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Battlefield 1 APK: Download Battlefield 1 Companion App!

Battlefield 1 APK

Distributed by the Electronic Arts, Battlefield 1 is the fifteenth game of the Battlefield series with the theme of World War I. As the game is a first person version; it is named as “1” because of the theme and the shooting methodology. So today I will be giving you direct links to download Battlefield 1 APK. Previously, I posted about PES 2017 too!

Despite the name, this one is very prominent and advanced unlike the last Battlefield installments and also probably the first game with such an extensive setup.  In this game, you can appear as different players of the history and start traveling to countries like Arabia, Italy, France etc.

The game is full of weapons as it is a war-based theme along with rifles, semi-automatic machinery, mustard gas, flamethrowers, heavy artillery etc. The player can possess many armored vehicles including cars, biplanes to ride in the game. If you want to unlock all guns and machinery, download SB Game hacker to hack the game now!

Battlefield 1 APK

Battlefield 1 Companion App APK Download

Battlefield 1 has been generating records since it’s launch with the countless download on the Play Store. The game can support around 64 players which are huge because of the squad system. The system allows a bunch of people to enter and leave the game simultaneously and the maps of the players are located all over the world. The game contains 9 maps and 6 different modes altogether.

App Name: Battlefield 1 APK

App Size: Compressed Size is in progress.

Android Game Developer: EA DICE

Features of Battlefield 1 APK:

  1. The Battlefield 1 Android takes you across the world unlike any other game and therefore you will have different country setups as I mentioned earlier including the Italian Alps, the Western Front
  2. The Player system reflects the open sandboxes of the Battlefield 1 Mobile, and it supports 64 players who can play in gangs. However, the single player mode is equally good with exciting things from multiple views that you can know only after playing.
  3. The battles can take place on land, in air, in sea and total of 6 different game modes are designed with large maps.
  4. The game has a new squad mode which makes it exciting as the players can jump between serves and switch between games.
  5. The multiplayer system of the game has eight distinct classes in it namely, Assault, Medic, Support, Scout, Tanker, Pilot, Cavalry and Elite. Each of the players has different capabilities and therefore you can choose to be in any of these groups.
  6. There will also be the environmental destructibility factor like the rest of the games where the user can control a whole map with the firepower of the Royal Navy Battleship.
  7. Also, we will get to see many World Wor I time vehicles like the heavy tanks, horses, motorcycles, biplanes, naval vessels, Zeppelins etc

An interesting thing is the Battlefield I Beta which is going to be released later in this year and if you register yourself as an Insider, you might get access to it earlier on the official website. You can also go through NBA 2K17 APK Data file if you want to play such Xbox games on your Android phones!

Battlefield Companion App

Download Battlefield 1 APK:

As the game got released on October 21st, 2016 for PS4 and XBox; it is not officially available for the Android Devices. Therefore, to enable them on the Android OS; one has to download the Battlefield 1 APK Data + OBB along with the setup file. The Battlefield 1 OBB file contains encrypted data in the form of graphics and images which help you play the game on Android platform. Therefore, the Battlefield 1 download involves:

  1. Download the setup file of Battlefield 1 APK
  2. Now, download the required Battlefield 1 OBB file which is needed to setup the interface.
  3. Access the downloaded Battlefield APK file and open it to install. Select ‘Install’ and start the installation process.
  4. Once you’re done with the installation, open the OBB file to extract the data to your Battlefield 1 game and play it without any obstructions. One can also get hold of the Battlefield 1 APK Deluxe version.

Conclusion of Battlefield Companion App

With the prolog of 1918, see players taking control of Harlem Hellfighters while they try to defend their roles against German Villain. The game start at the frontline and you should survive the longest among the soldiers while a narrator gives you commentary about the war.

