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Best Social Distancing Apps to Stay Safe!

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Maintaining social distancing when you step out of your house is a new normal ever since the covid-19 Pandemic has happened. That being said, it’s really difficult to implement the same in the practical world. It’s easy to say but it’s getting harder to maintain social distancing. Grabbing the opportunity, a lot of app developers has found unique ways to get rid of this problem and have designed some of the best social distancing apps for Android and iOS users.

Although, you will find lesser to none apps in App Store (for iPhone) for social distancing, there are a plethora of options available for Android users. So without further ado, let’s have a look at them one by one in detail.

Top 5 Social Distancing Apps

We’ve only picked the top-notch apps for social distancing that are helpful in maintaining the distance required between two persons!

#1. 1Point5

1Point5 Social Distancing App

1Point5 developed by United Nations’ developers was one of the early adapters to bring social distancing technology to Android apps. They are still working on to get the application live on App Store for iOS users.

The app works only if both the persons have installed 1Point5 app and have turned on detection feature. It works perfectly and gives you alerts based on the distance between two persons using the same app. The app stops working if the detection feature is paused or turned off. Moreover, you can also create Teams of safe people around you and can mute alerts for them as you know they’re safe.

Other than those people, whoever comes closer to you, you will receive an alert to maintain distance. The alerts are shown as safer, caution, warning, high risk and danger. This lets you know the distance which has to be maintained in order to keep yourself safe.

1Point5 app runs on Bluetooth technology. The app can be used at home, office and also at crowded places like malls, restaurants, stations etc.

Download 1Point5 on Android

#2. MyShield

Social Distancing App for Android and iOS

MyShield is a perfect application for corporates and small business as well. It’s more than a social distancing app. Apart from the safe distancing feature which requires to maintain 1-2 meters of distance, it also has a contactless attendance system feature for Android users.

All an employee must be having is MyShield app and once he/she enters the office premises, the attendance will be registered automatically without the use of any biometric or any other physical way of noting down the attendance of each employee.

Apart from that, it also gives you a dashboard where you can find all the reports of the employees like attendance, social distancing violation, and other activities as well. With this, the office environment can be controlled with a single app MyShield itself. But the downside is, all these features are available in just Android version whereas iOS version just has Safe Distancing feautre.

Here’s a small demo of how MyShield app works on your devices.

Download MyShield on Android

Download MyShield on iPhone

#3. mContain (for USA Only)

mContain App

mContain app is developed by MD2K Center of Excellence at the University of Memphis and it’s funded by NIH. By using this app, the local or community transmission is expected to reduce as it sends an alert if you’re close to a Covid-19 positive individual.

Moreover, it displays the crowd level at a lot of busy places on the map. It works on Bluetooth technology and sometimes may use location as well to get accurate information and update the same on maps. But it requires very little battery and doesn’t consume more to keep running.

Once you install the app, there’s no need to signing up or providing your email or mobile number and even your name. All your information is confidential and no information is collected from your devices.

As of now, mContain app can be only used by the residents in USA and it’s available only for Android users. The iOS version will be out soon as well. We will keep you posted about the same once it’s released.

#4. The Social Distancing App

The Social Distancing App

Just like any other application, The Social Distancing App from Syook also works on Bluetooth based location and proximity. It generates social distancing score and lets you know how close you’re to people the whole day. This helps you to analyze your moves and maintain proper distance when you meet people around you.

If a person is standing or sitting beside you for some time, the app will notify you to be cautious and maintain proper distancing to avoid transmission if any. The app can be used at work or crowded places like malls to make sure you’re safe.

Syook doesn’t track your location and doesn’t collect any person information of yours. In short, it’s safe to use and the user interface of the app is something that I loved the most as compared to all other apps.

Unfortunately, the app isn’t available for iPhone or iPad users but the Android users can download it right away!

Download The Social Distancing App on Android

#5. Social Distance Alarm

Social Distancing Alarm

Update: It’s not available on App Store

The app seems to be following the footsteps of 1Point5 app which we have discussed already above. Seems like it’s a copycat version of the same. Nevertheless, you’ve got one more app for social distancing.

Just like 1Point5 app, Social Distance Alarm also alarms you if you’re coming close to any individual or if you’re moving towards the crowded places like malls, restaurants etc.

Ensure that the device detection is always on so that you don’t miss any alarms. Social Distance Alarm works on Bluetooth signals and location proximity. The app is available for Android users only and there’s no word about iOS version release yet from the developer.

Closing Thoughts!

With so many social distancing apps available on the Play Store and App Store, one must utilize the technology to stay safe and maintain proper distance at workplace, malls, restaurants etc. Download any one of these apps for social distancing and please be safe during these hard times!

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