Disney Plus Error Code 83 Fix

Getting Disney Plus Error Code 83? Here’s the Fix!

Many users have reported the Disney Plus error code 83 when they try to connect to their accounts. Be it Firefox or Chrome, many users have complained that they are unable to login to their Disney Plus accounts to stream their favorites TV shows and movies.

Why Do I Get Disney Plus Error 83?

Error 83 appears on your Disney Plus accounts when there is excess of load on the servers or your internet connection is too slow. The error 83 is displayed when Disney+ is unable to process your video.

Irrespective of iOS, Android, Windows or Linux, a lot of users are getting error 83, at least for now until the Disney Plus officials fix the issue. It doesn’t matter if you’re using Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox or Safari,  you’ll get the same error when you try opening Disney Plus on your devices.

The devices that are displaying Disney Plus error 83 on iPhone, smart TVs, laptops, Roku, Firestick, PS4, Xbox One etc, might also display errors such as Error 41, Error 42, Error 76, Error 24 etc. Here are few error codes and possible solutions you must check out now!

So if you’re one of them who is getting such error codes on Disney+ accounts, then you have got a serious issue and it’s obviously frustrating for anyone! As per the reports coming in (not confirmed), they clearly indicate that more than 15% of the Disney+ users are getting such errors.

Disney Plus Error Code 83 Fix

It’s well known fact that whenever a popular company releases an online platform for streaming, there’s always a breakout with lots of users trying to login simultaneously. And the same is the case with Disney Plus users who are getting multiple error codes while they try to login into their devices.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 83?

Here are the best possible ways to fix error 83 on Disney+

  • Try Different Browser.
  • Ask Disney+ Help Center to Unblock your IP Address.
  • Install Disney Plus app your Smartphone instead of using it on desktop.
  • Use Chromecast or AirPlay on Smart TVs.
  • Use a VPN.

We’ve recently posted a detailed guide on how to get Disney Plus on PS4 and we’re now going to fix error code 83 with a detailed explanation. Let’s see all the possible fixes in detail.

1st Solution: Try Different Browser!

Many users have reported that just by changing the browser things worked like a charm. So if you’re getting error code 83 on your Disney+ try using Internet Explorer if you’re using Chrome and try using Firefox if you’re using Internet Explorer or vice versa.

Changing the browsers might seem funny but believe me, it can change a lot of configurations of the device you’re using. Just give it a try and see if it works for you.

2nd Solution: Ask Disney+ Help Center to Unblock Your IP Address!

Thanks to Rory for sharing this method. Many have suggested to restart the router or change router’s Mac address but this didn’t work either. Instead, users found that their account was taken down and their IP address was blocked. So if you want to get your Disney Plus account working, you need to contact Disney plus help center and get your IP address unblocked!

This solution has fixed thousands of Disney+ accounts that are getting error code 73 and error code 83 as well. So give this a try and you’re sure to resolve all the issues of your account.

3rd Solution: Try It on Your Smartphone

Just in case, if Disney Plus isn’t working on your PC, laptop or if you’re unable to login in your Disney Plus account, you need to change the PC or that particular browser and try the official Disney App on your iOS or Android devices.

However, if you have TVs such as Apple TV, Samsung TV or LG TV, you can stream on those devices as well and see if it’s working for you.

4th Solution: Try Chromecast or AirPlay on Smart TVs

If you’re using browsers on your Smart TVs and you’re getting Disney+ error code 83 on it, you need to try it another way to get it working. You must use Chromecast or AirPlay on your Smart TV and see if Disney Plus works on it or not.

5th Solution: Use a VPN

A lot of forum members on Reddit suggested that using a VPN solved the issue of all the errors they faced. So I would personally recommend you to use a VPN to fix this error code 83 on your Disney Plus. And when you have Black Friday deals, you can get them at cheap prices as well. You can either try ExpressVPN or PureVPN, both the VPNs work smoothly with Disney Plus without any glitches.

These are the only solutions to fix Disney Plus Error 83 on your devices. Even after these fixes, if it’s not working, you can fix Disney Plus not working with our guide.  If you find any other fixes for Disney Plus error 83, do let us know in the comment section right away so that we can update our list!

Final Thoughts on Error Code 83!

We hope that Disney+ will soon start supporting operating systems like Linux and other devices as well. Moreover, there are many more browsers in which the Disney Plus accounts aren’t working.

Keep an eye on Genius Geeks blog for more updates on Disney Plus error codes and other guides. One fine day, we hope that Disney Plus servers will be able to handle billions of traffic without any error codes. Do share this guide with your friends so that they can get the error code 83 solved in their respective Disney+ accounts.

Disney Plus Error Code List

Disney+ Error Code Complete List with Possible Fixes!

Disney Plus has failed to find solutions to the error codes that users are seeing on their iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, Xbox One, PS4, Roku, Samsung TV, LG TV and other devices, at least for now. Maybe after few days or weeks, we can expect all these errors to be fixed by Disney+.

You can always contact Disney Plus help center or support team to get these issues fixed. But looking at the long hold calls and no response to DMs on Twitter, I can understand the frustration of the users who have already started using Disney+ on their respective devices.

Disney Plus Error Code List

Disney Plus Error Code List

Here’s the complete Disney Plus error code list!

