Exciting Tablets with Best Camera Quality

Last time around, we shared some of the best laptops in 2015. This tm around, we ar covering some of the top Tablets with the best camera. When you are looking at some of the best tablets in the market, you will find that most of them may have a good processor, but their cameras may not be very good. There are several good tablets available in the market. We are providing some of the best tablets with best camera quality. Deviating from this conventional trend is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. This tablet is not only good on features, but it is also comfortably priced. You can check out the lowest rates of Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 at Amazon.com and also grab some Amazon discount codes for further discounts.

Best Tablets with Exceptional Camera Quality

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 device has some stunning features that will surely blow your mind away. The key attraction of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is the display and the camera. In fact, experts have touted that Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 has one of the best displays in the tablet category. You have to actually see the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 in person to believe the clarity of the display. Watching movies and reading books on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is a wonderful experience. In fact, the display is also very bright for outdoor viewing. Watch out for some very good offers on coupon websites like couponraja, offcoupon etc for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 – that is, if you intend to buy it.

The camera on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is something that most people would be aghast at. Surprisingly, the camera of Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is amazing and good for outdoor photos as well. The cameras on tablets are something like a mix bag – sometimes they may be good and sometimes they may be really bad. After the iPad, if you want a good camera on a tablet, then you will have to choose the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. The 8 MP resolution camera really packs a punch and enables you to take fantastic photographs for all occasions. Many people would prefer to take images with their phones, but with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 in hand, you will surely change your mind. Experts who have reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 camera have very good reviews on the same – especially for close-up images. Cameras are a must these days – may it be a tablet or a phone.


Next let’s have a look at the camera quality of the iPad. This is definitely the best tablet for camera quality. There is no tablet currently made that can even match up to the camera quality of the iPad. The iPad Air has an HD camera, which means that you can take absolutely clear images and videos with the iPad Air tablet. There are two cameras on the iPad Air – one is the front facing camera and the second one is the back camera. With this camera, you can record 720 p HD videos with stunning quality. You can use the front camera for video calling over Wi-Fi and also make Skype video calls. Other features of the iPad camera are face detection, photo and video geo tagging.

Watch your Favorite Shows on the Go with these Smart Live TV apps

With the IPL series going on, it becomes necessary for every cricket fan to find out a way to watch IPL matches live online somehow. There are several ways to watch the matches live for free using android apps and live streaming channels. Hotstar has become very popular among Indian users. In case, if you want to watch your favorite TV show, then I highly recommend checking out smart live TVapps mentined below. If you are planning to cut the cable cords in your home, you will need some real good entertainment to keep you glued to your couch. If you have a 3G enabled smartphone, you can download some TV apps and watch your favourite channels for free. There are some paid apps that will also give you extended services or extra channels. With the IPL coming up, you surely would want to catch the action live even while you are on the move. For this you would need to ensure that you Data card or the internet pack on your phone is sufficiently recharged. To get the desired amount of balance for your Data Card or phone, you can use the freecharge promo codes to get attractive discount on your recharge amount.

Watch Live TV for Free

Here are some of the best TV apps that will surely give you an adrenalin rush while watching.


LiveNow TV

You don’t have to pay anything for this mobile application because it is absolutely free of charge. You can run this application on almost all tablets and smartphones. Smartphones and tablets that have more than 1GhZ processor speed will not have a problem in running the app at all. The two main factors that you have to look at in a TV app are stability and reliability. The LiveNow! TV app scores very high on stability and reliability. There are a wide variety of TV channels on LiveNow! TV hence it has become very popular these days. The key features of the LiveNow! TV app are – videos on-demand, fast buffering, speedy and fast streaming, exhaustive list of television channels.

Watch Free TV

This is another free TV app that has a comprehensive list of television channels from the UK as well as from the US. This app has a solid, yet simple interface. It houses live sports channels that will keep you glued to the screen all the time. With a vast palette of local and international TV channels, the Watch Free TV is definitely one of the best entertainment apps in the market.

TV Live

This is a free TV app that has over 200 international channels. This includes channels from Turkey, Russia, Georgia, and even Ukraine. The key features of this television app are: simple interface, good streaming, and large selection of channels. One very interesting feature of this app is that it allows you to pop-up the video. This means that you can view the video in a small window that can be moved from one place to another on the screen.

