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How to Remove Microsoft Account from Windows 11

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Since we installed Windows 11, we have insisted on continuously installing the Microsoft account, and also for that reason Microsoft is known as the inevitable part of Windows. And there is no doubt in mentioning that the Microsoft account introduces us to various incredible and exciting facilities like OneDrive, Microsoft Store, and many more. However, under certain circumstances, the user intends to remove the Microsoft account from Windows 11. If you also want to remove your Microsoft account from Windows 11 so follow our guide.

When is it required to Remove Microsoft Account from Windows 11?

There are many reasons for why you should remove your Microsoft account from your Windows 11. If we discuss the most common reasons, the first is when you want to hand over your PC or laptop to another in common words, when you want to sell your device to another, we recommend you delete your Microsoft account from your Windows 11. By doing that, you can secure your essential information from being stolen or misused. Apart from that you also have to remove your password from your Windows 11 while you are selling it, so the other user can access the laptop without any hurdle.

Apart from that, if you want to explore certain development regarding things, you do not wish to link your Microsoft account with this work for security purposes. Then also, it is required to disable Microsoft account from Windows 11.

What is Necessary Perform Before Removing the Microsoft Account?

You cannot remove your Microsoft account from your Windows 11 directly due to some policies. Before deleting the Microsoft account, you must create one local account. Because Windows never allow you to remove a Microsoft account without any offline account.

Now, one question that might be troubling you that how to create a local account. As the ways to create local accounts have become the quintessential thing for you to know. However, do not worry at all! For that, go to this official guide of Microsoft to create a local account.

Ways to Remove Microsoft Account from Windows 11

Follow the step-by-step procedure of any of the below-mentioned methods to delete your Microsoft account in Windows 11.

1. Use System Settings to Remove Microsoft Account

#1. Launch the Settings menu by pressing “Win key + I” together from your keyboard.

#2. Open the Account from the left panel.

Open the Account from the left panel

#3. In the Account section, location the Family & other users and open it by double-clicking.

#4. You will get the list of accounts. From that, select the particular account which you want to remove.

#5. Click on the Remove button from the right-most side of the Account and data option.

#6. You will get one pop-up box for the confirmation. From that, select Delete account and data.

Done! Your account is removed.

2. Use User Accounts to Delete Microsoft Account

Using a user account is also one of the solutions to remove Microsoft account from Windows 11.

#1. Open the Run menu by pressing “Win key + R” together on your keyboard.

#2. In the search box of the Run menu, type “netplwiz” and click on the OK button.

run ncpa command

#3. Here, you will get two options; from that, click on the Users tab to open it.

#4. From the list of the user accounts, select the particular version which you want to delete.

#5. Now, below the Users for this computer box, click on the Remove button.

#6. You will get one notification box with the title “User Accounts,” click on the Yes to give confirmation.

That’s it! You have removed your account successfully.

3. Disable Microsoft Account from Control Panel

From the control panel, we can perform various activities from changing the account name to remove our Microsoft account from our Windows 11. For that follow given steps accurately-

#1. Open the Control Panel from the Start Menu.

#2. Here, open the User Account section in the Control Panel window and click on the Manage another account.

You can go to this path using file explorer – Control Panel\User Accounts\User Accounts

click on the Manage another account

#3. From the list of the different accounts, select the account you want to delete and click on the Delete the account option.

#4. You will get one pop-up box, in which you will be asked whether you want to keep the user’s file or not? Click on your desire option to end the process.

Here, you have completed the process of disabling the Microsoft account from Windows 11 successfully.

Final Verdicts on How to Remove Microsoft Account from Windows 11

Well, pros and cons are both associated with this activity of removing the Microsoft Account from Windows 11. On the one hand, we can secure our data and essential information from other people while selling the device and perform developing work without any fear. While on the other hand, we will not be able to avail of the various Microsoft facilities. So, delete your Microsoft account only after making a wise decision, to avoid the chances to regret it later on. Stay in touch with us to acquire more technological hacks like this.

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