PPSSPP Gold APK: Download PPSSPP Gold APK on Android!


Looking for a PSP emulator that allows you to play the PSP games on your device? PPSSPP has been the recently launched PSP emulator that is compatible with all the Android devices. And today, I am going to provide you PPSSPP Gold APK so that you can use all the premium features for free! 🙂

It supports a huge domain of games however based on the functionality of your device, the game can either run at full speed or can slow your device. The PPSSPP Gold APK is free to download and can be used with all the Android devices with ROMs, ISO and games for free with HD quality and additional attributes. You can also give a try to TuTu App which can get all paid apps for free if you are not willing to download PPSSPP Gold APK!

PPSSPP is the first greatest PSP emulator that you can find across. Sometimes, the speed might seem like a drag, but it supports many games and therefore you can dump the person PSP games and turn them into either.CSO documents or .ISO documents and play all the homebrew games.


Specifications of PPSSPP Gold App

App Name: PPSSPP Gold

Gold APP Size: 24M

App Developer: Henrik RydgÄrd

Downloads: 100,000 – 500,000

Android Version: 4.1 and above

How is PPSSPP Gold APK Different?

The new version of the PPSSPP Gold APK is like a silver lining that encounters all the issues that are not addressed in the previous versions. The additional bug fixes led to a more secure stimulation of the PSP games making your device, a higher apparatus altogether.

That being said, PPSSPP is also functional with the not so high-end devices and can be set up on any android phone, tablet PC with an Android 4.1 and above although it needs to support OpenGL 2.0.

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  2. PES 2017 Android Game
  3. Dream League Soccer 2017

Features of PPSSPP Gold APK

  1. Faster and neater emulation than any other PSP emulator
  2. Multiple platform compatibility
  3. Saving of game states in between
  4. Enhanced graphics and high-resolution textures
  5. Turbo button for people who prefer slow-to-play RPGs

PPSSPP Gold APK Updated Version!

  1. No crashes on the Nexus devices and the Galaxy devices.
  2. No rendering issues when used on Nvidia Sheild TV
  3. Graphics fixes
  4. Texture replacements
  5. App switching issues are resolved
  6. No cheat code related issues


The PPSSPP emulator has been available for the Android devices & PPSSPP Gold PC for quite a while and with the latest version, it has two totally free versions now. This latest version is ad-reinforced and is naturally gold variant. It avoids the advertisements if you spend $5.99 on the premium version. However, you have to supply your ROMs and ISOs for the games to play them on your Android devices especially in terms of legitimacy.

PPSSPP Gold PC – Supported Games

Few games that can be emulated using PPSSPP Gold are as follows:

Final Fantasy 1-3, Crisis Core, All Mega Man Games, Saki – Portable, Soul Calibur, 100-in-1 Megamix, Harvest Moon Series, Prinny 1-2, Patapon 1-3, 300: March to Glory, 1000 Tiny Claws, Mortal Kombat: Unchained, Loco Roco, Pixel Junk: Monsters, 50 Cent: Bulletproof G Unit Edition, Bleach: Heat the Soul 1-all, Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai and Shin Budokai: Another Road, Dynasty Warriors and Dynasty Warriors:Vol 2, Bomberman, Tales of the World, Metal Slug XX, Dissidia Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Tactics, Platypus, 7 Wonders of the Ancient World, 7th Dragon 2020.

If you are looking forward to play the best of all PPSSPP games, you can refer the list here!

Here’s How to Download PPSSPP Gold APK on Android

Download Now

  1. To download the PPSSPP Gold APK videos on the Android device, go to the Settings. Select, Security and check the option beside “Unknown sources” to enable downloading from third party devices.
  2. Now, download the APK file from above given button. Go to the notification bar to locate the file.
  3. Once after locating the file, click on it to install the App. Tap “Install” and wait for the App to be installed.
  4. After installing, download the ROM files of the game you want to play on your Android device from here.
  5. Load the ROM onto your app through the PPSSPP Gold APK and start playing the game.

So this is the overall process to download PPSSPP Gold APK with full data and OBB files! By downloading this APK of PPSSPP Gold, you can get all the premium features of PPSSPP app for free of cost! Now this is awesome if you are really mad about playing PSP games on your Android smartphone or tablets!

Conclusion of PPSSPP Gold APK

In case if you have any doubts or problems in downloading and installing the APK files, please comment in the comment section so that we can get back to you with proper solutions.

Magearna QR Code Not Working

Magearna QR Code Not Working? Here’s How to Fix It!

Magearna QR Code Not Working?

