Cerber 6

Cerber 6 Ransomware: Toughest One to Detect & Remove? Know More!

Cerber 6 Ransomware

Cerber Ransomware has taken the cyber world by storm by taking over 87% share in terms of cyber attacks via Ransomware in 1st Quarter of 2017. As if this wasn’t enough for the cyber-criminals, Cerber 6 is slowly taking its shape to rule the cyber world as per Trend Micro.

The ransomware is spread smartly via Spam Emails which includes a malicious JavaScript File. Once the user downloads the file, it executes the payload which runs Cerber 6 Ransowmare right after 2 minutes in the background. At times, it can also run embedded PowerShell script. Here’s how it looks like:

Cerber 6

Credits: TrendLabs Security Blog

As of now, there’s no word on the decryption of Cerber 6 ransomware. But if you are the victim of any other ransomware released previously, you can check out these ransomware decryptor tools listed by us.

It’s not only personal computers (at home or office) but we have also observed that sectors like healthcare, government offices, transport industries, hotels and many more got affected due to various Ransomware in 2017. According to Trend Labs blog post, it is estimated that cybercriminals have earned over $2 Million via Ransomware-as-a-service in just commissions (40%) in a month (2016 4th quarter). United States is on top (84%) for being hit by Cerber Ransomware followed by Japan, Taiwan, Australia & China.

Cerber 6 Ransomware

Can Cerber 6 Ransomware be Removed?

No! There are no Cerber removal tools available for Cerber 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. The only tool available is for Cerber V1. However, you can check out the tools provided by Avast in case if your system is hit by any other Ransomware. The advancement in technology has made Cerber ransomware so tough to detect that a normal user can be easily bluffed. Getting an anti-virus protection isn’t enough these days!

The Cerber Ransomware keeps on updating on regular basis making it difficult for the security experts to find a proper solution for all Cerber Ransomware versions. “While Cerber’s distribution methods remain consistent, we’ve seen newer variants delivered as self-extracting archives (SFX package) containing malicious Visual Basic Script (.VBS) and Dynamic-link library (.DLL) files that execute a rather intricate attack chain compared to other versions. While these Cerber-carrying SFX packages aren’t prevalent in the wild right now, it’s one of the signs of things to come for Cerber,” says Trend Labs report in its blog.

Cerber v1, v2 and v3 Cerber v4 Cerber v5 Cerber SFX Cerber v6
Exceptions (Cerber doesn’t execute if it detects certain components in the system) Language in v1 and v3*


Language and antivirus (AV) for v2*

Language* Language* AV, VM, Sandbox (Loader*), and Language* Language*
Anti-AV Routine None None None None EXE files of AV, Firewall and Antispyware products set to be blocked by Windows firewall rules*
Anti-sandbox None None None VM and Sandbox (Loader*) VM and Sandbox (Loader*)
Backup Deletion Yes (vsadmin, WMIC, BCDEdit)* Yes (WMIC)* Yes (WMIC)*


Removed in v5.02

 Varies (some samples have backup deletion capabilities) Varies (some samples have backup deletion capabilities)
Exclusion List 
(directories and file types Cerber doesn’t encrypt)
Folder and file* Folder and file* Folder and file*; and AV, Antispyware, and Firewall directories Folder and file*; and AV, Antispyware, and Firewall directories Folder and file*


The table above prepared by Trend Micro showcases the evolution of Cerber Ransomware over the times. It doesn’t matter how many new Ransomware come and go, Cerber is surely going to rule the market due to its highly sophisticated source code. Exclusive features like Anti-Sandboxing and Anti-VM in recently released Cerber 6 Ransomware makes it ever stronger to detect and stop installing on your computers & laptops.

Security researchers suggest that it’s not only PC or laptop users, there’s a lot of danger for smartphone users as well because of few apps found on Google Play spreading Ransomware. In 2017, it’s gonna be Cerber everywhere if this continues to be the same until final quarter of this year.

Slimming World App

Slimming World App Download for Android & iOS!

Slimming World App

Slimming world is a productive application, which helps people to increase and decrease weight on regular basis. Slimming world is a fitness app, which gives out routine fitness and workout schedules to work on a regular basis to keep your fit. Slimming world app helps you become slim with the help of delicious food recipes, which are known to have enough nutrients and unwanted calories for your body.

Following a good diet plan can make you fit, as the regular diet works effectively on your body. A regular diet plan with a direction from an experienced professional can help you reduce the weight to the requirement and achieve a dream weight in a short span of time.

Slimming World App

Credits: swstretford.co.uk

Features of Slimming World App

Slimming World app is one of the finest applications in terms of effective fitness applications, as the app helps you in taking the right diet plan by offering different food recipes on a regular basis. Slimming world app is available in both free and paid versions, where a free version lets you create your own profile and start a local group in your circle to follow.

You will find a lot of groups nearby your locations to join, which indeed helps you in making new friends and following different diet plans to manage your weight. I have also posted about My Fitness Pal App which is also a popular Android App to track your fitness levels.

  • Upload Success Stories

The Slimming world app provides you an option to write your success story of following a diet and respective results. You will find a lot of success stories from users, which help you understand the after effects and results in one shot. A genuine success story encourages you to follow the diet and get the similar or same results over a period.