What are you waiting for? Download it and start playing already. If you are confronted with any issues during the installation of Battlefield 1 APK , comment here so that we can get back to you with possible solutions. Subscribe to Nox Blog for more updates on such Xbox games APK Data files for Android!

download kingroot apk

Download Kingroot Apk (Kingroot.apk) for Free

How to Download Kingroot Apk

Learn how you can download Kingroot apk file and root your android device. In a never ending quest to get root access of the device, Android developers have provided a many simple solutions. There are many desktop applications available that can root almost any android device and give you unlimited access to kernel and resources. You can then tweak your device as much as you want. However, when it comes to rooting android device without computer, there is no single all in one solution available. However, the scenario is quickly changing after the arrival of kingroot apk. Kingroot.apk is a free Android apk made available by the KingRoot Studio peeps that gives root access to many devices. As of writing, this Kingroot 4.1 version is out which supports many newer devices including the recently released devices in June/July 2015. It is advised that you download kingroot apk file only from the XDA forum link given in this article.

Rooting Advantage

There are thousands of articles written by developers and Android fans explaining the advantage of rooting. Perhaps, this is the reason why we would not like to reiterate the same here. Instead of that, you can visit lifehacker’s article given here. The primary reasons for rooting are

  1. Install apps not available on Google play store or incompatible apps
  2. Boost device speed
  3. Install custom ROMs with plethora of new features
  4. Improve battery life
  5. Remove preinstalled apps
  6. Flash kernel

There are several other reasons but most of the users get root access for above reasons only.

If you are new to rooting and do not know whether your device can be rooted or not, then we recommend checking out Root checker app in the Google play store. The app is updated regularly and provides most comprehensive reporting. Download Kingroot apk after confirming rooting availability of your device. The new version of app also checks the rooting availability by itself. Never attempt rooting if it is written that rooting is not available for your device.

download kingroot apk

Features of KingRoot

Following are some of the features of KingRoot android app. You can easily install it using the apk file given below this section. Download Kingroot apk file only after reading the features list.

Note: There are few similar named app available in the Google play store. It is recommended that you download Kingroot apk from the official source only.

Free app

KingRoot is available for free to download. Since the app is updated at certain interval, you’d be required to change it time to time. The application is free of cost and is available from the world’s most famous XDA forum.

One-click root

Unlike other complex rooting application, you do not require to take care of many things. All you need to do is click on a simple app button and the root access will be gained within few seconds. There are no complex steps required and hence it is one of the most recommended app available to the date. It also requires no connectivity to your PC which makes it super simple to use. No data cable or USB cable required for this. Just download the KingRoot.apk file from the given links at the end of this section and you are good to go.

The KingRoot app is updated frequently and hence it covers most of the device launched by the different manufacturer. It supports plethora of devices from tons of manufacturers ranging from Samsung, Lenovo, Micromax and several others. As of writing this, KingRoot 4.5 is in beta testing mode and should be released at any time.

download kingroot apk

Download KingRoot APK

We highly recommend checking out this thread at XDA developer forum to download latest version of the KingRoot android app.

KingRoot 4.1 Download

With the version 4.1 they have also released Purify app which helps in making your device run smooth. Make sure to download kingroot apk from the above link and then Purify from the play store. After rooting, you can also download vShare for android devices.


Rooting your device may void the warranty. By using, the rooting app, you agree that you understand the consequences. In worst case, you might end up bricking your device. In some cases, we do recommend unrooting your device before taking it to the manufacturer.

If you are having issues after the root, we recommend following the aforementioned XDA developer thread and post your issue there.  We are sure that the smart developers at the XDA will be able to help you out. Also, we recommend checking the supported device at the forum. It is recommended that you only root the device that is supported by the latest KingRoot version installed on your device. It is also recommended that you download kingroot apk’s newest version only. Version given here might be outdated.

Let us know if you are having trouble downloading KingRoot apk file. We will gladly assist you with the a required details. Use the comment section below for your questions.


