How To Access Google Play Music, Movies, Books and Magazines Outside US

Google Play store’s breakneck growth could prove to be a much needed fodder for android ecosystem. Although Apple store is still ahead of it in many aspects, android marketplace (now known as Google Play) isn’t far behind either. Google keeps innovating new stuff and has not got a dirty advantage by adding more arsenals to the Play store. Google music, books, magazine, movies and TV shows are some of the recent advancement in this front. Unfortunately, Google’s inclination towards US territory leaves other users crave for the availability of such functionality in their country.


Unofficial Pinterest App for Android Brings Photo Curation Site to Android Platform

pinterest app for android

Pinterest has had amazing run in year 2011 and it continues in 2012 as well. Now it enjoys the status of one of most popular social photo sharing site. In fact, its popularity invited loads of clones that are designed just to take advantage of trending topic. By climbing the great heights, Pinterest developers proved that innovation and proper marketing tactics is always a key to great success. The discernible difference between Pinterest and other clones was their marketing strategy. However, market analyst still cling to their earlier stance about the slow nature of growth in 2012. Had Pinterest invested more money in creating iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other mobile platform app, it would have still witnessed more drastic adoption rate.

Having said that Pinterest is missing big chunk of user base by not providing official Pinterest app for android. Google’s open source OS is adopted by likes of Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HTC and plethora of other small manufacturers. Ignoring such a large community is not a great idea by Pinterest fantast. With lack of support, there’s also a shortage of third-party Pinterest apps for android making life of Android users miserable.

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How to Backup/ Restore Samsung Galaxy S3 Automatically: Galaxy S3 Toolkit

backup Samsung galaxy s3

Last couple of weeks have been pretty conducive for Galaxy S3 users and Samsung as a whole. Even community users had a chance to get hands on some of the exclusive apps that otherwise would have been enjoyed by Galaxy SIII users only. Firstly, Flipboard APK and then propitious S-Voice got leaked in the wild. However, it only made Galaxy SIII case strong as it had always been accused of being accomplice in unethical practice to imitate iOS functionality. As a number one smartphone manufacturer of the world — the title which Samsung grappled rightfully from Nokia couple of months back, such accusation has been haunting Samsung ever since it developed Galaxy series handsets.

New SGS3 users have no longer need to worry about such accusation as there are plenty of third-party tools have been designed which will let you take complete control over your device. In fact, Samsung has been lucky since day one to get affection and support from developers. Samsung Galaxy S3 Toolkit is yet another utility designed for Samsung device which makes user’s life easy is a cinch. Galaxy S3 Toolkit can perform almost any complex task starting from backing up device to install CWM (ClockWorkMod). It does not only take simple backup and restore of Galaxy S3 handset but can also perform FULL NANDROID backup via ADB.

5 Best Music Players for Android: Change The Way You Listen to Music on Your Device

best music player android

With the advent of music players for Android devices available in Google Play store, finally, it comes down to personal choice to decide best music player for android amongst the quality bunch. The surfeit of features and niche specific apps really makes it strenuous, for anyone, to choose the right music player. Contrary to previous statement,  the plethora of options also makes it easy for end-users to pick music player of their choice by filtering the unnecessary app out. The fractious growth of android applications and custom ROMs on android front have brought immense options to choose from. Moreover, bustling member of XDA community developers have also helped a lot in developing better apps.

Useful List of Android Torrent Clients to Download Torrents on Android

torrent clients for android

Smartphone is getting smarter day by day. We’ve been covering some of the most interesting games and app for smartphone: be it android or iOS platform. The post begets yet another aspect of the smartphone technology. There’re already handful android torrent clients available in the Google Play marketplace. Thanks to the relentless development by android developers, we can now even download torrents on our android handset which was otherwise a distant dreams for many of us. Misuse of torrents and illegal distribution of software and files is a different ball game. Keeping such malpractice aside, torrents are best way to share our photos, videos, software and personal files.

