How to Turn Off or Disable Android Auto

Android Auto is a customized version of Android OS that is specifically designed for cars. It connects your phone to Android Auto in car and lets you access all supported apps like Music, Messages, Map, and Navigations. One can also use Google Assistant to control car features. Whilst Android Auto is an arsenal for car lovers, a lot of users are facing issues of Android Auto autostarting when the phone is plugged in or charged using USB cable in the car.

This is turning out to be an common problem amongst the Android users and we’ve got a solution for the same. Simply by disabling or turning off Android Auto (app on Android), the issue can be solved within a matter of seconds.

If you’re using Android 9 or earlier versions, you can easily remove Android Auto app from your Android phone. But, for Android 10 or later devices, you need to either disable it or force stop the Android Auto app from your smartphone.

How to Remove Android Auto Completely

This procedure works for Android smartphones with Android 9 OS or earlier. Here’s how to remove Android Auto app completely.

Step 1: Open your Android phone Settings and then go to Apps and Notifications.

Click on Settings to open Apps and Notifications

Step 2: Scroll down to find the Android Auto app from the list of installed apps and tap on Android Auto.

Step 3: Tap on Uninstall button to remove the Android Auto app on your smartphone.

Unable to Find Uninstall option?

The devices which have Android 10 or later versions, a lot of apps comes pre-installed and it’s not possible to uninstall or delete such apps unless your device is rooted.

Android Auto is one of those pre-installed apps. So the only option you’re left with is to disable it.

How to Disable Android Auto

This procedure works only for devices installed with Android 10 or later.

Step 1: Open your Android phone Settings and scroll down to tap on Apps.

Click on Apps from Settings on Your Android Device

Step 2: Now tap on the Android Auto app from the list of installed apps. 

Tap on Android Auto from Apps List

Step 3: Click on Disable from the bottom of the screen.

Tap on Disable or Force Stop at bottom of your Android Auto settings screen

It will now uninstall all the latest updates and then disable the Android Auto app.

Note: It’s not recommended to disable any pre-installed Android app as it may cause issues with other apps. It is always better to use Force Stop option as it will solve the issue anyway.

Wrapping Up!

Android Auto is still new for a lot of people around the world and Google is improving it by fixing various bugs in the latest updates. But few situations demand an instant solution and we hope you’ve now disabled Android Auto on your smartphone and got rid of autostarting issue while connecting your phone via USB in car. Just in case, if you’re still facing the issue, you can comment below and we will help you out with the best possible solution. Stay tuned to our tips and Android section for more informative guides.

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