Disney Plus Not Working

Disney Plus Not Working/Loading On Your Device? Here’s How to Fix It!

Disney Plus users are having a hard time to access their accounts and the reason is the flurry of errors popping up on every device. That might be due to server issues, Wi-Fi connectivity, device compatibility issues and a lot more. Ever since then, users are going frenzy by searching why is my Disney Plus not working? If you’re one of them, you’re sure to fix this issue with our detailed troubleshooting guide. But before that, you might be interested to know the reasons why is your Disney+ account not working.

Why is Disney Plus Not Working or Loading?

Here are the possible reasons why your Disney Plus is not working.

  • Disney Plus internal server issues.
  • Unable to connect with Wi-Fi. Connectivity issues.
  • Your account might be blocked.
  • The device isn’t compatible with Disney+.
  • Using same Disney Plus account on more than 4 devices.
  • You are using VPN to access Disney+
  • Disney Plus is not available in your region at present.
  • Particular video isn’t available due to rights issue.

The above given are just the possible reasons why your Disney Plus account isn’t loading on your device. There might be numerous issues as well which we aren’t aware of so far. So if you are unable to connect Disney Plus account on your respective devices, you can fix it with the below given trouble shooting guide.

Disney Plus Not Working

As you might be using your Disney+ on various devices, we’re created a guide for each device which is compatible with Disney Plus. Just in case, if you’re getting error code 83 on your device, you can refer this guide to fix it right away! So let’s start with Safari.

Disney Plus Not Working on iPhone or iPad? Here’s the Fix!

If you’re trying to access your Disney Plus account on your iPhone or iPad through Safari browser, then you must try using it via the official Disney Plus app on your iOS device. And if it’s still not working, then try these below given possible fixes.

#1. Connect your device to mobile data if you’re using it on Wi-Fi. This will mostly solve the issue but you may face streaming errors as the videos are of 4K resolution and mobile data might take time to stream them.

#2. As said earlier, certain browsers aren’t compatible with Disney+ and seems like Safari isn’t living up to the expectations. So try using it on the official Disney+ iOS app instead of going for Safari browser.

#3. If you’re trying to access Disney Plus using a VPN, that won’t work as the officials have already stated that it doesn’t support VPN streaming if the streaming isn’t available in your country.

#4. Try to logout from the account and sign in again to see if this makes Disney Plus working on your iPhone or iPad.

#5. Reset your router and change the Mac address in order to fix Disney Plus not loading on iPhone or iPad.

These are the possible fixes if your Disney+ isn’t working on your iOS devices or even Safari browser. Let’s now see what has to be done if you’re using Macbook.

Fix Disney+ Not Working on Macbook

Not just Disney+, but users who have subscribed for the bundle pack of Hulu and ESPN isn’t working as well. Here are the possible ways to fix unable to connect Disney Plus on Mac systems.

#1. If you have connected your Macbook via Wi-Fi, you can try connecting it directly with LAN or just reset the router’s address so that you get an unique IP. This should mostly resolve the issue.

#2. Try to use Disney+ on your mobile phones such as iPhone, iPad or even Android devices with official Android app. We have noticed that most of the desktop users are getting solution with this method. Of course, this doesn’t make sense but there’s something is better than nothing at the moment.

#3. Disney Plus is available in certain regions only. So if you’re trying to access it from a region where Disney Plus isn’t launched, you will surely get unable to connect issue on your screen. In this case, there’s no solution as you have to wait for the Disney Plus to officially launch in your region.

These are the only possible fixes if your Disney Plus is not working on Macbook. If these fixes doesn’t solve your equation, the only is to contact Disney+ help center to get the issue resolved.

Disney Plus Not Loading or Not Working on TV Fixed!

Be it a Samsung smart TV, LG TV, Apple TV, or Sony TV or any other Android TV which is compatible with Disney+, all the devices are unable to connect the Disney Plus. There might be several reasons and here the possible fixes for Disney Plus not working on TV.

#1. If you’re getting error code 83, then you need to connect Disney+ with different browser than the existing one or the best way is to switch to your smartphone to access the videos as of now.

#2. Check if your IP address is blocked by Disney+. This happens when you try to login several times on various devices at the same time. You can only get to know about your IP blocking by contacting official Disney+ help center.

#3. Don’t want to wait on long hold calls with Disney+ support? You can simply reset your router and the Mac address to generate a new IP address. Connect your smart TV with Wi-Fi again with a new password and see if it works.

#4. You can try connecting Disney Plus using Chromecast, Firestick or AirPlay as well. That would be a lot simpler as compared to the built-in browser of your Samsung TV or LG TV.

So here you go! These are the best possible fixes if your Disney Plus is not loading on Samsung TV or LG TV or any other smart TV. Let’s now see what are the possible fixes if Disney+ isn’t working on Android devices.

Disney+ Not Working on Android? Here’s How to Fix It!

It’s not all about Apple users and smart TV users, even Android users are facing difficulties to connect to their respective Disney Plus accounts. Here is the troubleshooting guide on how to fix Disney Plus not working on Android devices. Give it a try now!

#1. Use mobile data instead of Wi-Fi. This fix will solve most of the Disney Plus error codes on your device.

#2. If you’re using Disney+ on the browser, skip that and try accessing it via the official Disney+ Android app.

#3. Ask Disney Plus help center to see what’s the issue with your account and if the IP address is blocked, you can ask them unblock that particular IP address to get Disney+ working.

#4. Try to log out from your Disney Plus account and login again to see if this solves the errors you’re getting.

Editor’s Note: If your Disney Plus account shows that the video or movie isn’t available in your region, it’s highly recommended to use a VPN. Here are few of them you can try now to get Disney Plus working. You can’t get a better time than Black Friday to get these VPNs at cheaper prices. Try them now!

