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12 Best Apple TV Remote Apps for Android!

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Apple TV is a popular streaming device, and it comes with a remote control to manage your Apple TV. If you have an iPhone, you can directly manage your Apple TV using your iPhone. Earlier, all iPhones come with a dedicated remote app to control the Apple TV device.

Later, Apple removed the app and transferred the feature to the iOS control center with iOS 12. Now, if you are an Android user and have an Apple TV, you can’t control your TV with your phone directly due to compatibility issues.

Apple doesn’t officially offer a remote application for the Android platform. However, many 3rd party Apple TV remote apps are available on the Google Play Store that allows Android users to manage and control Apple TV from an Android device.

We’ve found and compiled such list of the 12 best Apple TV Remote apps for Android users to make your job easier. Before we dig into the list of Android remote apps for Apple TV, let’s understand how you can control your Apple TV using your Android mobile or tablet.

How to Control Apple TV Using Android Smartphone?

Apple TV Android apps have two ways of working, either via your WiFi or via a built-in IR transmitter. The WiFi method doesn’t require any special hardware feature.

All you have to do is connect your Apple TV and Android smartphone to the same WiFi network. Another method is using an IR transmitter. It requires a phone with the proper IR hardware to communicate with the Apple TV by sending out signals just as a typical remote would.

That’s the best way to connect any Android device with the Apple TV. Once they’re connected on the same Wi-Fi networks, you can install any of the below listed Apple TV remote apps on your Android device right away!

The Best Apple TV Remote Apps for Android Users

So without further ado, let’s start with some of the finest Android remote apps that work with Apple TV!

1. SURE – Smart Home and TV Universal Remote

SURE - A Smart Remote with Extras

The SURE Smart Home and TV Universal Remote app for Android users, which is to lets you remotely control your Apple TV from anywhere. SURE is compatible with all your Android devices, including Apple TV.

To get started, open the app and add in all of your home gadgets. You have to add each device manually and connect them to your phone. You can also use IR if your Android phone has support for it. You can also use advanced features like voice control and a media player directly through the SURE Smart app.

Download SURE – Smart Home and TV Universal Remote

Price: Free/$6.99 for Pro Version

2. CiderTV Remote for Apple TV

CiderTV Remote for Apple TV

CiderTV Apple TV Remote is one of the most advanced TV remote app for Android. It is very easy to manage this app using your Android app. You can control your Apple TV viewing experience in several different ways using the included remote.

One way that the CiderTV remote can improve your home entertainment experience is by changing the programming option remotely. This means that you can change what you are watching while you are away from your TV. For example, you can pause, rewind, and replay your favorite shows right from your Android phone.

CiderTV remote was focused on AppleTV, making it one of the easiest apps to set up. You can connect to Apple TV for free, but you need a pro version for more devices.

Download CiderTV Apple TV Remote

Price: Free/$4.99 for Pro

3. AnyMote Universal Remote

AnyMote Universal Remote

AnyMote Universal Remote is an inexpensive, free Android app in the category of utilities. The interface is very easy to use, and it has all the features one would expect from a modern smartphone. It can easily control Apple TV and other digital devices, such as computers, televisions, DVRs, music players, and phones. It also comes with a password protection feature and spyware protection. The install size of AnyMote Universal Remote+WiFi depends entirely on the cell phone model used to operate it.

There are many benefits of owning anyMote products and these are outlined below. AnyMote Universal Remote has over one hundred and fifty different appliances and devices, including both new and old models. The AnyMote Universal Remote features infrared technology, which means that you can control devices with infrared blasters.

Download AnyMote Universal Remote

Price: Free/$6.99 for the pro version.

4. Peel Smart Remote

Peel Smart Remote

Peel Smart Remote is an app that can replace your Apple TV remote. It comes with all the Apple TV remote features. It comes with a universal remote experience and an interactive-visual TV guide. Just by using the small remote icon, you can easily control your Apple TV.

The Peel Smart Remote App is an ideal application that turns your smartphone or tablet into an authentic television remote control. The application uses your device’s built-in IR blaster, so incompatible devices will be unable to utilize all of the functions of Peel Smart Remote.

In other words, this application provides a universal remote control for any Android smartphone or tablet. You can even set up your phone or tablet to work as a remote if it isn’t already set up to do so.

Peel Smart Remote, like other remotes, allows users to control their TV from anywhere in the world. It is specially designed for Apple TV. It also comes pre-loaded with popular cable and satellite channels, so you will have access to popular shows and programs no matter where you are.

Download Peel Smart Remote

Price: Free

5. AIR Remote – Best IR-Blaster

TV (Apple) Remote Control

The AIR Remote app can control Apple TV through the built-in IR blaster on the phone. The AIR Remote app can only communicate and control devices that have an IR-blaster. So if your Android phone doesn’t have an IR sensor, you can’t use this app. It comes with a simple UI and easy guide. There is no need to pair your Android phone with an Apple TV to connect them directly. With the free AIR remote, you have all the essential media player controls. Ad-free service is only available to those who pay for the premium plan. With little hassle, the app can be synced with your Apple TV.