Technology is like a flipping coin with two sides namely Good and Bad

Since Android is getting wide recognition, we’re compiling the list keeping Android users in mind. A separate post will be created for iOS users where we will cover similar app on iOS platform. Torrent is a popular protocol for sharing large files across multiple platform. The torrent clients and downloaders has had on and off relationship with piracy concerned groups. This includes blocking of sites like Pirate Bay by IPS providers and providing a work around to access it by bloggers like us.

Where to Buy Samsung Galaxy SIII for Cheap? [India]

buy samsung galaxy s3 cheap india

The dreadful prediction about unaffordable price tag of flagship product of Samsung was substantiated when they announced the availability of Samsung Galaxy SIII in India today. Previously, the press release depicted unusual number 43,180 as the price tag but later it was confirmed to be Rs. 42,5000. Unfortunately, those who had pre-ordered are left in agony since Galaxy SIII is already available at much lesser price at different online retail stores.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Launched in India with Whopping Rs. 43,180 Price Tag

samsung galaxy s3 india price

Samsung’s global tour hit Indian seashore today. As a part of Global tour India sees the launch of flagship product and self-proclaimed ‘World’s most human phone’ from smartphone ruler Samsung called Samsung Galaxy S3. The pre-order began much earlier than the actual launch which happened just few hours back. However, Samsung dropped a biggest bomb when they revealed the price of the device—Rs. 43, 180 that is. Usually, Samsung tags industries most competitive price as they directly compete with Apple iPhone and other android manufacturer.

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How to Root Samsung Galaxy SIII GT I9300

root samsung galaxy s3

The new beast by smartphone mammoth Samsung, Samsung Galaxy SIII, has just been rooted before masses gets it into their hand. Rooting opens up a door to tons of possibilities and tweaks. Similar to previous Galaxy flagship products like Galaxy SII and few others, the device got rooted within few days of its initial announcement. Rooting has its own advantages and disadvantages but pros outweighs cons, so it would be always preferable to root your device. It should be done with extreme caution as rooting may void your warranty and there is peewee possibility that you might brick your device during the process but that shouldn’t stop brave hearts.

Samsung is having a tough time keeping its device and apps close to their chest as earlier their exclusive apps like S-Voice and Flipboard APK got leaked. The interesting tidbit from mouth of few expert is that Samsung has shipped the device with unlocked bootloader making it a cake walk to root Samsung Galaxy SIII device. Chainfire team has provided necessary kernel and OneClick root  files necessary in this process.

Samsung Galaxy SIII S-Voice APK Leaked, Siri Like App

download s voice apkIn an unexpected way, Samsung witnessed yet another app slipped through its flagship product, Samsung Galaxy SIII. Samsung elated to have some of the exclusive products like Flipboard and S-Voice, a software assistant of Samsung’s own to compete with Apple’s Siri. There is a whole community that animadvert Samsung of getting too much inspiration from Apple products and offer it to android community with nice wrapper. But what they forget is Samsung offers the best hardware out there at an affordable price.

Samsung’s announcement of Galaxy SII product has received a huge response from the crowd and over 9 millions handsets have already been pre-ordered. During the unveiling Samsung also show-cased spellbinding  S-Voice app, an answer to Apple’s own software assistant, Siri. Samsung is hugely relying on its software front along with eye popping hardware front to break all the sell records. Unfortunately, Samsung is getting a blow after a blow on their software front. First, Flipboard APK was leaked in wild, which was not expected to be available for few months on Google Play. And now, S-Voice APK has also been leaked in the wild ready to be installed on ICS powered android handsets.

Best Android Weather Apps Collection

best android weather app

In 19th and first half of twentieth century, it was not easily possible for a person to know the weather of other place. In such case they either have to rely on the information of the relative or local newspaper and/or  news channel.  It is essential to check the weather of the place you’re planning to visit to avoid in unpleasant situation. The adverse weather can ruin your whole plan. This is the reason why a frequent traveler like me always like to keep weather android app with me to regularly keep an eye on the outside situation. Since we’ve unprecedented support from weather forecast department, it becomes extremely easy to know the weather of any part of the world.

There are already abundance of weather apps available in Google Play store, but we’re interested in best weather app only. This is the reason why the below list only enlists some of the best apps only.