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5 Best English Learning Apps: Speak English Fluently in Quick Time!

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For those whose native language isn’t English, learning it was a daunting task back in 90s. A lot of us must have fallen for advertisement like “learn English in 30 days.” Back then, it used to work like a charm for advertisers but now with the digital evolution, there are some best English learning apps available for Android & iOS users to help them speak English fluently and also improve their vocabulary. Apart from this, grammar skills can be improved as well with such English learning app.

Most of the Asians or European residents look for such English speaking apps as their native language is different. So without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the best English learning app list that helps you learn English in a quick time.

Best English Learning Apps

Best English Learning App

These apps not only helps you to learn English but also lets you improve your vocabulary and grammar. Here are the best English learning apps you must download now!

#1. Duolingo: Learn English Free

If Rolex is the renowned brand for watches, Duolingo must be your go to app to learn English. In fact, not just English but you can learn a plethora of languages with Duolingo on your Android or iOS devices. It supports more than 30 languages around the world and the best part is, you can learn any language for free!

According to a report, “Duolingo app is equivalent to 4 years of university study.” The lessons in the Duolingo are simple and fun to learn. It keeps you hooked to learn more and more. Moreover, you can track your progress with respect to the language learning with the help of shiny achievements.

All in all, Duolingo is the most preferred app by users and we recommend the same for those want to learn multiple languages at the same time. The app is available for both Android and iOS users.

Download for Android, iOS

#2. Rosetta Stone: Learn, Practice & Speak Languages

Rosetta Stone is the counterpart to Duolingo as it supports 24 different languages along with 10-minute bite sized lessons. The app provides you a personalized learning experience with three options to choose from, that are, beginner, intermediate, and proficient.

If you’re a beginner in learning or speaking English, you can select the beginner mode to learn everything from scratch. But if you are good and have the ability to speak fluent English or any other language, then you can go ahead with proficient mode to learn stories, phrasebooks, etc to improve your vocabulary and grammar too if needed.

The best part about Rosetta Stone English learning app is, it’s absolutely free and you can access the app offline as well. It’s available for Android and iOS users!

Download for Android, iOS

#3. Grammarly Keyboard & Editor

If you’re an intermediate English learner, there’s always a room for improvement in terms of vocabulary and grammar. To those who have just completed basic English learning, it’s now time to improve their grammar with the help of Grammarly app. Most of the features are available for free but few comes with the premium version of Grammarly. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re texting someone on WhatsApp, Instagram, or writing a content in a Word file, but Grammarly app checks all grammar errors and suggests you with autocorrection on top of the keyboard. 

Finding the perfect words in a situation is also something not many excel in. And this is where Grammarly comes to your rescue. It suggests the perfect words that go with a flow in a sentence and also adds context. Moreover, when you write emails, the tone detector shows in which state of mind you’re writing!

Download for Android, iOS

#4. Busuu: Learn Languages

Busuu lets you learn 12 languages including English. The popular ones amongst the 100 million+ users are Spanish, Japanese, and French. Learning English from scratch is the best thing you can do with Busuu app on Android or iOS device as it has the simple and easy to understand lessons. Within no time, you can reach the intermediate level from a beginner.

Apart from this, you can also speak to the native users and get a feedback about your particular language speaking. Most of the users on the platform are beginners with their respective languages, so it would be fun learning English and speaking in front of native speakers.

If you are learning any specific language to get a job, you will receive official certification with McGraw Hill language certificate. Now that’s just like icing on the cake, isn’t it?! So what keeps you waiting? Download Busuu English learning app for free on your smartphones now!

Download for Android, iOS

#5. EWA: Learn English Language

Learning in a traditional way is not a taboo anymore! And EWA app proves it! Well, if you’re an intermediate English language learner, you will enjoy the way this application teaches you the language.

Right from translation to English from various books, learning English by watching TV shows & movies, listening to audiobooks to playing wordcraft, you will find everything unique once you start learning and speaking English fluently.

EWA is probably the best app to speak English fluently as it comes with various online speaking courses. It also has over 1000+ English books to read, well, that’s a lot considering you dedicating an hour or two to learn English on daily basis.

Download for Android, iOS

Closing Thoughts…

If you want to learn English quickly covering all aspects such as speaking, reading, grammar improvement, vocabulary enhancement and much more, Duolingo is the recommended app. But if your focus is only on speaking and reading, you cannot get a better companion than EWA.

At the end, it depends on what you want to learn. Go through the list of apps features on respective app stores and download the best English learning app on your respective devices!


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