  • Disney Plus Error Code 87
  • Disney Plus Error Code 86
  • Disney Plus Error Code 83
  • Disney Plus Error Code 76
  • Disney Plus Error Code 75
  • Disney Plus Error Code 73
  • Disney Plus Error Code 72
  • Disney Plus Error Code 44
  • Disney Plus Error Code 42
  • Disney Plus Error Code 40
  • Disney Plus Error Code 39
  • Disney Plus Error Code 38
  • Disney Plus Error Code 36
  • Disney Plus Error Code 35
  • Disney Plus Error Code 34
  • Disney Plus Error Code 32
  • Disney Plus Error Code 31
  • Disney Plus Error Code 30
  • Disney Plus Error Code 29
  • Disney Plus Error Code 28
  • Disney Plus Error Code 27
  • Disney Plus Error Code 25
  • Disney Plus Error Code 24
  • Disney Plus Error Code 22
  • Disney Plus Error Code 13
  • Disney Plus Error Code 11
  • Disney Plus Error Code 9
  • Disney Plus Error Code 8
  • Disney Plus Error Code 7
  • Disney Plus Error Code 5
  • Disney Plus Error Code 4

So here’s the detail of each Disney+ error code with possible fixes! Go through it now!

Error Code 87 Disney Plus

Error Code 87 indicates that Disney+ had problems finding your profile when you were trying to login. Of course, there’s nothing to do with the user end, it’s Disney+ internal server problem.

Possible Fix: Log out of the Disney+ profile if you have already logged in. And try to login again to see if it works.

Error Code 86 Disney Plus

Error code 86 means your account has been blocked because the email address associated with the Disney+ profile is someone who is under 18. Or it might be blocked due to suspicious activity or using it against the terms of service.

Disney Plus Error Code 86

Possible Fix: Ensure that the email account holder is above 18 and don’t use your account in any inappropriate way.

Error Code 83 Disney Plus

The error code 83 indicates that your device is not compatible to play Disney+ shows or movies or maybe you have connection issues. This is how the error code looks on your device.

Error Code 83 Disney Plus

Possible Fix: You can switch between devices to see if it works and if you’re having connection issues, try using mobile data instead of Wi-Fi. You can check this article for more details.

Error Code 76 Disney Plus

If you’re having connectivity issues or trying to stream Disney+ on slow internet connections, you get error 76 on your Disney Plus account.

Possible Fix: Ensure that your internet speed is at least 20 MBPS and it’s used by just couple of devices or a single device. If it doesn’t work on Wi-Fi, reset the router or create hotspot from your mobile to connect the respective device.

Error Code 75 Disney Plus

Just in case, if you’re using multiple devices (more than 4) with same Disney+ login credentials, you will get error code 75 while streaming the content.

Possible Fix: Don’t use your Disney+ account on more than 4 devices simultaneously.

Error Code 73 Disney Plus

Error code 73 indicates that Disney+ is not available in your region or the internet you’re using is being pointed from a location where Disney Plus isn’t available. Using a VPN will also show error 73 on your devices.

Disney Plus Error Code 73

Possible Fix: Many users from USA complained that despite being in USA, they are getting 73 error code. In such cases, check the internet which you’re using and see the location from where it is being connected. Try switching to different networks or switch to mobile data if you’re using Wi-Fi. Check our detailed post for more possible solutions.

Error Code 72 Disney Plus

Just like error 82, this code also means that Disney+ is having few issues with your account.

Possible Fix: Try to login again if you’re already logged in. And try to use a different device or internet connection if it still doesn’t work.

Error Code 44 Disney Plus

The videos that cannot be watched at the moment due to rights availability is responsible for error 44 on Disney+.

Possible Fix: You can only wait and watch the video once the Disney+ has got the rights to stream that particular show or movie.

Error Code 42 Disney+

This error code also means that the video you’re trying to watch is unavailable due to the rights issue. This is internal issue of Disney+ eventually.

Possible Fix: You can wait for some time until the video gets the rights. You can then watch the video without any hassles.

Error Code 40 Disney+

Error code 40 means there are some issues with the existing video which you’re trying to watch. It might be due to high traffic on the video or rights issue as well.

Possible Fix: Wait for some time or few hours, and then try to watch again to see if it works.

Disney Plus Error Code 39

“If you are trying to access Disney Plus via Xbox One app, the error code 39 appears on the screen. As far as we studied this, it means  that you cannot watch the video at the moment due to rights availability or various other issues.”

Possible Fix: As Disney Plus doesn’t support multiple device streaming at the same time, ensure that the account is not being accessed from your other devices like mobile, PC or iPad etc. Most of the time the error code 39 is fixed with this and if it doesn’t try changing the HDMI port which connects your Xbox and TV.

Error Code 38 Disney+

Make sure that you check the date and time settings on your device. Most of the videos on Disney+ are streamed and synced based on date and time of your device.

Possible Fix: If you’re getting error code 38 on your Disney Plus, you probably need to check the date and time settings on the device and select the current time to let the video sync with perfection.

Error Code 36 Disney Plus

The particular video you’re trying to watch isn’t available currently. This might be due to the high demand of the video or internal issue of Disney+ platform.

Possible Fix: Try after some time or try switching the device if possible to make it working.

Error Code 35 Disney+

This error is similar to error 40 and error 36.

Possible Fix: As said earlier, you need to wait for few hours or days as well until the video is available.

Error Code 34 Disney Plus

If you’ve tried creating more than 6 Disney+ profiles, you’ve reached the maximum limit and at the end, you get error code 34. And if you still want to create a new profile, then you must delete the existing profile first to get started.

Possible Fix: The only way is to delete your Disney+ profile on the respective device you’re logged in.

Error Code 32 Disney+

It indicates that your account cannot be connected. The error code 32 appears when Disney+ is having problems in connecting your account when you login.

Possible Fix: You can fix error 32 on Disney+ by logging in to your account again. Just in case, if you don’t remember your password, you can change it by using this guide.

Error Code 31 Disney Plus

Error code 31 indicates that your device is having issues in verifying the location on Disney+ app. To get rid of this, you need to turn on the location services on your device.