  • Track your progress on a regular basis

The slimming world app lets you use tracking options, which helps you compare yourself on a regular basis. As you get to enter your physical details on a daily basis, you can share the story in a beautiful way along with a genuine record.

Slimming World

  • Create and Join Groups

Slimming World app is a fitness oriented application that provides information on dishes and calories associated with it. The application is also used to create groups in your nearby area or with similar interests. The other options are to join groups which are available in the nearby areas, as it helps you visit people and socialize on food, stories, and similar interests.

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How to Use Slimming World App

  • Start the journey by creating your profile and uploading all the necessary information in the Slimming World app.
  • Start checking out some of the fine diet plans by choosing some of the favorite dishes in the applications and make a proper plan to follow
  • Follow the plan and keep updating your details on a regular basis
  • Keep checking your progress on the app on a monthly basis and share your stories across.
  • By sharing stories, you get more help regarding fitness and helps you be fit for a longer period

Slimming World iOS

The application is mainly used to look out for a healthy dish option to keep our body fit. The slimming world app gives you multiple options to make the job easier. The app lets you create a group or join a group nearby and share some of your fitness and dish stories in the applications.

Slimming world app displays and allows you to upload success stories. You can find some of the genuine success stories on the application with diet plans. Success stories can be published different other social media platforms to promote.

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How to Download Slimming World App

Slimming world app is available to download by visiting Google Play Store or Apple iTunes on the Smartphone. Slimming world App is available in both free and paid versions. A paid version lets you use more features in the application and provides an advertisement-free access to the app.

Slimming World Android

  • Open ‘Play Store’ in Android or ‘iTunes’ in iOS devices
  • Search for ‘Slimming World’ app in the search box
  • Select the appropriate app and click on download
  • Install the application onto your phone after the download process
  • Tap the slimming world app on the screen
  • Sign up as a new user and login with your user credentials
  • You can use Gmail or Facebook to login directly and use the app.

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Conclusion of Slimming World

The slimming world app lets you use different features in it like creating your profile, comparing your fitness levels, sharing your fitness stories and so on. A lot of great stories are present along with their diet plans, which motivates you to work out on a regular basis and use the application to take maximum benefit out of it.


Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Download on PC via Steam!

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

There are several games available on the internet for PCs and MAC devices. Recently a new game has surfaced on the internet that can be downloaded via Steam. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, is in early access category on steam and you still can get your hands on. The game is developed by Rob Weaver who was working on a virtual reality title seven months ago, and somehow the project morphed into this game, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Download

About UEBS

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator (UEBS) lets you place your army. The army may consist of soldiers, animals, zombies and even Santa Clauses. And later you can set them up for a battle. The players can put hundreds and thousands of huge challenges by changing their army and strategies. Let us learn more about the gameplay, its review and how you can set it up on your machines. If you are a game fan, you would love to check modded dream league soccer apk file.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Gameplay

  • As the name of the game suggests, Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator features a battling army that can be chosen and then strategized in such a way that you can create your custom battling scenarios.
  • The game is made in such a way that the character appears as if they’ve skeletons beneath the flexible skin. The realistic appeal to the game has been given, and the developer is calling it as ‘skin to meshes and bone’ feel.
  • As the character moves the mesh bends and then the bones act and show their movements. This whole takes up a lot of resources on your computer. And this is one of the many reasons because of which the specs required for playing Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is too damn high.
  • The game has been made as flexible as possible.
  • You can create your characters and can add n number of powers and use n number of battling strategies in the game.
  • There are over 10,000 units that can be used in the army while battling.
  • Moreover, if we go by the words of the developer of the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator game, he says that there is no limit whatsoever on the number of army men that you can incorporate in the battle. It depends on the ability of your computer power.
  • You get the ability to choose from any armour that you can imagine of, the graphics of the game are top-notch. Every bright surface seen in the game illuminates its surroundings and effects the lighting overall.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

How to Download Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

The Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator the pre-release version has been listed on the Steam library that is available for Windows machines. Steam is an online platform that lets you play games online; you can build your online communities and can interact with fellow players.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator need your system to fulfil some of the necessities as it takes up high on the resources. Here are the details of the system specifications required for the running Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator game.

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UEBS System Requirements

Operating System

As it runs via Steam, your machine must have the Steam engine installed for the proper functioning of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. The Steam engine supports almost all the operating systems, Windows and MAC OS are also supported for downloading Steam. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, unfortunately, supports only the Windows Operating system (Windows Vista and above)


At least 8 GB of RAM is required for the game to work properly.


Intel Core i5 4590, AMD FX 8320 or greater.


Any high-quality graphics card with at least 1 GB of graphic memory is required to run Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. AMD Radeon HD 5770 1024MB | NVIDIA GTS 450 1024MB | Intel HD4000 @720P.

Direct X 11 and above

Hard Disk Space

Near around 5 GB of free space is required for the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator game, for installing game files and game save data.

As the game is under the pre-released category only a few of the many Steam account holders have access to the game. And the game will be made available to you if you are ready to pay $15.99

Although there are several websites that have uploaded the game to several other servers so that it can be played on any machine without Steam. Those websites can be highly dangerous at times, and we would not recommend you to download the game from there. You should avoid piracy.

 Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator Free Download

  • Head over to the Steam link provided and make an account.
  • And then you can download the Steam software of your windows machine. You can do so by the green ‘Install Steam’ button, that is available on the top right part of the main page of the Steam website.
  • Once the steam software is downloaded and installed, you need to login to your Steam account.
  • Now, go to the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator page on the Steam software or the Steam web page using a browser. Enter in the login credentials and purchase the game by paying $15.99
  • Now the game purchase will be added to your steam account which will reflect on the Steam software on your PC.
  • You can then fire up the Steam engine software and download the Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator on your PC.
  • The download may take a time depending on your internet connection speed.
  • The game once downloaded will be installed automatically, and the steam application will make you run the game from there only.

Conclusion of UEBS

There are several YouTubers that have played the game already; you can search YouTube if you want to have a glimpse and detailed reviews about the game. You’ll be able to see their custom army that they’ve formed and how they are battling. In a near future, you might even get hack and cheats of the game from here. Similar game’s hack and cheat (like this) is already covered here. Let us know, in the comments down below if you face any issues during the installation of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator game on your Windows PC; our team will help you out.

WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp for PC Download: Install WhatsApp on Windows XP,7,8,10 & Mac

WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp for PC has been the most wanted ‘Guy’ in the field of instant messaging apps. If 100 members are using a text messaging app, 90 of them are into WhatsApp for PC while the rest 10 scatter in the usage database of other apps like WeChat, Hike, Blackberry Messenger, iMessage etc. Have you ever wondered how it has become so popular even with many other competitive apps that work in the same way with the same features? 😀 Let me explain.

For example, let us assume that X= GTalk, Facebook Messenger, YahooIM, Skype or whatever. For all these cases, you’re asked to build a contact list by adding each person through usernames. However, in WhatsApp for PC just needs to have a phone number and this is the utmost reason why it is being used largely.  After all, we all must be having the phone number before the social media networks are invented or the messaging apps came into a trend.

WhatsApp for PC

Using numbers, one can conveniently text people at any point of time. WhatsApp can be used by people who doesn’t know Facebook, and that’s the reason why it is popular even among our parents. Isn’t that so? With that being said, WhatsApp can also be used on PC and Mac and here in this article, we are going to give a detailed explanation of how to use it.

Features of WhatsApp PC

#1 Free: WhatsApp can be used to leave a message, call a person with an active internet connection, and by doing this, you don’t have to pay.

#2 Media Exchange: You can receive pictures, documents, videos and voice texts using it.

#3 Free Calls: As mentioned above, you can make voice calls using it even to family and friends who live outside the country without any service charges.

#4 Group Chat: You can converse with multiple people at a time so that you can avoid texting the same thing twice or more.

#5 WhatsApp Web: Here, you can use the WhatsApp for PC directly from your browser to send texts by typing them from the keyboard.

#6 No Pins and Usernames: All you need to have is the number of the person you want to text, and you can get into contact with them easily within seconds.

#7 Much more: You can send unlimited images, email the chat history, exchange contacts, set wallpapers, share the location using the WhatsApp messenger.

WhatsApp PC

Newly Added Features of WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp for PC has been updating the new versions regularly by fixing bugs, embedding new features in each version. The WhatsApp Latest Version that has been released on 10th November 2016 is WhatsApp 2.16.346 APK, and it has a whole set of new features added.

  1. The most significant feature is that WhatsApp has launched the video calling feature in the recent version which is yet to be officially activated for many users in different countries.
  2. Apart from that, it has introduced the SnapChat like filters where the user can doodle a pic with texts of different colors, add emojis to it before sending to another person.
  3. Also, using the “@” symbol, one can tag a person or a contact in the group conversation to address them.

Minimum System Requirements of WhatsApp for PC

  1. The minimum operating system that is needed to install WhatsApp for PC is Windows XP SP3 with a .net framework 2.0.
  2. You should have the privilege of the administrator to use the user account.
  3. A minimum RAM of 2GB is required to install the WhatsApp PC.
  4. You should be VGA compatible so that the installation is not interrupted.

How to Download WhatsApp for PC/Laptop?

Let’s address the question initially. Why does anyone want to download WhatsApp for PC instead of using it on the phone? If you have huge chunks of text to send and you can’t do it on the mobile; you can use the PC version and send them up by typing from the keyboard. Also, the WhatsApp for PC version helps you to text while you’re doing something else and gives you the ability to multi-task. In some cases, you’re not officially allowed to use the phone in the office premises or the college premises; therefore you can then open the WhatsApp on PC and keep texting.

The five major methods used in WhatsApp PC download are:

  1. Using the WhatsApp Web version.
  2. Install WhatsApp on PC through Bluestacks Player.
  3. Download WhatsApp for PC through Nox app player.
  4. WhatsApp Download for PC through Andyroid.
  5. WhatsApp for PC download through MEmu Emulator.

Out of the above 5 given methods, 4 of them are the best Android Emulators for Windows. And 1st method is to directly use WhatsApp Web on your computer or laptop. So first, let’s start with Bluestacks WhatsApp method.

