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TuTuHelper Download: Install TuTuHelper on iOS & Android

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Known as one of the fastest growing iOS Apps, TuTuApp has been voted as the best App store alternative to the iTunes & Apple store. Being an iOS user is very hard to live by, as Apple provides the toughest security and it is nearly impossible to hack the premium apps. Today, I am going to talk about TuTu Helper free.

However, on the other hand, it is not also possible to purchase all these premium apps while you need to use some of them. So, what’s the solution, if you ask? Well, to rescue the iOS users from the same tragedy; many of the developers came with the alternative App stores that help the iOS users to download the modded iOS Apps of the premium apps that are listed on iTunes & App store, absolutely free of charge.

Tutu iOS App has been one such app which started providing the modded iOS apps to get access to the paid apps without charging you a dime. Because of its feasibility and huge database, it has gained popularity very quickly, especially when it released the modded version of Pokemon Go. The same features are provided by Panda Helper iOS as well.

It allows you to play the game without any limitations by trespassing all the restrictions that are set by the game developers. TutuApp provides all the modded iOS Applications including games, apps and everything else that are listed on the store. The recent version of the app has been released under the name Tutu Helper free after fixing all the bugs and after updating few features.

TuTu Helper

Features of Tutu Helper Free Version

Before proceeding with the download procedure of Tutu Helper, it is important to know what the app actually does. Tutu Helper acts the same way as some of the prominent iOS apps say vShare, AppVn, HiPStore and only it is a package of all these apps under a single roof.

#1. Tutu Helper App is absolutely free, and you don’t have to pay a dime in order to get hold of the app.

#2. Tutu Helper App can be downloaded without jailbreaking the iDevice. With Cynthia made unavailable for the latest versions, the developers found a way to install the app without jailbreaking the device.

#3. Tutu Helper is available in two different versions: Tutu Helper VIP and Tutu Helper Regular. The VIP is a paid version, and it has got few more modded apps than the regular version. Here’s how you can get TuTuApp VIP Free account.

#4. Tutu Helper is extremely user-friendly and can be understood in a significant way with easy navigation and simple interface.

#5. Also, Tutu Helper has an inbuilt app cleaner available in it which helps you free and manage the storage space on your device.

#6. Most importantly, Tutu Helper is available in English and has the language compatibility, unlike other stores which are only available in Chinese.

So these are some of the finest features of TuTu Helper iOS & TuTu Helper APK for Android. You can experience all these features once you install TuTu Helper free version on your iOS or Android devices.

When & Why Will You Need TuTuHelper?

Wondering when & why will you need TuTu Helper for iOS & TuTu Helper APK? I have tried to explained the answer by taking few points into consideration. Have a look at it now before you install TuTu Helper before knowing its uses and advantages!

Tutu Helper is the best way for the iOS users to access the paid apps that are released on the iTunes & App store. As the protocols of iOS devices are strict, it is not nearly possible to customize it unless you have jailbroken the device. But Tutu Helper helps us in downloading all the modified apps absolutely for free that too without jailbreaking your device.

You can set this App store on your device and download the games and apps for free of charge and you don’t have to need any additional technical knowledge to run this app store. There might come certain situations in life where you want to use an app so badly but the price tag it is holding refrains you from using it. In such cases, Tutu Helper acts as your superhero providing you the app without costing you anything.

How to Download Tutu Helper on iOS?

TuTu Helper iOS Download

As mentioned earlier, the Tutu Helper is available in two different versions, the VIP version, and the regular version. Both of them can be downloaded using the same procedure however and the installation process is indeed easy.

#1. Initially, start the procedure by opening the Safari browser on your iDevice and then enter the URL “http://www.tutuapp.vip” in the URL bar. In case if you want to download the regular version, you can enter the URL of this page on your device.

#2. Now, allow entire pages to load in the browser and once it is loaded, go to the right top of the display screen and tap on the option saying “Regular” or “VIP” according to your preferences.

#3. From there, tap on “Download Now” option on the prompted page and wait for the prompt to appear asking you if you want to install the app. Once you see the install option as shown in below image, tap on it to install the app and wait for the installation to be done.

TuTu Helper Free
#4. Now, go to the home screen of your iDevice and check for the shortcut of the app as it will appear as soon as the installation is done. However, in order to run the app successfully on your device; you need to trust the app.

#5. Without trusting the app, you will confront with an ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer.’ error when you launch the app. To make sure that the app works effectively, go to the iOS system settings. Access the “General>Profiles & Device Management”. From here, click on the developer of the Tutu Helper, precisely the Tumen Anbang Paper Co. Ltd. Tap on it and wait for the prompt to tap on the ‘Trust’ option.

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How to Download Tutu Helper APK for Android?

Tutu Helper free is not yet available on the Google Play Store and therefore one has to find few other ways in order to install the app on the Android. The installation procedure is easy and takes around two minutes to download Tutu Helper APK on the Android device.

TuTu Helper APK for Android

There are few websites which are providing the Tutu Helper APK file but most of them are not trustworthy as they always come with some kind of viruses attached to it.

  1. To enable the downloading from Unknown sources, first you have to allow your device to do the same. Launch the System Settings>Security and go to the Unknown sources. Check the box beside the unknown sources in order to enable it.
  2. Now your phone is all set to download the apps from the third party sources. All you need to do is open a mobile browser or a web browser on your gadget and enter the URL of this page in the URL bar and wait for it to load.
  3. As our website is a trusted source you don’t have to worry about the malware. Download the APK file by clicking on the link below. Access the notification bar and click on the ‘Install’ option in order to install the Tutu Helper App.
  4. In case if you’re using the web browser transfer it to the mobile using an USB cord or Bluetooth and locate the file in the notification bar to install it.

Tutu Helper Won’t Download/APK Not Working Error Fixed

There are times when TuTu Helper won’t download or even sometimes, you may see error like TuTu Helper not working. In that case, you need to follow given steps to make TuTu Helper working again at its best! So that you can easily download & install TuTu Helper free without any hassles and play your favorite paid games for Free using TuTu Helper.

TuTu Helper Not Working Can't Download

#1. If you want to get hold of the Tutu Helper app, you should uninstall the previous version of Tutu app that is already downloaded on your device. It is also important to uninstall the Pokemon Go app on your device.

#2. After doing that, access the settings on your iOS device and go to General to find the reset window. Settings> General>Reset and here reset the network settings by tapping on it.

#3. The device will ask you for the password when you want to rest the settings. So enter the correct credentials to make it possible and go ahead with the uninstall procedure.

#4. Once you are done with the above steps, wait for few minutes so that your device ie reset entirely to proceed further. Now, enter the Wi-Fi credentials in order to connect to the network and proceed.

Wrapping Up…

Tutu Helper App is one such app that you might want to definitely have on your device and that having it on the iDevice will enhance the user experience in using the modified apps. With Tutu Helper free, you can explore new features and dimensions of the apps that you have never imagined. So, download the app right away from this blog and start using it without any chaos.

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