When you are shopping for some of the best Smartphones that has good hardware specifications to run these app without any hassles you can check out couponraja and some other coupon websites for some very attractive deals and discounts. We have evenlisted some of the most useful android entertainment apps. The coupon codes can be applied at the various online merchant stores at the checkout page. Once you apply the codes, the discount amount would immediately be displayed on the page. To ensure that you get the discount it is important to use the right coupon codes and also I would be wise to first check the validity of the coupons before using it for purchase.

Best Laptops of 2015 in India

Like every other person you meet at the coffee shop, in the train, at college, you too may be in need of a laptop that promises to act according to your every whim and fancy. With new laptops coming up every now and then, there is no dearth of good laptops in the market for the prospective buyer. Additionally, if you do some research on the laptop prices in India, you would find there is a laptop available in different budget range, go through the specifications and features list of the laptops to get the deal. Proceed to know about some of the laptops available in the Indian market and their approximate prices. You can also check best gaming tablets of 2015. Lets take a look at top laptops available under the price tag of Rs. 50,000 that comes with a solid features and look.

Download Monument Valley 2 1.1.14 for Android

Top Gaming Tablets of 2014

In recent years, tablets have seen important updates that have made them able to handle even more tasks. With people moving away from smartphone and PC to tablets, it is believed that the tablet market will surpass the laptop sale at the end of 2016. Apple introduced retina ready iPad which significanty improved the visuals on tablets. Samsugn anf other tablet manufacturer followed the suits quickly. Probably, you are one the wannabe tablet owner who is looking for the top gaming tables on 2014.  There are some surpsiring entrie in the list. For now, we are resticting our article to cover on top 5 tablets or else the list will never end. In case, if you are looking for a good ist of games, then we recommend checking out our collection of top android multiplayer games. The best 2014 tablets for gaming can operate a wide range of games including online casino roulette games or performance racing games with complex graphics.

Holiday season is already approaching. If you are planning to get a nice tablet for your friend or family member, then this article should help you out.

Best Gaming Tablets

Following are some of the best gaming talets of this year. It’d be not possible to include all the tablets in the list. However, we will still try our level best to cover best of them. Gaming tablet needs best display and smooth touch experience. We’re keeping these two factors in mind while making the list. Besides that we are also considering the processor speed, graphics capability and few other factors but we are not emphasizing too much on them.

samsung galaxy tab s 8.4

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

The Galaxy 8.4 is what it says on the tin, being a smaller version in comparison to the 10.5 inch model. While the size may be smaller, no other cuts have occured in regards to the hardware of this device. The signature Samsung Exynos 5 Octa-core processor is included and works in conjunction with a healthy amount of RAM, a full 3 GB. This tablet is for gamers who want a smaller size than its 10.5 inch cousin. Expect to pay about £319 for this device. However, we are expecting the price to be dropped on Black Friday. It is going to be one of the hottest selling device at the end of this year.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4

nexus 7

Nexus 7

While this tablet isn’t a newer release, it is still one of the best tablets found in the market. One of the best things about this tablet is its screen. The 7 inch display has seen a major increase in pixels from 1280 x 800 to 1920 x 1200 which results in a 323 ppi. For gamers, this means the visual aspect of gaming is ideal. The Nexus 7 ranges in price from £199 to £239. Previously, we covered some of the best games for Google nexus 7 tablets. We do recommend going through the list, if you are going to buy it.  With quad-core processor, Nexus 7 is still going stong and is considered to be the best bang for a buck.

Buy Nexus 7

apple ipad mini

Apple iPad Mini

A petite version of the iPad, many expect to find signature iPad technology in this device. However, this is not the case as the mini lacks the Retina display screen or an updated processor. This doesn’t mean the device isn’t ideal for gaming but those wanting these signature iPad specs might consider another version of the iPad. As we know, iOS devices are much more faster compared to Android counterparts. Perhaps, this is the reason why we still recommend iPad mini if you are a die hard game addict.  iPad may not be as cheaper as the android counterparts with similar specs. Price varies from £269 to £429 depending upon the amount of storage.

Buy Apple iPad Mini

nvidia shield tablet

Nvidia Shield

Nvidia shield is yet another bigging in the list. Nvidia is known for its graphics cards, but they have also managed to create a stunning tablet that is ideal for the gaming lovers. The tegra powered device gives an option to play hundreds of games and is well optimized to play tegra optimized android games. It comes with a quad-core processor and 2GB RAM.