WhatsApp Download for PC with Bluestacks

Bluestacks WhatsApp

#1. Being the prominent Android Emulator, Bluestacks allows us to play the Android Apps on PC. There are many other Android Players apart from it, but it stands out to be the best. One can play any kind of Android app on the computer using Bluestacks and it has the most sophistication in the field of Android app players.

#2. To download WhatsApp on PC, download the Bluestacks player on your PC from the official website or download from here. Note that the procedure is same for all WhatsApp for Windows be it Windows 7/8/8.1/10/XP.

#3. Install the Bluestacks and once the process is done, launch it on your computer. Sign into it using the Google Play Store id and search for “WhatsApp latest version” in the search bar.

#4. Click on the first official results and then select the “Install” button to install the app on PC. Within few seconds, you will find WhatsApp on your monitor through BlueStacks interface.

WhatsApp for PC Download using Nox App Player

Nox App Player for PC

#1. Nox app player has been launched recently and has already become the biggest rival of the Bluestacks Player. The reason is that the software can be installed both with Nox online installer and also the Nox offline installer according to the strength of the internet connection.

#2. Initially, visit the official website or download the latest version of Nox app player. Once downloaded, install the player by running the downloaded file. Launch the player on a computer as soon as you are done. It is amusing that the Nox app player supports multiple player modes.

#3. Go to the home interface, and type “WhatsApp” in the search bar of it to get the latest version of WhatsApp. Click on the first result and click “Install” from the prompted page.

#4. By doing this, the WhatsApp will be installed and played on your Nox app player’s interface. However, if you’re following the APK method, you can directly download WhatsApp APK from the internet and open it through the Nox app player.

Download WhatsApp for PC using Andyroid

The reason that you’ll prefer using the Andyroid is that it doesn’t show any difference in the user interface either on Windows or Mac. The interface is same for the all the versions be it WhatsApp for Windows 7, WhatsApp for Windows 8 or WhatsApp for Windows 10 and even for WhatsApp for Mac. Andy OS has emerged out as one of the best emulating software that lets you directly sync your applications to PC.

Andyroid Download

  1. To do this, download the Andyroid from the official website as it is available for free. Start the installation from the setup file.
  2. Launch the software once after download and login to it using the Google Play Store account credentials. Now, start the Play Store app and type “WhatsApp” in the search bar.
  3. Click on the official search result and click “Install” to start the game. Once installed, launch the game and use it as WhatsApp on PC. Use the control button to zoom in/out.

Install WhatsApp on PC using MEmu Emulator

Memu Play Emulator

#1. MEmu Emulator is yet again one of the very recently launched Android Emulator which is user-friendly and powerful. Therefore, you need to start downloading the setup file by visiting this link initially.

#2. The installer file is available in two versions, offline and online and if you don’t have a very strong internet connection; it is better that you use the offline version to avoid the installation errors.

#3. Once the emulator is installed, launch it on your Windows to download various Android Apps. In the search bar, search for the “WhatsApp” and get the desired result.

#5. You can also download the WhatsApp APK file outside the MEmu emulator and can open it with MEmu Emulator or any of the above mentioned Android app players too.

#6. Install WhatsApp as you do in the Play Store and start using it effective immediately.

WhatsApp Web

By understanding the need of WhatsApp download for PC, the WhatsApp developers have now made the computer version accessible as WhatsApp Web. It is an extension of the WhatsApp for PC. The texts you receive and send will be synced between the phone and your PC, and you can see the messages on both of them at the same time. Any action taken from either of the devices will apply to the other. However, WhatsApp Web is as of now available for few OS including Android (all versions), iOS 8.1+, Windows 8 and 8.1, Nokia S40 EVO, S60, BlackBerry 10 Smartphones.

Minimum requirements for WhatsApp Web

  1. You should have an active account of WhatsApp on your phone.
  2. A stable internet that connects both your phone and computer to WhatsApp.
  3. The latest version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera.

Whatsapp Web

Steps Involved in using WhatsApp Web

  1. Open WhatsApp on the phone initially.
  2. Go to web.whatsapp.com on any browser of your computer.
  3. Go to Menu>WhatsApp web on your phone.
  4. Now, you will find a QR code on the computer. Scan it using your phone.
  5. You will be connected to WhatsApp Web within seconds.

This process eliminates the pain of downloading an additional Android Player and using it solely for WhatsApp PC. However, if you want to download other apps on PC and run them, especially the games; the above-mentioned apps are best recommended.

How to Download WhatsApp for Mac?

Apple’s presentation of the instant messaging application back in OS X Mountain Lion brought much comfort for iOS clients, giving them the capacity to send and get the iMessages using their Macs. It implied clients could rapidly answer to messages and go ahead with what they were doing alongside going through the longer messages. However, still most of the iOS users prefer WhatsApp because of the cross-platform messaging and here are two methods in which you can get access for WhatsApp Mac.