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. PureVPN

That’s it for today! If we get any solutions for other devices, we will keep you posted.

Summing Up…

We hope that these fixes will solve the issue of Disney Plus not working on your respective devices. Just in case, if you find any other solution for this, do share it in the comment section below so that we can update this post. This will help our readers to fix Disney Plus unable to connect issue as well.

Disney Plus Error Code 83 Fix

Getting Disney Plus Error Code 83? Here’s the Fix!

Many users have reported the Disney Plus error code 83 when they try to connect to their accounts. Be it Firefox or Chrome, many users have complained that they are unable to login to their Disney Plus accounts to stream their favorites TV shows and movies.

Why Am I Getting Disney Plus Error Code 83?

Irrespective of iOS, Android, Windows or Linux, a lot of users are getting error code 83, at least for now until the Disney Plus officials fix the issue. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox or Safari,  you’ll get the same error when you try opening Disney Plus on your devices.

The devices that are displaying error code 83 Disney Plus such as iPhone, smart TVs, laptops, Roku, Firestick, PS4, Xbox One and a lot more and on those devices you may get many error codes such as Error 41, Error 42, Error 76, Error 24 etc.

So if you’re one of them who is getting such error codes on Disney+ accounts, then you have got a serious issue and it’s obviously frustrating for anyone! As per the reports coming in (not confirmed), they clearly indicate that more than 15% of the Disney+ users are getting such errors.

Disney Plus Error Code 83 Fix

It’s well known fact that whenever a popular company releases an online platform for streaming, there’s always a breakout with lots of users trying to login simultaneously. And the same is the case with Disney Plus users who are getting multiple error codes while they try to login into their devices.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83?

We’ve recently posted a detailed guide on how to get Disney Plus on PS4 and we’re now going to fix Disney Plus error code 83 with a detailed explanation.

1st Solution: Try Different Browser!

Many users have reported that just by changing the browser things worked like a charm. So if you’re getting error code 83 on your Disney+ try using Internet Explorer if you’re using Chrome and try using Firefox if you’re using Internet Explorer or vice versa.

Changing the browsers might seem funny but believe me, it can change a lot of configurations of the device you’re using. Just give it a try and see if it works for you.

2nd Solution: Ask Disney+ Help Center to Unblock Your IP Address!

Thanks to Rory for sharing this method. Many have suggested to restart the router or change router’s Mac address but this didn’t work either. Instead, users found that their account was taken down and their IP address was blocked. So if you want to get your Disney Plus account working, you need to contact Disney plus help center and get your IP address unblocked!

This solution has fixed thousands of Disney+ accounts that are getting error code 73 and error code 83 as well. So give this a try and you’re sure to resolve all the issues of your account.

3rd Solution: Try It on Your Smartphone

Just in case, if Disney Plus isn’t working on Linux or if you’re unable to login in your Disney Plus account, you need to skip Linux system or that particular browser and try the official Disney App on your iOS or Android devices.

However, if you have TVs such as Apple TV, Samsung TV or LG TV, you can stream on those devices as well and see if it’s working for you.

4th Solution: Try Chromecast or AirPlay on Smart TVs

If you’re using browsers on your Smart TVs and you’re getting Disney+ error code 83 on it, you need to try it another way to get it working. You must use Chromecast or AirPlay on your Smart TV and see if Disney Plus works on it or not.

5th Solution: Use a VPN

A lot of forum members on Reddit suggested that using a VPN solved the issue of all the errors they faced. So I would personally recommend you to use a VPN to fix this error code 83 on your Disney Plus. And when you have Black Friday deals, you can get them at cheap prices as well. You can either try ExpressVPN or PureVPN, both the VPNs work smoothly with Disney Plus without any glitches.

6th Solution: Let Developers Fix the Errors!

This is a generic solution. All you need to do is wait for the developers to fix the issue and once they release any official statement you can then access your account without any error codes.

These are the only solutions to fix Disney Plus Error Code 83 on your devices. Even after these fixes, if it’s not working, you can fix Disney Plus not working with our guide.  If you find any other fixes for Disney Plus error code 83, do let us know in the comment section right away so that we can update our list!

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Final Thoughts on Error Code 83 on Disney+

We hope that Disney+ will soon start supporting operating systems like Linux and other devices as well. Moreover, there are many more browsers in which the Disney Plus accounts aren’t working. Keep an eye on Genius Geeks blog for more updates on Disney Plus error codes and other guides.

Do share this guide with your friends so that they can get these errors solved in their Disney+ accounts.

Disney Plus Alternatives

Disney Plus Alternatives: 11 Sites Like Disney+ That are Worth!

Believe it or not, Disney+ is one of the best streaming services available at the moment. Netflix was the undisputed king of the streaming service but it has been dethroned by new entrant Disney Plus. Disney, Pixar, Marvel (did I hear Avengers?), Star Wars and National Geography are already a part of the on demand streaming service. If you are not in the country where Disney+ is supported, then you can look for Disney Plus alternatives as of now, or you can get a VPN to get it working right away in any region.

With most of the copyrights of movies, TV shows, and web series, you can expect Disney Plus to get a lot more videos on its website or app. Right after the launch of Disney+, a lot of users are unable to connect Disney Plus shows and movies. And this is where you start searching for an alternative to Disney Plus.

Editor’s note: We’ll keep updating the list of the best Disney Plus alternatives as we come across new services.

In case, if you are frustrated with the frequent errors in Disney Plus apps, then you may want to check some of the relevant articles published here.

Solve Disney+ Error code 73

Solve Disney+ Error code 83

11 Best Disney Plus Alternatives

Disney Plus, with its wide array of services and movies, brings a lot to the table. Unfortunately, due to geo-restrictions, not many people are able to enjoy the shows. As of writing this article, it is available in the USA, Canada, and Netherlands.

