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Install iNoCydia 4.1 on iOS 14/13 Without JailBreak!

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Warning: Geniusgeeks no longer recommends using their website as is promoting pop-up ads. Moreover, the website is not following the terms of Apple. As a responsible tech website, we condemn the usage of such apps. This post is scheduled for deletion.

Do you love Cydia more than any other app? Have you been craving lately for a better version of Cydia? Cydia has been one of the most important apps that iOS devices have, these days and the reason behind that is because it produces amusing tweaks that help the user use the device in an efficient way. iNoCydia is your way to go! iNoCydia is now renamed as iNoJB!

iNoCydia Download

iNoJB, an alternative to the Cydia has been developed for greater functionality where you can enjoy all the modded apps and tweaks without jailbreaking the iOS device like Cydia. iNoJB is compatible with almost all iPhones, iPod Touch, and iPad.

iNoCydia or iNoJB

However, to make sure that iNoCydia’s workability is not compromised make sure that your device has an iOS version greater than 10. Also, if you have just updated the previous versions of the iPhone 12 Series, 11, XR, 8, 7, SE etc to iOS 14 or 13 and are now waiting for the jailbreak by Apple, then it’s time you try iNoJB without a second thought. The user-friendly interface and the greater features will prompt you to enjoy all the tweaks.

Features of iNoJB 4.1/ iNocydia

  1. Using iNoJB, you can download any app from the iTunes & App Store without jailbreaking the device.
  2. The app is being run on high-speed servers, and therefore it provides higher speed at any corner of the globe.
  3. You can open iNoJB app straight from your home screen.
  4. The homepage of iNoJB contains three options saying, “Home,” “Settings” and “Manager.” By going to Manager, you can see Sources, Packages, and Storage. Using these three options, you can find anything on your device.
  5. If you want to see, the different apps installed on your device, access them under Packages.
  6. Using iNoJB app, one can customize wallpaper, themes and everything you want with a single click.
  7. The user interface of iNoJB app is easy, simple, elegant and stylish.

So these are some amazing features of iNoJB. Now let’s discuss about why do we actually need iNoCydia when we have so many other options available? Here’s why!

Why Do You Need iNoJB 4.1 on iOS?

Apple has patched the users, Pangu team has been using to jailbreak the iOS 13 version, and therefore it has become more difficult for the developers to jailbreak iOS 14/13 and earlier versions. But the users haven’t given up on the dreams of exploiting the device and running Cydia tweaks like MovieBox, iOSEmus, GBA4iOS, etc. and as a result, they came up with iNoCydia.

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Similar to Cydia, iNoJB has features that help you with many jailbreak tweaks and Cydia programs. Cydia had several productivity apps. Mac users can take a look at Mac clipboard manager app to improve prodctivity. The entire difference of iNoJB is to download several free programs without jailbreaking the device.  To put it in a different way, you can download cracked or modded programs without jailbreaking the device.

This is why iNoJB has become prominent in the marketplace because it not only offers you the awesomeness of Cydia but it allows you to download third-party programs without jailbreaking the device.

Download iNoJB 4.1 for iOS 14/13 & More

Usually, when you download Cydia on your phone, and it is installed, you will jailbreak the device and lose the warranty if offers. This way, you can’t go back to customer support and claim a warranty even when you want to or if something goes wrong with your device. But, is it worth neglecting all those tweaks that can enhance the user experience just at the cost of this?

iNoJB 4.1 Download for iOS 14

The best option available to balance both things is to install iNoCydia without jailbreaking. Produced and developed by Emu4iOS and GamingwithViro, there are many versions that are launched constantly addressing errors and fixing bugs. You can relish all the Cydia tweaks with legal repo and everything without jailbreaking the device.

How to Install iNoCydia 4.1 on iOS 14 & 13

Unlike Saurik Cydia which is almost the same but which towards the end needs to jailbreak the device by an exploit, iNoCydia comes with easy access.

  1. To download iNoCydia 4.1 on your phone without jailbreaking the device, open the Safari browser on your iDevice. You can also try using Chrome or Opera.
  2. Now, enter the https://inojb.net/ in the URL and visit the official site. From the link, locate the downloading option and Download iNoCydia iOS from the link.
  3. The re-directed page will display you a button showing “Install” option. Click on ‘Install’ button. Now, this will be directed to one more page with different options.
  4. You need to Sign Up into the site by creating an account with your credentials. After entering the details, log in to the account and start installing the file by confirming your account.
  5. Wait till the installation is done as it might take a little patience to get done. Once the installation is done, you can see the app on the home tray menu.
  6. Launch the app by tapping on the icon on the interface and wait for few minutes as it takes a while to load the game for the first time.
  7. However, to use the app; one has to trust iNoCydia by accessing Profile App Management of the iOS device and modify the data.

Now, you can easily use iNoCydia to get your Cydia tweaks, games and apps for free. This Cydia alternative provides you premium apps for free and this way, you can get all the trendy apps. In case if you have doubts regarding the installation of iNoCydia or while using it, approach us in the comment section so that we can get back to you with proper solution.

Conclusion of iNoCydia: Is iNoJB Worth?

There are many Cydia tweaks being added to the iNoCydia 4.1 every day and it is recommended to explore these tweaks to get hold of your favorite apps, modded apps absolutely for free.

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