  1. WhatsApp for Mac using Bluestacks Player
  2. WhatsApp for Mac using Nox app Player

WhatsApp for Mac

Download WhatsApp for Mac using Bluestacks Player

As mentioned above, the procedure of downloading WhatsApp Mac is same as the windows. Initially, you have to download the Bluestacks Player and install it. After launching the player, access the search option and then start searching for the “WhatsApp” keyword to find the official link. Click on “Install” and install the WhatsApp on your interface and start using it efficiently.

WhatsApp Mac Download using Nox app Player

According to the numerical statistics, it is noticed that Nox app player is most used by the Mac users over the Bluestacks Player and the reason behind that is because of the clean interface it offers. Therefore, start with downloading the Nox Player for Mac from the official website and install it by following the step by step instructions. Once after launching the player, search for “WhatsApp” in the search bar and install it by clicking on the search link. Allow the app to get installed and use it with ease.

Conclusion of Download WhatsApp for PC/Laptop on Windows XP, 7,8,10 & Mac

That being said, one can use any one of the above-mentioned methods, be it WhatsApp for PC or WhatsApp for Mac according to their convenience and start using WhatsApp using the mouse and keyboard to send large texts, converse in groups, share media directly from your computer, send files and contacts and a lot more.

Also, make sure that you are downloading the latest version of WhatsApp in order to experience the newly added features and to enhance the user experience of WhatsApp for PC including the video call option, the emoji features etc. There is also a new beta version released for WhatsApp with two-factor authentication. This feature can now play audio messages in the background!

So what keeps you waiting? Download WhatsApp for PC now and let me know if you face any issues while downloading WhatsApp Messenger on your PC. I will guide you solve the errors you face during the installation process of WhatsApp on PC download.

Memu Emulator

Download MEmu Android Emulator on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

MEmu Emulator

MEmu Emulator is one of the free Android Emulators which has been launched recently and can enhance the Android experience on your Windows computers and laptops. In other words, it is an Android device player that helps you run all the APK files on the Windows devices including the PC, laptops, and Mac. While many prominent

While many prominent emulators are already available in the market, MEmu Android Emulator is preferred because of the compatibility and maximum performance it offers. Through MEmu Emulator one can play the Android apps and games on PC, chat conveniently through Android instant messengers like WhatsApp, Hike, BBM, WeChat from your keyboard. Also, it helps in running the online streaming apps like the Showbox or Terrarium TV on the bigger screens just with an active internet connection.

Memu Emulator

Features of MEmu Emulator

#1. Full-length Android device experience on the bigger screen of the computer.

#2. Flexibility in customizing the device model, memory size, resolution, CPU, root mode, navigation bar location et.al.

#3. Mapping the joystick or keyboard to screen for a full-fledged gaming experience.

#4. Passing sensor data to Android using an accelerometer to play race games in an intuitive way.

#5. Simulation of GPS mapping and location

#6. File sharing between the Android devices and the Windows.

#7. Ease of installation just through drag and drop tool.

#8. One click deletion, cloning, creation

#9. Opens multiple windows in the interface simultaneously.

#10. Takes very less time to start.

Games Supported on MEmu Android Emulator

MEmu Android Emulator separates a vast domain of games which include few classic and few newly launched ones. The popular games that can be played with MEmu Emulator are:

  1. Pokemon GO
  2. Clash Royale
  3. Asphalt Xtreme
  4. Dream League Soccer 2017 PC
  5. Clash of Kings
  6. Frontline Commando etc

Besides these games, you can also download WhatsApp for PC using Memu Android Emulator on your computer or laptop.

Memu Play Emulator

Things to Notice While Downloading MEmu Emulator on PC

  1. The installer downloads you MEmu download package that runs virtual Android 4.22 software on your desktop. Even though the installation is not lengthy, it is awkward because the Emulator developers have forgotten to translate the software from Chinese at the end by missing the localization.
  2. Other than that, the MEmu Emulator installer is compact as it downloads the software from a steady server. If it’s taking time, it is because of the server being overcrowded by the hits and be patient during that.
  3. A thing to consider is that there are several versions of MEmu Android Emulator that are being released like the Android 5.1, Android 4.4 and if you want to run a different OS on your desktop in the form of a tablet, you can download the installer file of whichever version you prefer.

How to Install and Use MEmu Emulator for PC

#1. The setup program is by and large in Chinese except for the buttons that are in English which help you in finding your way through. Download MEmu Emulator by clicking on below given button.

Memu Play Download

#2. After the installation is done, an emulator window opens just like the Bluestacks Player with Android 4.22 tablet interface along with some basic apps like the File Explorer etc. You can always download more apps from the Google Play Store.

#3. A toolbar appears on the right that includes features like the rotation of the screen, volume adjustment, shaking the device, taking a screenshot or running an Android app.

#4. You can also find a “GPS simulator” tab that is default set to China. Update it to solve location relation issues especially while playing games like Pokemon GO.

#5. If you have any issues during the performance, you should try changing the RAM in which the emulator is located along with the screen resolution and number of CPUs that are rendering the software.

#6. The MEmu Android emulator has shared folders that can enable the user to share the content between the computer and the Android OS including videos, movies, pictures etc.

#7. Apparently, you can also enable multiple touch gestures using the keyboard. However, the procedure is still not known entirely as it is not working for many in their first attempts.

