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Flipboard APK for Android Leaked, Available for Download

Samsung managed to get exclusive Flipboard app on their newly launched specs monster Samsung Galaxy 3. To much surprise of the users, Flipboard was not served to wider android community via Google Play store. However, it didn’t stop enthusiastic XDA developers from nabbing the Flipboard APK. In fact, it is being served to all users of the community to try out making it a flop-exclusive app. Similar to Instagram, which was recently acquired by Facebook, Flipboard was the iOS only exclusive app catering smart users of iOS community.

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How to Monitor Internet Usage on Android Device

Being in evolution phase, Internet has become almost an integral part of 21st century people. However, it doesn’t come free and ISP put data caps to restrict the over usage. Of course, there is a whole community of people who can not even think of living without Internet in their wildest dream. Internet data caps are reality and either users have to monitor the Internet usage on their device — be it Desktop, smartphone or tablet – or pay hefty bills after exceeding allotted data. Obviously, the…

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7 Must Have Android Apps for New Users

With overwhelming options available in Android marketplace (now Google Play), it increasingly becomes difficult for new Android users to decide which apps to install on their newly nabbed gadget. In fact, it is intimidating for new users to scrutinize the market to find potentially good applications from myriad of apps already present in the marketplace. The errand of finding apps proved to be ‘finding water in a desert’. We’re avoiding any social apps like Google+, Facebook, Twitter (or clients) which most of our readers are aware of.…

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3 Handy Apps to Manage Cloud Storage Service on Android

Cloud storage service market was set on fire when Google decided to jump into the field with introduction of Google Drive. It would be safe to presume that many of our readers would have either opened multiple accounts or sign up to multiple services by now. The perplexing problem of getting yourself a decent amount of free space had been resolved by such service providers. Now comes the real life problem, how do you manage all accounts from one place? Of course, there is a solution for…

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Glance at Some of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Accessories

Samsung’s the next Galaxy device a.k.a. Samsung Galaxy S3 barged into the smartphone marketplace for the consumption of multi-core and RAM greedy Android fans. The news and reviews of Samsung flagship product has started popping up like mushroom and some of them are unexpectedly unpleasant. But unlike its precedence, which horrendously looks similar to Apple’s iPhone, the new Galaxy S3 doesn’t have any striking resemblance to any other iOS device. This new device befitting for a flagship comes with a series of impressive accessories.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Specs, Features and Everything You Need to Know

Finally, the must awaited launch event of Samsung Galaxy S3 has taken place earlier today. After months of speculations and hype surrounding the next big thing in Android arena has been unveiled by Samsung. Yes, Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) even took place and the new smartphone czar, who recently dethroned Nokia and took its place to sell higher number of smartphone, has been showcased at London. In the past, Samsung had been accused of mimicking Apple iPhone product, sadly, this time around you may find some striking…

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