Magearna QR code for USA, Europe, Japan  and Australia Added. UK users have to wait for some more time. Magearna QR code was live for those who have completed their Pokemon Sun or Moon in Australia, USA, UK, Hong Kong, EU, Philippines etc! But for few Pokemon trainers, it seems like Magearna QR code is not working! So today, I am going to explain about how to fix Magearna QR code not working in detail!

Before you get into the actual subject, it is a must for you to know about the latest Magearna event made live by the official website of Pokemon. It’s for those who have already accomplished the main story of Pokemon Sun 0r Pokemon Moon!

If you are completely out of an idea that what Magearna is, you need to read the below given detailed section about Pokemon Magearna! Right after that, you can read the step by step guide on how to fix Magearna QR code not working in Australia, USA, UK, EU, Hong Kong, Phillipines etc!

Magearna QR Code Not Working

About Magearna Pokemon

It’s said that Magearna is a mythical Pokemon which was created almost 500 years ago! This is not similar to other Pokemon but it has some special powers in it! Say if a particular Pokemon is feeling a lot of pain and cannot express it, Magearna will feel it and will try the most to heal the pain of the Pokemon. So if you have already completed the first part of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon, you are sure in need of this Magearna QR code given below in this post!

Magearna has the capability to change itself from its natural look to a Pokeball. And moreover, it hardly takes any kind of rest or sleep! So you can make the most of this Magearna QR code when it comes to saving your Pokemon which you own.

Below given are the characteristics or power (whatever you call it as) of Magearna Pokemon!

Level: 50
Ability: Soul-Heart

Type: Steel/Fairy

Moves: Fleur Cannon, Flash Cannon, Lucky Chant & Helping Hand.

Held Item: Bottle Cap

Ball: Cherish Ball

Ribbon: Wishing Ribbon

So this is all about Mythical Magearna Pokemon. And now let’s move to the subject of how to solve Magearna QR code not working!

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How to Fix Magearna QR Code Not Working

If you already played this role-playing game on your Nintendo 3DS, you might have faced such issues earlier as well! To solve this Magearna QR code not working issue, you need to follow the step by step procedure given below:

#1. Firstly, make sure that you have cleared the game (this is the major problem for Magearna QR code not working). Many users have not completed the story and they try to scan the Magearna  QR code!
#2. But if you have already completed the story, go to the next step and follow the instructions carefully!

#3. Once scanned and if failed, close the X menu and open it again.

#4. Select the QR code scanner from it, and try to scan the code given on this post. (Below code is for NA users, Europe and Japan users, please scroll down below for the QR code).

Magearna QR Code

For North American Users Only

Europe, Australia & Japan QR codes are given below.

Magearna QR code Europe

            For Europe Users Only!


Magearna QR Code Japan

           For Japan Users Only!

For Australian Users, scan below code:

Magearna QR Code Australia

For Australian Users Only!

#5. Once you scan it, you are sure to get the Magearna QR code working on your Nintendo 3Ds.

#6. if  you are still getting any errors, try the above process for 2 or 3 times and you are sure to solve the issue!

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Conclusion of Magearna QR Code Not Working

So this is all about Magearna QR Code Not Working. If you are still facing any kind of issue, do let us know in the comment section given below! We will get back to you with a solution at the earliest! Stay tuned to GeniusGeeks for more news on Pokemon Go updates!

MyFitnessPal App

MyFitnessPal App: An Ultimate Android App to Lose Weight!

MyFitnessPal App

What makes a smartphone ‘smart’? Apart from abilities to call, send and receive text what other qualities your smartphone can deliver to benefit your health? With the introduction of the Google Play Store apps, the Android device platform has become even more intelligent.

Regarding the ‘health and fitness’ there are a plenty of apps available on the Google Play Store like Google Fit App but what if you need to use the best one amongst them? MyFitnessPal app is one such app that is complete in all sense. If you want to lose weight or want to plan your diet accordingly and achieve diet goals you can keep my fitness pal app in your pocket.

MyFitnessPal App

We live in a world full of temptations, convenience, and cheap pleasures where almost each and every is in a ready-to-be-served, and that affects our diet and health. MyFitnessPal app gives you a wealth of tools so that you can track your day to day meals and considering that enables you to manage your diet so as to lose weight.

Key Features of My Fitness Pal App

MyFitnessPal app is a calorie counter and keeps track of what all you ate in a day based upon your inputs. It then suggests you about your optimum calorie intake per day. It surely can’t replace the medical advice of a doctor and a nutritionist but lets you become more aware of your eating habits and in turn your health. Noe the question might arise that, why my fitness pal app is a must for almost everybody? It is because;

  • Most of the people aren’t aware of what they are eating and how much calories it have with what all side effects or harmful effects do a particular ingredient do in your meal.
  • People aren’t aware of the total intake of food they need to eat in a day.
  • The best way to lose weight and to stay fit is to evaluate your diet and eating habits followed by exercise. And MyFitnessPal app does it perfectly.

