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Ricky Shah

How to Watch Blocked and Banned YouTube Videos

How to Watch Blocked or Banned YouTube Videos Easily

Have you ever encountered, ‘YouTube Video Not Available in Your Country’ error while casually surfing videos on the internet. Well, that YouTube video is blocked or restricted  by uploader from viewing. Such annoying experience may lead to craving more to…

How to Customize Windows 8 Start Screen

How to Customize Windows 8 Start Screen?

We all love customization, don’t we? It is human tendency to get easily bored of the same repetitive and monotonous things. Every human being (let’s not fight over this) wants to be different from another. This is how man invented…

How to Download Instagram Photos Safely

Instagram has taken a photography to a whole new level. It has become more of an obsession and addiction than a necessity. Wouldn’t it be great, if you could download Instagram photos so that all your obsessive addictions remain sound…