get updates, click on this.

Click on Get updates

#5. After loading for a few minutes, some apps will appear on the screen, which is required to be updated with the Update button.

#6. Just click on that Update button for the app which you want to update.

That’s it! Repeat this process for every app which you want to update.

Final Words on How to Update Apps in Windows 11

It is vital to update apps in Windows 11 on time, to enhance the game-using experience, and to avail of the latest facilities. Considering this fact, we have here derived certain easy-going methods to update apps in Windows 11. Hope! You have updated your favorite apps successfully by using these steps. Still, if you face any difficulties then you can reach out to us via our official Twitter account. Also, keep following our dedicated page on Windows to know more tips on various issues of Windows 11.

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