Error Code 31 Disney+

Possible Fix: If you’re using an iPhone, enable location services and tap on Disney+ app to select while using the app option. And if you’re using an Android device, turn on the location services and select High Accuracy option to get the issue solved.

Error Code 30 Disney+

It clearly indicates that your device couldn’t be added to your Disney+ account. This means that you’ve reached 10 devices limit or there might be some unexpected error while linking your device to the Disney Plus account.

Possible Fix: Make sure that you are not connecting more than 10 devices for a single account. And if your device is already linked, try to login again to get things sorted out on a quick note!

Error Code 29 Disney Plus

Due to the internal connectivity issues of the Disney+ servers, you might get error code 29 on your device.

Possible Fix: There’s no fix to this until Disney Plus responds to it.

Error Code 28 Disney+

If you’re trying to watch a video that isn’t available at the moment on Disney Plus, you will see error code 28 in your account.

Possible Fix: You have to wait till the video is available on Disney Plus platform. That’s the only way to fix error 28 on the device.

Error Code 27 Disney Plus

As the rights of the video aren’t available with Disney+, you will get this error in your account on any device you try to stream a video.

Possible Fix: The only way to fix error code 27 is to wait till the rights are available for that particular movie or season.

Error Code 25 Disney+

If you have performed an incomplete action on your Disney Plus account, you might get this error.

Possible Fix: You need to perform the last action and then try to perform the next action on your device.

Error Code 24 Disney Plus

If you’re trying to play the video and your account isn’t connected to Disney Plus, you will get error code 24 on your devices.

Possible Fix: Make sure that your internet connectivity is super fast. If you’re using Wi-Fi network with router, try using mobile data and see if it vanishes this error code.

Error Code 22 Disney Plus

If a video is having the rights restrictions or ratings issue, your account will display error code 22 on the respective device.

Possible Fix: There’s nothing much you can do in this error as it is internal issue of Disney Plus.

Error Code 13 Disney+

Trying to download videos on more than 10 devices with a same account? Well, you are sure to get error code 13 on your Disney Plus account right away.

Possible Fix: Try removing the previous downloads from your other devices or the same device and then try to download a new movie or season again.

 Error Code 11 Disney Plus

Few movies or shows are available in certain locations or they don’t have right to display those videos where you’re currently located. If you still try to access such videos, you will see error code 11 on your Disney+ account.

Possible Fix: The only way to access those videos is to wait till they are available in your region.

Error Code 9 Disney+

It indicates that you have been logged out of your Disney Plus account as you have given wrong information about ZIP or postal code, security code, card expiration date, non US based card, government issued cards, etc.

Possible Fix: Make sure that you are entering correct information as per your card details and your billing address. That will solve this issue and you will be able to login again.

Error Code 8 Disney Plus

It clearly means that you have used an incorrect email or password while you’re trying to login into your Disney+ profile. Or the password which you had entered didn’t meet the Disney’s password requirements. And the other reason is you haven’t verified your email ID yet.

Possible Fix: To fix this error code 8, you need to use the exact email and correct password which you entered while creating your Disney Plus profile. Besides this, check your email folder and verify your email address.

Error Code 7 Disney+

If you have entered a wrong data while creating the account, you will see a pop-up of error code 7 on Disney Plus account.

Possible Fix: Make sure that you have entered the proper information while creating the account and give a valid email ID as well.

Error Code 5 Disney Plus

While you update your account information, there are some restrictions from Disney+ which might result in Disney Plus not working issue. So when you try updating information against the restrictions, you will get error code 5 on your account.

Possible Fix: Enter the correct information and try to update it again to get the issue fixed!

Disney Plus Error Code 4

Just like error 9, in this error, your transaction is being cancelled due to some issues. It might be an invalid postal code, non US based bank card, invalid security code, etc.

Possible Fix: Make sure you’ve entered the correct card details and ZIP code to make the transaction successful. Besides this, make sure your card is from a US based card.

So these were some of the Disney Plus error codes which users are currently facing on their respective devices. If you are trying to login Disney+ account PS4, refer this guide to connect it with perfection.

Final Thoughts on Disney+ Error Codes!

So which one of these error codes you are getting on your Disney+ accounts? Do let us know in the comment section and also try to fix the issues with the above-given solutions after each error code. Make sure you keep an eye on our blog to get the latest updates on Disney Plus error code and more in-depth guides. Moreover, you can get in touch with Disney Plus help center to solve your issues if you’re lucky enough to connect a call!

Disney Plus Help Center

Disney Plus Help Center Error Code 83: Best Way to Contact Disney+ Support!

Right from the launch of Disney+, people have tried reaching out Disney Plus help center numerous times. And the reasons were obvious – the huge response by the Disney lovers to the online streaming program. Eventually, the servers were unable to handle the requests and it resulted in a lots of errors.

Looking at the number of errors, there are many Disney+ users who are looking to reach out help center or customer support center. And most of them are searching for Disney Plus help center error 83 as this error is faced by more than half of the Disney+ users right after the launch.

So if you’re trying to contact Disney Plus support and expecting a quick response, let me tell you that you’ve to wait for hours and hours to get the call connected as there are thousands of people trying to connect at the same time.

Disney Plus Help Center

How to Contact Disney Plus Help Center for Error Code 83

Still wondering what’s the best way to connect with Disney+ help center? Well, we’ve got the best way to do it so that you can get quick response to the problems faced by you.

#1. If your sole purpose to reaching out Disney Plus help center is to fix Disney Plus error code 83, you can go through these fixes instead of trying to contact the support team. This would solve your issue at the earliest for sure without contacting them!

#2. Try to contact or send a direct message to Disney+ help center is via their official Twitter handle. This is the best way to get in touch directly with Disney Plus support.