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Conclusion of MEmu Android Emulator

Concluding, it is one of the latterly free emulators which has been licensed as a Freeware for both the 32-bit and as well as 64-bit versions and also for the Mac. The MEmu version is available for everyone to download but the compatibility will vary with the Windows XP, Vista, 10, 8, 8.1 and Mac OS devices. If you have any issues in installing the MEmu emulator, approach us in the comment section below so that we can help you in resolving it.

My Boy GBA Emulator

My Boy! GBA Emulator APK v1.7.3 Free Download for Android

My Boy APK

You heard that right! My Boy APK is now available on your smart phones. Download My Boy APK  to run the GameBoy Advance games designed exclusively for mobile phones or tablets. This is the sole emulator that supports link cable emulation which enables a decent speed.

My Boy APK is capable of emulating all aspects of hardware properly! To play your favorite GBC games, you need to acquire My OldBoy emulator to keep the game going. My Boy GBA Emulator APK is compatible and drains less battery. It has a high level of BIOS emulation with an easy to use user interface.

Once you get the full version of My Boy GBA emulator with multiple screen layout profiles, you can obtain fast forward gaming experience. Type My Boy APK Download to get acquainted by the fastest gaming emulator My Boy APK Games or just follow the below given procedure to safely download My Boy GBA Emulator APK for free!

My Boy APK

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Key Features of My Boy GBA Emulator APK

Let’s move down to know the unique features of My Boy APK emulator Android App for all the young enthusiasts who have dedicated themselves to Game Boy Advance games. You may be curious to know what the emulator brings, let’s jump down quickly:

  1. The emulator enables fastest emulation as compared to other emulators saving your battery life.
  2. The high game compatibility feature allows to run every game on the emulator.
  3. High level of BIOS emulation, thus no BIOS files required.
  4. It grants excellent video filters, high quality graphics for an entertaining game.
  5. The emulator can be fast forwarded or slowed down, according to the user’s convenience.
  6. Powerful screen layout editor and offers on-screen keypad.
  7. External controllers like MOGA controllers, supports thrilling gaming experience.
  8. It has a clean user interface that is helpful in acquiring an amazing game every time.
  9. IPS/UPS ROM patching.

The My Boy GBA APK is another name for mesmerizing and amazing gaming experience. To experience all these features, you need to download this game. I bet you will love this game!

My Boy GBA Emulator

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Additional Information of My Boy GBA Emulator APK

The My Boy GBA Emulator APK has become a popular emulator with 50 lakh happy users. Get rid of the old My Boy APK v1.7.2 to download the newer My Boy APK v1.7.3! This emulator is one of the best and favorite gaming emulator. The game comes with some unique and advanced features like Boot from BIOS, in case you have your own BIOS file. The My Boy APK has been able to fix random crash and avoid pre-loaded ads that minimize data usage.

 My Boy APK Download

Can’t wait more to download My Boy GBA emulator APK? We bring to you simple steps for My Boy APK download. Here’s what you must follow to install My Boy GBA APK:

#1. Firstly, unlock your Android device and ensure that internet is working properly.

#2. Now follow this link to download My Boy GBA APK on your Android smartphones or tablets.

#3. Once the APK file of My Boy GBA is downloaded, next step is to install it on your mobile phone.

#4. Just tap on install button and get started with GBA on Android.

So this is how you can download My Boy Apk file on your Android devices. But ensure that you have done the changes in the settings section where you allow the system to install apps from other sources. Confused? Have a look at the simple procedure below:

Security Setting Changes to Install My Boy APK

#1. Open settings on your device.

#2. Head over to security section by scrolling down the screen.

#3. Scroll down and turn the Unknown Sources option to ON so that you can install My Boy APK.

So these are a couple of changes you need to do for the installation of My Boy GBA Emulator APK on your Android devices.

Conclusion of My Boy APK Download

If you are convinced with the features of My Boy GBA Emulator APK, then why keeps you waiting? Get the emulator for free from the Google Play Store! Hope this article has enough information related to the gaming emulator. Let us know in the comment section if you face any difficulties while installing or downloading the My Boy APK on your Android smartphones!

Nox App Player for PC

Download Nox App Player for PC: Offline & Online Installer

Nox APP Player for PC

Nox App Player is the best Android emulator to play android games and apps on PC. It is actually the best way to play mobile games on PC and it’s the best alternative for Bluestacks. When it comes to performance, compatibility, and stability as compared with other apps, Nox App Player stands unique. The operations of this app are easy and it is highly stable, efficient and powerful.

Features of Nox APP Player

Nox App Player is developed on Android 4.4.1 kernel and is built on a custom virtual machine as compared to other Android emulators. There are lots of new games and apps that are developed for higher Android version and so it is possible that this app has high compatibility. And some of those games are paid, so if you are looking forward to get those paid games for free, you need to download TuTuApp which offers all paid apps for free!

All the android devices and android emulators must have Google Play Store. Nox App Player is integrated with Google Play can be operated as soon as Nox App Player is installed in the device. Thus, the users are able to download any app of their choice and experience its smooth running.

