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How to Download Samsung DeX for PC and Mac

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Samsung has revolutionized the way you work and how your devices work for you with the introduction of the DeX technology. The next feature of the Samsung DeX is the Samsung DeX for PC, allowing you an uninterrupted interaction between your smartphone and your computer or laptop. You don’t even need a specialized cable from DeX.

Just connect the USB cable into the Galaxy Note series and you’ll get access to the files and apps on your phone on a large computer screen using the Samsung DeX software. So since it is something all the businessmen should know and would come in handy, we will answer the question about how to download Samsung DeX for PC in this article. 

Features of Samsung DeX for PC

Samsung DeX has made it easy for you to get things done on a larger screen than on your smaller mobile screens. The software shows some amazing output and is known for its smart features. So here are the top features of why you would consider DeX for PC.

Download Samsung DeX for PC

1. Easy Interface

The software has a really easy layout for the users to understand. The interface is user friendly and even the slowest of learners can easily make out the features of Samsung DeX. It is easy on the eyes and there is not a manuscript of elaborated stepps which you will have to follow. The steps are easy and minimal so if and when you are in a hurry, this downloaded software can really come handy.

2. Good Connectivity

Samsung DeX pairs easily with foreign entities and makes the user’s life very easy. There are easy connectivity options where you can get started very easily on your PC. From Mac to Windows PC, this software runs smoothly and connects to the laptop very easily.

3. External Connectivity

To give you the desktop interface whenever you connect, whether it is a hotel lobby or the business lounge at the airport, DeX Station connects to a keyboard, mouse, and computer screen with ease. This way, the DeX makes your job easier and you can make things happen inside your phone projected to the big screen with the utmost comfort of having a keyboard and mouse connectivity as well.

4. Multitasking

Samsung DeX for PC allows you to multitask on a whole other dimension. The software allows you to do your work and tasks of the galaxy phone on your PC while any incoming calls or video calls are displayed on your Samsung Galaxy device. So while you are working, you do not have to stop your progress to pick calls, rather you will easily be able to multitask with this software. 

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How to Download Samsung DeX on PC or Mac

There are no elaborate steps or third party apps needed to download Samsung DeX on PC or Mac. This software is an official Samsung product and hence it is easily available on their official website. 

Unlike many other applications, you will not have to give any special permissions and there will be no damage done to either your mobile phone or your PC. 

So to download official DeX for PC or Mac, just go to the official website and search for the software. For your convenience we have provided a direct link of the software down below. Just for your reference, check out if your PC and mobile phones are compatible with the software.

Download Samsung DeX for Windows

Download Samsung Dex for Mac

Closing Thoughts

Samsung DeX for PC is really vital for those who have a busy life and like to be on the go. The software is especially useful when you have important files on your mobile phones but do not have time to transfer them on your laptop or when you find working on your phone easy as you are accustomed to it. 

We recommend everyone to try this as it will enable you to see how much more can your PC and your Galaxy phone has to offer to you. Without doubt this is one of the best software Samsung has introduced into the market and it is a boon to many. Stay tuned with us for many such interesting software related updates as we will keep bringing to you the latest stuff. 

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