Here are popular alternatives to Disney Plus that will keep you glued to your mobile and smart TV.

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Hulu Plus
  • YouTube
  • HBO Now
  • Crackle
  • Vudu
  • Acorn.TV
  • Fandor
  • M-Go
  • BoxTV

#1. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video the best Disney Plus Alternative

Amazon Prime Video has been around a lot longer than Disney Plus. When we think about alternatives to Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video does come to mind. Amazon Prime Video has a large library, apparently, there are more than 17,000+ movies on their platform. When we compare the quantity of the content of Disney Plus with Amazon Prime Video, it’s quite clear who comes out on top.

However, those who have grown up watching the shows that Disney made, they’re sure to love the nostalgic feeling that Disney Plus has to offer. When it comes to shows, there is a huge selection of classic shows, like The Sopranos, The Wire, Veep, and Deadwood that you’d find on HBO. Amazon Prime roughly costs about $120 a year whereas Disney Plus costs about $70 annually. While it looks like Prime is more expensive, there are a lot more features that come with it like two-day shipping, free eBooks, and the list is endless.

Get 30 Day Free Trail of Amazon Prime Here

#2. Netflix

Netflix is the top site like Disney Plus

It hasn’t been so long that Disney announced the launch of Disney Plus, that they’re already well on their way to becoming Netflix’s biggest rival. While Disney+ has a library with huge names, it’s tough to beat Netflix’s deep and varied content. Having said that, Disney+ will be home to all the Star War’s films, most of which are quite impossible to find online anymore.

Disney’s original content is tough to beat, however, the millennials seem to have grown accustomed to popular Netflix’s shows like Stranger Things, The Crown, Black Mirror and much more; shows which Netflix has poured billions of dollars into. When we talk about the price, Disney+ seems to come out cheaper costing $7 a month while Netflix’s package ranges from $9 to $16, based on the viewing quality.

#3. Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus is an alternative of Disney Plus

Hulu has been around since 2008, since then, it has garnered quite a huge subscriber base. Disney Plus when compared to Hulu Plus, seems to have completely different offerings to their subscribers, it can be hard to decide who comes out on top. Disney Plus, as mentioned above, will have all of its home content.

However, Hulu Plus seems to have gained a lot of popularity as it premiers some of the most popular shows from ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Bravo, and Comedy Central. Disney Plus is relatively cheaper than Hulu Plus, as Hulu costs about $11.99 per month whereas, the former costs about $7 per month.

Get 30 Day Free Trail of Hulu From Here

#4. HBO Now


HBO Now vs Disney Plus is quite an easy question. HBO Now is a streaming platform that offers everything HBO has to offer. However, Disney Plus has much bigger names like Star Wars, Marvel and much more & it clearly has a lot more popularity than HBO Now. But if you’re searching for the sites like Disney Plus, HBO Now can be taken into consideration.

However, there are a few shows like Game of Thrones, The Wire, The Sopranos, and Deadwood, that millennial are fans of. When it comes to the price, Disney Plus is much cheaper at its $7 per month plan, while HBO now costs about $14.99.

Get HBO Now from Here

#5. Vudu

Kids who had a Blockbuster around their house would love the idea of Vudu. Vudu is basically, an app where you can rent Tv shows and movies. The former Set Top Box provider has quite a different platform when compared to the many video streaming platforms we have nowadays.

Disney Plus would more likely win with respect to the bigger library, popularity, and cross-functionality across platforms. The price, however, cannot be compared, because while Disney Plus is a buffet, Vudu is a restaurant, you only eat what you can buy.

Watch Free Movies & Shows on Vudu Here

#6. Youtube

YouTube Movies and Web Series

YouTube, the one name that comes to mind when you think about videos. The main difference between Disney Plus and YouTube is their functioning. Disney Plus has licensed content that you can watch by paying a subscription fee, whereas, YouTube has free videos that you can watch, while they make money by displaying advertisements.

Disney Plus is a much better alternative to YouTube as the content provided is made by professionals. However, on YouTube, pretty much anyone can upload a video. The quality of the content on YouTube might not be guaranteed. You can pretty much erase the whole idea of watching full movies or binge-watching episodes on YouTube. Disney Plus is a solid winner.

Watch Movies and Shows on YouTube

#7. Crackle

Crackle’s main USP is that it’s completely free. The streaming service owned by Sony pretty much features all the big names under Sony. They have a decent library and add up to 10 movies each month. Disney Plus, on the other hand, has the biggest of the biggest names in its library.

There are so many famous shows Disney Plus has to offer that Crackle’s library is definitely small. For someone who prefers streaming quality and cross-functionality among platforms, Disney Plus is a much better choice.

Start Watching Movies on Crackle

#8. Acorn TV

While the name might sound quite weird, Acorn TV is no joke. It’s home to some of the greatest British shows and movies. Agatha Christie’s Marple, And Then There Were None and Witness for the Prosecution, Foyle’s War, George Gently, Midsomer Murders, and Vera are some of the most famous shows hosted by Acorn TV.

However, when it’s coming down to the numbers, Disney Plus is costing $7 per month while Acorn TV costs about $4.99. Disney’s huge titles might outweigh that extra difference.

Subscribe for Acorn TV From Here

#9. Fandor

Fandor Movies and TV Shows

Fandor, the gist behind the content lies in the name itself. Fandor is home to some of the oldest and greatest hits of all time. Movie buffs who claim to have movies running in their veins and not blood are sure to love Fandor.

Disney Plus, on the other hand, might not be a direct competitor to Fandor as there is a huge difference in the content of both the streaming platforms. Disney Plus is relatively a lot cheaper as Fandor costs $10 per month. However, if you’re a serious movie buff, that price might not be too much.