MyFitnessPal app also includes a barcode feature that lets you scan each and every packed food item so that the number of servings and the app does all the calculations for how many servings of that food you can eat. MyFitnessPal app also maintains a database that entitles you to search for the nutritional content of the food. The catalog is top-notch as it includes recipes, meals, and foods that even other users have uploaded in addition to the standard database.

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My Fitness Pal App Download

How to Download MyFitnessPal App

As the app is officially available on the Google Play store, so it is preferred to download it from Play Store only. Other methods include sideloading of the app to your Android device. We do not include that part here.

  • Head over to the Google Play Store app and search of my fitness pal app, and you’ll be shown with several results to choose from.
  • Now tap on MyFitnessPal app and hit the install button.
  • The app will be downloaded in the background after the download is finished the app will get installed automatically and will be shown in the app drawer.
  • Now simply tap on my fitness pal app from the app drawer. Now you can set your preferences.

So this is how you can easily download MyFitnessPal App on your Android devices.

How to Setup and Use MyFitnessPal App

  • The app interface is quite simple to understand and use as it is user-friendly. First, you need to setup the account on MyFitnessPal app;
  • Enter the usual details about your body such as height, weight, age, and sex and activity level. The activity levels can be set after you go through certain descriptions that are displayed there only.
  • Based on the above-collected data, MyFitnessPal calculates how many calories your body burns on a typical day without any exercise.
  • Then you are supposed to tell the app about your plan, is it about weight losing, weight gaining or making the weight constant or even building muscles.
  • Then you need to select how aggressively you want that change to happen? It simply asks for how much time you think you want your body to gain or lose that weight. (Based on these figures, the app will do calculations and then suggest you about your diet plan and exercise routine)
  • Then every day you pull up the app and simply enter what you eat. It’ll not only display the nutritional information about the meal but also direct you to eat only the portion that will be sufficient according to your diet goal.
  • The app also lets you set up push notifications to remind you to, for example, to log breakfast in if you haven’t done so up till a certain time of day.

Conclusion of My Fitness Pal

So this is all about MyFitnessPal App for Android and the tutorial of how to use MyFitnessPal app ends here. Stay tuned to our Android Apps section to know about such health-related apps!

MyFitnessPal App: Download from Here!

Pokemon Go IV Calculator

Pokemon Go IV Calculator. Know Which Pokemon is the Best for You!

Pokemon Go IV Calculator

Last year, July; an amazing launch (Pokemon Go IV Calculator) has been done on the stores which took the internet by storm. While Pokemon Go game literally shook the gaming world, the air it contained has been persisting till now and the proof is in the form of multiple updated versions which are being constantly released by the developers.

Also, apart from the real game version, there are multiple supportive apps, hacking tools which are being developed from time to time to help the users play the game easily. The most prominent tools that stood out are the Fly GPS Apk (to fake the GPS location), Hatching Apps, Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator et.al.

Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator

Similarly, one more app has been developed under the name of Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator. This Pokemon Go App helps you estimate the evolution process of the Pokemon you’ve caught.

App: Pokemon Go IV Calculator (also known as Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator)

App Genre: Utilities, Role Playing, Adventure, Gaming.

Initial Release: July 2016.

Latest Update: January 2017

Compatibility: Android 4.4 and above, iOS 9.0 and above.

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What does the Pokemon Go IV Calculator Do, if you ask? This tool helps the trainers decide which of the collected Pokemon should they evolve first followed by next. For example, if you have a Pidgey that can evolve into a stronger Pokemon even with a 350 CP than the 500 CP Pidgeotto?

Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator

Would you evolve the Pidgey or the Pidgeotto? But the question is how you would decide without knowing what kind of Pokemon they will turn into? This exactly is why you need the Pokemon Go IV Calculator as it shows which Pokemon with a certain CP can evolve into what Pokemon based on the Pokemon Go’s database.

Not all the Pokemon in the Pokemon Go have the same evolution procedure. While some Pokemon’s CP gets hiked by 50%, some of them get hiked by 300%. Therefore, the Evolution Calculator Pokemon Go helps you decide what Pokemon Go trainer should evolve first.

Pokemon Go IV CalculatorOnce you have decided to evolve a particular Pokemon, you might also have to check if it’s the highest on the defender list and if it has the adequate move set. In case if you have a great Pokemon, you also have to look the trainer gear to add things to the kit that not only gives you the stronger Pokemon but also makes you a better trainer.