Even on Windows 10, which was released few months back, Nox App Player is able to run smoothly on that too. This is actually a fast move by the developers of this emulator and shows the efficiency as well as developing the ability of the Nox team. Some of the main functions of the Nox App Player are keyboard typing, microphone and camera integration and due to these, the user is able to connect gamepad and controllers in a game.

Download Nox App Player Offline Installer

There is also an innovative feature added to Nox App Player which is multiplayer mode as a result of which users are able to run several Nox App Player windows at the same time. It also allows the users to customize RAM and the CPU occupation. This gives more fun to the people who have limited budget PCs.

Nox App Player for PC

In the new version of Nox App Player, few features are added which make it even more useful for the users like video recording feature has been added. Also auto touch macro recording feature has been added. During the start up process of Nox App Player, more operation tips are given which make interface even more user friendly and the system settings are re-designed. Now the users are able to customize sidebar options as well. New Nox App Player is compatible with social networking sites as well like Facebook.

Official Nox Software

TRENDING: Play Pokemon Go on PC Using Nox App Player

How to Download and Install Nox APP Player on PC?

There are two options to download Nox App Player. They are Nox App Online installer and Nox App Offline installer. Both of them are available on the official site. Like any other android emulators, Nox App Player can also be installed. You just need to go to download button on Nox Player website.

Then, install button and Accept Agreement will be visible and you need to select the Accept Agreement option and click on install option. This will enable you to use Nox App Player once it gets installed. Now, you are able to download free of cost all the android games and apps on your PC.

Wait that’s not finished yet. There are few android users who are using Mac books and they are desperate to download Nox App Player. Isn’t it. So for those who are willing to use the Nox App on their Mac books, can follow the below given procedure:

Download Nox App Player for Mac

Here’s the Mac version which was released recently. Download from below button here. 

Official Mac Version

And then, you can follow the below given steps to install Nox App Player on your Mac book.

  • Visit the official website of Nox App which is http://en.bignox.com/
  • Just click on the Download button which appears on the home page
  • Install it once the downloading is done and give some time to the emulator to completely install the files
  • Next step is to signup with your Google Play account and get started with Nox App Player for Mac

We hope that you will now enjoy playing your favorite android games right after installing the Nox App Player on PC. If you face any kind of issues while downloading Nox App Player, you can easily connect with us via the comment section below. We will solve your queries within 24 working hours J

Nox App Player Mac

Nox App Player for Mac: Download and Play Pokemon Go on Mac

Nox App Player for Mac

Finally, Good News for Mac users. 😀 Nox App Player is now available for Mac. 😮 You can download the Nox App Player Mac beta version by click on below download links given in the post.

So Finally, now the Mac users can rejoice and can now play their favorite game Pokemon Go on Mac. I am well aware that many of you have been waiting for Nox App Player Mac version and finally it’s here! It has been months that developers have made this possible and the Mac users can now play their favorite game Pokemon Go. Looking at the craze of Nox Windows version, the Mac version was always on! 😛 You can also try Bluestacks for Mac if you are not comfortable with Nox.

So here’s how you can play Pokemon Go for Mac by using Nox App Player.

How to Play Pokemon Go on Mac by Using Nox App Player

There’s no major difference in Pokemon Go on Mac and Pokemon Go for PC download. All you need to do is, follow the below-given steps to play your hot favorite Pokemon Go on your Mac books:

  1. Download the Nox App Player Mac version from the above-given download button.
  2. Now you need to login into the Google Play store from Nox App Player right after the installation.
  3. If you can’t access the Play Store, you can download latest Pokemon Go APK here.
  4. Once the APK is downloaded completely, you can see the Pokemon Go icon on your Nox App Player home screen
  5. Just tap on the icon and start playing Pokemon Go on your Mac book 🙂

Nox App Player Mac

So these are the simple steps you need to follow to play Pokemon Go on Mac by using the best android emulator, the Nox App Player. We hope that you would love to play the most trending games on your Mac book as well by using this emulator.

Let us know in the comment section if you face any kind of problems while installing the Mac version of Nox App Player. We will solve your issues within a matter of time. So what are you waiting for? Download Nox App Player Mac beta version and start playing Pokemon Go on Mac now!

Leapdroid Emulator

Leapdroid Download for Windows 7, 8 &10: Best Android Emulator Ever!


Leapdroid for PC is basically an android emulator which allows you to play Android games and use Android apps on your Windows PC or even Mac book. Before getting into the Leapdroid download process, firstly let me give you a brief idea about what is an android emulator.

Leapdroid is an android software development kit that includes a mobile device emulator that is a virtual mobile device that runs on your PC. In short, it is an android virtual device. It lets you prototype, develop and test Android applications without using a physical device. You can play Asphalt Xtreme, Dream Leauge Soccer, Clash Royale, Super Mario Run and lots more games using Leapdroid emulator on your PC or Mac.

You might be well aware that Android emulation is a growing market and there are many emulators releasing every now and then. One of the recently released best Android emulators was Nox App Player but now it seems to be disliked by many after not updating Pokemon Go in its software. An emulator enhances the working experience as the platform is transferred to a larger screen. And Leapdroid Android Emulator is one among the leading competitors in this field today. But if you are an avid fan of Xbox games and want those games to be played on PC, then you are sure to love the Xbox 360 Emulator on your PCs 😀


Download Leapdroid

Features of Leapdroid Android Emulator

Leapdroid emulator seems to the finest in the business today! The interface is pretty simple to use and the home screen looks clean and neat.  As compared to other emulators installation process is painless.

