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How to Fix “HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working” Issue?

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Hewlett-Packard most commonly known as HP is a word renowned brand for its electronic products. HP is known for its top-notch laptops and electronics that have over the years outperformed the others. The company has a history of giving good products. Recently their products have been so diverse that HP has been known for making laptops, desktops, personal computers, pen drives, hard drives, and many such electronic items. Now that when you have gotten yourself one of the laptops from this elegant company, you would expect it to give you optimal output.

There are times when you as an HP laptop user will come across this particular error where your laptop will show you the error saying “HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working”. This error as it says means that your keyboard is not performing its function adequately and in most cases, it will not be working at all. This issue, as unexpected as it is, is usually faced by users with old products or some manufacturing defect that has occurred while giving you your device.

A lot of you have fallen victim to this irritating error that stops your progress, may it be playing games, writing an Email, searching your answers on google, or anything else. You cannot allow this to continue as this will just not let you type anything. So here we are, like a genie from your lamp, coming to make your wish come true. Yes you can solve this issue and no you won’t have to pay a single buck for it, you can do the following tech hacks yourself and solve your issue by yourself.

What causes this “HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working” errors?

The issue is pretty amongst the HP user and more often than not people are able to solve it with simple hacks and ways rather than going to the service center. The severity and frequency of these errors is particularly very high with older devices that have been in use for quite a long time. As we said previously, this issue directly affects your keyboard. The error ends up disabling the functions of your laptop’s keyboard.

The reasons as to why this error should occur are many but the few ones that have been the most formidable ones and have been the major causes are –

  • Damaged keys – This is one of the most common reasons for the user to get the error and hence being cut off from the keyboard.
  • Faulty driver – There are times when your windows are not compatible with your drivers or the driver you have installed is faulty or damaged This can be one of the most prominent reasons for the user to get the “HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working” error.
  • Old Driver – Having an old driver installed is one of the major reasons for the error to show up and your keyboard to not work and responding to commands.

Apart from these reasons, any misconfiguration or mistake in the setup process may also cause this issue of the “HP laptop keyboard not working”. These are only some possible reasons for the user to face this issue and as we said, solving this issue caused due for any reason is possible.

We have dug up some really cool and legitimate ways for you to sit at home and get the job done. These tricks are simple treats that you have to feed to your laptop and voila you are back working and making things happen. The methods are very easy and all that you need to do is follow the steps thoroughly.

Let’s have a look at them now –

Fix – 1: Restart the Laptop

It sounds childish but restarting the laptop is a very easy and handy trick. Simply switch it off and on again, let’s be honest NASA did it for their million-dollar satellite, obviously, it has to be worth a shot for your laptop. Here is what you have to do to get your laptop restarted.

Step – 1:

Navigate to the left bottom corner of your home screen and click on the “Windows” icon.

Click on the power button and shutdown

Step – 2:

Click on the power button > restart.

restart PC

Step – 3:

Once the laptop is on again, wait for some time and check the issue you were facing has been eliminated or not.

This is a handy tool and it is recommended you try this before going any further or trying anything complex.

Fix – 2: Check Keyboard Settings

Since it is an error that is causing issues to the keyboard, it is only logical to have a look into the keyboard settings and seeing if there is no issue with it. This too is an easy way to get the issue solved if it is not complex. Here is how you go ahead with it –

Step – 1:

Click the “Start” button, then choose the “Settings” icon from it. Then follow it by choosing “Time & language”.

Step – 2:

Choose “Region & Language”. There, make sure that the language is set to “English (United States)”.

Region & Language

Step – 3:

Click on the keyboard button.

Click on the keyboard button


If it is not set to that, click on the “Options” button and make sure that the keyboard is selected as “US”.

Keyboard Options

Step – 4:

Check by performing the task if that pesky little error still persists.

That is all, there is nothing more to it that you have to do in this method. There is no need for any complex ways and things. If the settings of your keyboard were the reason you were facing this issue, you have just eliminated the issue and now try firing up your keyboard by performing the same task which you did last time and affect the error.

If you still face the error, don’t worry, we still have ways in which you can eliminate the bugging error.

Fix – 3: Try an External Keyboard

Not exactly the solution to get your old keyboard back, but this is one way in which you could continue your work without having to stop and get your urgent work done in time. The secondary keyboard just bypasses the laptop’s internal keyboard. There is no such setup for the attachment of the external keyboard, so just plug and play. If there are any issues try replugging and that should do it. The conditions with that are –

Step – 1:

If the external keyboard works perfectly, then you have to get searching and download the latest version of the laptop driver from HP support.

driver from HP support

Update and set up your driver and that’s the problem fixed.

Step – 2:

If your external keyboard does not work either, then you need to consider resetting your operating system or do a system recovery.

If this doesn’t seem a viable option to you and you still feel that you want to try something else, we have another way for you.

Fix – 4: Reinstall Keyboard Driver

This is one way to make sure your keyboard gets back to its originals. The keyboard driver can be an easy way to fix the error and get your keyboard working back to normal.

Step – 1:

Click on “Start” and go to “Control Panel”. Follow it by clicking on “Device Manager”.

Device Manager

Step – 2:

Then click on the option that says “Keyboard”. Then right-click the keyboard option listed here and choose “Uninstall”.

Step – 3:

To the prompt window, press “OK”.

Step – 4:

Once the uninstall is complete, restart your laptop and the laptop will reinstall the keyboard driver.

Step – 5:

Follow the on-screen prompt and complete the procedure. Then for final installation, it will ask you for a password do type and press enter to complete the procedure.

Fix – 5: Perform a Hard Reset

A hard reset will not remove any of your data in your computer, it is a move that decreases the amount of power stored in hardware components. It is advised that you choose this option when you are not able to log into your laptop or when you cannot go to the Advanced Startup Options panel. This setup is a little more difficult than others not only on you but also on your laptop. So try and use this as your last resort.

Here is how to perform a Hard Reset on your laptop-

Step – 1:

Turn off your computer and remove all the attachments and unnecessary external devices. Also, disconnect your computer from any port or other docking stations too.

Step – 2:

Unplug the AC adapter from the computer and remove the battery from the battery compartment.

Step – 3:

Press and hold the “Power” button for about 15 seconds to drain any residual electrical charge from the capacitors that can protect the memory.

Press the “Power” button

Step – 4:

Insert the AC power adapter and battery back into your laptop but ensure that no other external device is plugged into it.

Step – 5:

Press the “Power” button to turn your laptop back on.

Step – 6:

When the startup menu opens, navigate to select “Start Windows Normally” and press Enter key on your keyboard.

Press Enter Key to Start Windows Normally

This way your computer will do the rest of the things and there are chances that you will get your keyboard restored to its former might.

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The above-mentioned issues are tried and tested and have been verified safe to use. The issue of “HP Laptop Keyboard Not Working” is one that is very commonly found among users. There is no need to worry because as we said that if the issue that you are having is pretty normal and the tricks that we just showed to you are bound to make a change to them.

The issue is nothing to worry about and there are times when you will not be able to perform the given fix hence we suggest you take your laptop to the expert as they will surely get a solution for this. The keyboard is an essential part of the system and hence using an external keyboard when the primary one is not working is highly suggested. This way you will at least ensure that your task at hand will be completed. These methods are pretty easy even for an amateur. Just ensure that you follow it till the last word and don’t miss out on anything.

Do let us know through the comments which of the tricks got your job done and which one found to be the easier one. Also if you are stuck somewhere or at some step, do let us know through the comments and we will get back to you with the perfect solution so that you can get going on your errands. Stay tuned with us as we will keep bringing in the solutions to your problems through these new tricks.

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