How To Root LG G4 using SuperSU

Much talked about device LG G4 is now rooted using the Chainfire’s SuperSu tool. Users can now use one of the most finest rooting tool to root LG G4 so you can install root apps like like titanium backup, xposed and several others to make your device more secure and faster. Additionally, it also opens the door for custom ROM, kernel and several other tweaks along with the ability to change the system’s partition for a better management. Since it requires unlocked bootloader and TWRP recovery installed, the LG G4 H815 European international version is only supported for now. Do check your device version before proceeding to root your LG G4 H815 model.


Before proceeding ahead follow the below instructions carefully

  1. The method works on LG G4 H185 European version only
  2. By rooting you understand the risk that could lead to brick your device only. In no circumstances, we should be held responsible for any damage caused by the rooting.

root lg g4


There are certain thing to be done before moving ahead with the rooting procedure. We highly recommend following below given steps to safeguard device from any accidental data loss and safe rooting procedure

  • Ensure that you battery is optimally charged. We recommend to have minimum of 80-90% battery.
  • Take a backup of your contacts, important data before proceeding further CM backup and several other apps are available that facilitates same.
  • You need to unlock the bootloader. Follow the procedure given on official website (this link) first

How to Root LG G4 H815

In order to root LG G4, you need to follow the below tutorial. Carefully follow it to ensure you do not end up in bricking the device

Step 1: Download and install ADB drivers

Step 2: Download and install LG device driver on your PC (this link)

Step 3: Download SuperSU latest version from here

Step 4: Download and install TWRP on your device

Step 5: Move SuperSu to your internal storage

Step 6: Connect your device to computer using USB cable. Make sure you have optimal charge remaining

Step 7: Now boot your device in a recovery mode. To do that open TWRP recovery from the folder where you have save it. Now launch the command prompt window within that folder

Step 8: Type following in the command prompt window

adb reboot recovery

Step 9: In recovery mode, you need to tap on install and then browse to the SuperSu file which you moved to internal storage in step 5. Select it and do swipe to confirm the flashing (Swipe to Confirm Flash option).

Step 10: In a next step, you will see a success message. That’s it. Your phone is rooted now.  Reboot the phone by selecting reboot >> system option and your phone is ready to go

Using the above guide you should be able to root LG G4 successfully. It is recommended that you unroot your device before taking it to the customer center. Since you have successfully rooted your device, it is recommended that you install rooting apps on your device. Very soon, we will provide a big collection of Android root app on our geniusgeeks blog. We also recommend checking out some nice android app  from our blog in case if you are looking for apps and games for your newly bought LG G4 device.

How to Root Micromax Unite 2 Using Kingroot

When it comes to budget smartphone, Micromax is a pioneer in India. With their tons of low range affordable smartphone range, it has quickly became one of the highest value brand in India. Micromax Unite 2 is a new additional to its arsenal. If you are an owner of Micromax Unite 2 A106 smartphone, then you are in for a treat. Advance android users who are aware of the benefits of the rooting can now easily root Micromax Unite 2 using the method given below. You can easily check whether your device is rootable or not using “root checker” app which is available in the Google play store. If you are already using it then we recommend to update to the new version. Since our intention is to root Micromax unite 2 without computer, we will use an app called KingRoot. You can download KingRoot apk from our website.

If you have upgraded to the Micromax unite 2 to the lollipop version, then also you can use the KingRoot app. In short, it should work well with both Android Kitkat and Lollipop version. Before proceeding ahead with the root, you should be aware of the consequences. On the other side, it (rooting) opens the door for custom ROM, flashing kernel, removing stock app and several other features. We highly recommend to have minimum of 30% battery before trying rooting.

root micromax unit 2


Rooting may void any warranty on the device. It could also brick your device. We highly recommend to unroot your device before taking it to the customer center of the manufacturer in case if anything goes bad. We should not be held liable for any issues.


Before proceeding the rooting guide make sure you fulfill all the requirements given below to be on a safer side.