#3. You can contact the customer support of Disney+ from here (just for USA users) but don’t expect to get a quick response as tons of queries get received in the same way each day. 

Well, as of now, these are the only channels or platforms through which you can connect with Disney+ to solve your issues. If you aren’t getting a quick response, there’s nothing you can do much about it.

Final Words on Disney+ Support!

Disney+ has taken the streaming services world by storm. While a lot of users are enjoying it to the fullest, there are users who are feeling frustrated with the kind of errors they are getting on their respective devices.

The best way to fix such errors is to either try to troubleshoot the fixes by referring various guides on our blog or try to connect with Disney Plus help center as mentioned above.

How to Update Sky Q Box Software

How to Update Sky Q or Sky Q Mini Box’s Software?

Given the release of Disney Plus in the UK, and the lock-down due to Covid-19, people badly need some entertainment at home. And the fact that Disney+ has got a lot of new movies and shows (exclusive), it makes it even interesting to watch it on Sky Q. But for that, you need to update software of your Sky Q box right away!

It’s pretty simple to update Sky Q or Sky Q mini box. In fact, it automatically updates in the background if it has been connected continuously. You need to update it manually if the box has been disconnected for a long time.

Check Satellite Signal Before Updating Sky Q Software!

Before updating the software of Sky Q to the latest version, ensure that it is receiving the satellite signals. To check the signals, follow the below procedure.

  • On the home screen, head over to the Settings option.
  • Now select the Status option to check the Satellite Signal.
Check Sky Q Satellite Signal

Source: Sky.com

If it displays “You Currently have a good satellite signal for your Sky service,” you are all set to update Sky Q software on your box. Let’s see how you can do it manually.

How to Update Sky Q Box Software

#1. Launch the Settings from the home screen and then choose System Info.

#2. Now move on to Software version in system info list and choose Setup.

#3. Next, choose Software download and it will now start the download of latest software version. It can take up to 10-20 minutes depending on the size of the software update.

#4. To know whether the software update on Sky Q has completed or not,  head over to Settings, then choose System info and roll over to Software version.

#5. Press the Standby button on your remote once it displays “Software Update Successful.”

#6. Once the Sky Q box restarts, follow the on screen messages to get the box on to the latest software version.

How to Update Sky Q Box Software

Source: Sky.com

That’s how simple it is to update Sky Q box software. Just in case if you aren’t getting the satellite signal on your Sky Q box or mini box, you can refer this guide to solve the issue.

Stay tuned to GeniusGeeks.com for more updates on Disney Plus Sky Q guides and news.


Download & Install HipStore on iOS 13 & 12 Without Jailbreak.

HipStore Download

Are you an app freak? Are you tired of using the official iTunes & Apps Store which has the highest security and which doesn’t let you experiment with your apps without costing you a dime? Do you want to save all that money that you have spending over the paid apps? HipStore is your way to go!

Well, it’s time that you know how to get free iOS paid apps for free. The developers have come up with an exclusive app known as HiPStore which allows you to download all the premium iOS apps for free. HiPStore download is a one app solution for everyone who is looking to download iOS paid apps for free of cost. To save the money and as well to get the apps for free, you can download the HiPStore app and that too without jailbreaking the device.

HipStore Download

HipStore Features

Gaining popularity since its launch, the app has been proved to be efficient among the users without any complaints. In case if you’re searching for alternative apps for the HiPStore, you can find few apps like the VShare, Zeusmos, Installous, Kuaiyong etc but none of them can provide you the full cracked version of iOS apps.

Also, the HiPStore download supports different language and therefore you can choose the language that you’re comfortable in which is why it has been gaining audience across the globe. If we see most of such apps, all of them tend to be in Chinese or Japanese without any settings making it hard for the users to use the apps.

So, it is preferred to get HipStore download on your iOS devices rather than using any of its alternatives. HiPStore download contains many apps, instant messengers, games and a lot more which are not actually officially available on the iTunes. The downloading and installation of apps from HiPStore is similar to that of the iTunes installation and therefore it won’t take robot science to get apps from it.

How to Install HiPStore iOS 13/12 without Jailbreak?

  1. Open the device and then launch the Safari browser on your device. Click on this link and wait for the page to load. It will directly download HipStore iOS 13/12 on your iPhone/iPad.
  2. From the page, tap ‘Install Profile Screen’ and then tap on the ‘Install’ option against located on the top right of the screen.
  3. You will find one more ‘Install’ button towards the bottom again. Tap on it and click the ‘Done’ button. Exit from the website screen and go to your system tray menu.
  4. Here, open the iOSEmus app and scroll down the list of apps that are installed on your device to find the “HiPStore” option and tap on it.
  5. In the “Signed Installation”, find the “Install” option and tap on it to get a prompt saying api.builto.io would want to install “HiPStore Download”. Tap on the “Install” button once more.
  6. Now, get back to the home screen to see the app installed on your device. Open the HiPStore download version and start getting cracked versions of the iOS apps for free.

ios.hipstore.mobiSo this is how you can install Hipstore iOS 13 & 12 for iPhone/iPad without Jailbreak. In order to visit the official website directly, you need to enter ios.hipstore.mobi from your Safari browser to directly download the app. Confused? Follow the below given procedure to understand it completely and download HipStore.

An Alternative Method of Installing HiPStore Without Jailbreaking the Device

  1. The other way of downloading and installing HiPStore on your iOS device is by opening the Safari browser on your device.
  2. Enter the text “hipstore.mobi” in the URL and wait for the page to load. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and search for the iOS icon with an Apple symbol. Tap on it.
  3. A page will pop up with a message displaying “redczn.com would like to install HiPStore”. Tap “Install” first and then tap on the “Dismiss” button effective immediately. Go to the Home screen and now check the logo of the HiPStore app.
  4. You can simply open HiPStore and start using the app effective immediately.

