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10 Best Offline Music Apps for iPhone Free!

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Music just like breathing is a necessity for today’s generation. Speaking of a human race as a whole, everyone is into music, maybe not the same genre but that doesn’t stop people from listening to music. Some like Metallic, while others go for Pop, there are fans of old classical and under the same roof someone is listening to Tropical Hip-hop. Music has become its own language and undeniable the language commonly spoken by all. That being said, it gets frustrating when you don’t have the internet to listen to your favorite music. So it is important to have the best offline music apps for iPhone downloaded on your devices before you are on a move. 

iPhone users often get caught amidst downloading their purchased songs and adding them to their library for them to be able to access those songs later when needed.

Top 10 Free Offline Music Apps for iPhone

There are a lot of choices for offline music applications and hence I’ve worked on bringing the best free music apps for iPhone. Here are our top 10 picks. 

Free Offline Music Apps for iPhone

1. Apple Music

Like we had to say it. The Apple Music is the inbuilt available option provided in your iPhone. Amidst all the controversies, Apple Music with the new OS 14.2 updates has brought in some amazing features like, shuffle and playback with autoplay. These features have brought in new light to this media player which is widely used by the Apple product owners. The vast variety of genres and artists and tunes the application possess is amazing as it has so much to offer.

Once you get a hang of it, the endless streaming can keep going on once you select a plan for yourself and download the music to your device. After that once you leave the place and go anywhere, you will always have your favorite artists and playlist handy anytime to plug and go with or without an internet connection.  

Download Apple Music

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2. SoundCloud

It is a major outlet for artists. They upload new music every day. Using the app would not be tedious for you. The app shows bands and new albums. There are songs on top, too. There is an innumerable catalogue of albums. Even without the Internet, you can listen to your favorite songs! Basically SoundCloud is one of the only platforms for the budding artists who have their own music and want a stage for people to recognize them. 

With the variety of new artists and the famous ones, the listener is always in for a treat. SoundCloud enables their users highest quality of audio quality and to edit a track according to their liking. You can always choose to use the best offline music apps for iPhone with a easy download from your App Store and store your favorites for a good flight

Download SoundCloud

3. Spotify

Spotify is undeniably one of the most used music apps. Spotify has a plethora of options to choose from. The list of songs, genres, artists and albums to choose form goes on endlessly. They offer the top packages with premium high definition quality audio compatibility. Apart from the music from your favorite artists, the application also allows you to listen to live podcasts or the ones that are uploaded. Innumerable music lovers have chosen Spotify for its easy layout and the search options varying so largely. Some podcasts and explicit content are unique to the application and cannot be found anywhere else.

The music platform is largely used by the listeners as it allows you to download the best music and save it in your device for you to be able to really enjoy it later when you are on a move. Link your app to your Apple Watch. No advertisements so you won’t be disturbed. You will still be informed of new hot tracks by the app. The music you listened to can be evaluated and special tips made for you will be notified. Enjoy the songs’ perfect sounds. Discover covers and new music. The application is undeniably one of the best offline music apps for iPhone users. 

Download Spotify

4. Pandora

The most widely downloaded music app for iPhones is the Pandora music app, and for good cause. This software is easy to use, with a clean and “no frills” approach to the nature of the app. By entering the name of an artist you want, or a song you love at the moment, you can create a custom station. If you do so, a personalized playlist or station will be created that includes songs and artists close to the ones you want or play the most at the moment.

The music that you want to listen to later can be downloaded without an Internet connection. Without limits and commercials, you can listen to songs. The audio quality is great. Don’t think about excessive noise or insufficient efficiency. In this app, you can locate some podcasts. If you enjoy some leisurely time and personal time, they have a choice of music and podcasts specially for you too. 

Download Pandora

5. TIDAL Music

TIDAL Music is a free app for the iPhone users and have come up to fight their spot in this competitive industry. The application does not require any payment beforehand and regularly brings in the updates on the newest of styles and world renowned music. 

When it comes to sound, this software certainly provides you with the best audio quality you can find. Here, as well as songs, you can find high definition audio. In addition, TIDAL helps you to gain access to more than 40 million tracks and unique playlists selected by music artists and journalists. You will gain consistency in your audio with this software and be able to appreciate your music precisely the way the music artist wanted! Over a short period of time, we have learnt that the TIDAL Music app has grown to be one of the best free offline music apps for iPhone.

Download TIDAL Music

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6. Gaana Music

It may sound stereotypical, but if your jam is old songs and you have the golden taste in music, Gaana Music app is certainly the app made for you. The application brings in the old memories back, those rainy nights and bright cheerful days, the application will line up one hit after another endlessly. Although known for its old classic library, the application also has a vast variety for Bollywood music and other genres too.

