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How to Clear Clipboard on Android

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An android operating system is one of the most popular mobile OS in the world. Millions of users all around the world are now using Android because it is a simple, user-friendly, and secure OS. Android offers tons of features and a clipboard is one of them. Every Android device has this clipboard. It is a very useful feature that will save every copied item for later use. If you want to save a text so that you can send it later than using Clipboard, you can do it.

Clipboard saves all content that you have copied or selected temporarily including text, links, and images. You can find these data in the clipboard and then send them to others directly. Now the issue is, that this clipboard data is stored on your phone and anyone can access it.

If you have copied any personal information like your email and password then it is saved to your clipboard. So you have to clear it.

In this article, we are going to share how you can access and clear clipboard on Android.

How to Clear Clipboard on Android

It is very easy to remove data from the clipboard. Just follow these steps:

The simplest way to clear the data on the clipboard is to copy the new text on Android. Android OS is designed to overwrite clipboard content automatically. So when you copy anything, it will replace your old clipboard data.

(1) Open a browser or app from which you want to copy content or link.

(2) Just long-press a word, and select the word or sentence.

(3) Select Copy.

Now that content or word is automatically saved to your clipboard database and old copied content will be removed automatically on the clipboard.

How to Clear Clipboard on Samsung?

If you are using Samsung Android devices then follow these steps:

Step 1: Open your browser or any app from which you want to copy the content.

Step 2: Now press and hold on to the text or sentence that you want to copy.

press and hold on to the text

Step 3: Now select copy.

Step 4: Open any notepad app or message app and long-press in the empty space.

Long press and then select Clipboard

Step 5: Now select Clipboard. It will display all the Clipboard content instead of your keyboard.

select Clipboard

Step 6: Now click on Delete All to clear the clipboard on android.

click on Delete All

Just can also delete it by pressing and holding the clipboard that you want to delete manually.

Automatically Clear Android Clipboard

As we mentioned above, your Android OS will automatically delete previously copied content whenever you copy new content. But if you have copied sensitive information like email and password then you have to delete it manually.

How to Delete Clipboard on Android using Apps

With Android devices gaining in popularity, so are the number of Clipboard apps available. These apps were initially developed for Mac, iPhone, and iPad but are now available for many more Android devices. However, there are many of these apps that only work with certain models of the Android handset. This article looks at some of the most popular Clipboard apps for Android now available which cater to a large variety of needs.

Clipboard manager App

Clipboard Manager is one of the most popular Android app that allows you to manage your copied data and customize it according to your need.

It allows you to create categories and save copied content to that categories. Also, you can get confirmation whenever it saves text or images to your clipboard. You can auto-clean clipboard content and category using this app. The clipboard manager app allows you to share this copied content with others.

On Android, how can I clear my clipboard history?

Android only saves the recently copied item to the clipboard by default. So you can clear its history by simply copying another text or image. It then deletes everything that was previously copied. If you wish to overwrite anything sensitive you copied, such as a password, you can do so by clearing your clipboard history.


You have learned how to clear clipboard on android with the tips mentioned above. Have you found this article useful and worth it? Share your views as comments.

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