All these procedures are for non-jailbroken devices but if your device is jailbroken, you need to install iNoCydia on your iOS devices.

How to Change Language in HiPStore?

  1. Changing the language in HiPStore is an easy thing to do. Firstly, download the app and launch it from the tray menu.
  2. Now, on the home page go to the top left and click on it to get the “Cai Dat” option. From the menu, click on “Ngon Ngu”.
  3. This step will give you a sub-menu with the list of languages. Tap “English” and wait for the app to gets translated into English.

So this is how you can easily change the language to English in HipStore if you are facing issues with the default language.

Conclusion of HipStore

Having said that, you can download countless cracked versions of iOS premium apps for free using HiPStore and in case if you have doubts regarding the installation or usage of the app; approach us so that we get back to you with a proper solution. We, at Nox App blog, will be posting more tutorials and guides for iOS users regularly from now!

Movie Time App

Movietime App Download for Android & iOS! Watch HD Movies Free!

Movie Time App

So how often do you watch movies online? Well, if you’re addicted to watch crystal clear HD movies online, you are sure to fall in love with the newest HD movie app called MovieTime! Users can now download HD movies and can also watch within in the Movie Time App once installed on their devices.

The Movietime App has a staggering interface and easy to navigate menu! That’s what every user wants in an app, isn’t it? Brace yourselves as you’re going to watch the best of all movies in Movies Time App for FREE! Yes, you heard that right! There’s no need to pay anything to watch movies in Movie time app as you do in case of Netflix or Amazon Prime video. Here’s how the interface looks!


Before I show you how you can download Movietime APK on your Android & iOS devices, let’s have a detailed look at the features of this HD movie app. Here you go!

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Features of Movietime

You might have used other HD movie apps like MovieBox HD, Cinema HD or Megabox HD in the past. But believe me, Movie time App is completely different from what all you had used previously! Here’s what makes it different!

#1. 100,000+ Movies & 10000 TV Shows!

Well, if you’re crazy about watching movies or even downloading movies, Movietime gives you more than enough content to watch online. It has more than 100,000 movies included in the app itself. And to watch these many movies, I am sure you’ll get older by then! Isn’t it? Not only that, but it also has 10000+ TV shows included in it. It’s just like icing on the cake now!

#2. Regular Updates!

Movietime doesn’t stop at those number of movies & TV shows but it gets regularly updated and keeps on adding latest movies 24X7, 365 days! Just imagine these many movies right at your fingertips! You need not go anywhere to watch HD movies now!

#3. Lightning Fast Speed!

When it comes to movies online, it’s a must that the app is lightning fast! And so is the Movies time App, it’s super fast in buffering and even downloading HD movies online! Be it a movie from any server or torrents, the movie buffers at lightning speed and downloads at the same pace too!

#4. Subtitles as Per Your Needs!

You might not be a fan of English but you love to watch English movies in your own regional language! Well, don’t worry, Movie time App has got it covered with subtitles as per you regional languages! Be it French, Spanish, German, Portuguese or any other language, you get almost all the subtitles for a particular movie or TV show on Movies time App!

Movietime App Download

#5. Watch Movies Offline!

Now, this is the feature which I love the most! Most of the movie apps offer to either watch online or watch the downloaded movie only when the internet is turned on. But in the Movie Time App, once you download a TV show or a movie, it’s all done! You don’t need an active internet connection to watch the movie which is already downloaded in the app. In short, you can watch HD movies offline!

These are some impressive features of Movietime App. Now let us see how you can download Movie time app on your Android devices.

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Download MovieTime App for Android (APK)

There’s a twist in the plot here! The app is not officially available on Google Play Store! Hence, you need to use third party source to download Movietime App on your Android devices. Here’s how you can do it!

#1. The first thing is to change few settings. Go to Settings > Security > Turn on ‘Unknown Sources.‘ This will allow the 3rd party apps to get installed on your device.

#2. Now download Movietime APK on your smartphone or tablet from here!

#3. Once downloaded, install the app and open Movietime!

#4. It’s movie time finally!

Browse through your favorite movies or search for any specific movie or TV show, select the picture quality, maybe 480P is enough for smartphones. As of now, the Movie Time app is only available for Android devices. I will soon let you know once it’s released for iOS devices.

If you want to enjoy the movies on bigger screen aka PC or laptops, you can download Movies Time app on PC as well. Here’s the simple procedure to follow.

Here’s How to Download Movie Time on PC or Mac?

To install Movie Time on your PC, you need to install a 3rd party Android emulator on your PC or Mac.

#1. Install Bluestacks from this link

#2. Now install Bluestacks on your PC once it’s downloaded.

#3. Launch Bluestacks and sign-in with your Google account. You can use the same account that is being used on your Android or iOS devices.

#4. Next, load the APK file into the Bluestacks emulator and wait until the installation process is completed.

#5. Close Bluestacks once the APK file is loaded and launch again so that the app can be updated if there’s any new version or new update. Once done, open the app and start watching movies on your PC, laptop or Mac.

Pretty simple, isn’t it?!

Final Words on Movies Time App

I am sure you’re going to love Movietime App is it offers a variety of content in a single app and that too for $0 (FREE)! So what’s holding you? Download Movies time app for Android now! Stay tuned for more Android apps at Genius Geeks!

Google Duo for PC

Google Duo for Windows PC: Install Duo on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Google Duo for Windows PC

Recently Google has come up with two very useful apps Google Duo for Windows and Google Allo which have become quite popular in no time. The main purpose of the Google Duo PC app is to make video calls. It is a very simple and easy to use app. With such a huge user base for video call usage need, many would love to use Google Duo for PC or Google Duo for Mac just like Skype. Isn’t it?