Despite its age in the mark, the Nexus 7 has held its own against newer tablets and should be considered as the best of these three tablet options. Gamers will find the specifications conducive to a well designed gaming tablet. We also recommend going for Nvidia shield tablet if you are really keen on going for the good tablet at a cheaper price. You will not find a great battery life but it is still a good deal.

Let us know which is your favorite gaming tablet of 2014.

Transfer Data from Old to New PC with EaseUS Todo PCTrans

Ever found yourself in a dilemma when you upgrade your PC? Whenever we bought a new computer to replace our ageing computer, we always face the dilemma of having to transfer everything from the old to the new or to start from fresh. It is easy to replace the computer but moving data could be an daunting task. With free cloud space, you can take care of some of the most important data of your PC, but what about viode, music, images and other semi-important files. Google drive, dropbox and several other prominent players are in the market which offers a sync feature. With the use of these application, you can sync your important data in real time. For now, let’s assume that you want to transfer applications from one PC to another PC without loosing data. What option do you have? Well, there are very less options come into mind. Honestly, there’s actually a much better way now to transfer programs to new computer that also happens to be free as well.

Whatsapp for PC: Download and Use Whatsapp on Windows 8, 7 and XP

According to the recent news, Whatsapp has become the most popular messanging app in Indian and several other countries. Whatsapp is one of the fastest growing messaging applications launched for smartphones and other phones. Looking at the popularity of this smartphone app Facebook acquired Whatsapp to make a right strategy to acquire mobile market. Recently, Whatsapp crossed 70 million users in India. Having said all, there is no PC version made available by the developer. However, there is an alternate way to use whatsapp for PC with the help from the android emulator like Bluestack and YouWave. If you are not aware of the method to download whatsapp on PC, then you should follow the given guide to learn it. The application works as smoonthly as on any other android or iOS devices.

8 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Barcode Printer

When you have a barcode system for your business, one of the things that you will need is a barcode printer to allow you to print your own codes. But like with many things, there are a lot of barcode printers on the market. So you want to know what you should look for in a barcode printer. Here are eight tips that you can use for finding the right barcode printer for you.

Consider Your Print Workload

According to Tech 4 Mommies, this is the first thing that you should consider. When you are choosing your printer, you have to figure out what your print workload will be like. How much are you printing? There are different sizes and types of printers, so it’s essential that you choose the one that can handle your workload.

barcode printer

Consider how Your Prints Will be Used

You can use a printer to print different kinds of tags, depending on the needs of your organization or customers. Do you need them for tracking products? Do you need them for tracking shipments? This is what you need to ask yourself. In case, if you are going to use printer to print copied from iPad or other tablets, then you should also check whether an appropriate apps are available or not. A detailed guide on how to save webpage as PDF and then print it already covered before.

Consider What Your Print Resolution Requirement Is

When you’re looking for barcode printers, you need to consider the resolution you wish to use. To have a barcode that’s really clear, you need a printer that prints in very high resolution. A good printer will provide a minimum of 203 dots in each inch. If you want a higher density, you want to look for a printer that has more dots per inch.

Consider Your Chosen Print Method

There are three different methods which you can choose from based on the quality of barcode you need. There’s direct thermal, thermal transfer, and ink jet printing. Ink jet printers use ink cartridges and prints dots in really thin intervals. The problem is that the ink can bleed. Direct thermal printing applies heat directly to the label and doesn’t require toner or a cartridge. These barcodes aren’t really durable. Thermal transfer uses heat that’s transferred using a wax coated ribbon to bring out colors within the barcode tape. Dot Tech states that these printers are the most efficient, producing codes that are very durable.

Barcode Printer

Consider Your Label size

Different printer sizes produce different sizes of labels. You have to decide what label size you’re going to be printing. Then you can figure out what barcode printer you need. There are a lot of label sizes that you can choose from so you have to look at the products on which the labels will go and then choose the barcode label and barcode printer that fits those requirements.

Consider Whether Your Printer is Compatible With Your Computer

When you are looking for your business’s barcode printer, you have to choose one that is going to work with your computer. There are a lot of models that you can buy and you have to find one that is going to work with the operating system you have. The last thing that you want to do is to find that you have a great barcode printer but your computer’s not compatible with it.