Watch Favorite Documentaries on Fandor

#10. M-Go

Fandango Now Movies and Web Series Online

M-Go is much similar to the iTunes streaming platform and it now re-branded as FandangoNow. M-Go has a lot of titles and shows that you might find on Amazon Instant. However, M-go does not have a one-time subscription fee but rather lets you rent movies and TV shows for a fee.

The library, though, doesn’t seem as deep or consistent with additions when compared to Disney Plus. The price factor here puts Disney Plus on the heavier side as it provides a lot more content than M-go for a cheaper price.

#11. BoxTV

Update: Box TV is not available.

It’s pretty clear that Disney Plus offers a huge library of its great shows and movies. However, it limits itself geographically and linguistically. BoxTV, also known as, “The Netflix of India” is said to have offered content in a wide range of languages. BoxTV also operates overseas thus giving itself exposure to a much larger audience than Disney Plus.

With English subtitles for almost every movie and TV show, BoxTV gained a lot of popularity in recent years. BoxTV is a member of the Times Group that generates revenue on advertisements and paid subscriptions.

Final Thoughts on Sites Like Disney Plus

It’s clear that Disney Plus, along with many video streaming platforms rakes out on the top. However, the choice of video streaming platform depends more on the viewer’s interests as each of the platforms cater to the specific needs of the subscriber. These were the best Disney Plus alternatives, and are sure to give Disney Plus a run for its money. But if you still want to stick to Disney Plus and not aware of how to solve the errors you’re getting, you can contact Disney+ help center to get them solved!

Disney Plus Help Center

Disney Plus Help Center: Best Way to Contact Disney+ Support!

Right from the launch of Disney+, people have tried reaching out Disney Plus help center numerous times. And the reasons were obvious – the huge response by the Disney lovers to the online streaming program. Eventually, the servers were unable to handle the requests and it resulted in a lots of errors.

Looking at the number of errors, there are many Disney+ users who are looking to reach out help center or customer support center. And most of them are searching for Disney Plus help center error 83 as this error is faced by more than half of the Disney+ users right after the launch.

So if you’re trying to contact Disney Plus support and expecting a quick response, let me tell you that you’ve to wait for hours and hours to get the call connected as there are thousands of people trying to connect at the same time.

Disney Plus Help Center

How to Contact Disney Plus Help Center

Still wondering what’s the best way to connect with Disney+ help center? Well, we’ve got the best way to do it so that you can get quick response to the problems faced by you.

#1. If your sole purpose to reaching out Disney Plus help center is to fix Disney Plus error code 83, you can go through these fixes instead of trying to contact the support team. This would solve your issue at the earliest for sure without contacting them!

#2. Try to contact or send a direct message to Disney+ help center is via their official Twitter handle. This is the best way to get in touch directly with Disney Plus support.

#3. You can contact the customer support of Disney+ from here (just for USA users) but don’t expect to get a quick response as tons of queries get received in the same way each day. 

Well, as of now, these are the only channels or platforms through which you can connect with Disney+ to solve your issues. If you aren’t getting a quick response, there’s nothing you can do much about it.

Final Words on Disney+ Support!

Disney+ has taken the streaming services world by storm. While a lot of users are enjoying it to the fullest, there are users who are feeling frustrated with the kind of errors they are getting on their respective devices.

The best way to fix such errors is to either try to troubleshoot the fixes by referring various guides on our blog or try to connect with Disney Plus help center as mentioned above.

Disney Plus Error Code List

Disney+ Error Code Complete List with Possible Fixes!

Disney Plus has failed to find solutions to the error codes that users are seeing on their iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, Xbox One, PS4, Roku, Samsung TV, LG TV and other devices, at least for now. Maybe after few days or weeks, we can expect all these errors to be fixed by Disney+.

You can always contact Disney Plus help center or support team to get these issues fixed. But looking at the long hold calls and no response to DMs on Twitter, I can understand the frustration of the users who have already started using Disney+ on their respective devices.

Disney Plus Error Code List

Disney Plus Error Code List

Here’s the complete Disney Plus error code list!

  • Disney Plus Error Code 87
  • Disney Plus Error Code 86
  • Disney Plus Error Code 83
  • Disney Plus Error Code 76
  • Disney Plus Error Code 75
  • Disney Plus Error Code 73
  • Disney Plus Error Code 72
  • Disney Plus Error Code 44
  • Disney Plus Error Code 42
  • Disney Plus Error Code 40
  • Disney Plus Error Code 38
  • Disney Plus Error Code 36
  • Disney Plus Error Code 35
  • Disney Plus Error Code 34
  • Disney Plus Error Code 32
  • Disney Plus Error Code 31
  • Disney Plus Error Code 30
  • Disney Plus Error Code 29
  • Disney Plus Error Code 28
  • Disney Plus Error Code 27
  • Disney Plus Error Code 25
  • Disney Plus Error Code 24
  • Disney Plus Error Code 22
  • Disney Plus Error Code 13
  • Disney Plus Error Code 11
  • Disney Plus Error Code 9
  • Disney Plus Error Code 8
  • Disney Plus Error Code 7
  • Disney Plus Error Code 5
  • Disney Plus Error Code 4

So here’s the detail of each Disney+ error code with possible fixes! Go through it now!

Error Code 87 Disney Plus

Error Code 87 indicates that Disney+ had problems finding your profile when you were trying to login. Of course, there’s nothing to do with the user end, it’s Disney+ internal server problem.

Possible Fix: Log out of the Disney+ profile if you have already logged in. And try to login again to see if it works.

Error Code 86 Disney Plus

Error code 86 means your account has been blocked because the email address associated with the Disney+ profile is someone who is under 18. Or it might be blocked due to suspicious activity or using it against the terms of service.