As of now, Google has till now decided to release it only for Android and iOS platforms but we canals use it on our computer and laptops too. The only requirement is to create an android environment on PC and then use the app. There are software designed for the same purpose called Android Emulators where you can use Google Duo on PC.

How Google Duo PC is Different from Other Apps

Other apps do not have features like Live Preview. Google Duo PC has a comparatively easier user interface. The video calls do not generally get interrupted in slow internet connections. Other than that, this video calling app doesn’t have a feature of messaging, unlike Skype. Now this is just for video calling! So Google Duo for PC is itself unique by just providing video calling feature in its app. But that’s not the only feature in this app, there’s a lot more to it! Have a look at some of the outstanding features of Google Duo PC app.

Google Duo PC Download

 Amazing Features of Google Duo App for PC

  • Available for both iPhone and Android in 78 languages.
  • Simple and easy as a whole.
  • Fast video calling can be done easily on Google Duo for Windows.
  • Cross platform app.
  • To start the app, you just need your phone number and all your phone’s contacts can be synced.
  • No requirement of a separate account to make calls on Google Duo PC.
  • Instant calls can be done right after you register or sign up.
  • No such problems appeared like choppy calls, calls getting disconnected, voice not clear, etc.
  • Knock knock feature or also called as Live Preview feature making it more spontaneous and welcoming.
  • Better security regarding Google Duo PC calls with end to end encryption.
  • In case the network is lost during the video call, it connects automatically once the network is back.
  • The Google Dup for PC app doesn’t take much of space in your device as it is only about 5MB in size.

How to Download Google Duo on Windows 7,8,10 and Mac

For downloading Google Allo for PC app as suggested above you first need an emulator. You have the freedom to download and install any emulator of your choice. There are too many options regarding emulator these days like Bluestacks, Youwave, Memu, Leapdroid, Andyroid, etc. If you don’t have an emulator already and have no clue about what is an emulator you can refer to any guide regarding downloading of Android emulators on PC, Mac. It’s also possible to play Asphalt Xtreme on PC using these emulators.

In this particular scenario, we assume that we are downloading Bluestacks emulator for our purpose and proceed.

  • Firstly, download Bluestacks app on your PC.
  • Install the Google Duo PC app on your system. Don’t worry, the procedure is very simple and you will be good to go.
  • After it has been successfully installed, open the Bluestacks app on your PC.
  • Click on the Search button in Bluestacks.
  • Go to the Search field and type Google Duo and press “Enter” button.
  • Click on the Google Duo PC app and you will be redirected to Google Play Store.
  • To start the installation process click on “Install” button of Google Duo for Windows.
  • After the installation is complete, open the Google Duo PC app, and enter your phone number.
  • You will receive a text message on your phone number. Verify your number by entering the text message code

Google Duo for Windows vs. Skype vs. IMO

Unlike Skype or other video calling enabled apps, video calling is now possible in even slow Internet connections without worrying for the call to get disconnected. Its Live Preview feature also makes it stand out. Even before you pick up the call the video is already there.

Google Duo for Windows is smart enough to automatically switch over from WiFi to cellular network data and vice-versa. This is not what we have seen in Skype or IMO till date. It would be interesting to see how these video calling giants respond to these lovely features of Download Google Duo for Windows PC. Well, we need to wait for the Google Duo for PC update as it is just the beginning.

Conclusion of Google Duo PC Download

It is a one to one video calling app and you really must give it a try. Using Google Duo for Windows app call your friends and family PC to PC, PC to Phone, Phone to Phone easily. The user interface is user-friendly. And as Google Duo PC app is cross platform so must not worry to contact to your friends who have iPhones and Mac. Both iOS and Android can communicate with each other on Google Duo Windows App. Audio can be muted while you are on the call and camera can also be flipped easily.

I hope you find our article helpful and that all your doubts regarding Google Duo for Windows PC are now cleared. In case you have some query feel free to ask us by commenting in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you out. And if you like Google Duo PC article, share it among your friends too on the social media as much as you can.

Note Taking Apps are Dangerous for your Privacy

Beware: Note-Taking Apps are Dangerous for Your Privacy!

For thousands of years, little has changed in the world of note-taking. There was always some form of pen and paper to jot down information. With the advent of digital technologies in the last twenty years, note-taking has entered the modern age.

Leading apps like Evernote now have over 200 million users. People use it to store notes and other vital data like credit card details, account information, security, and PIN codes.

These apps may offer convenience, but there are significant trade-offs in security. What are the risks of storing data in note-taking apps? And what steps should you take to protect your data? This guide will try to answer that and more.

Private Notes in Unencrypted Storage

Everyone remembers the days of post-it notes and notebooks. Note-taking apps replace the clutter and allow you to search for any things you saved. They’re great for grocery lists, to-do lists, or class notes.

But a recent survey found that almost half of Americans saved one or more of the following personal data in their note-taking apps. Here are some of those:

  • Usernames
  • Passwords
  • Credit card numbers
  • Social security numbers
  • ATM PIN codes

No Data Protection in Note Taking Apps

What’s So Bad About Them?

The problem is that note-taking apps don’t have encryption by default. Encryption scrambles data turning it into an indecipherable code to anybody who doesn’t have the password.

Note-taking apps don’t encrypt your notes. It leaves your data susceptible to hackers and other digital threats. In some cases, they may not even have to hack your account. Hackers can also see the content of notes by spying on your network if your data syncs to the cloud without encryption.

It also creates vulnerability since fraudsters who access your device can obtain your login credentials. And it has happened before. A few years ago, 50 million Evernote users had to reset their password after a massive data breach.