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Features of Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator IV:

  1. The Pokemon Go IV Calculator includes all the Pokemon that are usually included in the database of the Pokemon Go.
  2. This calculator not only calculates the CP of the Pokemon but also calculates the XP of the Pokemon and also to which Pokemon, a particular present Pokemon gets evolved into.
  3. The app is free with no in-app purchases or no additional charges. It is a universal app that is compatible with all the devices.
  4. It has got a new Stardust Strategy which helps you with the Buddy Statistics so that you can choose the suitable Pokemon Buddy.
  5. With the Pokemon Go IV Calculator, you can also get the exact CP; XP points with a just little input. This tool is simple and fast and therefore even if you’re considering of evolving rare Pokemon like Magikarp in the most optimized way.

Having said that, the Pokemon Go Evolution Calculator helps you in the appropriate evolution of the available Pokemon into stronger Pokemon provided with the Combat Power and after including all the multipliers on the PA’s database.

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Conclusion of Pokemon Go IV Calculator

With the help of this, you can avoid developing the weaker Pokemon and determine which Pokemon will help you reach further levels and save candies. Therefore, download the app right now from the given link and approach us if you have any issues regarding the installation procedure.

Kahoot Login

Kahoot App Download for Android! Create Your Account & Start Learning!

Kahoot App

In this post, I am going to share each and every detail about Kahoot App! Right from the features of Kahoot App to how to download this awesome app, everything will be discussed today! I will also show you how to do Kahoot Login and create an account through Kahoot App! So here you go!

The world is going digital and so are the students. We all know how difficult is for students to attend the classes regularly and the reason is they get bored! Since everything has a solution online, an app can boost the students’ morale to attend the classes regularly with interest! Go through TuTuApp & hack Kahoot app now!

Kahoot App

Kahoot is a game based learning app which pumps the students to attend the classes regularly has been doing wonders in 180 countries. The app was launched in 2013 in Norway and since then, the students never looked back & got bored to attend the classes!

Features of Kahoot App

Kahoot is a standard learning app, which is accessible on android and other devices with a web browser. Deep learning is assured through formative assessments which can be repeated by activating “Ghost Mode”, helping teachers and students grab perfect knowledge. Easy to use! All you have to do is Kahoot sign up and Kahoot Login!

Know more about Kahoot App by noting down some amazing features of it listed below.

  • Kahoot App is one stop solution that helps to revise, assess, and explore the knowledge to the core.
  • Questions at regular intervals develop engagement with efficacy in the subject.
  • User-friendly for any age group with any subject.
  • Gaming helps to play, discover deep by adopting students to active mode.
  • Repetitive assessments can be activated using ‘Ghost Mode’ for enchanted learning.
  • As said earlier, if you do not access with an android, browse and sign up at getkahoot.com with a web browser and continue after joining.

So these are some fascinating features of Kahoot App. Now that you know how to use, let’s now see how you can download Kahoot App on your Android devices.

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Kahoot Login

Kahoot App Download for Android

Classes are no more boring! Let them create a recreation in your learning. So let us see how you can download Kahoot App for Android:

#1. Sign-in to your Google Account if you haven’t on your Android device.

#2. Move to Google Play Store and search for “Kahoot”

#3. Once you find the official app of Kahoot, Click on “Install”.

#4. Then, you get an option “I Accept”, proceed by clicking on to that accepting Terms and Conditions applied.

#5. Once the app is installed, open it & sign Up to Join Kahoot!

This is the overall process of downloading Kahoot on your Android devices! Make sure that you follow the instructions given in the app so that you don’t find any difficulties while using it.

Hang on! That’s not over yet! It’s not that easy to use Kahoot as compared to other apps. There’s a unique way to create a Kahoot App account & do Kahoot Login. Follow the below procedure now!

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How to Create Kahoot Account & Do Kahoot Login

It’s often observed that when a student tries to access Kahoot App on their devices, they find it hard to create the account online. So here’s the simple step by step procedure to join Kahoot and create your own account:

#1. If you want to create your Kahoot app account, you need to navigate to GetKahoot.com

#2. Once you open the website, it will ask you to sign up for Kahoot.

#3. Enter the necessary details you are asked for and tap on enter button to create Kahoot App account.

#4. Now use Kahoot Login details or the Game Pin given to you during the sign-up process.

#5. Open Kahoot, enter the pin then enter the nick name to get started!

This is how you can get started with Kahoot after doing Kahoot Login.

Conclusion of Kahoot App

Kahoot App will work perfectly for the students, as it came into force acknowledging student’s requirements in daily life. Digital learning is growing at a rapid speed these days. Then why couldn’t that learning be playful through a digital platform?