Consider Whether Your Printer can Network with your other Devices

This is a tip that comes from Barcodes Inc. Similarly to being compatible with your computer, you want to make sure that you are purchasing a printer that will fit in your business’s network infrastructure. A good barcode printer is one that’s going to easily connect without any additional networking issues.

Consider How Much You are Willing to Spend

This factor is something you should consider before you make your purchase. There are a lot of vendors that sell barcode printers, so it can be hard to figure out which you should buy from. Compare the different printers available, based on what you need, and then compare the prices offered by various vendors.

These are the things that you have to consider when you are looking for a barcode printer for your business. Keeping these considerations in mind will help you with finding the right printer for your business.

Take the time to find the printer that is right for you. The last thing you want to do is choose a printer that looks nice at first glance, but ends up losing you time and money because it properly fit your needs. It’s best to take the extra time to research and see what is going to be best option for you instead of taking a chance and then wasting your money on a printer that won’t work. Then you have to take even more time to go and find one that is going to work better when you could have found the right one the first time by taking your time. eCommerce vendors like Shopify sell a number of POS hardware accessories including barcode printers.

Best Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software a hidden eye on your employee’s

An exceptional employer knows what is happeing in the company and with each employee. It is employees who actually make the business grow, they work hard, but sadly many employees misuse the liberty and resources they have received. Employee Monitoring Software (EMS) makes it possible to track the activities of each employee and this way it helps the company to avoid any information leak or wasting of time at work. Most of all the big names are making a switch to EMS, to keep track on employees working pattern.

It is not illegal to track company computers, laptops, smart phones or tablets. But make sure that the employee is made aware of it. Employee Monitoring Software can supervise the activities of the employees, if an employee violates any company policy or shares companies’ private information with someone else he is not supposed to, IMS provides you detailed activity log of employees which can be utilized in investigation. In such case, you have to use employee computer tracking software that can help you to achieve your goal.

employee monitoring software

Many software developing companies have developed Employee Monitoring Software, and they are easily available in the market, which you can use in your company to keep track on employee’s daily activities. The best EMS will capture every activity that happened on a company computer, laptop or smart phone or laptop. Below I have mentioned few features you should look for while selecting the Employee Monitoring software for your company.

Features to look for in EMS

Monitoring and Capturing :  Monitoring refers to what employees are doing on the company computer, like which website they surf,  application they use, any email conversations, chat, computer system activities, data file transfer or using external devise, the EMS should be proficient enough to monitor these activities. Capturing refers to the data captured for future use; many EMS systems will capture the data monitored.  Many EMS will also capture screenshots, these often help’s company in any legal issues with employees.

Add Blocking

Many times employees, even though there is high volume of work, manage to visit Facebook or personal email or even surf job site, well its not good to do it during office hours.  This feature helps company to control the activities of the employee. Many EMS also has feature to block certain websites, like social networking, shopping or music sites, even many software’s provide feature to block data sharing or adding attaching external  devise.

Manage and Reporting

Most of the Employee monitoring software’s are installed on the company devise and it does not interrupt the work of the employee and can be managed using a remote computer. Many IMS will have a management tool that allows you to give user specific permissions, run reports, and also flash alerts. Best EMS will have a tool to print full log reports, graphical reports and screenshot images.

Let me also share few Best Employee monitoring software’s that you can use to monitor and capture the activities of the employees.

Top 3 EMS systems for your company

Spector CNE Investigator:  It is one of the best EMS systems that capture’s complete activity of the employee. This software has a Data tool for archiving records and a centralized control panel to manage reports, viewing activities and deploying the client side of the software.

spector cne investigator

The software does not have option to block application use that is if there is a game already installed then it will not block, it also does not have feature to block attaching external devise.

Spytech NetVizor : This EMS systems will help the employer to capture every key strokes to a entire chat conversation and it helps blocking websites , chat sites, file sharing and many more.  The top notch companies go for this EMS, because of its comprehensive surveillance, reporting and remote system administration features. The negative part of this software is, it does not record audio and does not have ability to control the usage of time schedule application.

spytech netvisor

iSafe Keylogger Pro:  iSafe is one of the best EMS, which will help you to keep an eye on employees work, it has capacity to monitor each and every website surfed,  if any external devises are connected, microphone connected and even file sharing can be monitored and can even print the data log for the employer.  It has a feature to block certain activities. The features it does not isafe keylogger pro


I am sure this information will help you to decide the best EMS for your company. Employee monitoring software can be vigilant to use, it helps in protecting company data loss, and track the valued time of the employee they are being paid for. So make the best use of the EMS and secure the activities of the employees and get peace of mind.

