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How to Download Safari for Windows 11 – A Complete Guide!

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Safari is one of the best browsers apart from Brave, Google Chrome, and Firefox. Almost every Apple user uses Safari as their default web browser on their MacBook as it is one of the most secure browsers. Now if you just switched from Mac to Windows OS then this article can help you to get Safari for Windows 11/10.

Earlier, Safari wasn’t available for Windows but now you can use Safari on Windows 11. Wondering how you can do that? In this article, we will share a working method for how to download the Safari browser on Windows 11.

Safari for Windows 11

Is Safari Compatible with Windows 11?

Apple hasn’t released an official version of Safari for Windows 11 but you can still use it. So, Safari is only partly compatible with Windows 11. Apple ended Windows support for Safari in 2012 when it launched Safari 6 just for Mac users.

So, for a long time, Apple hasn’t launched an updated version of the Safari browser for Windows. On Microsoft’s Windows 11, you can still use the current Safari browser.

Safari 5.1.7 is the last and most stable version of Windows 11. Note that you won’t be able to use the latest Safari browser features as it is an older version.

How to Download Safari for Windows 11

To download Safari on Windows 11, you will need to use the setup wizard for version 5.1.7. Follow these steps to download and install the Safari browser on Windows 11.

Open the Safari download page

  • Now find and click on the Safari browser icon on the top and then click on the Download button as mentioned below.

Click the Download button on that webpage

  • Save it on your desktop.

How to Install Safari Browser on Windows 11 PC or Laptop

Once you download the browser, here’s how you can install Safari on Windows 11 system.

  • Double click on the Safari setup file from your desktop to install it. It will open a setup wizard window.
  • Click on next and you will see license agreement details.
  • Agree to the license agreement by clicking on the I accept ratio button.

Select the I accept the terms radio button

  • Follow all other on-screen instructions and select the required installation options to install the Safari browser on Windows 11.
  • If you want to change the installation location then you can change it while installing process. Or you can just skip this step.

Change button to choose an alternative installation

  • Click Install and then click on Yes of UAC alert shows up.

Once installed, click on the open Safari browser option from the desktop shortcut or using the Windows search box and start using Safari on Windows 11 without any hassles! This completes the Safari download for Windows 11 process.

Update: Few users aren’t able to see the Safari download option on their PCs on Apple’s official website and it’s redirecting to this page instead which reads “Apple no longer offers Safari updates for Windows. Safari 5.1.7 for Windows was the last version made for Windows, and it is now outdated.” In that case, here’s an alternative method to download Safari for Windows 11.

Alternative Way to Download Safari on Windows 11

To get Safari for Windows 11 even when Apple has stopped the support, you need to download Safari from a third-party website like this one.

Although, it’s not recommended to install Safari from such third-party websites as it may have adware and some freeware but if you still want to use it at any cost, that’s up to you. We do not endorse it but upon our readers’ request, we’ve provided the Safari download for Windows 11 link.

Here’s a video that shows the entire process of installing Safari on Windows 11 using third-party download links.

Features in Safari 5.1.7 Explained!

When Safari is running on Windows 11, you can use some awesome features. Here are some tips that will improve your browsing experience.

To add a new site, click Edit. Then type the website’s URL in the address bar, but don’t hit Enter. Click the small globe icon to the left of the website address and drag it onto a top site’s thumbnail.

Safari comes with a Reading List function. To view it, click the Show Reading List button. To add a webpage to the sidebar, click Add page.

Safari’s Bookmarks Bar now offers page thumbnail previews. To see it, select Show all bookmarks from the browser’s left side.

Safari’s URL toolbar can be customized. To do so, click the Show a menu button in the browser’s upper right. Select Customize Toolbar to bring up the popup shown below:

Safari even allows access to banned websites. Parental Control settings are best for Mac users.

Can I Use the Latest Version of Safari Browser with Windows 11?

The only way to install the latest version of Safari for Windows 11 or 10 is by using virtual machine tools like VMWare or Virtual Box. You can even install and use all the Apple products that are not available for Windows.

The entire process takes little time and it is a very complex process. So you have to take care while setting up and installing Safari on Windows 11 using virtual machine tools. At times, your system might get slow too as the virtual machine requires higher CPU resources and RAM too.

In such cases, it’s better to use Windows 11 Safari browser as mentioned in the above method. But if you’re a developer and want to test out how the latest Safari version behaves on Windows 11 operating system, virtual machine tools are your best bet!

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Well, that ends up the tutorial on how you can download the Safari browser for Windows 11. Do not hesitate to reach out to us on Twitter if you’ve any issues regarding the installation of the browser or any other problem you face.

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