Dig the well of knowledge through Kahoot App and explore the fun of learning. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Do check out our Android Apps collection for more such apps at NoxAppPlayer.com. 🙂

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Free Download

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Free Download

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

Today I am going to explain the complete process of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator download. By following our detailed tutorials, you can easily download Totally Accurate Battle Simulator free! Before I explain the procedure, let’s see what’s the simulator is all about!

Did you ever think that there should be simulator game which lets you wave arms against each other? Something like a Fight Club? Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a game like that where you can fight your opponent by throwing punches at them, shooting them, sword fighting them and in many other interesting yet hilarious ways without stressing much.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

However, these days most of the games only follow the single mode format. For example, if you take GTA; it is mostly equipped with guns and cars while other ancient themed games are about sword fighting and combat battles. And then there are the WWII games, which more or less revolve around missiles, different war equipment.

As a solution, Total Accurate Battle Simulator free (TABS) has been developed as a physical battle simulator that lets you choose the units along with their placement so that you can fight the opponent army with rage.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Information:

Release Date: 25th November

Game Developer: Landfall Games

Genre: Action/Gaming/Adventure

Sub-Genre: Battlefield, Simulation

Rating: 4.4/5

In case you have registered yourself for the Alpha version of the game on the official website of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator download by Landfall Games, you must have got the game to the registered account in the form of an installer file. Download it and install on your device.

System Requirements for Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Download


Operating System – Windows XP 32 Bit

CPU – SSE2 Support, 2 GHz

Graphic Card – OpenGL 2.1 – Compatible with a memory of 512 MB

HDD – 1 GB



Operating System: Windows 7 – 64 Bit

CPU – Dual-core 2 GHz

Graphic Card: GeForce GTX660/Radeon 7870


RAM – 1 GB

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Free Download

Features of Total Accurate Battle Simulator Free

  1. The Total Accurate Battle Simulator provides multiple gaming modes within a single game where the teams can fight in innovative ways against each other.
  2. You will be given a chance to pick your units and watch these units play by monitoring them constantly.
  3. Also, the placement of these units will also be left to your choice. In one word, it is an entirely ‘customizable’ game where you can take full charge of your units.
  4. In case, if you have registered yourself at the official website of the Total Accurate Battle Simulator download; you might have got the alpha version of the game file on November 25th after the release and the content updates along with the releases will also be sent to the same.

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How to download Total Accurate Battle Simulator Free?

The Total Accurate Battle Simulator download, shortly known as TABS download is one of the most recently launched combat game with a tinge of fun embedded in it. If you start playing the game, it will remind you of the old game, “Gang Beasts”. Developed by Landfall Games, it’s the fourth game of the studio, and it follows the same path as the previous games followed like the “Air Brawl”, “Cluster Truck” et.al.

The game is still in the initial stage, and therefore, many updates are on the line now. For now, download the Alpha version of the game by following the link below and form some really wacky units to fight against each other.

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Conclusion of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Download Free!

Make sure that you meet the system requirements and download totally accurate battle simulator free installer file to run it on your device. In case if you meet any obstacles in the process of installing the totally accurate battle simulator game, approach us so that we can get back to you with a suitable solution.

That being said, download the game and start having your own Fight Club or your own sword fighting team right away. What are you waiting for? Go for it now! Besides this, you can also refer our Emulators category where we have posted about many similar simulators.

Nova Skin

Nova Skin Editor, Wallpaper & Gallery: Steal Your Favorite Skin

Nova Skin

Minecraft has been one of the prominent video games, played by the gaming world for a while now. Created as a Sandbox Game, it is developed by the Swedish game designer named, Markus Persson who was later developed and published by Mojang. Moreover, Nova Skin editor is something interesting. Gamers can get find more game skins from dedicated section.

Why did Minecraft get so popular, if you ask? It’s because of the building aspects embedded that enable the players to build textured constructions out of 3D cubes. Apart from that, there are many other activities like gathering the resources, combat with friends, crafting and exploration. Nova skin can give a new look to your game.

Nova Skin

Several gaming modes are available along with the survival mode where players can use various resources to gain health and run the world. The other mode, however that gained the user’s attention is the creative mode where you can use many resources like flying, playing with customized maps, etc.

However, with so many apps; is there a possibility to customize Minecraft personally like changing the skin of a player? Yes! To make things possible, Nova Skin Editor Minecraft has been developed to enhance the Minecraft gaming experience more.

What is Nova Skin Editor?

Nova Skin Editor is a web-based Skin Editor that can be used with an active internet connection. Using it, you can customize the skins of the players easily without any issues. You can directly draw the skin on the 3D model and can witness the changes being immediately implemented on your player instead of the flat skin.

The entire process is done using a basic image editor through which you can create various skins for the player and using the advanced editor, you can even create skins for the items and mobs.

