How to Download InShot for PC and Mac – 2 Methods Explained!

InShot is undoubtedly one of the best video and photo editing on your smartphones. There are no editing or collaging apps which gets closer to the amount of comfort and choice of precise editing that is provided to the users by InShot. Using InShot on PC can be equally satisfying as you do on your smartphone. There are just so many features that you are bound to be fulfilled by it. The endless stream of features end only when you find out that your favorite editing app is only sufficed till your smartphone. This is a big bummer as we have those amazing videos that lay in our computers and MacBook just waiting to be explored and edited so that you can post them on your social media or share it with your friends and family and rejoice.


Download InShot Video Editor for PC and Mac

The question as it stands is how to download InShot for PC and MacBook. There is no direct way so even if you mail to the customer care, you won’t be finding any answers to your issue. Though one of the most prominent ways and probably the best way to do this is using third party apps, aka, Android emulators, that enable you to use these applications on your computer and MacBook. 

InShot is a top rated app for smartphone users and even though the Play Store has many video and photo editing apps, it is undoubtedly the most famous and used application. It comes with features like trim, cut video/movie, add music, text, stickers and glitch effects, blurs the background, and many more which as exciting as it sounds gives you a large variety of choices to choose from for your next amazing video. 

Features of InShot PC App

The InShot App has multiple mind blowing features which bring in amazing effects and a variety of editing choices which makes your video look better. The video trimming option in the app gives you the ability to trim the video at will the same as video cut choice. On top of that it gives you many effects and beautifying choices that make your video look better. The video splitter will enable you to split the video into two parts or in multiple parts as per your requirement. 

If this all wasn’t less, the video merger features gives you accessibility to merge two completely different videos into one. The easiest way of removing watermarks from a video or a photo is also available in the app for the whole video or from a specific part. You can also crop videos in a particular ratio if and when needed and all of this in just one app. The more additional features that the InShot PC app enables you to do are: 

1. Video Filters and Effect

InShot has a vast variety of video filters and effects that help you make some of the most amazing videos. The filters and effects are mesmerizing to see as there are so many you will be unable to decide which one you should pursue today. 

Video Effects in InShot PC App

The slow motion filter is one of the most commonly used as well as the scan filter which are just an example out of the numerous filters and effects that are at your disposal.  So of the effects put in are stop motion, RGB and son which have famously featured in a lot of trending videos.

2. Text and Stickers

InShot is a versatile app which enables the user to have complete editing options. The app even allows the users to add text as well as stickers to a video or a photo. Apart from adding text, you can also edit already existing text in a video and add your favorite font to it or maybe enlarge and diminish the font size. 

Text and Stickers in InShot

The cherry is that the stickers you get are unbelievably good and have so much versatility in them that you would certainly want to try them on. The best part is you can create a GIF out of it and stickers can be an animation effect while using InShot video editor for PC. If you are a meme lord, this app will also allow you to make memes out of your pictures and videos and that too with easy templates.

3. Add Music to Video

The InShot hack for the computers is pretty cool as it allows you to add music to your videos. The app in itself has many audio files available and to top it off you can also add your favorite music to it from the gallery by importing it. You can put them in your videos and make them as background music also being able to adjust its auditability.

Add Music to Video in InShot

The app also allows you to add your own audio clipping and your own voice to the videos. If any such audios are recorded and kept, you can easily add it without having to put in much effort.

4. Video Speed 

You can manipulate the video speed according to need in the InShot PC app. You can fast forward your videos up to 100x or slow them to 0.2x. 

Adjust Video Speed in InShot

This editing of the video is too easy and hence you just need to know what you want which can be achieved in less time and effort.

5. Professional Photo Editor & Collage Making

There are innumerous collage layouts for the creators in the InShot Windows app. The editing in the app is unbelievably good and allows such vast variety that you would get crazy trying to find what would look better because each one tops another. 

The collage maker gives many varieties too specially allowing the user to choose aspect ratios of the collage which is pretty cool.

How to Download InShot for PC and Mac

Download InShot for PC & Mac

The big question isn’t it? InShot is basically an app designed only for smartphones i.e. mobile phones with no thought of it being used in computers what-so-ever. Not the exact replica but we have found a way around this holdback.

There are some emulators that, as we said, can be used to get the job done just like using FaceTime on PC and Photomath PC. These app players do not hamper your laptop and the permissions you give to them have nothing that can create an issue for them while using InShot on PC. So, there is nothing to worry about. Let’s have a look at the ways you can get started upon doing your editing on InShot for PC. 

Method 1: Download InShot Video Editor for PC Using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an emulator which gives you access to Android based apps on your Windows computers, laptops, and MacBook as well. Often the gamers use this to play and stream mobile phone games through their laptops and computers. In our case, this is a pretty helpful tool as you can use it to perform your InShot tasks on your computer. Here’s how to download InShot for PC using Bluestacks.  

Step 1: Download Bluestacks from its website or download Bluestacks 5 from here directly.

Download Bluestacks 5 on your PC or Mac

Step 2: Then double click on the “exe” file and follow the instructions on the screen to install the app.

Step 3: Once installed, launch the app and sign in with your Google account.

Step 4: Find the library tab and click on it and go to Google Play Store.

Step 5: Then search for InShot and download the application on your computer using Bluestacks emulator. 

Step 6: Once downloaded, fire up the application and start editing your videos right away.

This is a certain method and so is our next one. You can use the same procedure to get InShot for Mac. If you are uncomfortable getting this done and think that you need an alternative, don’t worry, we have you covered. Let’s check out!

Method 2: Download InShot for Mac & PC Using NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer is one of the most used Emulators and certainly one of the most trusted one too. Though if you are using NoxPlayer, then you will have to sideload the InShot APK for PC or Mac if you’re not comfortable with finding the app from Play Store. Follow this procedure to get InShot for PC and InShot Mac app as well. 

Step 1: Initiate by downloading latest version of NoxPlayer on your Windows computer or Mac from here.

Download NoxPlayer on PC or Mac

Step 2: Next follow all the instructions provided on the screen and install the InShot PC app with all the required files on your computer.

Step 3: Then launch Nox Player and from the sidebar click on the APK button.

Step 4: Now select the APK file you have downloaded before or you can get one from here.

Step 5: Wait till the app is downloaded and follow the onscreen instructions and then go ahead and start the InShot PC or InShot Mac app as it is ready for you to use now.

These are the 2 Android emulators which are the most favorable ones and can be used for you to start working and editing your videos upon InShot on your Windows laptop and Mac.

Have a look at some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to installing InShot for PC and Mac. 

Q – Can you use InShot on Mac?

Yes, you can use the InShot app for PC on your Mac computer. You will use the NoxPlayer to download the app on your Mac.

Q – Is it safe using these Emulators?

Yes, it is pretty safe to use these emulators as there are safety measures used by your computer and the app to safeguard the usage.


The InShot app is one handy tool for all types of professionals. This app has many benefits and gives the user a good amount of choices to get working with. Getting InShot on PC or InShot on Mac has always been one of the most awaited moments for everyone.

Mentioned above are two very safe and solid ways to get the InShot on your computer. The application does not cause any error and works as smoothly as it works on your smartphone. The bugs and issues are solved too and the variety of choices and options provided for the developers are amazing and worth trying upon.

Let us know which one of the methods you use and which one suited your computer. Did you face any issues or are stuck somewhere while downloading InShot for PC or InShot for Mac? Tell us about it so we can bring you assured answers to them and ensure your use is smooth. 

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