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How to Fix “there was a problem parsing the package”

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Android is one of the most popular operating systems with over 72% market share around the world. It is popular for its user-friendly UI, easy-to-use, and open-source. But like every other thing, Android has got some problems too. Today in this article, we will discuss the “there was a problem parsing this package” error and a few ways to fix it.

What is the “there was a problem parsing this package” Error?

A parsing error can occur when Android OS fails to install any application. It indicates that an application cannot be installed because of apkparser. Here, parsing refers to extract. When your OS can’t extract required files while installing the app, then you will see this “there was a problem parsing the package” error.

This guide will help you fix there was a problem while parsing the package error. But this error can occur due to many reasons and it is a very common error among all Android versions.

Why Does the Error Occur?

Before we jump into the solutions, it is very important to understand the reason behind this error, so that you can avoid it in the future. Here are some common reasons for this error.

1. Incomplete File Download

The first reason must be an incomplete file. When you are downloading any file and if it is suddenly stopped due to an internet connection issue, this will lead to a parsing error. Not only downloads but sometimes due to corrupt files, you can see problem while parsing the package error too.

2. Not Compatible with Current OS Version

If the app or game is not supported on your Android OS version, it can cause a lot of issues. There are many Android users that face this issue when they try to download some applications to their Android devices. The reason is, the Android device does not support all types of software. So, if you encounter such issues, check the compatibility of a particular app.

3. Security Issues

Sometimes due to security issues, you can see this application parsing error. Say, if you’re planning to install an emoji keyboard app on your smartphone or tablet, there can be some apps (downloaded from 3rd-party websites) that can cause the security issue and it’s better to stay away from such apps.

4. Malware or Virus

At times, the app gets corrupted due to a virus, and Android can’t read all the data. This can be a one of the reasons why you’re getting a “there was a Problem Parsing the Package” error. It usually happens when you are downloading an app or a game from 3rd party websites.

5. Change the Manifest File

You can edit manifest files according to user needs. For example, if you want to remove ads, you can block them in the manifest. You can also change the file’s default settings using a manifest file. When you accidentally change your manifest file or edit something, you can see this problem while parsing the package. You can check the manifest file of that app and fix the code to get rid of the error.

6. Damaged App

If you download the app from Google Play Store itself and still face problems with “parsing a packaging error,” there could be an issue with the app files. In this case, you have to contact the app developer and ask them to update the app.

7. Antivirus Apps

Sometimes Anti-virus and other cleaning apps are the main reason for this parsing of the package error. These cleaning apps have the ability to damage all system files, data, images, and more.

6 Ways to Solve “There was a Problem Parsing the Package”

In this guide, we are sharing some troubleshooting steps to fix the “There was a Problem Parsing the Package” error on Android devices

Method 1: Enable Unknown Source Installation

If you are downloading the app from the 3rd party websites, you have to enable the unknown source option on your Android phone. If you’re not sure how to enable it, here are the steps to follow!

Step 1: Open your Android settings menu and then go to security and privacy options.

find security privacy and open it

Step 2: Now in the security settings, find the Unknown sources option. By default, it is disabled for security reasons. You have to enable it by toggling it to the right side!

Scroll down and find Unknown sources

Step 3: Now, Click on OK for the confirmation.

enable unknown sources

Now restart your phone and try to install the same app and see if the error still persists! If it does, try the below-given methods!

Method 2: Enabling USB Debugging

Many users have confirmed that enabling the USB debugging option can fix the issue. There s nothing wrong with trying it out. Now, to enable USB debugging, you should enable developer options. Follow these steps to do the same:

Step 1: First go to Settings and then head over to About Phone.

Android About settings

Step 2: Now, find the Build Number option and keep tapping it 5-7 times.

find the Build Number option and keep tapping it 5-7 times

Step 3: It will make you a developer. Yes, you are now a developer. You can edit some options of your Android OS.

You are now a developer

Step 4: Again, back to Settings, and you will see a developer option.

developer options

Step 5: In the developer options, you will see USB Debugging. All you have to do is, enable it.

Enable USB debugging

This will fix the parsing package error on your phone mostly.

Method 3: Disabling Antivirus and Other Cleaner Apps

As we mentioned above, the antivirus app can block third-party app installation and it can corrupt APK files during installation. If you know the website is trusted, you can disable your antivirus app and download the APK file, but that’s not a safe option.

So it is up to you if you want to disable antivirus or not. Also, if you are using any app cleaner app, it’s time to uninstall such cleaner apps as most of them just collect your data and don’t clean anything on your device.

Disable Antivirus and other cleaner Apps

Method 4: Damaged File

Before installing the APK file, make sure to check if it is damaged or not. Check the file size on other APK websites and see if your app is damaged or not. It is always recommended to download an Android app or game from trusted sites like APKPure or directly from Google Play Store itself.

Method 5: Clearing Cookies and Cache of Play Store

Old app cookies and cache can cause a “there was a problem while parsing the package” error while downloading the Google Play Store app. It is recommended to clear the app cache and cookies on your phone regularly. To delete old cache and cookies on your Android phone, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings on your Android app and then go to Apps.

go to your phone settings & find Apps

Step 2: Find Google Play Store from the list.

find Google Play Store & open it

Step 3: Open storage > Click on both clear cache and clear storage buttons to clean cache and cookies on your Android.

Clear Cache and Storage

Once done, restart your phone and try to download the same app again.

Method 6: Downloading Compatible Version

Some apps or games are only compatible with specific devices. So before installing any app, first check if the app is compatible with your Android OS version and device as well. If it is not supported on your current Android version, you have to update your Android or use another alternative app.

Method 7: Updating Android OS to Latest Update

The last step is to update your Android. Check if you have any pending Android OS updates or not. Install the pending Android updates, including all security updates. This will fix all major issues related to app installation and the working of any app installed on your Android device.

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Did You Get Rid of the “problem while parsing the package” Error?

The error message “there were problems parsing this package” is very annoying, and we know the pain. We have explained each solution in detail so that you can quickly fix the error once and for all. If you are still facing the same error again, then you have to reset your phone.

Try to use another Gmail account on your phone and see if the problem still persists! If it does, comment below and we’ll get the best possible solution within no time! Make sure you check our tips section where we share how-to guides for various operating systems and some technical errors too!

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