  1. Make sure your device is fully charged or at least 50% battery should be available to be on a safer side
  2. Disable antivirus for sometime as they often interfere with the rooting procedure
  3. From your device go to Settings -> Security -> Device Administration -> Unknown sources and tick mark the option to enable it

How to Root Micromax Unite 2

You’re now ready to root Micromax Unite 2 A106 device. Follow the procedure given below to root your device

1. Download KingRoot apk from here and save it on your device. We recommend doing this in a UCBrowser as it has a built in download manager to fasten up the process. Once done install Kingroot apk file on your device

2. Once the installation is done you will see the KingRoot application installed on your device. Click on the KingRoot icon to open the app

3. Kingroot will analyze it and display the message saying it is rootable or not. It should be something similar to below

root micromax unite 2 guide

4. If it is available then you are good to go. For Micromax Unite 2 it is unavailable if you are using Kingroot v4.0 However, we recommend to get version 4.1.

5. Click on “Try to Root” blue button at the bottom of the app. It will try to root the device and you will see something like below

rooting unite 2 process

6. During the process your device will reboot few times. Don’t worry about it and do not interfere between the process. Upong the completion following successful message will be displayed

root successful message

To cross check the rooting process, you can click on Purify System app as well. There is a root checker app available in the Google play store which can be used to verify whether your device is rooted or not. The above process will root Micromax Unite 2 A106 without need of a computer. Additionally, you can also check the process like Kingroot and Kingmaster in the app section. If they are available then it is confirmed that you have got the root access. You can even go ahead and try to remove useless stock app. You can also check more Micromax device rooting guide as well.

Did you manage to root your Micromax Unite 2? Let us know if you are having any difficulty in rooting the device. We will gladly help you out.

Watch your Favorite Shows on the Go with these Smart Live TV apps

With the IPL series going on, it becomes necessary for every cricket fan to find out a way to watch IPL matches live online somehow. There are several ways to watch the matches live for free using android apps and live streaming channels. Hotstar has become very popular among Indian users. In case, if you want to watch your favorite TV show, then I highly recommend checking out smart live TVapps mentined below. If you are planning to cut the cable cords in your home, you will need some real good entertainment to keep you glued to your couch. If you have a 3G enabled smartphone, you can download some TV apps and watch your favourite channels for free. There are some paid apps that will also give you extended services or extra channels. With the IPL coming up, you surely would want to catch the action live even while you are on the move. For this you would need to ensure that you Data card or the internet pack on your phone is sufficiently recharged. To get the desired amount of balance for your Data Card or phone, you can use the freecharge promo codes to get attractive discount on your recharge amount.

Watch Live TV for Free

Here are some of the best TV apps that will surely give you an adrenalin rush while watching.


LiveNow TV

You don’t have to pay anything for this mobile application because it is absolutely free of charge. You can run this application on almost all tablets and smartphones. Smartphones and tablets that have more than 1GhZ processor speed will not have a problem in running the app at all. The two main factors that you have to look at in a TV app are stability and reliability. The LiveNow! TV app scores very high on stability and reliability. There are a wide variety of TV channels on LiveNow! TV hence it has become very popular these days. The key features of the LiveNow! TV app are – videos on-demand, fast buffering, speedy and fast streaming, exhaustive list of television channels.

Watch Free TV

This is another free TV app that has a comprehensive list of television channels from the UK as well as from the US. This app has a solid, yet simple interface. It houses live sports channels that will keep you glued to the screen all the time. With a vast palette of local and international TV channels, the Watch Free TV is definitely one of the best entertainment apps in the market.

TV Live

This is a free TV app that has over 200 international channels. This includes channels from Turkey, Russia, Georgia, and even Ukraine. The key features of this television app are: simple interface, good streaming, and large selection of channels. One very interesting feature of this app is that it allows you to pop-up the video. This means that you can view the video in a small window that can be moved from one place to another on the screen.

