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Best iPad Mini Alternatives

Best iPad Mini Alternatives in 2023!

The iPad Mini 6 is now available for users around the world. With its staggering and refreshing design, it always flaunts better than any tablet. Given the powerful specs of all iPad Mini models to date, the 6th version is…

The Top 10 Ubuntu Alternatives That You Can use in 2022

Top 10 Ubuntu Alternatives You Should Try!

If you are a Linux user or worked with Linux in the past, you may have heard about Ubuntu because it is the most popular Linux distro. Ubuntu started its journey in 2004. Since then, it has grown continuously. It…

GarageBand Alternatives for Windows

10 GarageBand Alternatives for Windows in 2023 [Free]

GarageBand is probably one of the best, if not “The Best”, digital music production apps out there. It has tons of powerful features and tools to carve out the exact tone you desire. The best part about GarageBand? It’s beginner-friendly,…

ListenToYouTube Alternative

10 Best ListenToYouTube Alternatives You Must Try Now!

Converting YouTube videos to MP3 audio files is never a daunting task when you have access to ListenToYouTube software. There are various reasons why people love to convert YouTube videos into MP3 files. It might be useful to set a…

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