Features of Nova Skin Editor

Minecraft is a game where you can come across multi players as it is played through player hosted servers and business hosted servers. Therefore, the players can communicate with each other with a single word by running their servers or by using a hosting provider.

The single player worlds usually gain support from the local area network to join worlds of the computers that are interconnected using the same network.

Therefore, different players can be a part of your game, and instead of having the same flat image of each player, one can draw their skin using the Nova Skin Editor and customize their avatar to represent themselves or someone they like or imagined. The top navigation bar of the homepage contains four different segments titled as

  1. Nova Skin Gallery
  2. Nova Skin Resource Packs
  3. Nova Skin Wall Papers
  4. Nova Skin Banners.

Minecrat Nova Skin Wallpaper, Gallery, Editor

#1. The Nova Skin Gallery contains the images, skins of different characters that have been created till now by people across the world.

#2. Under the Nova Skin Wallpapers, you can find a list of artists and their works where you can see different skins for scenarios, backgrounds, items and mobs along with characters.

#3. The Nova Skin Resource Packs is more like a search engine with a database of the Resource Packs uploaded by the artists. You can either search for specific Resource Pack using a keyword or upload your own for the users to get access to it.

#4. The Nova Skin Banners contains abstract banners and art forms where they are categorized into random, collection, etc.

How to Edit Minecraft Nova Skin?

  1. Before moving to anything, you should know that skin is used in Minecraft to describe the avatar of the player. It is usually created when a 2D image is wrapped around the 3D body of the player.
  2. All the players in Minecraft share the same skin, and therefore, players often want to have their unique stamp on the skin to claim the customization.
  3. The default skin, Steve is applied to every player in the beginning. To change the skin, you can use an image editor where you can cut the image and then wrap the 2D image around the 3D body.
  4. The customization of the skin can be done on all the consoles that Minecraft is compatible with. First, download the image of the existing skin after logging in to the Minecraft account.
  5. Go to the Profile>Download the Reference Skin.
  6. Click on that save the char.png file on your computer. Now, open the Image Editor and change the colors of the skin using Paint, Photoshop or by drawing colors to get a new appearance.
  7. Once you are done, save it with a different file name (in the format of .png file). Now, browse the new file and upload the skin.

How to Use Minecraft Nova Skin Editor?

#1. However, using an image editor to draw a new character is not so easy. Therefore, another simple way of doing it is using the online editor like Nova Skin editor. By opening the official page of Nova Skin Editor Minecraft, you can find the home page with the Steve Skin.

#2. The left sidebar contains eight different characters on the top and few avatars down the scrolling bar from which you can choose any of them.

#3. Another way of doing it is by using the tools listed in the toolbar towards the bottom of the page. After drawing the skin, click “Apply” or “Save”.

#4. You can directly apply the skin to the Minecraft by signing in on the above website or you can simply save the file in the format of PNG file and then upload it to the official website of Minecraft like above.

Having said that, you can get the shape, color, size and different layers on the skin as you like using the Nova Skin Editor. If you face any issues regarding the creation and application of Minecraft Nova skin, approach us for proper guidance so that we can help you with appropriate solutions or skins.

patcher window

‘Patcher’: New MacOS Ransomware is an Alarm for Piracy Lovers

‘Patcher’ a new ransomware family has been discovered that targets MacOs users. Antivirus company ESET has just discovered the new MacOS ransomware that is dangerous and bad news in general. A badly coded ransomware is being spread through torrents and other piracy websites. It was found on BitTorrent and other peer-to-peer distribution site.

Next time when you download Adobe Premiere Pro and Microsoft Office for Mac from BitTorrent or other torrent download website make sure you are giving an open invitation to this ransomware. Currently, being distributed as a cracked or pirated version of popular software, Patcher brings a bad news to the end users.

Patcher Ransomware for Mac

Patcher is poorly coded ransomware as per ESET security researchers. It does not communicate with author nor sends any decryption key to the author. Upon activation, it asks for 0.25 Bitcoin as a ransom. However, the really story starts here. Since the author do not know decryption key, there is no way you can decrypt the file.

You would not only end up paying a ransom to the author but also end up not being able to decrypt any file. The patcher disguise itself as a patching or cracking module in popular software.Disguised as an executable patching file, upon running it will display an image with no background.

patcher window

Patcher Encryption

When you click on “Start” button, the encryption process begins encrypting all your files. It uses long 25 characters encryption key that it uses in the process. Since it lacks the ability to communicate with the author, the author does not have any clue about the decryption key that needs to decrypt file.

patcher ransomware Mac

The worst part is that since the encryption is 25 characters long, it is almost impossible for any brute force software to guess the key. It could take years to decrypt it making it next to impossible to decrypt it. It adds .crypt extension at the end of the file. Upon activation, it locks each and every file one by one with same encryption key. Moreover, it also locks  /Users and /Volumes network storage drives.

crypt locked file

Like with all the ransomware, there is a READM!.txt file created for the end users with the necessary instruction to decrypt the file. It essentially contains bitcoin address and ransom amount you need to pay. Paying ransom will not bring back your files.