5 Highly Addictive Google Nexus 7 Tablet Games

Nexus 7 is dominating the android tablet market. While many people prefer to use tablets for business purpose, there is a dedicated section who loves to play game of such device. In fact, we have compiled a list to provide most addictive games for Google nexus 7 which you can install right away and enjoy the best of android world. There are an absolute ton of games available on the Google Nexus 7 tablet. Previously, we shared few addictive must have apps for nexus 7 for new nexus 7 tablet owners. In this article I am going to show you 5 games that are free to download and will have you calling in sick to work, staying up late, and spending hours upon hours on your tablet.

Best Games for Nexus 7

Castle Clash

If you have ever played Age of Empires or any kind of RTS (real time strategy) game you’ll get totally lost in Castle Clash. What you do in this game is manufacture gold and mana. The gold allows you to build different buildings for your civilization; mana allows you to build troops to fight with. In this game you can attack other players, defend your castle, fight in areas with your heros, and explore caves.

castle clash for nexus 7

There are all kinds of upgrades that you can use for your civilization. For instance, you can build walls, towers, magic buildings, etc. to fight the way you want. So you could go the route of being a defensive civilization or an offensive civilization. There is so much to do in this game and you’ll find yourself getting lost in it for hours and hours.

PBA Bowling Challenge

If you like bowling or just need some time to kill, you’ll find yourself completely immersed in PBA Bowling Challenge. Obviously, this is an arcade style bowling game that has a lot of bowling balls to unlock. For example, there is a ball that you can unlock which is a “bomb ball”, what this does is blow up when it hits the pins which gives you a better chance of knocking down a lot of the pins.

pba bowling game for android

You can play this game online with your Google +1 account, play a solo campaign, and rank amongst the tops of the leaderboards. There are all kinds of achievements that you’ll need to unlock such as finishing a game with three strikes in order to unlock different stages, balls, and upgrades. It’s not just your average bowling game and has actually received a “editor choice” award from the Google Play marketplace.

Spartan Wars

Spartan Wars is another RTS game that allows you to build up “Spartan” armies and attack other players. What makes this game unique is the ability to join different alliances where you can interact with people to conquer other online players. You can control an unlimited army of swordsman, spearman, axemen, archers, calvery, etc. which all have their own special abilities. For instance, the archers would counter infantry units, and deal 30% more damage. The emphasis is networking with others online where you can send them troops and resources to help them out.

spartan wars game for nexus 7

While you’re attacking others it’s up to you to maintain your economy so that you can build more tower defenses, battering rams, resources, and upgrades to your civilization. What makes this game unique is you can acquire different gods which all have their own special abilities. For example, one god could make your calvary 50% stronger while another god could focus on boosting your gold, stone, food, and wood production by 50%.

It’s not all about just building up armies and crushing other people online. There are various campaigns which are played against the AI which are very challenging and can teach you the ends and outs of the games gameplay.

Tetris Blitz

Tetris has come along way since it’s beginnings over 20+ years ago. One of the most addicting games of all time. With Tetris Blitz you’ll certainly get your monies worth (which is free). The graphics are absolutely stunning and the examiner.com actually quoted this game as “being the perfect mobile game.”

terris blitz game for nexus 7

There are so many upgrades in this game there is no way you’ll keep up with them all. Each week EA will add new “powerups” which will allow you to shatter your old high scores. One of the many upgrades is a laser powerup that will allow you to zap different polygons in order to clear some room.

You can enjoy playing with your friends online, campaign modes, and finish daily blitzes. This game has over 50k positive 5 star reviews on Google Play marketplace!

Dead Trigger

Shooters on tablets are like finding a needle in a haystack. They either don’t function correctly or feel like work playing them. With Dead Trigger you’ll find that this game works flawlessly, and is quite addicting. If you’re a fan of Call of Duty’s zombie mode this game should be right up your alley. Why? Because, the entire game relies on blowing zombies heads off! The idea behind this game is you have to kill zombies and millionss of them.

dead triggers game for nexus 7

Basically, the world plays as money has lost it’s value and millions of people have been infected by a virus. You are one of the few people that actually prepared for this problem and you can do something about it. What? Kill zombies and kill a hell of a lot of them! Great game that is highly addicting!

