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Here’s How VPN Protects your Offline Data!

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Whoever you are and whatever you are doing, at one point in your life, you will be forced to use public networks instead of the one you have at home. Technology gave us that option and we are all thankful for it. But, this same technology also gave some people an option to spy on everything we have in our mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and all other devices we use for connecting to the Internet.

Today, any hacker can gain access to all the online data you have when connecting to a public hotspot. Luckily, there is a way to protect yourself! You just need to use a virtual private network! With this app, you will be able to browse privately, and not worry about the privacy of your online data!

But, what about the offline data? Can hackers and other prying eyes gain access to that too? Unfortunately, yes. But, do not worry, with the previously mentioned virtual private network, you will be able to protect that as well. And, that will be the topic of today. So, if you want to know how a VPN protects your offline data, keep on reading.

What is the Difference Between Online and Offline Data? 

Before we start explaining to you how VPN can protect your offline data, let us first tell you what offline data actually is. That is, let us first explain the difference between online and offline data.

For instance, online data is data collected from various different online platforms and sites. Some examples of online data are all the emails and messages you send from your private accounts. And, offline data is data collected from various different offline sources. Examples of offline data are credit card contact information, and demographic information, search and purchase histories, etc., to mention just a few.

As you can see, offline and online data go together like peas and carrots. And, when you decide to protect one, you will instantly protect the other. How? By using a an app such as a VPN. It will cover you on every base.

A VPN app open on a phone and laptop.

What is a VPN App? 

By now, hopefully, you understood why protecting your offline data is important. Without protection, hackers and other prying eyes can gain access to really important information you have stored on your mobile phone or laptop – they can gain access to all the saved contacts and their numbers, to your bank account, to your current location, etc. If you do not want that to happen, you need a VPN!

So, what is actually a VPN? A VPN or a virtual private network is one of the best apps of today that can help you browse the internet freely, safely, and anonymously! It does that by connecting you to servers from all over the world and thus, making it impossible for others to track you. With an app like this, you will be able to hide whatever you are doing online and offline from everybody trying to invade your privacy.

How VPN Protects Your Offline Data? 

How VPN Protects Your Offline Data

Believe it or not, but what a VPN app can do to protect your offline (and online) data is truly impressive. When you connect your phone, your tablet, or some other device to public Wi-Fi, the app will gather all the ‘data packets’ that need to be sent and encrypt them. Once they are encrypted, the app will, using a secret ‘tunnel, send them to one of many remote servers located all over the world. So, even if someone tried to invade your phone, all they will see will be garbled nonsense.

As you can see, a VPN app can do wonders when it comes to storing your passwords and other sensitive information safely. But, keep in mind that not all VPN apps are the same. Do your research before you make the purchase.

Why Should You Get a VPN for Your Offline Data? 

Even though many people know and understand all the benefits of using a VPN app, they still postpone installing it on their phones and laptops. They do it because they either think that their data is not interesting or not sensitive enough for others to want it, or because they think that their offline data is not threatened. But, as previously mentioned, the devices you use and connect to the public hotspot contain your most private offline information. Here is why you should get a VPN app for your offline data:

  • If you want to protect your browsing– It is true that most of the things you browse and search for on the Internet are ‘handled’ by your online data. However, some are ‘handled’ by offline data as well! For instance, all your purchase and search histories, and even your wish-lists you have made a long time ago, can be viewed by anybody.
  • If you want to hire your location – Offline data also cover your location and all the demographics related to you. And, you probably already know and understand why concealing your location is important. You never know who might be lurking just around the corner.
  • If you are on the road a lot – Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, once you leave your country, you will not be able to use your own Internet. Well, you will be, but that will cost you a fortune. Because of that, we all connect to public hotspots when we are on the road. If your device is not protected, anyone out there can take advantage of that.
  • If you are working from home or from somewhere far from the office – Businesses usually have their own hotspots and servers. And, if somebody wants to connect to those servers to, for instance, download some files, to restore information on Skydrive, etc., from somewhere, all of that sensitive offline data will instantly become public.

We hope you now got enough information how the VPN protects your offline data on your respective devices.

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