Download AIR Remote app

Price: Free/3.49 for Pro Version

6. TV (Apple) Remote Control

TV (Apple) Remote Control

TV Apple Remote Control was a really great invention. If you are not satisfied with any of the above apps, try this TV Remote Control app. The app uses the same IR-blaster technology to connect and control Apple TV.

A remote is not only used for media control; you can also control your TV volume and switch channels using your TV remote. It is very easy to use the remote control. The user interface is very simple and easy to understand. It is also very user-friendly as it does not require you to have any technical knowledge to operate it.

There are many models of TV Apple Remote that are available on the market. Each has different features, but all of them are designed so that they can be used easily.

Download TV (Apple) Remote App

Price: Free

7. Unified Remote App for Apple TV

Unified Remote App for Apple TV

The Unified Remote App is the best remote for Apple TV that lets users to manage their Apple TV and all media controls. You can access device files, play videos, listen to music, and quickly search contacts, calendars, and more with a single device. This is because it has been designed to work seamlessly with the larger version of the Apple TV and optimizes the Remote’s display accordingly.

One of its most important features is the Remote, which offers quick access to the main control center of the device. The unified remote app for Apple TV is not just a simple tweak to the current Apple TV remote. Instead, it gives people the chance to experience a single app used on all Apple TV models, allowing them to maximize their functionality.

The best part about the new app is that it can be used on the original version as well. It can turn your Android phone into a WiFi or Bluetooth universal remote control.

Download Unified Remote App

Price: Free

8. Retune ATV Remote Control App for Android

Retune ATV Remote Control App for Android

Are you looking for a good Retune ATV Remote Control App for Android? Well, you can now rest assured that you have one if you have an Apple TV. Retune ATV Remote is another great, easy-to-use remote control app for your Android phone.

It also comes with the ability to stream live TV from your favorite channels. The best thing is that your Apple TV, iPhones, and iPads are also compatible with Retune ATV Remote Control. This is the best Apple TV remote available for Android at this time. It supports WiFi to connect to Apple TV.

If your phone or tablet doesn’t already have a Remote Control app installed, the developers of this program have designed the product to work seamlessly with any Android device.

Download Retune ATV Remote Control App

Price: Free

9. Free Apple TV Remote App

Free Apple TV Remote App

Using this free Apple TV Remote app, it is now possible to connect your Apple TV to your Android phone. You don’t need a remote anymore as you can directly control your Apple TV using your Android phone.

It is a simple app and is very easy to use. Just tap on the icon that you want to control and select the device. The Free Apple TV Remote App is very simple to install and use. It can allow you to stream live content directly from your Android to Apple TV.

It comes with a large touchpad for con playback control. It will connect with your Apple TV automatically.

Download Free Apple TV Remote app

Price: Free

10. ASmart Remote IR App for Android

ASmart Remote IR App for Android

The Asmart Remote IR for Android is a new technology that allows you to connect your Android phone to Apple TV. You can control your Android device with Apple TV and manage playback options.

The ASmart Remote IR app enables you to manage all major devices like TVs, DSLR cameras, air conditioners, projectors, and more. The app is very easy to use and simple UI. The ASmart Remote supports additional devices like DSLR, Projector, and Air-conditioner, and it is easy to connect them. We suggest you use this app instead of buying a universal remote control.

Download Asmart Remote IR Android App

Price: Free

11. Remote for Apple TV by Kraftwerk 9 Inc

Android Remote App for Apple TV by Kraftwerk 9 Inc

The best part about this Apple TV Android remote app is it provides a large touchpad that makes it easy to access all the options required to operate an Apple TV.

It supports Apple TV 4th generation using tvOS 9.2.1 or later and supports Apple TV 3rd generation using Apple TV software 7.2.1 as well.

Download Remote for Apple TV

Price: Free

12. Remotevio’s Apple TV Remote

Download Remotevio's Apple TV Remote Android

With easy to control navigation, all you need to do is to click and connect to this Apple TV remote to get started! Also, you can easily unpair this app with your Apple TV if you feel like not using it.

One can easily control the volume, change the channels, playback control, and more with this Apple TV remote app. It supports 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Generation Apple TV. So irrespective of whether you have the normal, HD, or 4K Apple TV, this remote works with all of them!

Download Remotevio’s Apple TV Remote

Price: Free

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Which Apple TV Remote App for Android Users is Reliable?

There are plenty of options available and to pick the reliable one, we’ve studied the reviews on various platforms to understand the user experience of each Apple TV remote app available for Android users. Based on our research, we found that “SURE – Smart Home and TV Universal Remote” is the best option so far.

We will keep this list updated with the latest and best Apple TV remote apps for Android users moving forward! If you have any suggestions or have used any Android app as a remote for your Apple TV, do let us know by tagging us on Twitter in your tweet!

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