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Download Google Fit App for Android – Latest Version!

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If you are using a fitness band or a smartwatch, you surely need an app to track your activities! Don’t you? To make it simple, Google has introduced its own app naming it as Google Fit App. By using this app, you can easily track your fitness activities, calories burnt, insights in graphs etc. It’s always good to stay healthy, fit and workout more. Isn’t it?

I will discuss more features later in this post and will also provide a link to download Google Fit App for Android. The latest update of Google Fit fitness tracking app was observed on 16th August 2022. In the Google Fit latest update for Android, I saw some amazing changes in the app.

Some of the important features of Google Fit app are personal recommendations on your current activities and daily exercise. Now this is something which you often don’t find in other fitness tracking apps.  That’s not all about Google Fit Android app, there’s a lot more to it!

Google Fit App Features

Let me show you the features of the fitness tracking app so that you can use it for your daily activities by downloading it on your Android devices. Here you go with the features:

Google Fit App
Source: Gadgets.NDTV.com

#1. No matter whether you are walking on your way or cycling, Google Fit calculates every activity of yours to show you perfect insights at the end of the day!

#2. Get real time stats for your rides, walks, runs etc right on your Android device 🙂

#3. Google Fit app records the distance traveled, the speed at which you walk or ride, your route, elevation (if any) etc.

#4. You are all free to set your reminders, goals and lots more within the Google Fit app so that you never miss your targets and daily activities. 😀

#5. Set weekly targets to play 1 hour daily. Just like playing football on Wednesday evening, playing volleyball in Monday morning and lots more.

#6. Other goals such as taking 10K steps every week, be active for 30 minutes, running 5 times in a week for an hour etc or you can even create your own goal according to your needs.

#7. Keep an eye on your weight regularly. Because if your weight is decreasing up to 5KGs in a month or two, you are sure to be fittest of the persons in the world 😛

#8. Calculate the calories burnt during your ride or while walking. The Google Fit app shows at what speed you are riding or walking which is seen in almost all the fitness app.

#9. Check daily reports, weekly and monthly reports to compare your activities and calories burnt every day!

#10. You can also check your progress on the web by visiting fit.google.com or on your Android watch too. 🙂

So this is what Google Fit app provides as a fitness tracking app. It works with Android Wear, Nike+, Runkeeper, Lifesum, Withings, Mi Bands, Strava, MyFitnessPal and lots more.

These are the basic features of Google Fit app. But with the latest update, the app has got even better. Here are some of the updated features of the fitness tracking app from Google.

Latest Updated Features of Google Fit Fitness Tracking App

  • It’s now easy to edit your day to day activity.
  • You can now view all the daily stats at once with the new look of Google Fit app.
  • Set your goals for any time period such as daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly.
  • Compare to other people in your area and see how fit you are 😛 Get inspired from them if you are not the fittest of all 😀
  • Many more bugs were fixed in this latest update.

So this completes the overall features of Google Fit app. Now let’s see how you can download the fitness tracking app on your Android device.

How to Download Google Fit App on Android Devices

Fitness is the success mantra to stay healthy! If you want to stay healthy forever, you must keep a track on your fitness regularly. So here’s how you can download Google Fit App for Android:

#1. Sign-in to your Google Account if you haven’t on your Android device.

#2. Head over to Google Play Store in your Android device and search for Google Fit – Fitness Tracking App.

#3. Once you find the official Google Fit App in the play store, just tap on Install button and press on I accept button in the next step.

#4. Let the installation get completed, it might take few minutes to install.

#5. Once done, open the app, set your goals, connect to your required device and you are all set to get fit within no time 😛

Conclusion of Google Fit – Fitness Tracking App

This is all about your favorite Google Fit App. Stay tuned to our tech blog for more updates on this fitness tracking apps

Image Source: Gadgets.NDTV.com

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