When you are shopping for some of the best Smartphones that has good hardware specifications to run these app without any hassles you can check out couponraja and some other coupon websites for some very attractive deals and discounts. We have evenlisted some of the most useful android entertainment apps. The coupon codes can be applied at the various online merchant stores at the checkout page. Once you apply the codes, the discount amount would immediately be displayed on the page. To ensure that you get the discount it is important to use the right coupon codes and also I would be wise to first check the validity of the coupons before using it for purchase.

Whatsapp for PC: Download and Use Whatsapp on Windows 8, 7 and XP

According to the recent news, Whatsapp has become the most popular messanging app in Indian and several other countries. Whatsapp is one of the fastest growing messaging applications launched for smartphones and other phones. Looking at the popularity of this smartphone app Facebook acquired Whatsapp to make a right strategy to acquire mobile market. Recently, Whatsapp crossed 70 million users in India. Having said all, there is no PC version made available by the developer. However, there is an alternate way to use whatsapp for PC with the help from the android emulator like Bluestack and YouWave. If you are not aware of the method to download whatsapp on PC, then you should follow the given guide to learn it. The application works as smoonthly as on any other android or iOS devices.

5 Highly Addictive Google Nexus 7 Tablet Games

Nexus 7 is dominating the android tablet market. While many people prefer to use tablets for business purpose, there is a dedicated section who loves to play game of such device. In fact, we have compiled a list to provide most addictive games for Google nexus 7 which you can install right away and enjoy the best of android world. There are an absolute ton of games available on the Google Nexus 7 tablet. Previously, we shared few addictive must have apps for nexus 7 for new nexus 7 tablet owners. In this article I am going to show you 5 games that are free to download and will have you calling in sick to work, staying up late, and spending hours upon hours on your tablet.

Best Games for Nexus 7

Castle Clash

If you have ever played Age of Empires or any kind of RTS (real time strategy) game you’ll get totally lost in Castle Clash. What you do in this game is manufacture gold and mana. The gold allows you to build different buildings for your civilization; mana allows you to build troops to fight with. In this game you can attack other players, defend your castle, fight in areas with your heros, and explore caves.

castle clash for nexus 7

There are all kinds of upgrades that you can use for your civilization. For instance, you can build walls, towers, magic buildings, etc. to fight the way you want. So you could go the route of being a defensive civilization or an offensive civilization. There is so much to do in this game and you’ll find yourself getting lost in it for hours and hours.

PBA Bowling Challenge

If you like bowling or just need some time to kill, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in PBA Bowling Challenge. Obviously, this is an arcade style bowling game that has a lot of bowling balls to unlock. For example, there is a ball that you can unlock which is a “bomb ball”, what this does is blow up when it hits the pins which gives you a better chance of knocking down a lot of the pins.

pba bowling game for android

You can play this game online with your Google +1 account, play a solo campaign, and rank amongst the tops of the leaderboards. There are all kinds of achievements that you’ll need to unlock such as finishing a game with three strikes in order to unlock different stages, balls, and upgrades. It’s not just your average bowling game and has actually received a “editor choice” award from the Google Play marketplace.

Spartan Wars

Spartan Wars is another RTS game that allows you to build up “Spartan” armies and attack other players. What makes this game unique is the ability to join different alliances where you can interact with people to conquer other online players. You can control an unlimited army of swordsman, spearman, axemen, archers, calvery, etc. which all have their own special abilities. For instance, the archers would counter infantry units, and deal 30% more damage. The emphasis is networking with others online where you can send them troops and resources to help them out.

spartan wars game for nexus 7

While you’re attacking others it’s up to you to maintain your economy so that you can build more tower defenses, battering rams, resources, and upgrades to your civilization. What makes this game unique is you can acquire different gods which all have their own special abilities. For example, one god could make your calvary 50% stronger while another god could focus on boosting your gold, stone, food, and wood production by 50%.

It’s not all about just building up armies and crushing other people online. There are various campaigns which are played against the AI which are very challenging and can teach you the ends and outs of the games gameplay.