Regardless of which note-taking app you chose, you should encrypt your data within your business network. The best way to do this is by using NordVPN Teams. With this, you can create secure business network connections from anywhere. Not only will it keep your notes but all your corporate data safe from fraudsters and other digital threats.

It’s Not Limited to Note-Taking Apps

To be fair to Evernote and other note-taking apps, these security issues are part of more significant cloud security problems. Many cloud storage solutions also don’t rely on encryption.

Likewise, they may suffer from man-in-the-middle attacks while files are in-transit or other platform and account security challenges.

What does this mean for you? Basically, that now is a good time for you to do a digital safety check up on your other apps too.

What You Need to Do Now?

The first thing you should stop doing is putting sensitive data in these apps. Start taking advantage of encrypted note-taking features on password managers to store that information instead. It will also make it easier for you to create, store, and manage passwords.

Business or power users need to go a few steps further to ensure the security of notes. If you’re an owner or manager, ask these questions:

#1. Where is Your Data Stored? 

If the company uses Amazon AWS, then your data is secure. Amazon has excellent security infrastructure and will answer any questions you have about how they secure data and enforce compliance. Google is pretty good, too, as it has rolled out more cloud security enhancements.

And if they don’t use AWS or Google, you should ask for more details about how they safeguard your data.

#2. What Certifications Do the Data Centers Have?

You don’t have to be overly versed in standards. But be on the lookout for ISO 27001, which is the highest security certification. It means the company maintains the strictest rules on data protection, and the ISO approves their practices. Another one to ask about is SSAE 16 (SOC 2). It also includes provisions on the security, confidentiality, and availability of your data.

#3. Do They Have Data Backups in Place?

You need to know what happens to your data in the event of a crash. To be either ISO 27001 or SOC 2 certified, they must have met these standards. If necessary, ask for the types of documentation on file.

#4. Is Your Data Encrypted?

Data Encryption in Note Taking Apps

This is a big one. Your data needs to stay protected both when it’s “at rest” and “in transit.” That means it is not only secure on their servers but as it moves between your devices and the cloud. You need to be sure all confidential data stays encrypted at all times.

#5. What’s the Difference Between Free and Paid Tiers?

Most note-taking apps offer free and premium tiers of service. But some apps also use different security protocols between these versions. Put simply, if you pay, you get better security. If you’re a huge fan of the app, then pay the subscription fee. If not, shop around to find a better option for you.

#6. How Do You Export Data from the App?

You never know when you may decide to leave the app. What happens to your data? Can you export it to another app or into the cloud? Ask about exporting. If you can only use an HTML (Evernote) or JSON format, that’s not too helpful. You should be able to transfer it to bring over all files and attachments from your notes properly.

What’s the Most Secure Option for Taking Notes?

Evernote got a lot of grief in this piece. But there’s also a reason why it’s a top app; it’s user-friendly and feature-rich. You don’t need to ditch it altogether. But you do need to move essential data out of Evernote and into a more secure alternative like:

  • Saferoom
  • Etherpad
  • Bear
  • Metro Wordpad (for Windows phones only)
  • Standard Notes
  • iA Writer

Also, consider using encryption everywhere. Not only your data in transit but also files, passwords, and conversations. There are plenty of tools for that nowadays. But they are no good if you don’t use them. Stay tuned to GeniusGeeks tips section for more such updates on securing your personal information.

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Review and Giveaway of License Key

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Review & Giveaway [Lifetime License Key]

In the world of online streaming services, there are many who still have the same love for buying DVDs. Be it a movie or a cartoon series, there are a plethora of users who still prefer buying a DVD over watching them on platforms like Netflix or Disney +.

That being said, there are various DVD rippers available for Windows 10. I’ve personally tested out quite a few of them and found WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro as one of the finest amongst them. A lot of other ripping software come with malicious virus and hidden scripts in them.

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro Review

To keep your systems safe, I would recommend you to use WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro as it’s clean and safe from all malicious activities. This was my first concern when I was trying various DVD rippers available online. What’s more interesting is, the speed at which WonderFox’s DVD Ripper Pro works is RAPID! Let’s have a look at some of the other features of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro software.

#1. Easy to Use & Simple UI!

A lot of other DVD rippers are great at ripping the DVDs but somewhere I feel they have a complex interface. As a first time user, I would prefer to get a simple UI which doesn’t need any guidance or quick tour to understand the software.

Simple User Interface of DVD Ripper Pro

Be it a DVD disc or an ISO image file, you’ve got all options to convert the files to MP4 or MP3 or any other format which you want to. For simple UI and easy to find options, I would definitely rate it 10/10 for this particular feature as I personally loved this the most. I am sure you’ll love it too.

#2. Forget About Copying Data from DVD!

Well, if you still do so, you’re wasting a lot of time to be honest. When you have a software like WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro, it hardly takes 10 minutes to rip a DVD directly to your hard drive. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?!

Copying data from DVD to your system or to store it in another DVD would only end up in having multiple DVDs for no reasons until you have to give it to someone else. Instead, simply rip the DVD using DVD Ripper Pro and store it in your hard drive or any other device that you often use.

#3. Rip DVD Without Losing Quality within 10 Minutes!

With 1:1 quality ratio, you can easily compress the large DVD storage into a small file on your hard drive without losing quality. As you can clearly see in the below image that a DVD with a size of 8.2 GB is being converted to 1.4 GB MP4 file. That’s a lot of space saving on your hard drive.

Rip a DVD in 10 minutes without losing quality

Ripping a DVD under 10 minutes is what I loved about WonderFox’s DVD Ripper Pro and with multiple device support bundled in a single software is just like icing on the cake! Of course, if you have files larger than 2 GB, it can take some time to rip.

#4. RIP a DVD in Just 3 Steps!