Disney Plus Error Code 86

Possible Fix: Ensure that the email account holder is above 18 and don’t use your account in any inappropriate way.

Error Code 83 Disney Plus

The error code 83 indicates that your device is not compatible to play Disney+ shows or movies or maybe you have connection issues. This is how the error code looks on your device.

Error Code 83 Disney Plus

Possible Fix: You can switch between devices to see if it works and if you’re having connection issues, try using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi. You can check this article for more details.

Error Code 76 Disney Plus

If you’re having connectivity issues or trying to stream Disney+ on slow internet connections, you get error code 76 on your Disney Plus account.

Possible Fix: Ensure that your internet speed is at least 20 MBPS and it’s used by just couple of devices or a single device. If it doesn’t work on Wi-Fi, reset the router or create hotspot from your mobile to connect the respective device.

Error Code 75 Disney Plus

Just in case, if you’re using multiple devices (more than 4) with same Disney+ login credentials, you will get error code 75 while streaming the content.

Possible Fix: Don’t use your Disney+ account on more than 4 devices simultaneously.

Error Code 73 Disney Plus

Error code 73 indicates that Disney+ is not available in your region or the internet you’re using is being pointed from a location where Disney Plus isn’t available. Using a VPN will also show error 73 on your devices.

Disney Plus Error Code 73

Possible Fix: Many users from USA complained that despite being in USA, they are getting 73 error code. In such cases, check the internet which you’re using and see the location from where it is being connected. Try switching to different networks or switch to mobile data if you’re using Wi-Fi. Check our detailed post for more possible solutions.

Error Code 72 Disney Plus

Just like error 82, this code also means that Disney+ is having few issues with your account.

Possible Fix: Try to login again if you’re already logged in. And try to use a different device or internet connection if it still doesn’t work.

Error Code 44 Disney Plus

The videos that cannot be watched at the moment due to rights availability is responsible for error 44 on Disney+.

Possible Fix: You can only wait and watch the video once the Disney+ has got the rights to stream that particular show or movie.

Error Code 42 Disney+

This error code also means that the video you’re trying to watch is unavailable due to the rights issue. This is internal issue of Disney+ eventually.

Possible Fix: You can wait for some time until the video gets the rights. You can then watch the video without any hassles.

Error Code 40 Disney+

Error code 40 means there are some issues with the existing video which you’re trying to watch. It might be due to high traffic on the video or rights issue as well.

Possible Fix: Wait for some time or few hours, and then try to watch again to see if it works.

Error Code 38 Disney+

Make sure that you check the date and time settings on your device. Most of the videos on Disney+ are streamed and synced based on date and time of your device.

Possible Fix: If you’re getting error code 38 on your Disney Plus, you probably need to check the date and time settings on the device and select the current time to let the video sync with perfection.

Error Code 36 Disney Plus

The particular video you’re trying to watch isn’t available currently. This might be due to the high demand of the video or internal issue of Disney+ platform.

Possible Fix: Try after some time or try switching the device if possible to make it working.

Error Code 35 Disney+

This error is similar to error 40 and error 36.

Possible Fix: As said earlier, you need to wait for few hours or days as well until the video is available.

Error Code 34 Disney Plus

If you’ve tried creating more than 6 Disney+ profiles, you’ve reached the maximum limit and at the end, you get error code 34. And if you still want to create a new profile, then you must delete the existing profile first to get started.

Possible Fix: The only way is to delete your Disney+ profile on the respective device you’re logged in.

Error Code 32 Disney+

It indicates that your account cannot be connected. The error code 32 appears when Disney+ is having problems in connecting your account when you login.

Possible Fix: You can fix error 32 on Disney+ by logging in to your account again. Just in case, if you don’t remember your password, you can change it by using this guide.

Error Code 31 Disney Plus

Error code 31 indicates that your device is having issues in verifying the location on Disney+ app. To get rid of this, you need to turn on the location services on your device.

Error Code 31 Disney+

Possible Fix: If you’re using an iPhone, enable location services and tap on Disney+ app to select while using the app option. And if you’re using an Android device, turn on the location services and select High Accuracy option to get the issue solved.

Error Code 30 Disney+

It clearly indicates that your device couldn’t be added to your Disney+ account. This means that you’ve reached 10 devices limit or there might be some unexpected error while linking your device to the Disney Plus account.

Possible Fix: Make sure that you are not connecting more than 10 devices for a single account. And if your device is already linked, try to login again to get things sorted out on a quick note!

Error Code 29 Disney Plus

Due to the internal connectivity issues of the Disney+ servers, you might get error code 29 on your device.

Possible Fix: There’s no fix to this until Disney Plus responds to it.

Error Code 28 Disney+

If you’re trying to watch a video that isn’t available at the moment on Disney Plus, you will see error code 28 in your account.

Possible Fix: You have to wait till the video is available on Disney Plus platform. That’s the only way to fix error 28 on the device.

Error Code 27 Disney Plus

As the rights of the video aren’t available with Disney+, you will get this error in your account on any device you try to stream a video.

Possible Fix: The only way to fix error code 27 is to wait till the rights are available for that particular movie or season.

Error Code 25 Disney+

If you have performed an incomplete action on your Disney Plus account, you might get this error.

Possible Fix: You need to perform the last action and then try to perform the next action on your device.

Error Code 24 Disney Plus

If you’re trying to play the video and your account isn’t connected to Disney Plus, you will get error code 24 on your devices.

Possible Fix: Make sure that your internet connectivity is super fast. If you’re using Wi-Fi network with router, try using mobile data and see if it vanishes this error code.

Error Code 22 Disney Plus

If a video is having the rights restrictions or ratings issue, your account will display error code 22 on the respective device.

Possible Fix: There’s nothing much you can do in this error as it is internal issue of Disney Plus.