Tetris Blitz

Tetris has come along way since it’s beginnings over 20+ years ago. One of the most addicting games of all time. With Tetris Blitz you’ll certainly get your monies worth (which is free). The graphics are absolutely stunning and the actually quoted this game as “being the perfect mobile game.”

terris blitz game for nexus 7

There are so many upgrades in this game there is no way you’ll keep up with them all. Each week EA will add new “powerups” which will allow you to shatter your old high scores. One of the many upgrades is a laser powerup that will allow you to zap different polygons in order to clear some room.

You can enjoy playing with your friends online, campaign modes, and finish daily blitzes. This game has over 50k positive 5 star reviews on Google Play marketplace!

Dead Trigger

Shooters on tablets are like finding a needle in a haystack. They either don’t function correctly or feel like work playing them. With Dead Trigger you’ll find that this game works flawlessly, and is quite addicting. If you’re a fan of Call of Duty’s zombie mode this game should be right up your alley. Why? Because, the entire game relies on blowing zombies heads off! The idea behind this game is you have to kill zombies and millionss of them.

dead triggers game for nexus 7

Basically, the world plays as money has lost it’s value and millions of people have been infected by a virus. You are one of the few people that actually prepared for this problem and you can do something about it. What? Kill zombies and kill a hell of a lot of them! Great game that is highly addicting!

Hopefully, you enjoy the collection of top games for nexus 7. So what other games do you believe should be on this list? Please leave your comments down below.

This article was written by Garen Arnold who run He focuses on helping people start a blog from square one. He also enjoys playing videos games and designing websites for clients.

Top 10 Nexus 7 Apps

Due to the request from a reader, we have decided to pen down some of the top Nexus 7 apps available in the market. Google partnered with Asus to manufacture the next generation of 7-inch tablets. The result is beautifully furnished and a powerhouse called the Nexus 7 which is available from Argos. Currently, Nexus 7 tablet is the hottest selling tablets in the 7.0-inch tablet segment. The 1.2 GHz quad-core Tegra processor ensures that end-users get the best gaming experience on the device. The buttery smooth touch screen and latest version of Android OS also makes the device one of the fastest tablet around. The device comes with Android 4.1 out of the box but you can upgrade to the latest version of Android at anytime. Since Google is endorsing it, Nexus 7 usually gets the latest version of Android quicker. Moreover, the amazing Android development community also ensures you get the best custom ROM for your device. Having said that, you won’t be able to enjoy the device to its full potential until and unless you load it up with the apps.

WeChat for PC Download: Use WeChat on Your Windows PC

WeChat app is quite popular in India, especially after the TV advertisement featuring Parineeta Chopra. With arrival of Micromax and other local company, mobiles in India has become an everyday toy. WeChat, whatsapp and other applications have changed the form of communication. Now, the focus is shifting from SMS towards an online service which is way more cheaper and convenient. WeChat is a voice as well as video app that works on most of the famous smartphone—be it Android, iOS, BlackBerry or Windows Phone. Interestingly, it is quite possible to run the same app on Windows or Mac PC as well. Users can easily download WeChat on PC and then run the app from there using a third-party application. Different versions of mobile/smartphone applications are already available on the official website of WeChat (

Got IT – Best Android App for Taking Notes and Managing Tasks

Just a while back, we covered a much debatable topic– Google Keep alternatives. The topic itself revolves around Google Keep and some of the alternative note taking and task management services. The same idea piqued our mind to look for an arguably the best Android app for note taking that is also equipped with task management functionality. Android is a revolutionary platform with its open source programming protocol. Consequently developers are coming with innovative ideas and more finished products. The burning news of Google Keep has just been off and Mirko Dimartino from XDA developers has appeared with yet another utility app from the same genre to Google Keep. If you are using Android and stay busy while mingling from one task to another Got It is the Best Android App that you should consider for taking notes and managing tasks.