Sit back, relax and leave the rest to DVD Ripper Pro as it completes the process in just 3 steps. Load DVD on your system, select the output settings and get started! That’s it! The rest would be taken care by the software itself as you have to just wait for the file to move into your hard drive.

#5. Multiple File Formats Supported!

Be it DVD to MP4 or DVD to MKV or DVD to MPG, Ripper Pro supports most of the audio and video formats that only a few DVD ripper software are capable of.

Multiple Devices Supported with DVD Ripper Pro

Other file formats are AVI, WMV, MOV, MTS, M4V, ASF, DVC, MTS, M2TS, WEBM, FLV, SWF, VOB, F4V, 3GP and 3GP2. So you’ve got a lot of options to choose from based on your requirements.

These are some of the best features of WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro which I loved the most. Of course, there are a lot of other options available in the software which you can try by downloading DVD Ripper Pro.

How Much DVD Ripper Pro Costs?

This costs you $29.95 for a single PC for lifetime and for 3 PCs, it would cost you $89.95 which is named as family license. And if you’re looking for a combination of DVD Ripper and Video converter, it would cost you between $39.95 to $69.95 depending on the offers they have on their website.

But, YOU CAN GET THIS DVD RIPPER PRO FOR FREE! Yes, you heard that right. Enter the giveaway below to win single PC lifetime license key. 

WonderFox DVD Ripper Pro License Key Giveaway!

Enter the giveaway below and invite more friends to get yourself more entries.

Make sure you get maximum entries to increase your winning chances.

Final Verdict!

At the end, I would rate WonderFox’s DVD Ripper Pro 9.5/10 taking all the aspects into the consideration. Let us know just one thing that you love about this software in the comment section! Stay tuned for more such giveaways!

Secure Personal Data on your Android Phone

5 Proven Ways to Secure Personal Data on Your Android Phone!

Android phones have become by far the most important gadget for the average person. Apart from the basic functions of calling and SMS, we use Android phones for storing contacts, social media, shopping, file sharing from PC, banking, taxi-hailing, saving sensitive documents as well as capturing intimate moments via photos and videos.

The amount of personal data contained in a smartphone is therefore enormous. If it falls into the wrong hands while unprotected, a criminal could develop a fairly comprehensive picture of multiple facets of your life. For this reason, of all the gadgets you use, your Android phone should be the most protected.

Here’s How to Secure Personal Data on Android Devices!

Here’s a look at some of the most effective ways to keep the data on your phone safe.

Secure Personal Data on your Android Phone

#1. Buy from Vendors Who Release Patches Fast

Unlike the iOS ecosystem where there’s only one brand involved, the Android world is much more diverse. There are more than 150 Android vendors. While their phones may all run on some version of the Android OS, Android vendors are not created equal. However, there’s one area where there’s a significant difference. When shopping for a phone, you should pay attention to the speed of dispatching system updates and security patches.

For obvious reasons, Google’s own line of phones (Pixel, Pixel 2, Nexus, etc.) often get the newest patches quicker than anyone else. Just like Google’s Pixel phones get priority to even install developer versions. Away from Google’s phones, a study by CounterPoint found Nokia and Samsung as the fastest and Alcatel and Tecno as the slowest at rolling out OS updates.

#2. Lock Your Screen

It’s one of the more basic procedures of phone protection, but you’ll be surprised by just how many people do not lock their phones. The reasons range from couples keen on demonstrating complete transparency to their partner, to people wanting their phones to be accessible in the event of an emergency. Even then, you can always have a screen lock but one that your partner or loved ones know how to unlock.

Lock your phone screen

Locking your screen means you won’t get overwhelmed by anxiety when a pickpocket snatches your phone. They will not have the ability to run your bank cards, shop wildly at your expense or impersonate your identity. You can lock your screen with a PIN the old way, as long as you don’t use a PIN that’s too easy to guess. Avoid these transparent combinations: 1234, 1111 or 0000. Beyond that, most of today’s phones offer a pattern, voice-recognition, facial recognition, and fingerprint locking.

#3. Use a Virtual Private Network

A mobile phone is, well, inherently mobile. When you are walking through a public place, you are likely to come across numerous locations offering free WiFi to their patrons. You can find free WiFi anywhere from coffee shops and supermarkets to airports and resorts. While free WiFi can be a convenient way to keep in touch when you are on the road, it’s uncomfortably insecure.

To enjoy the conveniences of free WiFi without endangering your privacy, use a reputable VPN for Android devices. Don’t, however, make the mistake of using a free VPN service. Often, a free VPN service has to make some key security compromises to ensure its service is profitable and/or sustainable.

Use VPN for Android to Secure Data on Android smartphone and tablets

#4. Only Download Apps from the Play Store

The majority of malware comes from apps downloaded from third-party platforms. Of course, an app is not automatically secure simply because it’s been allowed on the Play Store. Nevertheless, you can count on Google running a plethora of checks before accepting an application.

Google has gone a step further with Play Protect, a tool that automatically scans your phone for malware whenever you install a new program.

#5. Check App Permissions

While an app that makes it to the Play Store is unlikely to contain malware or ransomware, you could still jeopardize the security of confidential data on your phone by giving an app invasive permissions. Apps will compel you to accept these permissions as a condition for completing the installation and giving you the ability to launch it.

You should, nevertheless, ask yourself whether giving up so much of your privacy is really worth it. There might be a similar app out there that could do the same thing without demanding access to that much personal data. For example, if you are downloading a calculator app but it asks for access to your location and contact list, that should be a red flag.

Final Verdict!

Applying these tips will make it substantially harder for unauthorized persons to access the confidential data on your Android phone. Stay tuned to Genius Geeks to get more such tutorials and tips for your Android smartphones and tablets.