Error Code 13 Disney+

Trying to download videos on more than 10 devices with a same account? Well, you are sure to get error code 13 on your Disney Plus account right away.

Possible Fix: Try removing the previous downloads from your other devices or the same device and then try to download a new movie or season again.

 Error Code 11 Disney Plus

Few movies or shows are available in certain locations or they don’t have right to display those videos where you’re currently located. If you still try to access such videos, you will see error code 11 on your Disney+ account.

Possible Fix: The only way to access those videos is to wait till they are available in your region.

Error Code 9 Disney+

It indicates that you have been logged out of your Disney Plus account as you have given wrong information about ZIP or postal code, security code, card expiration date, non US based card, government issued cards, etc.

Possible Fix: Make sure that you are entering correct information as per your card details and your billing address. That will solve this issue and you will be able to login again.

Error Code 8 Disney Plus

It clearly means that you have used an incorrect email or password while you’re trying to login into your Disney+ profile. Or the password which you had entered didn’t meet the Disney’s password requirements. And the other reason is you haven’t verified your email ID yet.

Possible Fix: To fix this error code 8, you need to use the exact email and correct password which you entered while creating your Disney Plus profile. Besides this, check your email folder and verify your email address.

Error Code 7 Disney+

If you have entered a wrong data while creating the account, you will see a pop-up of error code 7 on Disney Plus account.

Possible Fix: Make sure that you have entered the proper information while creating the account and give a valid email ID as well.

Error Code 5 Disney Plus

While you update your account information, there are some restrictions from Disney+ which might result in Disney Plus not working issue. So when you try updating information against the restrictions, you will get error code 5 on your account.

Possible Fix: Enter the correct information and try to update it again to get the issue fixed!

Disney Plus Error Code 4

Just like error 9, in this error, your transaction is being cancelled due to some issues. It might be an invalid postal code, non US based bank card, invalid security code, etc.

Possible Fix: Make sure you’ve entered the correct card details and ZIP code to make the transaction successful. Besides this, make sure your card is from a US based card.

So these were some of the Disney Plus error codes which users are currently facing on their respective devices. If you are trying to login Disney+ account PS4, refer this guide to connect it with perfection.

Final Thoughts on Disney+ Error Codes!

So which one of these error codes you are getting on your Disney+ accounts? Do let us know in the comment section and also try to fix the issues with the above-given solutions after each error code. Make sure you keep an eye on our blog to get the latest updates on Disney Plus error code and more in-depth guides. Moreover, you can get in touch with Disney Plus help center to solve your issues if you’re lucky enough to connect a call!

Disney Plus Linux Ubuntu

Here’s How to Use Disney Plus on Linux Systems!

Right from the word go, Disney+ subscribers were facing difficulties to access their accounts on Linux devices. Be it a laptop or computer, Disney Plus didn’t work on Linux systems. Most of the users have seen error code 83 on their Disney Plus accounts when they try to access the profile through Linux operating systems.

So, it’s obvious that you’re looking for a solution to make your Disney Plus Linux accounts working, isn’t it?! Well, we have got a possible solution so that you enjoy your favorite TV shows and web series on your respective Linux systems.

Disney Plus Linux

How to Fix Disney Plus Linux Not Working

There are many ways to fix Disney Plus not working issue on your systems. But, believe me or not, most of the fixes aren’t working due to many reasons. One of the reason is that Disney Plus isn’t supported on Linux due to various errors. The officials have clearly stated that due to compatibility issues, Disney Plus may not work on certain devices and they are working on the error codes faced by many users all around the world.

So if you’re looking for a solution to get your Disney Plus accounts work on Linux based systems, we’ve got a possible solution for the same. This error fixer isn’t an official solution and we’ve researched it to find it just for our loyal readers. Just in case, if anything goes wrong, we’re not responsible for the errors that pop-up on your systems. It’s up to you whether to give this solution a try or not!

UPDATE: This method doesn’t work anymore! 

Guide to Fix Disney Plus Linux Error Issue

Step #1. Log out of your Disney Plus account firstly on your Ubuntu.

Step #2. Download this error fixer (link removed as it’s not working now) on your Linux systems.

Step #3. Once the fixer is downloaded on your PC or laptop, install it. Because without installing it completely, you won’t get any solution for the error codes.

Step #4. Now when the error fixer is installed, you now need to visit the Disney Plus official website, login into your account and see if it works.

This is the only way as of now to get Disney Plus working on your Linux system. Of course, this is not an official fixer, but there’s nothing harm in giving it a try if you want to.

Final Verdict!

Just give it a try and see if Disney+ works on your Linux based laptop or computers. Stay tuned to our blog to get more updates on Disney Plus Linux error code fixes!

Netflix Error 5003

Netflix Goes Down Worldwide with Error 5003: Here’s the Fix!

Right after Disney Plus went down several times due to error 83, it’s now Netflix that is down worldwide. The news went viral when various users started reporting error 3-5003 on all the devices.

What is Netflix Error 5003?

Netflix users are reportedly getting error 3-5003 or MSL 5003 due to outage of the streaming service. Some users also reported that they are getting error UI 800 3 as well.

The error started at 13:56 GMT and it’s not just the UK but US users are also facing issues to operate their accounts due to Netflix Error 5003. Further reports suggest that not only western countries but Asian countries are also getting similar errors and are unable to access their Netflix accounts.

These errors might be occurring as Netflix might have some system updates going on in the back-end.

Netflix Error 5003

How to Fix Netflix Error MSL 5003?

When you know that this is a service outage error, there’s no way to fix it until the developers fix the issue. But if you still want to fix Netflix Error 5003, you can try below given fixes and see if it works.

#1. Use Alternate Browser: If you are using Chrome, you would like to try Firefox, Internet Explorer or even Opera to see if things work for you.