  • Key mapper function is provided.
  • Works with your hardware mouse and keyboard for input purposes.
  • Positive experience with respect to moving around the interface, opening and using of apps and games, the boot time etc.
  • Loading time is impressively faster as compared to other emulators.
  • Set ups for pinch to zoom are available which enables you to play games like Clash of clans more comfortably.
  • 99% compatibility rate with apps and games as boasted by Leapdroid.
  • Quick and smooth
  • Multi accounts support that is you can play the same game with different accounts.

So this is all about the features of LeapDroid emulator. Now let’s have a look at the review so that you can get a clear idea whether to use it or not! Here you go!

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Leapdroid Emulator

LeapDroid Emulator Review

It comes with a simple UI based on Kitkat launcher. You will get the feeling as if you are using the Kitkat version of Android on your desktop on installing this Android Emulator. The overall navigation is similar to other emualators. But to hang on with this Android emulator, it might take some time to settle down. Once you get used to it, I am sure you will love to use this on your Windows PC or Laptop.

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There are lot more exciting features in Leapdroid emulator that will surely make you fall in love with it! The navigation is simple and the keyboard controls seem to be fine as compared to Bluestacks and Nox Emulator. Overall, if you ask me to review Leapdroid Android emulator for Windows 7,8,10, I would definitely give the rating of 9/10. I haven’t given it 10 because Pokemon Go isn’t working in Leapdroid.

At the end, I can say, it’s worth giving a try if you are looking for a revamped version of an Android emulator available today! Do here’s you to complete Leapdroid download for Windows process.

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How to Download Leapdroid on Windows PC

When you open the emulator for the first time a splash screen appears followed by the standard Android home screen.

You can find a toolbar with some buttons on the right side of window. Buttons provided are the standard home, recent apps, back buttons along with volume up and volume down button along with buttons for the purpose of taking screen shots, easy installing of apks, full screen button.

Download Leapdroid

  • Download Leapdroid installer from the official website which is roughly of the size 255MB.
  • Double click on the installer.
  • Do as per instructed.
  • The app will be installed.
  • Once installed you can continue with the opening and using of apps smoothly.

It uses Android 4.4.4 Kitkat. The first thing to be done after installing is done is to start installing all of your required apps. You can try Google Allo on LeapDroid too. 🙂

All in all, it’s a great emulator. All its functioning work well and even if you want to uninstall it the procedure is clean which not something very common in the competing emulators. Experience would be comparatively bug-free keeping aside few hitches, and the performance relatively far better than expected.

Some issues may although appear especially with respect to the camera but compared to the competition list of cons is shorter and relatively minor. It’s completely different as compared to Bluestacks Android emulator.

Conclusion of LeapDroid

Leapdroid is free to use till now and also does not occupy a lot of space even. The system requirements are low and can be easily met with. I would suggest download Leapdroid as definitely worth a shot if your priorities are gaming and productivity as well.

bart decryption tool

Bart Ransomware Decryption Tool Released by Bitdefender

Bitdefender, a leading antivirus solution provider, has just released a bart ransomware decryption tool. Earlier, they acquired necessary decryption keys from Romanian police to create an bart decryptor tool for all the version. The Romanian police acquired those keys during their investigation and they are handed over to Bitdefender so they can help everyone affected with the bart ransomware. The sigh of relief for affected users come this early morning when the antivirus giant released a free decryption tool in the wild.

bart decryption tool

As a consequences, all the users affected with any version of bart ransomware can decrypt their files without any hassle. Bart was using AES encryption which is different from many of RSA encryption system. It doesn’t need active internet connection to send key to the server. It can encrypt the files without internet connection. It was first appeared back in June 2016. It is believed to be same as locky and Locky creators are suspected of spreading this ransomware as well.

Bart was notorious and was archiving all the files in zip format applying AES encryption. The files are locked with .bart.zip, .bart and .perl extensions. It was targeting business and was quite famous back in 2016 along with its counterpart Locky. In 2017, Cerber has replaced them and security researchers are yet to provide any solution for this ransomware. In case, if you are keen, you can go through all the ransomware decryptor tools covered by us. Bart ransomware decryption tool is available for download. You can easily decrypt all the files encrypted by bart ransomware (all versions) using the tool

Download Bart Decryption Tool

Bart decryption tool is available for free from the Bitdefender website. Make sure you have backup of all your files. The bart ransomware decryption process can take some time. Hence, it is recommended that you keep patience. It is also advised that you do not interfere the process in between. Proceed with bart decryption tool download from the below link

Download Bart Decryptor

Bart deletes system restore points making it impossible to easily restore the system. The only option is left is to use decryption key. Bitdefender has integrate the decryption key in form of tool. The same is available on their website as well as no more ransomware website as well. It will be added our decryptor tools section as well.

Our request is to never pay ransom to these cyber criminals. It encourages them to spread the ransomware. Funding them is a bad business decision. In case of any query, you can leave a comment below.