Ultimate Collection of Google Reader Mac Application

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Unlike Windows counterpart, Google Reader Mac applications are scarce. Without any fuss, Google Reader could be considered as one of the intuitive and beautiful web-based RSS feed reader app, but how about its alternatives on Mac OS. With increasing use of web, RSS feeds are excellent way to keep yourself updated with latest news and information without any need of web browser. The feed reader application simply reads the feed and serves it to users in a dedicated app thus bringing news, weather and other vital information on your fingertip in a snap.

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Send Files to Google Drive from Right-Click Send To Menu

Just few hours back, we provided an up to date installation and starter guide to Google Drive service. With innumerable cloud service provider knocking your door to try them out before you try their competitors, Google’s Drive service has an upper hand since, after all, it is offered by Google. It widens its reach by providing Android app which is already selling downloaded like a hot cake. Needless to say the number of Google Docs service users will get a free cloud ride.

If dragging and dropping files to sync it to cloud service is too much of a work, this nifty ‘Send To’ menu shortcut will let you upload/ send files and folders with one click. All your files and folders are just one-click away from getting synchronized without your intervention.

Google Drive Starter Guide and Tutorial

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First Dropbox then SkyDrive and now Google Drive has arrived to satisfy our ever growing desire to get more space. Amidst other competitors Google Drive is expected to perform well with built-in support for Google Docs, Android smartphone/ tablets and other services. Not to forget the availability of immaculate add-ons (Chrome web apps) offered by Google and well-recognized third-party developers. However, immense features and add-ons bring headache along with it since they are somewhat difficult to understand. To understand Google Drive features thoroughly, we’ve compiled a detailed starter guide cum tutorial for our readers.


Ultimate Collection of Pinterest Like Sites for Link Building

Pinterest has seen a tremendous growth in past six month. According to Time’s magazine survey, it has been voted as among the top 50 best websites of 2011. Graphics designers, women and SEOs are already exploiting it to get most out of it. The new photo curation site has helped many people to find interesting and inspiring new designs. In fact, from past several month Pinterest has been a topic of perusal to understand how a photo sharing site came in top beating big giants.

Pinterest has options to collect, collate, sift and organize inspiring images and other interesting infographics in a engaging and fun way. In December 2011, SEO gurus realized the true potential of Pinterest when they managed to drove more referral traffic than they would have imagined in their wildest dream. Immediately after that many of them wrote eBooks to leverage the advantage of it. While image copyright seems to still be an issue, many users have continued sidelined it to enjoy pinning images to different boards.

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3 Super Awesome Ways to Download iOS Firmware Directly from Apple

download ios firmware

Ever wondered how easy is to download iOS firmware from Apple server. But before moving onto providing the ways to download iPhone firmware directly from Apple server, let us take this opportunity to define what IPSW is. The IPSW is an acronym for iOS firmware. When you fire iTunes on your desktop, it usually checks for latest IPSW on Apple server and compares it with the current version running on your device, provided you’ve connected your device to PC.

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Download Google Drive for Android

With recent announcement in cloud storage service segment, Google has joined the rivals Apple, Microsoft and Dropbox. For those who are not accustomed with Google drive appellation and features can read our detailed guide on Google drive service. Those who are familiar with Dropbox will not find it hard to guess what Google Drive is and does. Along with the service announcement Google has also announced free 5GB space to all future prospects, which is somewhat uplifted than what fierce rival Dropbox has to offer. However, it is still behind SkyDrive service which comes with 7GB of space (upgradable to 25GB for free).

Google products users will find it extremely helpful since it given an uplift to Google Docs service. Along with slews of new features, search engine giant has also announced dedicated Chrome web store with more plugins to support users.

Google Drive for Android

Google announced immediate availability of Google Drive desktop and mobile client. Users of PC, Mac and Android smartphone can immediately download respective clients on their device. However, as of writing this article Google Drive is not available in all the region and hence PC client was unavailable at http://drive.google.com but Android app can be downloaded from Play store.

Features in briefdownload google drive for android

  • Google Docs is now available in Google Drive
  • Share virtually anything with the world
  • Access files stored on cloud from PC or smartphone
  • Access your photos, documents, videos and other files stored on your Google Drive from Android app
  • Upload files, documents and videos from Android
  • Offline edit support
  • Create and edit documents in Rich Text Formatting
  • View PDF files
  • Take photo of printed text and convert it into Google docs instantly

Google Drive for Android has already been downloaded over 30k times from Play store. It is available for Android devices running on Android 2.1 and higher. It is also compatible with major Android Tablets running on Honeycomb or higher.

Have you downloaded Google Drive on your Android device? Do let us know your experience with the app via comment section below.

Download Google Drive for Android

All You Need to Know About Google Drive: Google’s Venture in Cloud Service

Google introduces its new venture in crowded cloud service segment called Google Drive. In a race to win more consumers Google has finally decided to put its foot on the last gear and unveiled Google Drive service to the public. In a nutshell, Google Drive is yet another wannabe Dropbox with additional support from the search behemoth. Few years back, people had to buy additional HD to fulfill their ever growing space requirement, but Dropbox and few similar services changed the whole scenario.

Users can realize the potential of the cloud service by merely looking at the number of big giants who jumped onto the cloud service bandwagon. Needless to say that sooner or later users of this services will be exploited in the way that will help the company. Smartphone gerent Apple has already jumped into this field last year when they announce iCloud service. It makes file syncing and sharing across multiple device a breeze. The dream of sharing multiple files across different gadgets and devices without need of a hardware has been realized with such cloud sharing service.

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New iPad Coming to India on 27th April Starting from Rs. 30,500

new ipad india

Finally, Apple’s new gadget aka new iPad or iPad 3 is coming to India on 27th April. In fact, Apple announced the availability in 12 other countries on this Friday and 9 more countries on 27th April 2012. In addition to India, the new iPad will arrive in Colombia, Estonia, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, South Africa and Thailand.