The app’s interface is similar to Spotify and it is easy to use. Here you can find the most famous Indian singers, the most trending films and so on on the top charts. If you want to listen to famous songs worldwide, you can head to the top of the foreign site. There are about 45 million songs in all. An fascinating aspect of this app is that in this app, as on Instagram, you can create music stories and post them, not just on Gaana, but on other social media apps.

Download Gaana Music

7. Whooshi

The app is a perfect travel companion as it carries your favorite choice in music which as we have established is necessary to live for this generation. Whooshi allows you to use various sound effects and edit your own music as per your taste. The app also has ready to use filters to add to your songs while you can also download music and keep it with you. It is the smart app that will give you the best of itself and has a vast variety of music to choose from which you will surely be in awe of.

Whoosi brings in a variety of music with an ease of accessibility. The premium quality in sound makes it a worth trying application. It brings in new music to you and at the same time lets you find your own taste. Their advanced software reads your music choice and makes recommendations on the basis of that with constant updating in their music library.

Download Whoosi

8. Evermusic

The software is a great downloader for audio. Songs, podcasts, and audiobooks can be swiftly downloaded. Anywhere, anytime, you can listen to music on your iPhone with just one click. Don’t be concerned about linking to the Internet, the app runs offline. You just have to stream the songs ahead of time. To hear the full sounds, you should change the sound effect. To get all your songs in one location, connect the app with other music portals. Your music library will be in your smartphone’s room. On various points this application has shown better outputs than others and hence considered to be one of the best free music app for iPhone. 

The app has a lot of tracks. It is quick to use the search list. Anything you want, you will find it. Since the app has some helpful functionality, you can listen to audiobooks. There are bookmarks, pace regulation, and sleep timers. You should use the Internet to download your favorite audio books and only listen to them offline. Listen to offline songs with this app. This app will help you enjoy your favorite tracks on an ongoing basis. Music can be streamed on Apple TV and other websites.

Download Evermusic

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9. Musicsense

This app allows you at any time and everywhere to take delight in music. To change their popularity in the application, you will like or dislike songs. In the top list, every user takes part and gets on the charts. It also encourages the software to refine and make a great suggestion for you. You can make playlists of your own or let the app do that. Only pick the song and create a playlist of related songs for the app. Your individual playlist may be generated.

Like social media, the software is pretty similar in giving the choice to its user to explore and find their interests. You will follow people and unfollow them and allow friends to become part of this giant society. The app does not contain any advertising. The app’s UI is simple and stunning. Personalize the music and discover fresh songs about the ocean. Offline, you can listen to any of your music and favorite tracks. In the app, there is a special ‘star’ icon. It will add favorites to the album. In the list of favorites, it is fast and easier to locate tracks.

Download Musicsense (Link disabled as this app is no longer available on iTunes store)

10. Audiomack

There is a lot of music to listen to free of charge. You will find music of some type there. Do you like classical music or country? The app has everything. To listen to them offline, you should stream the tracks. It is awesome to develop the program. You’re still going to get your favorite songs. Save the tracks and records for the most interesting ones. With the smartphone, also in the countryside and without an Internet connection, you can listen to music.

The app will show you the most famous songs and offer suggestions to try something new for you. Music makes our lives lighter and healthier. Let’s download the app and go everywhere with songs! There are so many different tracks, all you have to do is find time to dip in them and find your jam. The application is very helpful in finding new tracks and you will get a lots of genres to find from.

Download Audiomack

Our Top Picks

All the applications mentioned above are chart breaking and have really passed the sound quality test. There are always the ones that outperform others and that is where we see our top ones. The ones that for us made the difference are these 3 top picks! 

  • Spotify – You might have seen it coming. Spotify has always been there when you needed some good music. Spotify is the top platform and you should for users try it as it has a plethora of music to explore from.
  • Apple Music – You use an Apple product and you have not been listening to songs on Apple Music, that’s cheating. Unlike most other platforms, Apple music gives optimal outputs in their own product and constant notifications about new releases. 
  • SoundCloud – SoundCloud is one of the most used platforms for upcoming artists and others who have good knowledge of music and want to keep exploring more and trying more combinations.

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We mentioned our top picks from the list but for those who are still trying to figure their choice out, we suggest you try them all for their trial basis and decide. The apps have shown promise and undeniably good sound quality.

Let us know which offline music app for iPhone you choose to go with and which app you are currently using. Stay tuned as we will keep chipping in new hacks, tricks and bags full of ideas your way.

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