How Do You Copy and Paste on Snapchat? Here’s the Answer!

Firstly, trash all those reports, rumors and news that say Snapchat is shutting down. And also the users who complain that they cannot copy and paste on Snapchat! If you’ve heard these rumors, you’re already on a wrong path! To copy and paste a message in Snapchat chat is pretty simple.

Snapchat app has around 360 million active users per month as of January 2020 and it’s growing crazy in the Q2 because of Covid-19 lockdown all around the word.

As Snapchat is used by millions of users, the number of users exchanging messages and stickers every day is bound to rise. But how often did you feel that there’s a need to copy a message in Snapchat and send it to your friends by pasting it?

How to Copy and Paste Message on Snapchat chat

Before we move forward and reveal the method to copy and paste on Snapchat, let’s have a look at some quick questions that are often asked by Snapchat users like YOU!

Does Snapchat Notify When You Copy a Message?

No, it does not notify to the other user when you copy his/her message. But, if you take a complete screenshot of the chat, photo or a video, it will notify the other user with a message “You Took a Screenshot.”

Can You Copy Text from Snapchat Message?

Yes, you can! One can easily copy a message Snapchat text and paste it someone else’s Snapchat message box too. It’s pretty simple to do it.

How Many Words Can You Type in Snapchat Text?

Usually, the limit is 31 characters but you can increase the character limit by using copy and paste tool on your iOS devices.

To do so, head over to Notes app on your iOS device and tap on return option 10-15 times. Now highlight that empty lines and tap on copy. Now paste those empty lines in Snapchat text box to increase the character limit. Simple isn’t it?! Well, that’s one of the reasons why users like you often want to copy paste messages in Snapchat.

Why Can’t I Copy and Paste on Snapchat?

You might be running an old version of Snapchat app on your smartphone or tablet. Update it to the latest version and see if it works. Besides this, it might also be a cross-platform issue.

So these are some frequently asked questions by Snapchat users when they try to copy or paste in Snapchat text box. Let’s now see how you can do it!

How to Copy and Paste on Snapchat

There’s no rocket science in Snapchat to copy and paste text messages. It’s a simple process as you do it normally on your Android or iOS devices.

Here’s a step by step guide to copy and paste a message on Snapchat app.

#1. To start with, open the chat box of your friend in Snapchat.

#2. Now tap and hold on the message.

#3. You’ll now find an option to copy or paste. Select the Copy option.

#4. You’ve now copied the text from the Snapchat message box.

#5. Open the chat box and tap on it. Once the keyboard comes up, tap and hold in the chat box. 

#6. When you tap and hold, you must find an option paste. Tap on paste once you find it.

That’s it!

So that’s how you can do Snapchat copy and paste. By now, you’ve got a clear idea about how to copy and paste text in Snapchat.

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Wrapping Up!

It’s this easy to copy and paste message in Snapchat. I wonder why users are unable to do it. If you’re still unable to do so, let us know in the comment section below. Stay tuned to our tutorials section to learn more such hacks and use Snapchat in a better way!

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