How to Turn Off Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung has recently announced their wearable flagship named Galaxy Watch 4 which is bundled with a plethora of features including an IP 68 rating, Super AMOLED display, and more.

Having accidental crashes in modern technology is an obvious thing and so for your Galaxy Watch 4 and you can easily solve that glitch or crash by restarting your Galaxy Watch 4. We are going to cover, how to turn off your Galaxy Watch 4 and start it again to overcome random crashes.

Powering Off Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

In this tutorial, we are going to show you three methods by which you can reboot your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 easily and overcome any malfunctioning that you currently have.

Method 1: Switching Off Samsung Galaxy Watch Using Quick Toggle

This is the easiest method by which we are going to restart our Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. We have included images of each step you are required to perform. Let’s start with our first step.

Step 1: Open Quick Toggle

Turn on your Galaxy Watch 4 and open a quick toggle by swiping from top to down. This will allow us to perform many operations that also include powering off your device.

1. open quich toggle

Source: WorldofTech

Step 2: Click on Power Off Button

Once you open a quick toggle, you will see an icon of power off. Click on that icon to proceed further into our process.

1.2 click on opwer off toggle button

Source: WorldofTech

Step 3: Power Off your Galaxy Watch 4

You will find options to power off and touch sensitivity. Click on power off.

1.3 click on power off

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That’s it, your Galaxy Watch 4 has been turned off.

Method 2: Turning Off Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Using Side Buttons

Using this method, you can power off your Galaxy Watch 4 without using a quick toggle. It involves the use of side buttons to power off your device.

Step 1: Pressing and Holding Both Side Buttons Together

Turn on your Galaxy Watch and press both side buttons together. Don’t release them until you see a prompt to turn off your device.

2. press both buttons

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Step 2: Click on Power Off Option

You will see the option to turn off your device. Click on that option and your device will be powered off.

2.1 click on power off

Source: WorldofTech

Method 3: Force Restarting Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

If your Galaxy Watch 4 is not responding due to a software crash and you are unable to perform any operations over it, this method is all you would need. This involves rebooting your Galaxy Watch just by using the side buttons.

Step 1: Pressing and Holding Side Buttons

Press and hold side buttons. You will get the option to power off your device but don’t release those buttons. After several seconds, you will see a Samsung screen indicating Rebooting.

3. hold buttons

Source: WorldofTech

Frequently asked questions related to Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

How do I turn on my Samsung Galaxy 4 watch?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has two side buttons. The first is the power button and the second is the back button. To power on your device, press and hold the power button and it will boot up.

How long does Galaxy Watch 4 battery last?

With regular usage, you will get 40 hours of battery life with Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Why does Galaxy watch 4 have a green light?

Greenlight is used to track your pulse, and oxygen levels in your blood and to provide you with other health functionalities.

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We have included multiple ways to power off your Galaxy Watch 4 in our tutorial on how to power off Galaxy Watch 4. By using this, you can easily overcome any random crashes and use your watch for a long time.

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