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How to Fix Error 0x80070570 in Windows 11 and 10

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Windows installation error code 0x80070570 is related to hard disk errors. In most cases, the error 0x80070570 occurs while installing Windows 10 on your hard disk. The error code shows that there is an issue with your storage drive. Some users have reported that they are facing the same issue while working with BIOS. Not only that, but this error may occur while copying files to an external or internal device. The reason behind this error code is that your windows system cannot find the required file, and it is blocking you from installing a new system. Due to corrupted system files, you can also face this 0x80070570 error code.

Fix Error Code 0x80070570 in Windows 11 and 10

You can easily solve this error code 0x80070570. There are multiple solutions for this error, and it’s worth trying all of these solutions. So let’s get started.

Method 1: Restart your Computer

If you see this error code while installing new system updates or new security updates, restart your PC first.

Restarting will refresh your entire system, and also it will clear all damaged temporary files causing the error. It will also refresh the temporary memory pool. So you should reboot your system first before trying any troubleshooting steps.

Now before restarting, first take a backup of your important data so you won’t lose them in troubleshooting.

Method 2: Update your Windows

It would be best if you always keep your Windows updated to get rid of such errors. Microsoft has released so many new updates for Windows 10 to fix errors like 0x80070570. 

If you are using the old version of Windows 10, then download all the pending updates first and then try again. You can download the latest Windows updates using Windows settings.

Step 1: Press Windows + I key on your keyboard to open Windows settings.

Step 2: Find Update & Security and click on it. This will open a new window.

Step 3: In the Windows Update section, click on Check for updates.

Step 4: Wait for some time. It will check for all pending Windows updates. Once completed, the tool will list down all important updates for your system and Windows defender if enabled.

Step 5: Click on download. It will start downloading and installing all the pending Windows 10 updates.

If you face the issue while downloading and installing a new Windows update, then move to the next solution.

Step 6: Once installed, you have to restart your PC. After every update, it will notify you to restart the PC until all updates are installed.

Step 7: After updating your Windows to the latest version, you won’t face the windows cannot install required files 0x80070570 error.

Method 3: Re-download the Windows update

If you cannot update your Windows and face the same 0x80070570 error, you have to download all the updates again.

Step 1: First, restart your PC when you see this 0x80070570 error.

Step 2: Now go to Update & Security > Check for Update and download Windows updates again. If it is not working, then restart the Windows update service.

Step 3: Open the start menu and then search for “services“. Click on Windows services.

Step 4: Now, find the Windows update from the list and right-click on it. Choose properties from the list.

Step 5: Now click on Stop service if it is running. Otherwise, click on start the service.

Step 6: Once you stopped the service, click on the start button to start it again.


Step 7: Restart your system and again check for updates.

Solution 4: Move your file to Another Directory

If you face this 0x80070570 error code while deleting or copying any file, try to move that file to a different location.

Step 1: Right-click on that file and click on the Cut option.

Step 2: Go to any other system drive and then paste that file. If you have only one drive, then you can move that file to the Download or Document directory.

Step 3: Now restart your PC and move that file to its original location from where you Cut it.

This should fix the error, and you can now delete the file easily without any problem.

Solution 5: Check for Disk Errors

As we mentioned above, bad hard disk sectors can also cause this Windows 7 0x80070570 error. So first, you have to check for any damage on your hard drive or USB drive.

Step 1: Open File Explorer using Windows + E key on your keyboard. Then right-click on the system drive or the drive that you want to check for errors. Then select Properties.

Step 2: Then go to the Tools tab and click on the Check button in the error Checking section.

Step 3: Click on Scan drive.

Step 4: The tool will start scanning your entire hard drive for any possible error or bad sector. It will repair all minor issues related to bad memory or temporary files issue.

If you are still facing the same error after a restart, use these commands.

Step 1: Open the start menu > search for cmd > choose Run as administrator.

Step 2: Type the following command and press enter.

chkdsk /f X

sfc /scannow

Note: Replace X with your drive letter.

Step 3: It will take some time depending on your data, so be patient. Once finished, restart your PC. The 0x80070570 error should be fixed now.

If you face this error while installing new Windows 10 from bootable media like USB or DVD, scan these external devices with the above command.

Solution 6: Defragment Disk Partition

If the chkdsk command is not working for you, then use Defragment feature. Windows 10 comes with this new advanced feature called Defragment, which allows you to Optimize your hard drives. Here are the steps to access Defragment feature.

Step 1: Open the control panel using the start menu search.

Step 2: Now go to System and Security settings.

Step 3: Then click on Administrative Tools.

Step 4: Find and click on Defragment and Optimize Drives.

Step 5: Select your hard drive and click on Optimize.

Step 6: Once Defragmentation is finished, close the window and restart the PC. Now check if the error 0x80070570 is fixed or not.

Solution 7: Perform A Startup Repair

You can use the startup repair option to fix this error on Windows 10. Follow these steps to access the startup repair option.

Step 1: Click on the Start menu, then click on the power button, press and hold the shift key on your keyboard, and then choose restart.

Step 2: Your PC will restart and boot with Advanced startup options.

Step 3: Choose Troubleshoot.

Step 4: Now again, click on Advanced options.

Step 5: After that, click on Startup Repair. If you are asked to enter the admin password, then enter it.

Step 6: Now, your system will reboot with a repair process. Wait for some time till your PC restarts.

Now check for the error and see if you are facing the same error again or not.

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Windows update 0x80070570 error is very common but also very easy to fix. You can also use other solutions like system restore and clean Windows install if you are still facing the issue. If you need any help regarding this error, then comment below.

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