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Xender Web: How to Connect Xender to PC on Windows 11/10

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The Xender Team, or as they were initially referred to, Anmobi Inc, came up with a new type of software application that connected two or more smartphones back in 2012. They decided to call it the Xender Web. The primary function of this particular application was to enable the transfer of an enormous nature of data, including pictures, videos, audio files, and other media formats.

The developers of the Xender Team gradually expanded the reach of Xender Web to most users through different operating systems. As a result, Xender Web was eventually launched on all four types of operating systems, including Android, IOS, Windows Phone, and Tizen. At the same time, the platform was translated into twenty-two different languages as well. The application was originally launched in the Chinese market.

At that time, the application carried forward the name “Shan Chuan,” following which the software started to be called “Flash Transfer” outside the Chinese market. It was only recently named “Xender” and became available in more languages. One of the main reasons for Xender attaining success in a short period of time is because of the variety of features that it comes loaded with. Not only does it facilitate the primary function of sharing files, but there are many other features.

Xender Web

Features: What makes Xender Web worth it?

Xender Web is known to feature a variety of features. This allows users to not only send and receive data files – which can be anything from text messages, and photos to videos and music. A majority of the smartphone applications are also supported by the Xender Web. Following given are the top features of the Xender Web that makes the platform worth it:

1. Connects PC

Individuals receive the opportunity to access all types of data that can possibly be stored in a smartphone. Xender Web goes on to support a variety of data operations, including photos, music, videos, contacts, documents, applications as well as messages through the extended support of a PC or computer. Individuals are required to upload the data using a computer. This is a wireless procedure. One can even further go on to download more data. Individuals can also download an application called “WeLine” which is developed by AnMobi.inc themselves which help them establish a Wi-Fi connection as well.

2. Shake file transfer

The Web Xender comes instilled with a feature called, “Shake.” As the name suggests, this particular allows users to transfer files from one smartphone to another by simply shaking the device. The file that has been selected by the user is automatically transferred into the other connected electronic gadget. This is among the primary highlights of Xender Web. This is obviously a product of high-level, technological advancement.

3. Transfer files to a group

The Xender Web application is equipped with another feature called, “Group.” This particular feature allows users to transfer one file to more than one participant at the same time. However, individuals are required to ensure that their devices are well connected for this purpose. The sender’s device should have all the necessary connections to the Xender Web. Following this, what type of platform is being used, does not really matter. Xender Web is known to support over four types of operating systems and is available in over twenty-two languages. It is pretty evident that one will not find much difficulty while establishing the required connection with the devices.

Xender Web App

4. Quick and fast transfer

One of the main objectives of the founders of Xender Web is to ensure that individuals are able to save the maximum amount of time possible while transferring their data. In a technologically driven world such as ours, it would be foolish for a product as advanced as Xender Web to not be able to facilitate this particular requirement. Fortunately, they guarantee quick transfer of any amount of data there might be.

5. No charges

Another significant benefit of Xender Web is the fact that the platform does not ask for any pre-payments or post-payments for the functions that it offers. In other words, individuals can easily access the different functions of Xender Web free of cost. Imagine the kind of money you will be saving on through Xender Wen.

6. Requires no internet, USB connection

While there are many other types of file transfer methods available in the market at the moment. However, most of them are based on the support provided by a well-established internet line or USB cords. Guess what? Xender Web does not require an internet connection or USB. Individuals can simply transfer their files wirelessly.

7. User-friendly

File transfer with Xender Web is as easy as establishing a Bluetooth connection from one smartphone to another. The instructions are provided by Xender Web, which is straightforward to follow. You need not worry about having to be able to crack the code to transfer files with Xender Web.

8. Small in size

One of the main things that worries most smartphone users while installing any app is its size. Understandably, you might not have the required amount after the ton of data that already exists in your device. This is not something you need to worry about when it comes to Xender Web. The application takes up very little space on your smartphone and PC.

Reasons to use Xender for PC

Through Xender Web’s assistance, users can transfer many files and data from their PCs to their smartphones and vice versa. Following the given are the significant steps one must take to use the Xender application well. Connecting Xender to a PC and transferring files is perhaps among the easiest things to do with this.

  • If you don’t want to spend money on transferring files from your smartphones to your PC or vice versa
  • If you want to transfer files in a quick and hassle-free way
  • If you want to connect more than two smartphones or other electronic devices at the same time
  • If your USB cable is damaged
  • If your PC does not necessarily support your model of smartphone
  • If you want to transfer a large number of files without the fear of being disrupted mistakenly through the use of a USB cable

How to Connect Xender to PC using Xender Web App

Web Xender for PC

Those smartphone users looking for a quick and easy way to transfer their files from their PC to their smartphones or vice versa may look no further than Xender Web. Founders of Xender have made it easy to share files between two or more devices for zero cost. Initially, they came up with the Xender application. After that, they created its out-branch, “Xender for PC.”

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Following given are the steps that you can follow if you want to connect Xender to your PC and transfer files from your smartphone to your PC:

Step 1: The first step in this situation is installing the Xender App on your PC or visiting web.xender.com directly to open it. Following this, you must click open the application. You can do this by clicking on the symbol that represents Xender Web. Make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the application. The latest version of Xender is currently 12.2.0.Prime.

Step 2: You will notice that after you have clicked opened the Xender for PC, an interface will pop up. You must choose the platform that you are about to use. The options available will be either PC or Mac. Don’t worry, as Xender supports both.

Step 3: After choosing your respective interface, another window will ask you what type of device you are about to establish the Xender connection with. Choose your preferred device. The options will be smartphones and PC, of course.

Step 4: Throughout this process, you must ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is active. You will come across a Xender Wi-Fi connection with which you will be required to connect. Don’t worry as it will cost no money.

Step 5: Open a browser on the side. Users are preferred to opt for a US browser. You can even opt for a Google Chrome browser. This is to ensure that your connection is fast and secure at the same time.

Step 6: This will bring you to the page where you will face a pop-up message for your smartphone connection. One can simply accept and complete the procedure. Following this, your Android or iOS smartphone will connect to your PC.

There’s another way to use Xender for PC as well. But for that, you need to download Bluestacks Player on your PC or use any other Android emulator of your choice.

Take note that if the web.xender.com link isn’t working, you can use the IP addresses such as or 192. 168.43.1:33455 to open Xender Web on PC or Mac.

Conclusion of Xender Web for PC

As you may already have realized, the steps to establish a connection using Xender are pretty simple to follow. If you follow the abovementioned steps carefully, you will successfully transfer files from your PC to your smartphone in a jiffy. The Xender Web is constantly updated for any type of user-friendly changes. Please make sure that you remain updated regarding the same.

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