#2. Don’t Stream on Multiple Devices: Streaming on various devices might block your IP and you might get several error codes due to it. So it’s advised to use just one device to watch Netflix.

#3. Play Another Video: There might be issues with the video itself sometimes. So better to check the issue by playing any other video on Netflix to see it the error 5003 is fixed or not.

#4. Unblock IP Address: Just in case if you feel that by using multiple devices for same Netflix account has blocked your IP, you can connect with the Netflix supported to get your IP unblocked.

These are the only possible fixes to solve Netflix error 5003 and MSL 5003. If it still doesn’t get resolved, it’s better to wait for some time to get the issue fixed by itself.

Final Words!

A lot of streaming providers face outage issues every now and then, that’s a part and parcel of the game which cannot be avoided. If you want to stay updated with the latest guides on Netflix, Disney+ etc, stay tuned to our tech blog for regular updates.

Error Code 73 Disney Plus

Error Code 73 on Disney+ Explained: Here’s How to Deal With It!

A flurry of tweets on Twitter clearly indicate that a lot of users are getting error code 73 on Disney+ app, Roku, Apple TV and other devices as well. Besides this, a lot of Disney Plus users are reportedly getting error code 83 as well.

What is Error Code 73 on Disney+?

Disney+ is available in certain regions only. So if you’re not in a specified region, say, USA or Canada, you will get the error code 73 on your Disney Plus. Depending on the location, you may not be able to access Disney+.

Here are few reasons why you might get error 73 on your Disney+ accounts when you try to login.

  • Not Available in your Region: This the only possibility if you’re getting the error code 73 on your respective devices. Although, a lot of users from Canada and USA claim that despite of they are in their local region, they are still getting the error code which is pretty frustrating for every one.
  • Your Device Isn’t Compatible: Just in case if your device isn’t compatible with Disney+, there’s a possibility that you might the error 73.

Here’s the error message which most of the users on Twitter and Reddit reported to Disney Plus. And if you’ve landed here, you’re one of them surely.

Error Code 73 Disney Plus

Here’s How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 73!

The fix is temporary and it might not work all the users. So if you’re looking for a temporary solution to get rid of Disney+ error code, these fixes might work for you.

  • Try Using VPN: I understand that you’re in the USA or Canada but if you’re still getting Error Code 73 on Disney+, you need to try VPN to try to login again into your account.
  • Use Mobile Data: If you’re using Wi-Fi data through your router, there are many users reporting that when they switched to their 4G network, the issue was solved.
  • Reset Your Router: Just with a simple reset of your router might help you get out of this problem.
  • Don’t Contact Disney Plus Support or Help Center: Well, that’s not gonna help you in any way because they are already overloaded with the complaints and they are unable to solve at the earliest!

Related Post: Here’s How to Get Disney Plus on PS4

If nothing works for you, it’s recommended that you wait for few more hours or a couple of days so that all the Disney Plus error codes are fixed by the official developers. Till then, keep an eye on GeniusGeeks.com for more updates on Disney+ error code guides.

DeepNude App Download

DeepNu*e App for Android (APK)! Don’t Download It!

DeepNu*e App Download

Think Twice before you download apps like DeepN*de. The official developer wasn’t expecting this huge response from DeepN*de as the project was just created for fun. But soon it took the internet world by storm due to it’s unique artificial intelligence X-Ray app capabilities.

The Deep*ude App was released long back but very few technology enthusiasts like me noticed it until it became the need of an hour for every one. It went crazy like anything that the official website’s servers crashed every now and then. Well, it’s obvious because the owner of DeepN*de app wasn’t expecting this big response from the users all over the world.

DeepNude App Download


We already have seen such X-Ray apps in the past such as Nomao Naked Camera App that is still working fine for many, you can try that.

But as compared to DeepN*de, Nomao might be the 2nd in the preferred list. Something is better than nothing, isn’t it? So why not try Nomao app itself if DeepNu*e App downoad isn’t available on the internet.

How Does DeepNu*e App Work?

The DeepNu*e App work in a very simple way. Here are few steps involved in it.

#1. Select the picture.

#2. Crop the picture to perfection.

#3. Remove the costume or apparel! That’s it!

It uses artificial intelligence algorithm that allows you remove the costumee from photos of the picture you selected. Isn’t it amazing? It is stupendous but this might risk the future of the young guys who get used to such apps.

And that’s the only reason why the developer of this app have stopped providing DeepNu*e App download links for Windows, Linux and Android as well. But if you want to look like a celebrity, download Gradient app and have fun. It has gone viral due to its unique concept. 

Recommended Download: FaceApp Pro APK(Old Age Filter Challenge)

How Deep*ude App Works on Windows, Linux and Android

Deep*ude APK Download

To be honest, there was never a Deep*ude APK released by the developer but you can download from here if you want to. So the users who are searching to download Deep*ude APK or DeepN*de App for Android, stop searching it, else, you will end up in installing some fake apps that may result in data leak from your phone. Or it might also scrap your bank details/credit card details or even hack your mobile. So stay away from such fake DeepN*de app if you find any.

Make sure you never download any fake file that is named as DeepNu*e APK, else, you’re sure to fall in trouble within no time. There will be times when few websites might ask you to change the settings to allow unknown sources installation for apps but don’t do it. It will surely risk your device. Once you do that and download any random file of DeepN*de APK form the internet, the very next moment, you’ll see strange things on your Android device.

So it’s simple! Do not download DeepN*de APK from anywhere on the web or internet!

DeepN*de App Download for Windows & Linux

Same goes with Windows & Linux users as well. If you find any working links to download DeepNu*e App, give it to me, I am sure it will be fake. The reason being is, the developer has already closed the app and the servers are already down. So just think it practically that how could DeepNu*e app work despite of the servers being down? Ringing bells? Stay away from such especially the torrent links!