Hopefully, the post will make everyone aware of this worst situation. This is a worst case scenario where you as a sufferer pay amount and still do not get back your files. Such act should be condemned and should not be supported. Having said, MacOS ransomware is emerging and it is likely to increase this year.

Downloading pirated software is a bad practice. Users should be extra careful when downloading pirated software especially from the unknown source or channels. It is highly recommended that you take offline backup of all your important data. Taking a backup on external disk is highly recommended.

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cerber ransomware code

Cerber Ransomware Pardons Security Software

Cerber has slowly becoming famous. As of writing this, Cerber version 5 is already out in the wild. The new iteration of ransomware RANSOM_CERBER.F117AK has left the security products untouched. It has baffled security researcher. Moreover, this looks more like a challenge to antivirus and firewall company as cerber could encrypt files right under their nose.

Trend Micro research team has already mentioned about it.  The new version mocks all security software by not touching its file and snooping around the system files. It encrypts all the files without touching the security software folder. Much to despise of anti malware and antivirus software, cerber ransomware decrypts all the possible extension and deletes shadow copy to make recovery impossible.

cerber ransomware code

While there is no other information available, it seems that Cerber ransomware author are much more active than before. They keep improving their ransomware to cope up with all the latest patches. It is well known how quickly Cerber 3x patch was quickly patched by the creator.

As of writing this article, Cerber is now in v5. The above code (mentioned in the screenshot) shows how it does not touch Firewall, antispyware and antivirus product. There is no solution available to this ransomware. As per the report over 50% of users end up paying the ransom due to sensitivity of the data. Cerber is a big headache as it pardons no one. Since there is no solution available to decrypt the files for free, users end up paying ransom.

However, the good thing about them is that they are pretty quick in responding to user’s query. Victim can send them email or chat with them. Trend Micro and other researchers says that this is useless and Cerber do not encrypt exe, dll files and other applications in program files folder.

Cerber has also been available on rent or as a Raas service making it possible for everyone to use it to get ransom. Probably, it is used by underground world for the same purpose. It will only make matter worse for the normal user.

In case, if there is any solution made available to Cerber, we will let you know. Since it sends encryption key to the author, it makes pretty much difficult to trap it. Are you the victim of Cerber ransomware?

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Pokemon Duel PC

Pokemon Duel PC Download for Windows 7,8,10 & Mac!

Pokemon Duel PC Download

The Pokemon has taken the world by one more storm after the major hit it gave with Pokemon Go last year, by launching the Pokemon Duel PC in North America as a western impromptu. It is a mobile strategy game inspired by the game.

The game was released in Japan last year itself as Pokemon Co-Master transporting the typical game into a board game with two teams dueling against each other with six Pokemon figures in each. The main objective of you as a player is to maneuver the squad of your board and capture the base of the opponent when fought against the opposite team.

Pokemon Duel PC is also similar to that which can be played on Windows 7,8 & 10 and Mac too by using a simple Android emulator. With this emulator, you can also play any Android game on your PC. So get ready to play Pokemon Duel on PC!

Before we get into the overall process, let me show you some exceptional features of Pokemon Duel Windows game, then gameplay and at last the downloading process of Pokemon Duel for PC. 🙂

Pokemon Duel PC

Features of Pokemon Duel PC

The Pokemon Duel PC game is packed with tons of exciting features for you! To know more about the Pokemon Duel PC features, read the detailed features list given below:

#1. Fortify the team

The entire game revolves around fortifying the team, and therefore, it is important to acquire powerful Pokemon figures to improve the team. You can also raise the Pokemon levels and enhance their abilities through the ‘fusion’ option. By fusing a particular Pokemon, you can increase the strength of the Pokemon’s attacks and also can reduce the number of attacks you miss. 😀

#2. Training Center

During the duels, you collect specific items from the Training Center and test a duel with a predetermined group of decks with various characteristics and capabilities. By doing this, you can improve the skills and achieve the victory. You can receive gems, plates, and different items on winning.

#3. League Matches

By taking your entire team online and dueling against the real opponents across the world, you can participate in multiple ‘League matches’ where the game starts automatically after being paired up with a team that is in synchronization with your skill levels with similar records.

Leagues can be won after unlocking the Time Boosters as each Time Booster gives you different Pokemon figures and items and also key fragments irrespective of winning or losing which can be used to strengthen your team.

