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How to Enable 5GHz Wi-Fi on Android

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2.4 GHz and 5 GHz refer to two different radio wavelengths that describe the speed and frequency of your wireless network. The more the frequency, the more speed. 5 GHz frequency means more speed. It is a new technology, so it is not supported on many Android devices or disabled. To use 5 GHz WiFi, you have to enable 5GHz WiFi on your Android. If you have bought a new Android phone, then a 2.4 GHz frequency is enabled by default. In order to use 5GHz WiFi, you have to enable it manually. In this article, we are going to share some easy steps to perform this task.

How To Connect 5GHz WiFi On Android?

Before following these steps, first, check if your Android supports 5GHz frequency or not. To check, go to WiFi settings and see if 5GHz is listed there or not. Also, check your phone features to see if 5GHz is supported or not. Many routers have this option to disable and enable the 5GHz band.

Step 1: Open Settings in your Android app.

Open Settings in your Android app

Step 2: Go to WiFi and then click on three dots.

Step 3: Click on the Advanced option and then choose the frequency band.

Step 4: Now, choose 5GHz.

Enable 5GHz Frequency

That’s it!

Now restart your phone and then connect to a 5GHz WiFi network.

What if it doesn’t show a 5 GHz frequency?

If you can’t show 5GHz WiFi on your Android, then it means it is not supported. Also, check WiFi settings. If there is no setting to enable the 5Ghz band, then it is not supported.

Sometimes your WiFi is out of range, or there are too many obstacles. Try moving your WiFi router to get a strong WiFi connection.

Also, try to restart your phone to refresh WiFi signals.

Prevent Android Phone from poor connections

It is a good idea to avoid poor WiFi connections and use only 5Ghz frequency WiFi. Android allows you to avoid poor WiFi connections. To enable this option, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the settings of your Android and then go to WiFi.

Step 2: Now go to Advanced and tick Avoid poor connections option.

How to check if my Android phone has 5GHz WiFi or not?

You may force your Android device to connect to WiFi networks that use the faster 5 GHz frequency band if you want it to. Note that 5GHz WiFi has a shorter range as compared to 2.4GHz.

Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > Advanced > Wi-Fi Band. Here select your option and save settings.

Using 5GHz without disabling 2.4Ghz?

According to a Stackexchange post, You can take advantage of the experimental “prefer 5 GHz” feature from WiFi band – or Smart WiFi Selector, which offers that as well:

Using 5GHz without disabling 2.4Ghz on Android Using 5GHz without disabling 2.4Ghz on Android














In terms of potential 3rd party apps, the closest I have come across is WIFi 5, which is dated , but offers such functionality. It specifies the signal level to switch to a 5Ghz access point and displays a notification showing the available bands.

WiFi 5 was last update 2012, unlisted from Playstore in 12/2017, and thus is only available via ApkPure currently. Not sure whether to trust that site.

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It is very easy to enable 5GHz Wi-Fi on Android devices. But your phone has 5GHz support. Old Android phones do not support this 5GHz Wi-Fi band. You can

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