Update: I just found a link from a post here of DeepNu&e Linux and PC. He further added that, you must “just click on download all and then put all the files into a folder and then run deepn*de.exe” That’s it. Use DeepN*de App at your own risk as it is not a legal app (especially in India)! 

Note: I haven’t tested this personally so I would not recommend doing this. I don’t take any responsibility of anything happens to your systems or devices. I am just sharing what I found from Twitter. That’s it! Same goes with DeepNu*e APK files as well if you find any on the internet.

Is DeepN*de APK Premium Version App Still Available?

Even if you have paid for the premium version of DeepN*de app, you won’t be able to access the app as it’s officially taken down by the developer himself. If you have already paid for this amazing X-Ray app, you will get the refund from the official developer within few days from now. So don’t worry about the refund, so far it doesn’t look like a scam to me at least.

DeepN*de APK Premium Version App

Why Did Deep&*ude App Shut Down?

There are several reasons why Deep*ude developer has shut it down. It’s for the society. And it’s just because he feels the app can be used in a wrong way by many users. Now this doesn’t make me understand one thing that if he know this problem might arise in future, why did he develop this app beforehand.

From my point of view, he might be selling the software to some other person as I already saw a small little notification that he isn’t able to handle this and wants to sell this app to someone who is interested in to. That might be the best possibility as of now. Well, you never know what’s running in to his mind but here’s what he shared on his Twitter handle.

DeepNu*e APK Shuts Down

He says that the people who will misuse such apps will be high and that’s not a great sign. He clearly mentions that if you download DeepN*de App from any other sources or sharing it by any other means would be against the terms of our website. It’s clear that there wouldn’t be any other versions of DeepNu*e App, so don’t wait for latest or updated versions anymore!

At the end he says, the world is not yet ready for Deep*ude and that hurted a lot of users who were going bananas to download DeepNu*e App on their Windows & Linux systems. The developer was working for the Mac version but he won’t do that anymore! And please, there was never a Deep*ude APK version for Android, so stop searching for it and save yourself from falling into a trap.

Final Words on DeepNu*e APK

It’s completely fine to use such apps for fun but it must be only between your best buddies or up to a certain limit. I can’t describe what’s the limit here but you’re smart enough to get that. So stop hunting for DeepNu*e App or Deep*ude App download kind of terms on Google and move on with a better life rather than enjoying such DeepFake apps. I warn you again, do not download any Deep*ude APK files you find on the internet, they are harmful to your smartphones and tablets both. Stay tuned to GeniusGeeks.com for latest apps and games.

How to Get Disney Plus on PS4

Here’s How to Get Disney Plus on PS4!

Disney Plus was one of the most awaited streaming service everyone was waiting for. Not only Android, iOS and web browsers, but this time, PS4, Xbox One, Roku, and smart TV devices are also compatible with Disney Plus. Most of you stream your favorite shows on your iOS and Android devices but there’s no guide from Disney on watching Disney Plus on PS4.

Is Disney Plus Available on PS4?

Right from the word go, PS4 users are excited to get their hands on Disney Plus shows. But most of the are still in a dilemma whether Disney+ is available on PS4 or not. Well, it’s available on PS4 but to stream in 4K resolution, you must get PS4 Pro. So, you can easily watch your favorite shows, movies and web series on Disney Plus on PS4 right away.

How to Get Disney Plus on PS4

How to Watch Disney Plus on PS4!

If you’re wondering how to watch and stream Disney Plus on PS4 or you’re asking yourself that, “Can you watch Disney Plus on PS4, my answer is YES! Refer to the below given guide to get Disney Plus on PS4 right away!

Step #1. Sign up for Disney Plus streaming service from here.

Step #2. Switch ON your PS4 and head over to the PlayStation Store.

Step #3. Now, hit the search bar and search for Disney Plus and click on the Disney Plus on your PS4.

Step #4. Next, click on the download option which appears on the left hand side of the screen under the picture.

Step #5. Once downloaded, head over to the TV & Video section by selecting the icon and click on the Disney Plus App then after.

Step #6. Now sign in to Disney Plus account and enter your login credentials which you created in the step #1. Or if you’ve already created an account, simply enter the login details.

Step #7. Once you login into your Disney Plus on PS4, you can now browse and play any movie or show of your choice at a glance!

That’s how simple it is to get Disney Plus on PS4.

How to Stream Disney Plus in 4K on PS4

As I mentioned earlier, if you want to stream 4K videos on PS4 using Disney Plus, you cannot do it on your PS4. But that’s not the end to the story! You can stream the videos on your PS4 Pro if you’re planning to stream in 4K resolution.

That’s not it, you also need to make sure that you have a stable internet connection, at least 30+ MBPS for sure. If you don’t have such internet speed, it will not be possible to stream 4K resolution videos on your PS4.

How Much Does Disney Plus Cost for PS4?

The cost for Disney Plus for PS4 users will be the same for all platforms such as iOS, Android or any web browser. The monthly subscription charges are $6.99 and the annual charges are $69.99 per year.

So if you’re subscribing to Disney Plus per year, you save almost 13.89/year if you had choose monthly plan. So just in case, if you want to test the services, you can go for monthly plan but if you’re sure to use it for at least an year, it’s better to subscribe with the annual plan.

Besides this, you can also purchase a bundle pack of $12.99 per month which includes Disney Plus along with Hulu and ESPN+ as well. That’s a good deal overall considering the cost and the programs you get to watch on your PS4 and other devices.

Conclusion on Disney Plus PS4

So, now I hope all your concerns regarding connecting Disney Plus to PS4 are solved. Let us know in the comments section if you still face any issues while watching your favorite programs on PS4. Stay tuned to GeniusGeeks tips section to know more updates on Disney Plus guides.