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How to Deactivate and Change Windows 11 Product Key [Updated]

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If you want to activate all features of Windows 11, you have to activate it with a genuine product key. Once you activate your Windows, you can access all Windows 11 Pro features and the latest updates. Note that you can activate only one PC or laptop with one key. If you have multiple computers, then you will need multiple license keys.

Microsoft allows you to change and deactivate the serial key on your Windows if and when needed. Once you deactivate your Windows 11, you won’t be able to use pro features. There are many instances when you need to deactivate your Windows or remove the key.

In this article, we will share how you can deactivate ad change Windows 11 product key. Note that once you deactivate or remove the license key, you have to contact Microsoft via a call to reactivate your system again if needed.

How to Deactivate Windows 11 Product Key

To deactivate Windows 11 product key from your PC, do the following recommended steps:-

1. Firstly, open the command prompt window. To do this, open the Windows start menu with the Windows key on your keyboard and then search for the command prompt.

2. Click on the run as administrator option from the list.

Click on Run as administrator

3. In the cmd terminal, you have to type the following command and then press enter.

slmgr /upk

type slmgr upk command and press enter

This command will deactivate the product key on your computer. Once executed successfully, you will get a message that says, “Uninstalled product key successfully.”

4. Next you have to run this command to remove the key from Windows Registry. Type the following command in CMD and then press enter.

slmgr /cpky

5. You will see a message that says, “Product key from registry cleared successfully.”

Windows is not activate

6. Restart your PC and then go to settings > System > Activation to check if your Windows is activated or not.

You should see not activated message there. And that’s it! The Windows 11 key is now deactivated successfully. 

How to Change Windows 11 Product Key

If you want to change your existing Windows product key then follow these steps. Using this method, you can replace your old license key with a new pro key to unlock all Windows 11 pro features.

Method 1:

1. Open command prompt with administrator access using Windows 11 settings.

2. Once done, enter this SLUI 3 command and press enter.

enter SLUI 3 command and press enter

3. This command will open a new window. Here you have to enter a new product key.

enter a new product key windows 11

Once done, click the ok next button and then reboot your system.

Method 2:

You can also change the Windows product key using the cmd command.

1. Open the command prompt terminal using the start menu. Search for cmd in the start menu > search for cmd > choose Run as administrator.

2. In the cmd window, type this command and press enter.


type this command with Key

Replace the key above with your Windows 11 product key.

Step 3: Use this other command to activate that key on your system.

slmgr.vbs -ato

slmgr.vbs -ato command

Once done, close the cmd terminal and then restart your computer.

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Did You Change or Deactivate Product Key Successfully?

You have a Microsoft product key, but it’s old and no longer works. You might not have gotten around to upgrading that PC, or maybe you’ve bought a new PC. Whatever the case, above methods will help you to deactivate and change product key in Windows 11.

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