Unity Launcher Is An Awesome Ubuntu Style Launcher for Android

Canonical unveiled their 2013 roadmap with Ubuntu Phone. The all-embracing device will be launched in 2014. However, Android users can get a flair of Ubuntu OS on their device starting today. The OS has been launched for Nexus and few more devices, but if you’re one of the who are itching their palms to get the hands on ambitious Ubuntu OS, then here is the right chance for you. Unity Launcher, an app launcher, brings an Ubuntu Style launcher on an Android device. The launcher resembles the looks and functionality of Ubuntu’s vertical app switcher. Unlike any other OS in the market, Ubuntu for phone has a different way to operate and interact with the applications. Swipe from right-to-left to bring forth the app switcher which will present most often used apps collection.

Real APK Leecher: Download Android APK on Desktop PC

real apk leecherThe world is obsessed about the Android APK downloading programs. The discernible reason behind that is a level of flexibility and convenience offered by such program. We also do not see them cidevant in foreseeable future. Few months back, we shared a method to download Android APK from Google Play store directly using a dandy Google Chrome extension. That article is still receiving huge traffic from Google search engine which only proves the fact that people like to download APK files on desktop PC. Later, you can sideload these applications once you download them on your PC. There are array of applications and tweaks available which let you do that. In the near future, we will share methods to sideload multiple android APKs through various desktop utilities.

Must Have Android Video Editing Apps: Ultimate Collection Of Video Editors

Are you struck with nostalgia, the moment you see photos or videos of your childhood days? Yes, indeed as photos and videos have their own importance in bringing special moments in the lives of everyone. We cannot get back our childhood days, but our happiness and joys know no bounds. Our ancestor says, a picture is worth a thousand words. However, the new saying in the town is a video is worth a thousand pictures. Such videos could be seen in the comfort of a cosy room of yours through already available video players in Google play store. But, before scribbling those unforgettable moments on video, you need to edit the videos through some of the video editing apps, so you can add a unique dimension to them. Perhaps, you would want to tag them or add a watermark or add some notes so you remember the occasion when the video was taken. In such case, android video editing apps comes in very handy.

How To Uninstall Android Apps in Bulk

Google is not holding back by integrating most of the useful features in its Android OS. Tech pundits firmly say that Google’s Android platform is one of the most flexible OS. The open source nature of the OS lets you tweak the system in whatever way you want, and gives you a full control over the system. But are you in the real control? The same question pique one of our reader’s mind, who just started using the Android system after giving some thought. After trying out some of the must have android apps, he was looking to uninstall Android apps in bulk.  There is no way to uninstall apps in bulk through the settings or other system options. Therefore, we would like to lead him to the following application which does the job perfectly.

easy uninstaller

G Cloud Backup: Automatically Backup & Restore Android Data On the Cloud

The cloud service has now taken over the android app marketplace as well. Newly launched G Cloud Backup brings in facility to easily backup Android data, contacts, call logs, SMS and other files on their dedicated cloud service.  All such tasks are performed without needing to root your device. That’s not all, it also facilitates automatic daily backup which also includes support for External SD cards as well. The self-proclaimed best and easiest cloud service backup to date has some interesting features to backup its claim. Unfortunately, installed app backup is absent in this application, but so many features offered without needing rooting is an achievement in itself.

Turn Your Android into iPhone with Espier Launcher for Android

turn android into iphoneIs there any app that could turn Android into iPhone and vice versa? Is it too much to ask to enjoy both Android and iOS simultaneously? As a hardcore technology enthusiast, I would always like to toy with different technology and iOS, android are no exceptions. I have to admit that, Android has got my utmost affection and attention from the past few months, due to the sheer amount of tweaks, OS customization, custom ROMs, launcher, widgets and whatnot it has got. But that doesn’t mean iOS is any less enticing. The exponential growth of android and arrays of features poured and distributed in every update amazes me. The Android OS comes with tons of customization options and system tweaks, and on the other hand, iOS comes with an abundance of apps and Cydia tweaks that makes iOS a worthwhile contender. Despite such phenomenal growth of android, iOS is still by far the best OS (a hot debatable topic) due to the fact that it has smooth interface and offers many great apps and games.

Full-Fledged RealPlayer for Android Available for Download

realplayer video

A few years back, RealPlayer was the hot topic of the tech industry. Everybody was yammering about the power of RealPlayer and with the ease it can play most of the files. Even, the compressed .rm extensions were most discussed topic since it resulted in saving lots of bandwidth and data charges. Back then, getting unlimited bandwidth and downloading music from online was a status symbol. But as the time passed by, RealPlayer lost its battleground and is eventually being replaced by free media players. It is no longer in contention to be the best music player for PC users. But that didn’t stop the developers from developing RealPlayer for mobile devices. Yes, RealPlayer for android has arrived in a style and is available for download from Google Play store.

Ultimate Collection of HD Games for Android

hd games for android

In the modern era, gadgets are the new entertainment box. The arrival of iOS platform and then Android platform made developers keen in developing more sophisticated game for end-users. This post will touch the pinnacle of awesomeness by enlisting some of the notable HD games for android platform. Last month, we provided some of the an exhaustive collections of games along with apps for android and iOS users. For easier reference, we’re providing direct links to those previous posts.

Collection of 3D Games for Android

Best 3D Games for iPhone

How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S3

samsung galaxy s3 factory reset

The million dollar question is why one would want to hard reset Samsung Galaxy S3—the fastest device on the earth to date? Undoubtedly, Samsung’s new offering aka Samsung Galaxy S3 is one of the most powerful devices out there, but it is prone to errors. Nothing is written in the epitaph. Like someone said that nothing is perfect in this world, the same applies to Samsung products as well. Neither Samsung nor Apple, or any products for that matter, is close to perfect. While Samsung is known as a master of sumpsimus among fans, there are certain problems bound to occur over the period of time. For example, pile of play store data and other data rotten into cache could ultimately slow down your device.

How To Access Google Play Music, Movies, Books and Magazines Outside US

Google Play store’s breakneck growth could prove to be a much needed fodder for android ecosystem. Although Apple store is still ahead of it in many aspects, android marketplace (now known as Google Play) isn’t far behind either. Google keeps innovating new stuff and has not got a dirty advantage by adding more arsenals to the Play store. Google music, books, magazine, movies and TV shows are some of the recent advancement in this front. Unfortunately, Google’s inclination towards US territory leaves other users crave for the availability of such functionality in their country.