Hopefully, you enjoy the collection of top games for nexus 7. So what other games do you believe should be on this list? Please leave your comments down below.

This article was written by Garen Arnold who run blogsetupguide.com. He focuses on helping people start a blog from square one. He also enjoys playing videos games and designing websites for clients.

Top 5 Smartphone in India [October and November 2013]

The world is going crazy about smartphone. For smartphone manufacturer India and China has become a prime target due to large consumption of smartphone. In this post, we are including some of the latest mobiles in India that are either launched or are about to be launched. This year IFA tech show was centre of attraction in all techies. Mainly the giant of south Korea Samsung launched its most awaited and loud phone – Galaxy Note 3. With Samsung and Sony many small mobile manufacturers revealed the latest mobiles. Alcatel, LG, Nokia, HTC also used IFA to upfront their tech toys. While LG gears up to launch G2 ( 5.2 inch full HD smart phone) Nokia is preparing for Lumia 1020 with its 41MP camera to rock the show. Let’s have a look at most advance smart phones of 2013, soon they are about to launch in India.


Samsung just stole the mobile market with its products and now it’s ready with Note 3. According to techies the only brand which can give a equal compaction to Samsung note 3 is LG G2.

lg g2

The device is 5.2-inch full HD IPS Super LCD2 Display with res of 1920 X 1080 px at 443 ppi. with 2.26 GHz quad-core processor powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset.  2 GB of ram and 16GB/32GB of memory comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. 13MP rear camera with 2.1 MP front camera which gives Optical image Stabilization feature. Auto focus and LED flashlight are extra top-on. G2 supports 4G LTE-Advance connectivity with 3000mAh Li Ion battery.

Xperia Z1

Xperia has set its market with waterproof phones, these time Sony went littel further with Z1. With 5 inch Full HD display with Triluminos technology and X-reality engine Z1 comes with 2.2 Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM. 16GB of base memory with expandable up to 64GB. Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean is the base OS of the phone. With 3000mAh Li ion battery Z1 has 20.7 Mega Pixel camera.

sony xperia z1

Note 3

With everyday increasing popularity of Samsung Galaxy note series, Samsung has dared to offer note 3 with higher price range. Note 3 – lastly awaited phone comes with 5.7 inch full Super AMOLED HD format with HD resolution. With 2.3 Snapdragon 800 chipset quad core and 1.9 GHz Exynos Octa core SoC comes with 3GB RAM and 16 GB memory. 13MP rear facing and 2MP front facing camera gives video recording at 4K. Samsung have added 3200 mAH Li-ion battery with BT4.0, 3G, WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, MHL 2.0.

samsung galaxy note 3

Lumia 1020

With 4.5-inch AMOLED WXGA display giving resolution of 1280 X 768 px Nokia is ready with Lumia 1020. It opens with 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor with 2GB RAM and 32GB memory. The phone has 41 MP camera which comes with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), and ZEISS optics with 6-lens design. With 1.2 MP wide angle front facing camera The handset supports 3G, WiFi, NFC and a 2000mAh Li battery. Main feature of Lumia 1020 is wireless charging facility.

nokia lumia 1020

Expected Price : Not Available

Desire 600

With dual SIM HTC is planning for Desire 600c with CDMA support. It is the same phone with an identical design. The device will have a 4.5 inch quality HD display with res of 96 X 540 px, 1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with Sense 5.1, 8 MP rear facing camera and 1.6 MP front camera, 1GB of RAM comes with 8 GB of Memory which is expandable up to 64 GB.1860 mAh Li-ion battery handset gives WiFi, 3G, DLNA, NFC with BT 4.0.

htc desire 600

HTC Desire comes with CDMA + GSM facility

Expected Price : 30,000

These are some of the best smartphone to be available in India. Nokia Lumia 1020 is expected to be available on this diwali 2013. So you can wait for another week or so to get your hands on this device. On the other hand, Xperia z1 is already being marketed by Sony heavily. Their brand endorser Katrin kaif is working hard to promote sony’s product.