#4. In-Game purchases

You can expand your inventory by shopping online like purchasing the boosters, plates, figures and also some customized and designated plates directly. You can also try to material trade several items with the materials you have collected after purchasing the time boosters.

Alternatively, you can earn gems to get hold of the time boosters, purchase items for the shops equally as you play the game every day by clearing missions and hopping levels. Therefore, while playing Pokemon Duel PC, make sure that you also earn gems in order to use them instead of real money for in-app purchases.

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GamePlay of Pokemon Duel for PC

Pokemon Duel PC has been a high strategy based game introduced on the smartphones which revolve around the Pokemon figures. You can try building a deck using your favorite Pokemon and then go into League matches by competing with users across the world just to enter into the top player list with League rankings that change after each League match. 🙂

Each match has a real time where you can get rewards like more Pokemon, items and XP points that can be used to strengthen your deck after winning the duel. The game involves being the first player of the deck and then carefully build your route by moving the figures. The game is all about strategies, tactics, and logics.

Pokemon Duel for PC Download

In each of the duel, the deck contains total six different Pokemon with unique abilities and moves and therefore, you need to be very careful about this customization along with the AI which acts like a mentor in crushing the opponents. The Pokemon duel has been launched as a free game to download for Android and iOS devices where you can play against either friends or real people. Download Pokemon Duel on Android or iOS if you are using a smartphone or tablet. 🙂

Selecting the six different Pokemon is the most important task of your game and also planning their moves by checking the compatibility between them in the most strategic way. Once you are done, you can start sending Pokemon in different routes to rush towards the goal and get them engaged in battles. 😀

The battles are won/lost by the attacks of the Data Disks of each Pokemon. Apart from moving and battling, you can also start using plates to swap positions and use various effects.

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Download Pokemon Duel for PC

As of now, Pokemon Duel is not available on PC for most of the countries, and the status is still unknown about Japan and other surrounding Asian countries. Therefore, while playing the game, it is important to change the location in case if you’re making use of the GPS anytime in between to fake your location where the game is officially available.

  1. Firstly, download BlueStacks or the Nox App Player latest version ( or any of the Android Emulators. To do this, either you can visit the official website of the emulators and download the files or just download from above given links.
  2. After downloading it, run the setup file and install it on your device by following the instructions one after the other until you are done with it. Launch the Nox App Player on the device.
  3. Now, under the home page; go to the “Search” option and enter “Pokemon Duel” to get the results. Search for the official APK file and start installing it on the device. The other way to do it is by directly downloading the APK from the browser and then dragging it and dropping it on the Nox App Player to install it.
  4. Once it is done, launch the app and change the geolocation so that you won’t face any regional restrictions. Just dig into the settings of the Nox App Player and start with changing the location.
  5. Now that, you are done you can build a deck with your favorite six Pokemon figures and start planning your strategies. Make sure that you duel at the training center to test the team before actually playing a league match with active internet connection.

Download Pokemon Duel for Mac

The process of installing Pokemon Duel on Mac is very similar to that of the PC as you have to get hold of the Android emulator version which is compatible with the Mac OS devices. Therefore, download the Nox App Player for Mac and repeat the procedure mentioned above to get the Pokemon Duel on your Mac.

Minimum System Requirements to Play Pokemon Duel on PC

Pokemon Duel for PC is a high graphics game and therefore, it tracks your location and keeps a note on your game status while you play the league matches which is why you might apparently need adequate space on your device before downloading it cluelessly.

Wondering how you can play Pokemon Duel PC? Well, even though the game is only launched for Android devices, you can try playing the game using the Android Emulators like BlueStacks or the Nox App Player. To do that:

  1. Make sure you have a RAM of 2GB on your Computer with Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10 installed on it.
  2. You must have a processor higher than the 2.2 GHz, and it is better if you play it with i3 or higher.
  3. A Minimum of 2-3 GB disc space is required for the storage of game data.

Without these minimum system requirements on your PC, you might find it hard to play Pokemon Duel PC game. So it’s better to make sure that these things are present in your PC before you download and start playing it!

Conclusion of Pokemon Duel PC

Not an easy game, the rules tend to be confusing and complex in the beginning until you get a hold of it. This game is more like chess between two players involving various power moves and positioning of the six Pokemon figures in the play.

You will come across challenging and surprising losses where you can drag battles till you can. The game has got many good ideas when it comes to actual combat, and therefore, you can sure try and invest your time to gain some fun.

If you have any issues regarding the installation of the game, let me know in the comment section so that I can help you with the issues. Stay tuned to our Pokemon Go section for more updates on Pokemon related games and new releases on our blog!